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Authors note: Buffy Summers is one of the leading Fashion Designers in the world. When her twin sister Dawn introduces her to Angelus Liam O'Connor her world takes a turn to something she never expected.

Authors note 2: This story is an AU fic.

Title: Love and Fashion 1/?

Author: TK


Part 1


Buffy Anne Summers sat in her white soft desk chair.  Her golden blond hair fell loosly down her shoulders in long waves of curls, and her shiny green eyes shown bright with happiness as the twenty-six year old finished her final design for this years Spring Fashion show.  Buffy Summers was a small petite young woman.  Only 5'2'' her twin sister Dawn, who looked nothing like her, was always teasing her about her height.  Yet regardless of her height, Buffy Summers was one of the top Fashion Designers in the world.  She owned her own company called Spotlight Fashions and had some of today's hottest models working for her. 

            "Buffy, you are never going to believe who I just got to model your new Spring line," Dawn Lynn Summers said bursting into her twin sister's black and white painted office.

            Buffy looked up from her final drawing of the new slit up the side jeans she had just gotten done drawing to look up at her brown headed sister.  Of all the people Dawn took after, it had to be her father, who was at the moment with his new wife Jenny in London.  Buffy on the other hand took after her mother, stubbornness and all.

            "Who did you get?" asked Buffy curiously.  Dawn was a lawyer and usually responsible for going over legal stuff dealing with Spotlight Fashions, but every now and then her sister brought in a winner of a model.

            "Angelus Liam O'Connor," said Dawn flopping down in her sister black leather recliner.

            "How you accomplish that?" Buffy wondered out loud, she was surprised at the news. 

            Angelus Liam O'Connor was one of the top three hottest models out there.  Everyone wanted him, he could sell anything that was thrown his way.  With his gentle brown eyes and soft silky spike hair, and his nice tan, firm body, Angelus was a 6'7'' twenty-eight year old man that everyone woman dreamed about.

            "You know my boyfriend Andrew?" Dawn asked referring to her lastest boyfriend of twenty-seven. Andrew Jonathan, a twenty-seven year old business man that had quite a reputation for being rich and kind.

            "That weirdo?" teased Buffy getting a glare from her sister.

            "He is not a weirdo, he's sweet, and he happens to be our ticket to getting Angelus O'Connor to model your new Spring line," Dawn huffed standing up.

            Walking over to her sister's mini refrigerator Dawn grabbed a coke out.

            "How's that?" asked Buffy interested in where her sister was going with this information.

            "Well as it happens, Angelus is Andrew's cousin and he happens to be coming to Las Angelus for a month to take a break from modeling.  He is staying with Andrew and his mother in Andrew's new house," explained Dawn sitting back down in her chair. 

            "If he is on break, why would he model for me?" asked Buffy still curious in how exactly her sister planned to get one of the top rated models to work for her.

            "Please," Dawn said with pride," Sis, you happen to be one of the top three Fashion Designers in the world.  What model doesn't want to work with you?" she asked full of confidence.  Her sister was good, and she made sure that Buffy knew it.

            "Okay, say its true and he wants to work with me," Buffy said closing her portfolio that contained her final drawings," how, do you suggest we go about this?" she asked leaning on her black wooden desk.

            "Andrew is going to ask Angelus for us," answered Dawn taking a sip of her coke.  "Andrew says that he and Angelus are like brothers. Angelus would do anything for him and Andrew for him," Dawn said snatching one of her sister's blue taffy's off her desks. 

            Dawn gave her sister a big grin, the grin that she knew always got her sister in the end," Come on," she said.  "He's hot," she said giving her sister a wicked smile.

            Buffy sigh and rested her hands under her chin.  She knew that her brown eye sister was not going to give up.  Dawn was too stubborn, and so was she.  If she didn't give in this time they would still be here tomorrow at the same time.  Buffy remembered her mother, Joyce Summers, once saying that Dawn and she got their stubbornness from her and she was proud of it.

            "I can call Andrew now," suggested Dawn happily.  "Angelus should be there sometime tonight or tomorrow," she pushed waving her cell phone in front of Buffy's face.

            "Fine," Buffy said with a sigh," make the call, and after that I need  you to go over Willow Rosenburg and Faith Right's contracts with Spotlight Fashion," she told her sister, who was her company's lawyer.

            "Will do," the twenty-six year old replied before dialing up her boyfriend's phone number.

            'How does she talk me into these things?' Buffy asked she asked turning her attention to her computer that was now flashing 'you got mail'


            "Angel, hey man," Andrew Jonathan said greeting his cousin after getting off the phone with his Dawn. "How was your flight?" he asked his cousin taking one of the black suit cases the taxi cab driver was now unloading out of the taxi.

            "Long," Angelus responded giving his twenty-seven year old cousin a high five as a way of greeting.  "How have you been?" he asked taking his other two suit cases into his big strong hands.

            "Great," answered Andrew as he lead Angelus into the house," I have been dating this lawyer named Dawn.  She is incredibly beautiful and smart.  Not to mention funny and warm.  She is the most amazing woman I have ever met," he stated leading Angelus up to where Angelus would be staying.

            "This woman has totally gotten to you, huh?" asked Angelus with a smirk when he was the dreamy look on his cousin's face.  Andrew wasn't one to get all caught up in love, but from the expression his cousin wore, it was clear that Andrew really was falling in love with this woman.

            "She is completely wonderful," Andrew blabbed on as they reached the guest room.

            "Does she have a sister?" asked Angelus sitting down on what look to be a freshly made bed.  The smell of Spring and roses hung in the air.  Angelus would bet anything that his Aunt Aileen had been in hear cleaning earlier.

            "She has a twin sister actually," replied Andrew placing Angelus's suit case down on the floor," and she is just as pretty as Dawn, but Dawn's prettier in my opion," he added firmly.

            'A twin, huh?" Angelus asked leaning back against the head board of the bed with a relaxing sigh. Two hours on an airplane was just to much for his taste. "Do they look a like?" he asked with interest.

            "No, not at all," explained Andrew sitting down in the old rocking chair in the corner of the room.  "Dawn is taller then Buffy with long brown hair and warm gentle brown eyes," he said lovingly.  "Buffy in contrast has long golden blonde hair that falls down her back in waves of silk and shines in the sunlight.  Her eyes are green and get greener every time she laughs.  Not to mention she is only 5'3'' to Dawn's 5'6''," Andrew concluded. "The Summers twins are a fine catch for anyone, and Dawn's off the market so no idea," he told his cousin.

            "Wait Buffy Summers?" Angelus asked.  "Thee Buffy Summers?  The one that every model would kill to work with and every male model would kill to get into her pants," asked Angelus completely interested now.

            "The one and only," answered Andrew simply knowing he had his cousin's full attention now.  Now all he had to do was give a little push.  "Speaking of Buffy Summers how would you like too…," he began to say.

            "…model for her?" Angelus finished catching onto what his cousin was hinting at.

            "Yeah," Andrew answered.  "I know that you came here to relax, but just think about it, working with Buffy Summers is every model's dream and you have the chance to do it.  Not to mention she pays her models heavy sums of money.  Plus she single," Andrew added with a smile.

            "Andy, why would I care if she was single or not?" asked Angelus curiously wondering what his cousin was really up to.

            "No clue," Andrew quickly said.  "So are you interested?" he asked changing the subject.

            "Tell her sister to have Buffy set up an appointed me time where I can come in and we'll go from there," replied Angelus yawning.

            "Deal," Andrew agreed getting up from the rocking chair when his mother yelled up the stairs at the two men. 

            "Dinner time," Andrew told his cousin as they headed downstairs to the sweet smell of something good.

            'This is just the beginning' Andrew thought.

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