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Authors note: Buffy Summers is one of the leading Fashion Designers in the world. When her twin sister Dawn introduces her to Angelus Liam O'Connor her world takes a turn to something she never expected.

Authors note 2: This story is an AU fic.

Title: Love and Fashion 12/12

Author: TK


Part 12


            Two weeks later:

            "Buffy, what are you doing?" asked Dawn as she walked into her sister's room. "You looked fine in the last outfit you had on," she commented with a smile.

            Today Angelus was coming home and Buffy wanted to look perfect for his home coming. Yet she could not find a single thing to wear. Looking at herself in the mirror Buffy debating on the little red tank top with a black over shirt and new low ride jeans she herself designed.  "What do you think of this outfit, Dawnie?" she asked turning to show the outfit to her sister.

            "I like it, just like all the others," Dawn said in amusement rolling her eyes.  "Andrew went to pick up Angelus ten minutes ago so they should be back in fifteen," she explained picking up her sister's sack of clothing on the floor. "You know you're a slob sometimes," she joked folding the clothing she had in her arms.

            "So are you," pointed out Buffy pulling her hair up in a French twist. "Now if you'll excuse me, Sister Dear, I think I just hear Angel and Andrew walk in," she said giving her sister a smile before leaving the room.

            "Leave me to pick up," commented Dawn under her breath as she kept folding.  "Send Andrew up," she yelled as an after thought.


            "There's my girl," commented Angelus when he saw Buffy looking beautiful as always. "I've missed you," he commented pulling his love into his arms.

            "I missed you too," replied Buffy bring his lips down to met hers in a loving passionate kiss that ended with their tongues dueling for dominance.

            Andrew took this as a sign to leave and made his way up stairs to find his girlfriend.

            "Where's my surprise?" asked Buffy when they finally pulled apart to catch their breath.

            "Follow me," said Angelus with a secretive smile.

            Angelus took her hand into his and laid her out of the house and around to the back where roses up on rose surround her patio deck.  Buffy smiled when she saw the flowers and the campaign on the table in a bucket of ice.  Then there on the table sat a little black box, and she felt her breath catch in her throat. 

            "Angel, what's that?" she asked a little nervous, but more excited then anything.

            "It's your surprise," answered Angelus walking over to the table and picked up the black box. "I saw it last week in a jewelry store and something inside wouldn't let me walk by it without buying it for you," he explained smling at her as he made his way over to where she still stood.

            "You're so sweet, you know that?" asked Buffy in adoration as she ran her fingers down Angelus face lovingly.

            "I have something to ask you," started Angelus feeling nervous and yet happy at the same time. In front of him stood the woman he wanted to spend the rest of his life with, and he wasn't about to let her get away from him.

            Buffy's smile got bigger when Angelus got down on one knee. She had a strong feeling she knew what was coming just like she knew there was no way she was ever going to say no to him. He was her life, it didn't matter that they only know each other a month and a half.  What did matter was he was her soul mate, that was something she had felt since she first saw him in her office that faithful day.

            "Buffy Anne Summers, I have loved you since that day in your office. Your kindness and love has always amazed me.  Your are increadbliy sweet, talented, smart, woman.  I love you more then I have ever loved anyone in my entire life.  So what I would like to ask you is; Buffy will you do me the great honor of becoming my wife, and spend the rest of your life with me?" he asked looking up into Buffy's smiling face.  Her eyes danced like stars in the sky as she nodded her head yes and held out her left hand.

            "Yes, Angel," answered Buffy feeling her eyes well up with happy tears. "I will marry you," she said wiping tears away from her cheek as Angelus stood up and slipped the ring on her ring finger.  "I love you," she said happily pulling Angelus to her in a bone crushing happy kiss. 

            "This is the beginning of the rest of our lives, Love," promised Angelus holding Buffy in his arms. "I will do my best to always make you feel love and appreciated.  When we have children I'll take care of them as well," he vowed before capturing Buffy small warm lips with his bigger ones sealing his promise.

            "I know you will," assured Buffy softly.  "I'll love you forever, My Angel and when we have children I'll love them just as much," she added snuggling into his arms.

            With their promises the couple knew what happiness truly was.


            "She said yes," commented Dawn leaning back into Andrews embrace. "My sister is finally going to be happy," she said happy for Buffy. 

            "Yes she is," agreed Andrew wrapping his arms around his future bride.  Sure he hadn't asked her yet, but there was no doubt in his mind that he would one day soon asked Dawn to be his bride, but today was for Angelus and Buffy.  He and Dawn could have another day.

            "I love you," replied Dawn turning around in Andrew's arms to look up at him.

            "I love you too," he stated before bring her up against him and kissed her in love and desire happiness.

            'This is perfect,' Dawn thought as Andrew took her into his arms and carried her up to her room.  'I get to be happy with the man I love too,' she thought as she felt Andrew kissing her.

            'I will always take care of you, Dawn,' thought Andrew full of love. 'Always.'


Years later:

After a year of engagement Buffy and Angelus married on a small ceremony in the Hawaii Islands.  Buffy wore a beautiful spaghetti strap wedding gown that flowed to the gown like waves.  Her hair was curled around her shoulders, and as the minister pronounced Buffy and Angelus as man and wife she knew that she had never been happier then she was then.  That is until a year later when their daughters Kelly and Nicola were born.  Both of the little girls took after their mother in looks and in kindness.

            Angelus found himself the happiness man alive having a wonderful loving wife to share his life with and two beautiful little girls.  He knew that he would always keep his family save, and he do anything to make sure that happened.  Once the girls where born he took less modeling jobs in favor of staying home with the Kelly and Nicola while Buffy continued to run her 'Spotlight Fashions' business that kept getting more and more successful each year. 

            Dawn and Andrew ended up getting married a year after Buffy and Angelus, but their wedding was a bit bigger and took place in Paris. Dawn had always wanted to live there so after they got married Andrew took his business and moved them to Paris.  There they had three precious children the following year, Christina, Star, and their little boy Adam.  Dawn kept in touch with her sister in LA and every holiday was either spent in LA or in Paris.  Both their careers took off in Paris and they became quiet liked.

            Buffy and Dawn's father and step-mother missed having children around the house so much that they decided to adopt a child. However, rather then adopting a baby like most people would have, they chose to take in a spirited young fifteen year old by the name of Connor. Who came to be quit close to his new big sister Buffy and his new little nieces and eventually nephew? 

            Buffy's friend Willow ended up getting pregnant by her new boyfriend a guitarists named Oz Osborn, and had to quit modeling for a nine months.  She had a precious little girl who she called Tara, who was her mothers most prize treasure. Willow ended up continuing to work for Buffy.  After two years Oz came back to Willow and they raised a family of five children together, becoming very close to Buffy and Angelus's.  In fact Tara was Kelly's best friend in school.

            What surprised everyone though was when Faith and Riley ended up getting married.  No one had seen that coming at all. They were complete opposites, and yet once they started to date it became clear that the saying 'Opposite attract was very true in their case.  They moved to New York where Faith modeled less in favor of spending time with her children and Riley became an associate to a big business called Broadway. 

            Spike's step-sister Darla ended up meeting a gentleman by the name of Lindsey who she eventually married and began a family with. Darla went back to college and learned how to be a lawyer. She is now one of the two lawyers that are working for Buffy. She had to work hard to prove her loyalty to Buffy after Buffy found out she was Spike's step-sister, but eventually she did it. Lindsey was a lawyer as well, but he worked for Wolf man and Hart a law firm that had some questionable tactics. 

Darla went to see her step-brother over the ten years he was in jail, and asked him what he was going to do when he got out.  He didn't have an answer to that, and when she told him of Buffy being married and added on that she was expecting children, he had a fit and ended up getting sent to a facility to get help.  An extra two years was added on to his sentence in the facility.   He later met a girl by the name of Anya, some one just like him and they ended up marrying once they got out, and moved to Austria where no one knew them or knew of their back ground. 

In the end everyone learned to be happy and thankful for what they had in their lives. Friendships grew as did families.  The happiest of them all had to be Buffy and Angelus because after all their past love and failures they had found someone worth everything, and their loved lasted for ever. 

The End

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