"Sometimes mortals can be more horrible than monsters."- Rick Riordan

I never envisioned that this quote could hold so much truth until now. I never imagined that humans would be the monsters and vampires would be the saviors. I never imagined how much one girl could change my life in an instant.


"Is she dead?" Emmett asks. I roll my eyes at his stupidity. Anyone could see that she was alive! Emmett wasn't the smartest person on the block. She was obviously a vampire. But he did have a point though. This girl did look dead. Her body was seriously lacking color and she was naked. There was a collar wrapped tightly around her neck and it looked as if she had been starved for years. She was trying to hide behind her long mahogany hair but that did little to help. I could see why she would be afraid of Emmett with his big muscular build that this was a fear that ran even deeper. Her big black eyes stared at us terrified.

Emmett went to step forward but a growl resonated from her chest in warning. I yanked him back before she could do anything else. I had never seen anything like this before. If we went any closer it could be fatal.

Emmett and I had been hunting when we stumbled upon the girl. The animals were spooked and ran off. We didn't realize she was an actual person at first. The girl was so still. I knew something wasn't right. I could feel it in my bones.

"Maybe we should call Carlisle. He'll know what to do." Emmett said. I was impressed. He did have his smart moments once in a while. I berated myself for not thinking of that before.

I dialed Carlisle's number and he picked up before it reached the third ring. I was talking before Carlisle could even say hello.

"Carlisle there is a girl. A vampire to be specific. She is terrified of us and it looks like she has been abused. She won't let us near her. You need to help us." I was speaking rapidly. Carlisle could hear the urgency in my voice and didn't think to question it.

"Edward, Emmett, listen to me when I say this. Do not touch her or try to go near her. I will be there shortly." We hung up the phone and now all we could do was wait.

It had not even been half an hour before Carlisle showed up. His steps slowed and he stared at us with wide eyes. He motioned for us to stay back and cautiously walked toward the girl. Her growls started up again and she sounded feral. Like a dying animal. In a flash, Carlisle had her scooped up in her arms. She was thrashing and nipping at anything she could get her teeth on.

"Edward you stay in the front of me and Emmett you stay in the back. We are going to bring her back to the house. We can help her more there. I don't think she is going to give us an easy journey back."


Alice was waiting on the porch for us when we showed up. Her eyes shone with worry.

"Bring her to Edward's room." Was all she said.

I stared at her with wide eyes. Why my room? Why not the basement? I thought it was safer but didn't question her reasoning. Alice always had a reason for everything.

We followed Emmett and Carlisle upstairs. The girl was placed on the floor and as soon as she was out of Carlisle's arms, she scurried away to the furthest tightest place possible. Under the couch. Her hissing and growling increased at the sight of the now four of us.

I felt a pain in my heart at the sight of her. Who would do this to a person? What has made her so terrified? I wanted to brutally kill whoever hurt her.

"Let's all go downstairs for now. We can let her get comfortable. The others will be home soon and we need to have an explanation." Carlisle said.

Reluctantly I closed and locked the door behind me. The whimpers decreased and soon it was silent. I followed Alice, Emmett, and Carlisle downstairs.

A couple of hours had passed and Jasper, Rosalie, and Esme were back. They had been helping Esme collect items for work.

We were waiting in the living room. They all noticed a change immediately as the walked into the house. Jasper could feel the pain the girl was feeling. It was like a punch in the gut.

"What's going on?" Esme asked as they entered the room.

I spoke up, " while Emmett and I were hunting we ran into a vampire. She was barely alive by the looks of it. The girl was terrified of us and looks to have been starved. We brought her back here. She is in my room. I have never seen anything like this before."

Esme gasped and Rosalie was trying not to look concerned but I could tell she was.

"Jasper, can you try to calm her down?" I asked. He nodded and a moment later calmness spread throughout the room and floated upstairs. I hoped that would make her more comfortable. But I have a feeling nothing would help her right now.

"Do you think she will get better soon?" Rosalie asked.

Carlisle spoke, " I believe she will be able to heal at least physically but I am more concerned about her mental status. The way she behaves and interacts is that of a young child. Not a vicious vampire. I am not even sure she understands what we are saying. We are going to have to tread lightly to figure out what has happened to her."

I couldn't hear this anymore. I couldn't believe that she was permanently damaged. I was determined to help her.


A cry sounded from upstairs and that stopped all conversation. She knew there were more vampires. Carlisle and I shared a knowing look and head upstairs.

We softly entered the room to find the girl on her side. She was cradling her knees into her chest and short gasps escaped her mouth when she saw us. You could see everything. From her rib cage to the dark circles underneath her eyes. What had happened to her?

I start to walk forward and a hiss sounds from her mouth. I stop abruptly and put my hands in the air. I hoped I looked submissive enough.

"Edward maybe you want to move away," Carlisle said. I shook my head at him. I was determined to make this girl see that we meant no harm.

I took a few more steps and her growling increases. It's labored and weak but it is still a warning enough. She is pushing herself against the wall trying to hide from me. I hate the fact that I am the cause of her pain at the moment. Her eyes never leave me. She's watching my every move.

Everything I do is slow and hesitant. I don't want to startle her even further. I sit down once I am a few feet from her.

Carlisle is anxiously standing by the door watching our every move; prepared to step in if she attacks.

I slowly reach my hand out to touch her but she tries to bite me. I quickly pull my hand away. I would try that later.

"I am not going to hurt you" I whisper. She cowered away at the sound of my voice. There was nothing to indicate that she actually understood what I was saying.

"My name is Edward." I pointed to myself. Her eyebrows furrowed in confusion. This is good. She is paying attention.

"What is your name?" I point to her. The girl didn't answer. I wasn't expecting one. She just stared at me.

"You are safe now. There is no reason to be afraid." All she did was stare. How was I going to make her understand?

"What has happened to you?" I wonder allowed.