Lipton Butter Noodles

by: Kiyo ^.~

Disclaimer: I don't own Lipton Butter Noodles, or Coke, or any characters featured in this fanfic from Sailormoon.

Note: This was a challenge fanfic. And uhhh...just because Haruka is a lesbian doesn't mean she couldn't do stuff with a guy^.^


One day, Mamoru and Haruka were hanging out at Mamoru's apartment, watching a movie on television. Haruka had just made some Lipton Butter Noodles and sat down on a couch. Mamoru was taking a sip from a glass filled with coca-cola. He was also sitting on the couch.

"I've seen this movie hundreds times. It's so boring! Change the channel, Haruka!" Mamoru demanded.

"All right!" Haruka sighed and changed the channel repeatedly. Nothing was on.

"Damn, isn't there anything on?!" Haruka yelled. She changed the channel one more time and both of them were glued to the screen.

Apparently, Haruka had changed it to some random porn channel and there was some kinked up action going on between two men involving handcuffs and duck tape and honey. Haruka dropped the remote. Mamoru breathed heavily and put his cup down on the coffee table in front of them. Mamoru felt a boner coming on...and Haruka only wished she had one.

Suddenly, the two of them stared at eachother, surprised expressions on their faces. Haruka put her noodles to the side and the two of them pounced on each other. They started making out and ripped off eachother's clothing off. Their hands explored eachother's bodies and so did their tongues. A thought popped into Mamoru's head.

"Haruka......can we try something?" Mamoru had a big grin on his face.

"Uhh..Sure.." Haruka said.

Mamoru grabbed the bowl of still warm Lipton Butter Noodles and dumped it all over Haruka's cleavage and tummy. Haruka gasped as he slurped the noodles off her. She made a deep moan as she felt shivers go down her back. When there were no more noodles, the two of them looked for another object to use for more pleasure. And there is was......the cup of coca-cola. Haruka dived for it. She grabbed Mamoru as she threw the cup in the air. The coca-cola splattered all over them as they erotically danced together naked. They proceeded to lick it off eachother.

Usagi walked up the steps to Mamoru's apartment. She was supposed to meet him when school got out. She approached the door excitedly, with her books in her arms. Usagi opened the door and yelled sweetly,"Mamo-chan! Guess who!" As she walked into the apartment she stopped in shock.

Mamoru and Haruka froze. The naughty channel was still on and they were both still naked. Oh, what a sight Usagi had to behold.

Usagi's eyes filled with tears. She sobbed and ran off, "Oh, Mamoru, why? How could you? I hate you!!"

"Usako!! It's not what you think!" Mamoru yelled and ran to the door. He looked out worried and shut the door, "Oh what were we doing?"

Haruka smiled and signaled for him to come hither with her two fingers.