Etria's Odyssey
Chapter One
The Doomed Voyage

The waters are turbulent and the ships sways heavily along the uncontrollable sea. The clouds are dark and it's abysmal on deck, rain cascading across the wooden hull as waves crash against the sides, deafening all on top! The captain stays in control of the wooden wheel. He's a large man, standing over six feet tall with dark armor, he maintains an inhuman grip as he continues to sail west across this vast and untamed ocean.

This ship set off westward from the nation of Lagaard, a cold nation in the north. It has maintained several difficult to maintain trade routes, one snaking north across the frozen Arctic Circle to Ontario, the other travelling vastly to the east to the lands of Etria. But to the west, this ocean is cataclysmic and unsuitable for travel. 365 days a year, 7 days a week, this Ocean is in a turbulent storm. Even the northern trade route across the arctic circle must be maintained only during the summer when the landscape isn't so hellishly cold as to kill those attempting to traverse Svalbard's solid ice sheets.

But the captain of this boat is determined to chart a nautical coarse to safely travel west to reach Ontario by sea. If he can, trade routes for Lagaard will boom immensely, allowing yearly trade, not just seasonally during the summer. This is not his first travel by sea and is in fact his third. His first two trips to the west actually made landfall, but much further south than Ontario, further south than even Quebec in fact. He landed in an interesting area that he's turned into his own town.

Being funded by not just the Grand Duchy of High Lagaard, but also the Radha of Etria, the captain in black armor is being instructed to make journeys in ships like these, large, unwieldy ships filled with passengers. Only a dozen or so nobles, with more than a hundred orphans, criminals, and outcasts. These men and women aboard will start a new life in the west, creating a new nation, but the Captain has never made the journey across the ocean with such a massive, clunky ship! The storm is especially bad during the summer, and he's not sure if he can make it. He says a silent prayer under his breath as the dark clouds rain down upon him, his iron grip upon the ship's wheel.

Within the second level of the boat, dozens of children of varying ages, all wearing similar brown tatters fight back the leaking rain falling on them from the deck above. Among the rabble, two of these orphans have established a familial bond with each other. An older teenage girl, probably around 16, and a younger boy around age 13, huddle in a corner, avoiding the rain as they console each other over the perilous nature of their journey.

"We'll… be fine! The captain made this journey a bunch of times before!" The girl says convincingly. Her hair is a dark blonde, almost brown. She's quite tall and has blue eyes. Like all the other children, she's wearing brown tatters that cover her body and legs, with low quality sandals.

"I know… I know… but when we arrive, I'm so nervous… are we really going to get a better life?" The 13-year-old boy asks. His hair is solid black with brown eyes and he's short compared to her, barely reaching 5 feet.

"It's okay, Abel, as long as we stick together, we'll be fine! Think about it, we could open up a bakery, or a fishery!" The girl says, calling out the boy's name, remarked now as Abel.

"I… I trust you Karina." Abel says.

The boat's ails begin to clear as they come in sight of shore. The clouds begin to relent, and the waves stop. The captain sighs in relief, but not is all safe yet. They still have about an hour of sailing before they reach land.

This is not Ontario, nor is this even Quebec. Instead, this is the new town he has been founding with the blessings of the dual governments of Etria and Lagaard. To Lagaard's dismay, the captain has named this land:

New Etria.

Unfortunately, the sea near the coast is far from safe just because the storm is calmer. In fact, to the Captain's dismay, a bunch of sea creatures burst onto the deck of the boat and quickly wriggle their way below!

"THE PASSENGERS!" The captain yells, letting go of the wheel and drawing his pistol! He drops a small portable bunker that begins to shoot at the sea creatures, little squid monsters with feet that quickly go down at the ferocity of his attacks! He shoots a dozen more, but a few still slip into the decks below!

Below, the monsters begin harassing the orphans on the second deck! The kids scream and are backed into corners as they begin to creep up on them! However, Abel and Karina have a straight shot to the upper deck!

"Come on, Abel, now!" Karina says, grabbing Abel's hand and attempting to run away, only to have Abel shake her off.

"We have to save them!"
"With what?! Good intentions?! We don't have any weapons or armor!"
"B-But…!" Able says, before their eyes the monsters begin to barrel down on the orphans, before someone from a deck even lower busts up! He draws a large saber and positions himself between the children and the monsters. He dodges a lot of the squids' attacks, before retaliating with a barrage of swift thrusts!

"W-Whoa…!" Abel says.
"Happy? NOW LET'S GO!" Karina says, snatching him as he nods and they run up the rain-damp stairs. They arrive at the surface with a lot of other orphans, only to be met with a gigantic monster on the side of the boat, suction cups dug into the hull and keeping it still as it begins to smash against the sails and poke holes in the deck, causing it to sink!

"ABANDON SHIP! WE CAN'T FIGHT THIS THING!" The captain yells out, starting to load up life boats, but there's only enough to save a few dozen people. Even at full capacity, more than 200 people will die if they run away…

Abel looks among the chaos, the Kraken squeezing and shattering the wood of the ship as the mast falls to the water, causing a huge splash. His eyes go blank and his breathing quickens. Karina drags his shocked self over to a nearby boat.

"There's not enough space, sir… who gets the boats?" Karina asks the captain. He looks over.
"Women and children, you and him, get in. Now! I'll hold this thing off as long as I can!" The captain roars, dropping a portable pillbox next to the Kraken, drawing its attention as it attacks the captain!

The life boats quickly fill up, but Abel snaps back into reality and jumps off the boat before it descends to the water!

"ABEL WHAT ARE YOU DOING-" Karina tries to say as the lifeboat hits the water with Abel climbing up the sheer face of the sinking ship to arrive at the surface! He looks around and sees a Squid's harpoon, he picks it up and runs over to the captain. Abel is over 2 feet shorter than him but he stands at his side!

"Kid, get back! This monster is going to kill you!" The captain yells in protective fear, leaving his bunker to push him out of the way, only to be brought back by a dark flash of light!

"This… POWER!" Abel yells out as his body somehow transforms! The Kraken's eyes go wide and it tries to slam down on him, but he raises his arm and catches the tentacle! The captain looks and underneath his helmet, his eyes go wide.

"That's… a… Fafnir transformation!"
"No time to gawk, we have a monster to kill!" Abel yells! The captain looks back to his bunker. The concept of actually killing this thing seemed impossible, but with a Fafnir…

He nods and gets back into his bunker, aiming out of it and launching a barrage of attacks from his hand-cannon! The kraken diverts its attention back to him as Abel thrusts the spear at it, becoming emboldened by the Fafnir's energy, launching a barrage of elemental attacks! Fire, ice and lightning blasts hit the Kraken in the eye, causing it to writhe in pain! It opens its large beak and barrels down on Abel, but he pries it open with both hands, his right arm being transformed into something else entirely by the Fafnir transformation!

However, even with this strength, the Kraken's beak seeks to end Abel, but the Captain crashes into the Kraken's soft underbelly shoulder first where a large spike impales it! It screeches and Abel takes that moment to unleash a devastating arm-cannon attack and blasts it directly into the Kraken's mouth! In defeat it slinks into the water, retreating! They look at each other, briefly reveling in their victory before dozens of survivors scramble up to the deck!

"The boat is sinking, deck 3 is completely flooded!" Some of them say. The captain runs to the wheel of the ship and looks over, noticing the life boats have almost made it to New Etria, but this boat might not make it.

"Should we swim?" Able asks, his Fafnir Transformation subsiding.
"With all those things in the water? No, we have to make it to shore somehow…" The captain admits.
"I'll do what I can… but hold on… this is gonna be bumpy!"

Author's Note: This is a new story I've been brewing up in my head for years, ever since Untold 1 and 2 came out, and solidified an idea I've had since Etrian Odyssey 3.