Higher Ground

Summary: "I am good, but not an angel. I do sin, but I am not the devil. I am just a small girl in a big world trying to find someone to love." – Marilyn Monroe. FemHarry.

Just a warning: FemHarry, AU (Canon up to End of OoP), No Horcruxes, Blood, Violence, Language, Messed Up Timeline

Just so you know (Timeline): Like I said in the warning, the timeline is a little messed up. So keep in mind that the fight in the Department of Mysteries happened way before the OWLs instead of happening on the day Harry had the exam of History of Magic.

Just so you know (Name): FemHarry's name is Henrika Rhiannon Potter. Henrika is a variation of Harriet, which means "Ruler of the Home" or "Home-Ruler". Rhiannon is one of the Celtic Goddesses of fertility, the moon, night and death. Her name means "Night Queen."

I don't own True Blood or Harry Potter!

Chapter 1

Wide eyed, fifteen year old Harry Potter watched as the unknown spell hit the only family she had left squarely on the chest.

Harry's breath caught in her throat as his own eyes widened in shock and his face twitched with pain for a second. In a instant, she pulled her wand out and ran toward the man. Her heart squeezed painfully against her chest as she watched his body curve in a graceful arc as he sank backwards; towards the ragged veil hanging from the arch behind him.

A sob escaped her lips as the face of her always courageous godfather twitched with fear. Bellatrix Lestrange let out a triumphant and insane laugh as Sirius fell through the ancient archway known as the Veil of Death and disappeared. The veil fluttered for a moment and Harry felt her heart break when Sirius never reappeared from the other side of the veil.

Harry kept running toward the archway, intent in doing something – anything – to have her Godfather back.

Arms warped around her waist, pulling her away from the veil just as her fingers almost touched it. She screamed, hitting whoever was holding her back as she tried to free herself.

"There's nothing you can do, Harry –" It was Professor Lupin.

"Let me go!" Harry screamed, her voice echoing through the room, "Sirius!"

"– it's too late, Harry."

Harry struggled hard and viciously, scratching and kicking, but Lupin wouldn't let her go.

The man sounded like he was ready to cry, "There's nothing you can do, Harry... nothing... he's gone."

He wasn't gone.

Her godfather wasn't gone. He was the only family she had; the only one who loved her for herself and who took care of her without expecting anything but a smile in return.

Sirius couldn't be gone.

"SIRIUS!" Tears streamed down her cheeks as she bellowed, "SIRIUS!"

"He can't come back, Harry," said Lupin, his voice breaking as he struggled to keep holding her Harry, "He can't come back, because he's d –"


There was movement going on around them, pointless bustling and flashes of spells that she ignored. She didn't even blink as several deflected curses flew past them; her unblinking eyes were clued to the veil.

Harry's shoulders slumped, much like a puppet whose strings were cut. Her desperation evaporated from her body just as fast as it had appeared and she couldn't feel anything.

The moment she stopped struggling, Lupin dragged Harry away from the veil. Still staring and muttering a prayer under her breath for her godfather to come back and stop playing hide-and-seek; praying that he wasn't dead.

Unfortunately, Harry knew that her prayers and wishes were rarely, if ever, answered.

Sirius was dead.

Harry sobbed once more, looking down and trying to block the voices coming from the veil; calling for her and trying to tempt her to come closer.

Headmaster Dumbledore had most of the remaining Death Eaters grouped in the middle of the room, seemingly immobilized by invisible ropes; Mad-Eye Moody had crawled across the room to where a unconscious Tonks lay, and was attempting to revive her; behind the veil there were still flashes of spells, grunts and cries and Kingsley had run forward to continue Sirius's duel with Bellatrix.

Her fists clenched. Hate and anger filled her whole being and Harry felt her magic expand and come to life.

"Harry?" Neville called, placing a hand on her arm.

Lupin, who maintained a precautionary grip on her arm regardless of the fact that she had stopped struggling, had taken her as far from the fight as he could and they were now standing in a rather safe corner.

"Harry... I'b really sorry..." Neville's voice sounded strange but that was to be expected with broken nose and bloodied face, "Was dad man – was Sirius Black impordand do you?"

Harry blinked but didn't answer. Her friend looked anguished at this.

"Here," Lupin said quietly, pointing his wand at Neville's broken nose. The amber eyed man muttered a spell and the blonde boy blinked, tapping his now healed nose, "Now – Let's – Let's find the others. Where are they all, Neville?" Lupin refused to look in direction of the veil as he spoke. It sounded as though every word that came out of his mouth was causing him pain.

"They're all back there," With his nose healed, Neville was able to speak normally. He grimaced, "A brain attacked Ron bud I think he's all alright and Hermione's unconscious, bud we could feel a pulse –"

There was a loud bang and a yell. Blinking once more, Harry turned her head mechanically to see Kingsley hit the ground yelling in pain with Bellatrix laughing.

Suddenly, something broke in Harry as she stared at gleeful face of her dearest godfather's murder. Her ears were ringing and the blood in her veins was burning. She could feel her magic begging to be released so it could lash out and tear that bitch apart. It was as if she had turned into a bomb of power.

Taking a deep breath, she made her decision.

As Bellatrix turned tail and ran when Dumbledore whipped around, aiming a spell at her which she deflected it, Harry acted. Using a strength that she didn't know she had, the teen ripped her arm from Lupin's slacked grip and sent a stunner to the man's chest so he won't stop her.

Those who were still standing turned to look at her. Both Order members and Death Eaters looked curious at what she was going to do, although that didn't stop them from fighting.

"What's this?" Bellatrix gave her a crazed grin, her grey eyes wide and filled with madness. Harry snarled. That woman didn't deserve those eyes, they were Sirius'. "Are you going to avenge my dear cousin!?" She mocked in a baby voice.

Dumbledore was too busy with a group of Death Eaters who were trying to attack Harry. The old Headmaster looked like he wanted to stop her from doing something stupid but Harry wasn't going to give time to try.

Bellatrix was going to pay.

Voldemort was going to pay.

It was their fault that Sirius was gone. Everything because of a stupid prophecy. A prophecy that was gone.

Harry's grin was full of teeth as she took the prophecy out of the pocket of her hoodie.

"Poor Bella! I wonder what her precious master will think when he learns that she failed to retrieve his prophecy!" Harry said, imitating the older woman's tone, "Maybe he will pick Malfoy as his new favorite?"


She ignored Dumbledore.

Bellatrix's smile fell and her face twisted ugly. Harry's grin widened as the woman threw a spell at her which the girl dodged with ease. She barely showed it when pain seared across her forehead; her scar was on fire again, and she felt a surge of fury that was quite unconnected with her own emotions.

"Look at that," Harry dodged another spell with a mad laugh to match Bellatrix's own, "Dear old Voldemort knows it's gone! He's not going to be happy with you, is he? Poor, poor Bella."

"What?" Bellatrix faltered for a brief moment. Harry quickly threw a curse at the dark haired woman who barely dodged it, resulting in Bellatrix's almost losing an arm, "What do you mean?!" The Dark Witch cried, and for the first time there was fear in her voice.

"I wonder," Harry created a shield, laughing when Bellattix screamed and cursed her.

Her lightning bolt scar seared and burned but Harry ignored it, being too focused in Bellatrix.

"LIAR!" The wild haired woman shrieked, Harry took pleasure in hearing the terror behind the anger, "YOU'VE GOT IT, POTTER, AND YOU WILL GIVE IT TO ME! ACCIO PROPHECY! ACCIO PROPHECY!'

"Harry!" Dumbledore was running in her direction.

The teen merely laughed again. The pain building in her head hurt so badly that she thought her skull might burst.

Bellatrix was in hysteria and Voldemort was furious with the loss of the prophecy. Things were starting to look up to her.

Harry giggled, her magic dancing against her skin and stopping anyone from approaching them. Dumbledore tried, but her magic merely pushed him back and threw the old man against a wall.

She had no idea of what was going on with her magic. But she rather liked it. She liked the surge of power and how it made her feel. Harry really liked it, especially because she knew that she could use it to destroy that bitch and Voldemort for once and for all.

They would pay. Everyone involved was going to pay.

Her magic vibrated, as if feeling excited.

"No!" Bellatrix screamed, "It isn't true, you're lying! MASTER, I TRIED, I TRIED – DO NOT PUNISH ME –"

"Silence, Bellatrix." Said a high, cold voice.

Harry tilted her head to see Voldemort's tall form and familiar white snakelike and his scarlet, slit-pupilled eyes. He had appeared in the middle of the hall, his wand pointing at Harry who stared back at him with blank eyes.

"So, you smashed my prophecy, Potter?" Voldemort said softly, staring at Harry with those pitiless red eyes. He looked at Bellatrix, "No, Bella, she is not lying... I see the truth looking at me from within her worthless mind... months of preparation, months of effort... and my Death Eaters have let Harry Potter thwart me again..."

"Master, I am sorry, I knew not, I was fighting the Animagus Black!" sobbed Bellatrix, flinging herself down at Voldemort's feet as he walked slowly, "Master, you should know –"

"Be quiet, Bella," Voldemort hissed dangerously. "I shall deal with you in a moment. Do you think I have entered the Ministry of Magic to hear your sniveling apologies?"

"But Master –" Voldemort paid no attention to her. He clearly didn't care that Dumbledore was starting to approach them once more.

Harry smirked when the Dark Lord pointed his wand in her direction. There were screams and people were calling her name. She ignored them all, focusing all her attention on her magic, preparing to use it and let it avenge Sirius.

"I have nothing more to say to you, Potter," Voldemort said quietly. "You have irked me too often, for too long. AVADA KEDAVRA!"

A spell from Dumbledore got her out of the way and Harry could almost hear her magic disappointed. It had wanted to be set free so it could take care of her enemies.

Voldemort growled, "Dumbledore!"

Harry, who had been thrown to the floor, narrowed her eyes. Voldemort raised his wand and another jet of green light streaked at Dumbledore, who turned and was gone in a whirling of his cloak. The old Headmaster reappeared behind Voldemort and waved his wand. A duel started and Hay couldn't help but admire the two wizards; there was no doubt that they were powerful.

Her eyes landed on Bellatrix and she snarled, standing up.

"Harry stay down!" Dumbledore bellowed. He sounded frightened.

Harry had just cursed Bellatrix, blasting the woman's chest in the same spot Sirius had been shot, and barely had time t understand what was going on.

Her scar burst open and then there was pain beyond anything that she had felt before; even worse than Crucio. She lost control of her body, as if her own soul had pushed aside and her magic vibrated with rage and when the thing possessing her spoke – When Voldemort spoke, she knew that she had to let her magic free soon if she wanted to end the snake freak.

"Kill me now, Dumbledore ..." Voldemort spoke, using her body, "If death is nothing, Dumbledore, kill the girl... Let her pain end, maybe then she will see her pathetic godfather again."

She snapped.

Harry's heart speed up and she screamed; letting go of her magic.

"Miss Potter is time for your potion."

Emerald green eyes snapped open before they closed once more. Without a word, the girl turned her back to the woman standing next to her bed.

"I won't it say again."

"Go away," Was the girl's answer.

There was a sigh before the woman pulled her wand out of the sleeve of her dress and flicked it. Harry yelped and jumped, rubbing her arm with pursued lips as she glared at Madam Pomfrey. The Healer glared back, shoving a vial on the teenager's face.

"Drink before I force you to."

Knowing that it was useless to fight against the blue eyed woman, Harry took the vial with a huff. Wrinkling her nose, she drank the potion in one go before turning toward Madam Pomfrey and giving her a challenging look. The old matron raised an eyebrow in response.


"I'm so happy that you drank your medicine like a good little girl." Madam Pomfrey said dryly, "I would hate to hex you again."

Harry snorted before crossing her arms and lying back on her bed.

"You were having another nightmare." Madam Pomfrey said casually, moving to sit on her desk on the corner of the Hospital Wing. Harry's bed (And after years of landing there, it was truly her bed) had been moved closer to it since it would be easier for the matron to take care of her if needed, "Do you want to talk about it?"

The raven haired girl closed her eyes for a moment, "It's the same one as always. There's nothing to say."

It had been a week since the fight in the Department of Mysteries and things had changed since then.

For one, both Voldemort and Bellatrix were dead.

For another, all marked Death Eaters were now slowly, losing their magic little by little.

Apparently, Harry's magic had lashed out in an attempt to protect her from Voldemort and it somehow purified both his and Bellatrix's magic, killing them in the process. So, because of the connection the Dark Mark had to Voldemort (Bonding all of his followers' magic to his own soul and keeping him alive as well making him stronger), almost all marked Death Eaters now had their own room in St. Mungus.

That, of course, was the official story told to the public by Headmaster Dumbledore. The truth was that no one knew what happened, not even the old wizard.

"How you're feeling today?" Madam Pomfrey asked, changing the subject.

"I just woke up," Harry muttered, "Asked me again later."

"If you feel anything strange, do warn me." The matron said.

The raven haired girl had been feeling sick ever since that night in the Department of the Mysteries. Madam Pomfrey had yet to find out what was wrong or why she sometimes felt like she had far too much energy in her body but Dumbledore thought that it was a side effect of her defeat over Voldemort and his Death Eaters.

Harry didn't care all that much about. She was actually relieved. Being sick meant that she needed to stay in the Hospital Wing and could avoid everyone at Hogwarts who would likely want a piece of the so called Girl-Who-Won (As the public decided to call her now).

The young witch nodded slowly, "Uh huh, I will."

Harry didn't notice that she fell asleep again until something heavy landed on her lap. She opened her eyes for the second time that day to see Hermione sitting on the end of her bed along Ginny, who was listening to the older girl as she helped the girl with her homework. Neville, Ron and Luna were sitting in comfortable chairs, which had clearly been transfigured, next to her bed. Much to Harry amusement, Luna was clutching the latest edition of The Quibbler, reading the magazine upside-down. This is special of the small blonde always impressed Harry.

Looking down at her lap, she saw a stack of paper.

Harry grimaced.

Hermione looked away from the book she had been holding and narrowed her chocolate brown eyes, "Just because you're sick doesn't mean that you can slack off in your studies."

The green eyed girl grumbled and grabbed the first sheet of parchment. It was that week Potions' assignment.

"Snape is still in the castle?" She asked. That was a little surprising since he was one of the former Death Eaters who had already lost their magic.

"He is," Ron said darkly. "Is like we will never get rid of the greasy git."

Hermione gasped and glared at him, "Ronald!"

"What?! The guy is now a Squib but Dumbledore –"

"Professor Dumbledore." Hermione corrected bossily.

He ignored her.

"– convinced the Board to keep him in the school." Ron grumbled as he helped himself to a handful of Chocolate Frogs from the immense pile on Harry's bedside cabinet. He threw a few to Harry, Ginny, Luna and Neville and ripped off the wrapper of his own with his teeth. Hermione avoided chocolate since her parents were dentists so he didn't even bother with giving her one.

"I think," Hermione said, "That it is wonderful how they let him stay. It shows that that Wizarding World is changing for the better."

Ron snorted, "Yeah, right."

"What do you mean with that?" She glared.

He raised both of his hands and sighed, "Look, the only reason Snape stayed was because Dumbledore still has a great amount of influence over our world, especially now that the Daily Prophet is on his and Harry's side," He shrugged, "So, really. We have to wait and see before being stuck with the preconception that the Wizarding World is finally looking past centuries of prejudice."

The five other occupants of the room stared. They weren't aware that he knew words like preconception or that he knew how to speak like that about something that wasn't food or Quidditch.

"Wow," Neville blinked.

"Ron…" Hermione said slowly, wide eyed, "I'm impressed." She smiled, "You're finally showing that intelligence I always knew you had."

Ron blushed and seemed to struggle with himself for a moment. In the end, he decided to stay quiet and turned his attention back to his chocolate. Ginny caught Harry's eye and they chuckled. Hermione was completely oblivious of how her words affected the poor blue eyed boy.

"So, anyway," Harry said as she placed all of her homework aside. She would work on it later, "Has something happened today?

"Well, Flitwick finally decided to get rid of Fred and George's swamp," Ginny said, "He did it in about three seconds. But he did leave a tiny patch under the window and he's roped it off –"

Harry blinked, "Why?"

"He said it was a really good bit of magic," said Ginny, shrugging.

Harry snorted. She could see that. Flitwick was one of the most laid back teachers they had.

"I think he left it as a monument to Fred and George," Ron said through a mouthful of chocolate.

"Filch was more miserable than normal," Neville said, shivering a little.

A miserable Filch was already difficult to deal with normally. The man was horrible and wasn't someone adults should trust with children. He was always grumpy and in a never ending state of bad mood so Harry couldn't see how or why could get worse.

Luna tilted her head a little, "He is sad."

"He thinks that Umbridge was the best thing that ever happened to Hogwarts so now that Dumbledore is back, Filch is – well – he is angrier and taking it out on all of us." Ginny wrinkled her nose.

All six of them turned around to look at Dolores Umbridge. The toad like woman was lying in a bed on the other side of the room, gazing up at the ceiling with vacant eyes.

From what Harry heard, after he learned about what she and Hermione had done to Umbridge, Dumbledore had walked alone into the Forest to rescue the horrible woman from the centaurs. How he had done it, nobody knew and neither he nor Umbridge were talking. Actually, since she had returned to the castle she had not, as far as any of them knew, uttered a single word.

The first time Harry woke up in the Hospital Wing and found the woman there, she had been a little surprised but pleased. Surprised that the centaurs hadn't killed Umbridge for the offense she had committed and pleased in knowing that the woman was clearly traumatized. Maybe that would teach her to not treat sentients magical creatures as if they were nothing but savages.

"How long do you thing she will stay here?" Neville whispered.

"Madam Pomfrey told me that St. Mungus is full with the Death Eaters so until there is a room for her there." Harry replied, "That or until they finally decide the date of her trial for using Blood Quills on minors."

Ginny gave her a look, "In other words; you don't know for certain."

Harry shrugged.

"It isn't like it matters." The green eyed witch said, "She doesn't do much aside from staring at the ceiling, eating and sleeping." She made a pause, "Well, no, that isn't right. She does react when she hears something like," At this, Harry made soft clip-clopping noises with her tongue. Immediately, Umbridge yelped and sat bolt upright, looking around wildly as if she was looking for any centaur.

"Is there anything wrong, Madam Umbridge?" Madam Pomfrey asked, poking her head around her office door.

Trembling, Umbridge sank into her pillows, "No – No... no... there is nothing. Nothing. I must have been dreaming... Yes… It was all my imagination."

The six friends laughed.

"That's so mean, Harry." Hermione muttered, trying to hide her grin behind her book.

She raised a brow at the brown eyed girl, "I wasn't the one who came up with the idea to take the woman to the centaurs."

The bushy haired witch looked away, her grin widening.

"Speaking of centaurs," Neville perked up, "Firenze wants to talk to you Harry."

At the mention of the Divination teacher, Harry blinked.


He shrugged, "Don't know. But I think it has something to do with the research you asked us to do. He saw us in the library this morning and said 'Do ask Miss Potter to come and see me when she leaves the healing chambers. I may have the answers she seeks'."

Sitting up a little straighter, Harry looked at him with wide eyes.

She had asked her friends to try and find out how her magic had done what it had done. Dumbledore wasn't any help and with Sirius dead, she didn't trust the adults in her life to tell her anything if they found out what truly happened. Unfortunately, none of her friends, not even the bookworm Hermione, had found anything useful.

"He refused to say what he knew when we asked." Hermione seemed a little irritated. She hated not knowing things, "He will only speak to you."

"I do wonder how he even knew what we were looking for." Ginny frowned, "For all he knew, we could have been doing our homework."

"He is our Divination teacher." Luna said, turning a page of her magazine, "Is natural for him to know."

Hermione and Ginny grumbled, accepting her point. Ever since they learned about the existence of the Prophecies in the Department of Mysteries, all of them learned that there was more to Divination than what they had believed and that they shouldn't dismiss something just because they don't have proof that it works or exist.

"Think he is in the tower?" Harry asked as she jumped from the bed, looking around for her shoes.

Hermione opened her mouth to stop her when Madam Pomfrey stepped out of her office.

"Where do you think you're going?"

Harry's eyes widened before she started running, not even caring that she was barefoot. If she knew Madam Pomfrey like she thought she did then the woman would more likely tie her to the bed if she caught her. The Healer hated it when her patients escaped before she gave them her Ok.

"Potter! Come back here, young lady!"

"I have something to do! I will be back later!" She yelled over her shoulder, grinning when she saw that Ron and Neville were holding the furious matron back. Ron was grinning like a loon, finding it all funny, as was Ginny but Hermione stood behind Madam Pomfrey, her arms crossed and lips pressed in a thin line.

Harry winced and ran faster.

She was going to get earful from the older girl later.


That if Madam Pomfrey didn't kill her first.

The castle seemed strangely quiet and calm for a Sunday. The weather was lovely and Harry could see that everyone was outside, enjoying the sun or just relaxing a little before their exams started.

Harry walked through the corridors of the castle slowly, doing her best to avoid anyone and ignoring the portraits that tried to make her stop so they could talk to her. Peering out of windows as she went on her way, Harry smiled a little wishful when she saw people messing around in the air over the Quidditch pitch, just flying around, and a couple of students swimming in the lake, accompanied by the giant squid. Madam Pomfrey had banned her from such activities until they learned what was wrong with her.

She had just reached the seventh floor, walking in direction of the narrow, spiralling set of stairs that led to the Divination classroom when Malfoy, Crabbe and Goyle stepped in front of her. Harry stopped dead, pursuing her lips and narrowing her as did Malfoy.

None of them said anything and the green eyed witch could almost feel the tension in the air.

Discretely, Malfoy scanned the corridor before he hissed in a low voice, "You're dead, Potter."

Harry checked herself over before smiling charmingly.

"Strange," She said, "I don't think I'm dead. If I was, I won't be able to breath or walk around." She rubbed her chin in thought before gasping, "Maybe I'm a vampire!"

Goyle grunted with his typical troll speak, agreeing with her statement or maybe finding it funny (Or so she thought. It wasn't like Harry knew how to speak troll). Grabble hit him in the back of his head when Malfoy sneered at them.

The blonde boy looked Harry, his pointed face twisting with rage.

Her smile widened at this. It was a hobby of hers to make him angry. Serves him right for always trying to pick up fights with her.

"You're going to pay for what you did," His voice was nothing more than a whisper. "I'm going to make you pay for what you've done to my father"

"You mean your Squib father," She tilted her head, "I don't see why you would blame me for the loss of his magic. Blame his old mate Voldemort instead."

He snarled while the other two winced at the name of the now deceased Dark Lord.

"You did something Potter." Malfoy stepped closer to her, Crabbe and Goyle flanking him. Looking down, Harry saw that he didn't even have his wand with him, "He said you did. I don't what it was, but I will make you pay for it."

"You already said that," Harry pointed out.

He grabbed her wrist and Harry's smile fell. The girl glared. His hold was strong and Harry knew that it was going to leave a bruise.

Malfoy pulled her forward until his face was inches away from hers, "I would keep my eyes open if I was you Potter. My father wasn't the only one who lost his magic because of you." He smiled ugly, "And there are many people out there who would love to free this world from the stain that took our Lord away from us."

"Let go, Malfoy." She growled.

His grip tightened and, in that moment, her magic awakened much like it had done in the Department of Mysteries after Sirius fell through the Veil. It vibrated in her skin, as if angry that she was being threatened.

She gasped when a surge of power filled her; it was little weaker than the one she had been feeling for a week now but it still made her a little dizzy. She had never been drunk before, but every time that happened, Harry thought that this was how being drunk felt.

Malfoy cursed and let her go. He stepped back and would have fallen to the cold stone floor if his so called friends hadn't caught him.

What, Harry blinked, What happened?

"What did you do?!" Malfoy hissed. He looked paler than normal.

Harry leaned against the wall and stared her wrist. Her eyes widened when she saw the bruise the boy had left there heal.

This isn't normal, she thought with alarm.

Maybe she shouldn't have left the Hospital Wing.

"What's going on here?"

They turned around at the masculine voice. Harry's shoulders slumped a little when she saw Firenze. The centaur didn't look too happy and the look in his eyes made her cower a little. It was difficult to not to. He scared her more than Snape ever would.

"Nothing, Professor." She said, "I was just coming to talk to you."

Malfoy merely sneered, shaking his arms out of Crabbe' and Goyle's grip and started to move. His shoulders bumped on hers.

"Watch yourself, Potter." The Slytherin hissed as he walked away, being followed by the two humanoid trolls that insisted in being his bodyguards for some reason.

Firenze watched them go before looking at her, "Come, we have much to talk."

The green eyed girl stared before she followed after him upstairs. As much as he scared her, Harry wanted answers and she was going to get them.

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