"We weren't sure you two were ever comin' home," Asia cried from the porch as the newlywed's wagon approached Plumfield.

            Jo smiled as Nick jumped down and rushed around to help her down.  "We simply figured we would take some time to ourselves today," she replied.

            "You're leaving tomorrow for Boston," Amy retorted, stepping from the house with Laurie.  "I believe you will have plenty of time to yourselves."

            "Don't be silly, Amy," her husband chastised.  "You remember after we were married, don't you?"  The remark brought crimson to her cheeks as Amy relented.  "So, how was it?" Laurie continued.

            "LAURIE!" Amy screamed, mortified.  "How improper!"

            Jo giggled at the exchange, knowing full well her brother-in-law had only the best intentions in his questioning.  "The room was beautiful, Laurie.  But you didn't have to do so much."

            "Aww, it was nothing.  I'm just glad you enjoyed it."

            "It was definitely enjoyed," Nick replied, grabbing the luggage and following everyone inside.

            As they reached the door, Jo stopped Nick with a gentle touch on his arm.  "Aren't you forgetting something?"  Nick's face told of his confusion.  "The threshold?  Isn't there some sort of tradition?"

            "I thought that was just a silly custom," Nick stated, echoing Jo's own words.

            "I don't think it's so silly," Jo said, looking deep into Nick's eyes.

            "Good.  'Cause neither do I."  Nick swept Jo off her feet and leaving the luggage on the porch, carried his bride into what was now their home.

            "So, did you really enjoy Laurie's present?" Jo whispered into his ear, still in Nick's arms.

            He brought his lips ever so close to hers and Nick smiled, deeply and lovingly kissing his wife.  "Best thing he ever could've done."

The End


            ~ The poem was obviously not written by me (considering my poetry is awful) but by the fine poet, Roy Croft.  It is entitled "Love" and was found in The Best Loved Poems of the American People (Selected by Hazel Felleman and Published by Garden City Books, New York  - Copyrighted 1936).  It is definitely one of my favourite poems however one might notice that I have removed some sections, as it is somewhat long and the lines just didn't suit the relationship between Nick and Jo.  I hope Mr. Croft doesn't mind! ~

            ~ I hope you enjoyed this piece and let me know what you thought! ~