I can t help you find him. The smug look on the inspector s face slipped severely, as though he thought I d willingly give him all the information he wanted, and then some.
Why not? Was it my imagination, or was he growling at me?
I don t know where he is. And besides, I don t think he s as dangerous as you think. And how do you know he isn t as dangerous as I think, hmm? The inspector s smug look came back, as though he actually thought he was superior to me in every way. Boy was he wrong.
I ve always known he was safe. I ve always felt safe with him, even in the most dangerous of situations. The inspector sat back, mumbling to himself, and looking none too pleased with my cooperation .
Alright, I ll come back tomorrow and see if you re more talkative. Boy, he was thick. I don t actually know where Anakin is. I haven t for a while.

Perhaps I should start at the beginning.
I m Sarai Kenobi, former apprentice and friend of Anakin Skywalker, and daughter of Obi-Wan Kenobi. The Negotiator. Big shoes to fill, right? If only.
My father s reputation as well as my own became meaningless when the Empire took over.
I had already left the order by then, so it seems the Emperor himself ordered me to be kept alive and left alone. I suppose he knew how I felt about him; I just had given him no reason to have me arrested. Or killed. Or maybe he has some other motive I don t really care. Of course, I have plenty of reasons to see the Emperor die slowly and painfully. His new apprentice, Darth Vader as well. Force only knows where the old man dragged that monstrosity from. All black plastisteel and fabric perhaps it s supposed to be an updated version of General Grievous. It s not doing a very good job. Grievous was most certainly a better dueler. At least this monstrous walking med-bay can use the force or so I ve heard from the rumor mill. That s what I ve been reduced to; using the rumor mill to get credible information. Pitiful. Ani would be horrified. If only he knew Stang, I wish I knew what happened to bring me to this type of situation. One minute I m headed back to Coruscant after that mess on Scipio, the next I m on the run with no word from anyone as to whose survived or what even happened at the Temple, not that I would even officially be kept in the loop one way or the other. I managed to make it to Alderaan without much trouble, and immediately go into hiding until I can figure out what happened and how much trouble I m in again. It took a month for the new Empire to find me, and only because I thought I didn t have any reason to run so much for the Imperial orders to leave me be. That Inspector s been on my case for the past week, bugging my apartment, putting a tracer in my shoe of all things I guess he was just waiting for me to do something worth bringing me in for questioning and now he s got it. The new anti-non-humanoid legislation going through the Galactic Senate has made it illegal to interact with non-humanoids in business just last night. Not that anyone here knew about that this morning I ended up arrested before even having had a cup of caf this morning just for buying it from a Carthasian at the caf on the main street. The Carthasian herself was arrested, of course, for interacting with herself I can t do anything right now, so it s no use brooding. Words to live by, that. Kenobis are known for their brooding, or so I ve surmised. Oh well.
Now I m stuck in a holding cell, waiting for tomorrow to arrive I ve no clue when Tomorrow is, or even if it will actually be tomorrow when that dunce deigns to return. All I can do is wait. And try not to go crazy.