A/N: I respect J.K. Rowling a lot. Her books were pretty good for their time but unfortunately the books aren't progressive and don't live up to the modern standards that we live up to today. This is 2018 and we have all kinds of people. Unfortunately, members of the LGBT and the fellow generation will disregard the HP books, considering them offensive and sexist and transphobic. This is because the Harry Potter series alienates them, forgetting to include the LGBT altogether and only focusing on gender norms and traditional sexual preferences. Harry, despite his close friendship with Ron, falls in love with only girls throughout the book, again an example of pushing straightness on us. It's always been the biggest mystery on why she never included any character that wasn't straight and anyone that didn't identify as the gender they were born with in her stories. As a prominent member of the LGBT, I intend to fix this and help the newer generation get into the Harry Potter series. This is my own story, through year 1 to year 7 of Harry's journey, that gives the LBGT community a voice that Rowling refused to give us back in the day.

Although this obviously is recommended for members of the LGBT+, I think that non members need to read this to truly understand the problems, the violence and harassment we receive every day. My name is Jessica and I identify as a transage (I identify as a 19 year old, not 18.) non-race female. Please respect and use my pronouns when addressing me as I respect all my readers.

Harry was a sad, lonely and oppressed child. Why? Well he had never know what happiness is in the muggle world. He heard his parents scream at him ragingly and with a sigh, got out of bed. Unlike any normal child, Harry lived in the cupbored under the stairs just like how the LGBT live under the crushing expectations of Society's view on gender and sexuality. He was proud of being gay and didn't hide being himself. Of course, this meant everyone began to take a massive dislike to him.

"Hey! Fag! Get me some pancakes you worthless piece of trash!" screamed Vernon, a grinning smirk plastered on his face. Petunia and Dudley laughed insanely and tears fell down Harry's face miserably. The Dursley's were Catholic Priests, and owned a church nearby in which they gave sermons and speeches. Harry was forced to attend as they wanted to convert him to a boring drone with no passion or emotion at all.

Harry was flamboyant and always wore what he felt like. For example, today he was wearing a fluffy pink scarf, a net see through top, a denim skirt, black goth stockings and piercings on his belly button, lips and eyebrows. As any straight white male would know, expressing yourself is a bad thing. Girls were a bit more forgiving to Harry due to them suffering from the wage gap and sexual harassment from the domiant gender.

"Harry you freak! You're going to St Brutus' school for criminally insane boys! You know its forbidden to practice gay in Catholism yet you still do it! Under our own house! You are broken! You backstabber!" Petunia shoutd angrily and Vernon got up from his chair, mentally deranged!

"Don't make me quote Levicuts 18:20 again you runt!" but then the door knocked loudly. Vernon, growling and snarling, pushed Harry to the wall and opened the door. Their stood a giant, clutching an umbrella. Next to him was the most beautiful 'girl' he had ever seen. She was black.

"Hey there. We'r'here to take Harry to Hogwarts!" said the giant happily. He was middle eastern and lived in a poor, broke family. He had a 22 inch scar on his left thigh and part of his eyelid was missing due to the fact that he had been bombed by the American Governemt.

"HAGRID! You illiterate mouse looking son of a gun!" Vernon softly chuckled, tapping his feet on the soft ground and Dudley ran out of the house in fright.

"Shut it Dursley! Me and Dumbledore know all about what you did all those years ago. You ratted Harry's Parents out so that the white supremacist and KKK leader Voldemortess killed them!" Hagrid screamed at him full force. Vernon winked. "Harry. Come with me to the safest of spaces and where you wont be judged for who you are!"

"Believe him Harry. My name is Hermione Ganger. I'm am a Non-Binary girl and at Hogwarts I am safe from the violence, harassment and touchy from the outside world! Please come with us. You'll be safe there." Hermione said emotionally and she offered her hand.

Harry took her hand and a shiny glow glowed around him. This was the Light of the LGBT Community! He was now a wizard!

They all travelled to Hogwarts Express, where Hagrid got out a pipe and began to smoke and the smoke transformed into a broomstick and he flew off into the sunset. Hermione smiled deeply and rubbed her head on the train to wipe away the sweat.

"You'll be fine. Just stay away from the Gryffindors since that's the infamous house where only priviliged straight and whites are placed into (basically the canon in the books there were no gay characters in that house). They're aren't very nice! Trust me. I hope I get put into Slytherin! My mother in law, Bellatrix, was in there." Hermione explained without breath. They walked into an compartment and sat down.

"I cant believe im a wizard!" Harry said sexily. Then the compartment door knocked loudly. A ginger haired boy with freckles, a raven inspired goth black dress with heels and blood trickling down his arms and legs as well as a poor brown jacket covering some scars and kink cuts. He looked bullied and embarassed!

"Can I cum in? My brothers are teasing me bout... Never you mind" asked the boy, crying hugely. Hermione scowled.

"No! We're saving this seat for Cho Chang!" but the boy came in anyway, shoulders colliding as they embraced.

"My name is Ron! Ronilda Weasily."

A/N: Short but obviously because it's the prologue. I'm trying to satisfy all the readers so if you get offended, go fuck yourself.