The continuous ringing of the shrill alarm finally woke up the groggy seventeen-year-old blonde. She opened her crystalline blue eyes and stared at the flashing red numbers on her radio clock. 7:53. Enough time to take a quick shower grab some breakfast and walk to school. Usually Betty Cooper looked forward to bright and beautiful mornings, such as this one. There was one thing that always seemed to automatically pull her out of bed and look her best for school. Or rather, there was always one person who made her do that. Turning to her other side, she picked up the picture on her side table of that one person she desired the most. With his red hair and adorable freckles, his boy-next-door charm was attractive to many. Smiling, albeit sadly, she put the picture back on the table. No matter how much she may follow Archie Andrews around like a love sick puppy and no matter how many times Archie would say he liked her the same way she liked him, she knew it wasn't true. He always belonged to Veronica and there was nothing she could do about it.

Betty had changed her looks considerably ever since senior year began. She realized it was time for a little change, even if it wasn't a dramatic one. She grew her blond hair longer and her long bangs framed her pale face. Reading about the various hazards of tanning, she had long decided to give up her sunbathing days.

She tried to convince her best friend, Veronica Lodge to do the same, but of course, Veronica always put her beauty way ahead of her health. Both girls were strikingly different in appearances and personality. The brunette was deeply tanned, with no bangs covering her face since she believed no bangs made her look a bit more sophisticated. Her skin was smooth, absolutely flawless. Her hair always let down, flowing down her back. Betty too let her hair down once in a while but it was always tied up in a high ponytail, with loose strands framing her face. She had smooth, clear skin too, and light freckles dotted around her nose that only added to her charm and innocence.

Betty was the brilliant student and smartest in school next to Dilton Doiley who practically ate, breathe and slept math and science. Since senior year started, she had managed to get the editor-in-chief position of the high school paper, Riverdale Blue and Gold. And since the school paper took up so much of her time, she decided to give up cheerleading. Which was a shame since not only did the routines and exercises keep her in tiptop shape, but also apparently it was one of the few ways to really get Archie's attention.

Veronica was always the one leading the "cool" group at school, the trendsetter. She was never a follower. Veronica actually managed to snag co-captain title of the cheerleaders, which was no easy feat. She had to work hard to compete with Cheryl Blossom, who had transferred to their school. Betty and Veronica remained best friends throughout their rivalry in seeking attention from a certain cute redheaded guy.

Archie hadn't really changed too much since becoming a senior. He did however let his hair grow out a little to let the ends brush against his neck. And of course, he also stopped wearing those bright colored pants. Neither did Reggie Mantle, Archie's archrival. Archie was still your average everyday good guy, an All-American flirt. And Reggie, well, let's just say over the years, he's been greatly misunderstood.

Walking down the sidewalk, Betty quickly tied her sweater around her waist. She wondered how the weather had changed from cold to hot in just one day. She readjusted the strap of the bag on her shoulders and continued walking when she heard a very familiar voice call out to her.

"Hey babe," came a sexy drawl.

Without bothering to turn around, Betty rolled her eyes and continued walking. "I told you not to call me that, Reg. Do you know how sexist that sounds?" Betty asked.

"Well, I don't know about sexism, but what else should I call you?" Reggie asked innocently. He was driving alongside Betty in his sports car.

"Save it for Veronica, Reg," Betty said lightly. She knew the guys would go gaga for Veronica as soon as she shows up in class and no one would give Betty a second glance. It didn't make her jealous anymore but she didn't want to mistake Archie or Reggie falling for her when they were only flirting harmlessly.

Reggie laughed. Betty liked the way he laughed. It didn't sound so fake as the laughter made by him playing a prank on one of the gang. With Betty, Reggie laughed the way other guys would, a little loud, mirth crinkling up Reggie's eyes adorably. Out of all their friends, it seemed as if Betty understood Reggie the most. She knew Reggie wasn't really that mean-spirited, and did have a good heart.

"Want a ride, Bets?" Reggie asked shaking her out of her thoughts.

Smiling, Betty turned around and tossed her backpack in the rear seat. "Thanks, Reg," she smiled and turned to Reggie. No doubt, Reggie was one of the best-looking guys in school. Reggie was as sexy as Archie was cute and good-looking. Reggie had been away during the summer and came back just a week before school. If Reggie was good looking before, he was downright gorgeous now. He was naturally slightly dark, almost as if he had a tan. He had longish black hair, which looked tousled, as if he hadn't bothered combing them. "So, did you finish the Algebra questions?" Betty asked

"Well, yeah, but I couldn't get number 7. What say you show me how it's done as soon as we get to school?" Reggie asked smoothly, glancing at Betty sideways.

"It's gonna cost ya, Mantle."

"Yeah?" Reggie half-smiled. "Name your price, Cooper."

Betty smiled sweetly and said, "Two scoops of chocolate at Pop Tate's after school."

Reggie rolled his eyes in mock frustration. "Dammit, I knew I shouldn't have picked you up. You're just after my money, aren't you?"

Betty stuck out her tongue at Reggie and said, "You weren't supposed to know that," then added seriously, "Actually, I need to talk to you about Ronnie's birthday party. We need to get some of the details talked out you know?"

"Yeah," Reggie replied. He returned his gaze to the road. He wondered how he felt differently towards Betty than he did to Ronnie a few months ago. Sweet, beautiful Betty. He had to have her. He couldn't stand the fact that Betty was gaga over Archie who obviously didn't love her when he himself was falling for her... hard.