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Sam Mallory

Blair couldn't move.

The heaviness in his chest was stifling and he struggled to draw breath causing him to gasp in pain.

"Take it easy, Blair," Jim whispered, his voice raspy from the continuous talking. "Help's on the way. I can hear them above us," Jim finished, his voice far from confident.

"Don't... believe... you," Blair choked out between gasping breaths.

Jim chuckled dryly and tried to reach further out to his partner in the darkened cavern. "How can you not believe me?" Jim accused, his voice colored with tones of amusement.

Blair huffed silently and groaned with renewed pain.

"Easy buddy," Jim quieted his hands restlessness to comfort his Guide. "Damnit," he cursed squirming with renewed vigor as he stretched even further toward his partner.

Moaning, he was forced to stop when he felt another ligament in his leg give way under the effort.

"Dial," Blair gasped, smiling gently in the darkened space as he heard his Sentinel's predictable grumble.

The cave wall crumbled causing Blair to bellow in pain and terror.

"Blair!" Jim cried out, profanely insulting every deity his partner had ever told him about. Quieting the pounding of his own heart, he listened intently for the sound that would speak of home to him - one heartbeat - known to him from all others.

He struck out with his fist as he found the sound and vigilantly tried to stay conscious.

Suddenly, the wall trembled yet again before crashing down around them, several pieces striking their beaten bodies, his anger mounting, as he could not reach his partner to protect him.

"Search and Rescue, we're here to get you out!" Jim heard from just above him and smiled as he closed his eyes, losing the battle for consciousness.

They were found.

They were alive.

They would kill Simon for suggesting this trip.

The battle lost, Jim fled from external darkness into knowing slumber.

The End