This is a story of how love can blossom between two allies, or will it be snuffed out before given the chance? Will the master bow to the beasts will and accept his choice? Will she truly be free from her past love. Slight AU and MA rated for Adult themes if underage of 16 please come back when you are old enough. Enjoy.




Blooming Lotus

It was a warm spring day, the dark rain clouds were slowly rolling in half - heartedly, almost ashamed of themselves for ruining this day. All the trees where flourishing with life and brimming with deep greens and lush pinks of the Sakura blossoms and purples of the Wisteria flowers. The lovely scent wafting in from the bushes and trees that lined the building and street, through the window of her class room. The woman of about 20, tucked a lock of her waist length blue-black hair behind her ear as she bent down to pick up the last few tinker toys.

Straightening and placing the toys in their rightful place, readjusting her black form fitting jeans and tugging her lavender blouse back down from where it had risen when she grabbed the toys. She walked over to her work table and grabbed her planner, a couple drawings and paintings that her students had made for her. She opened the closet that was directly behind her table. She took off her work smock hung it on the hook and took her bag placing the planner and drawings into it and headed home for the day.

She was just closing the bright green and purple sliding door of her class room. While turning to leave, she spots little Fumi crying. She walks over and bends down next to the crying girl, 'What is she still doing here? I thought her father was suppose to come and get her 20 minutes ago?' the woman thought to herself.

Looking at the 5 year old with concern held in her deep hazel eyes, "Fumi, sweetheart, what is the matter? Where is daddy?" the older woman asked softly. She gently rubbed the little girls' back to comfort the upset child.

Fumi sniffled out a broken sentence, "I . . do-on't kn. .ow! He's . . ne. . . ver. . . been. . .laaate. . . be. . .fffoooore!" clearly breaking down.

"Alright sweetie," smiling at the girl and offering her hand to Fumi, "let's go and give your daddy a call and see where he is. Maybe we can fine you some apple juice and some cookies?"

Fumi took a deep breath and smiled up at her teacher." Okay, Miss. Kagome. Lets go! Apple juice is yum, yum, yummy in my tum, tum, tummy." she sang and skipped down the hall to the office with her teacher. Smiling at the silly song that Fumi came up with, she followed behind the little girl.

After getting Fumi a snack and settling her at the round table in the corner. Kagome rounded the desk, she sat down and pulled up the directory for Fumis' parents contact information. A quick glance to check that Fumi was busy, she dialed the phone number and waited for the call to be answer.

Few rings later and it was picked up, with a gruff " Hello, who is this?"

"Yes, hello, is this Mr. Koibito. We have your daughter Fumi here in the office, school ended an hour ago and we were informed that you would be picking her up this evening," She stated politely.

The man cleared his throat and responded, "I am sorry I will be right there miss. I am stuck in traffic I will be there as soon as I can."

Hearing a feminine giggle she held back a sigh, she knew very well that he was not in the car he was most likely in a love hotel, seeing as his wife had left for a work trip. 'I wonder how he is taking her is he take her from behind. Is he touching her down there with his tongue, I wonder how that would feel.' blushing slightly at her thoughts. Kagome looked over at Fumi and held back her disdain for the mans negligence when it came to his child.

" Very well sir, we will be waiting for you. See you soon." ended the call in a slightly strained professional voice, its not as if Mr. Koibito heard it, he was too preoccupied with his mistress. She hung up, she was a bit perturbed at his unabashed abandonment of his child, forcing the thoughts from her head she got up to go sit with Fumi.

After another hour of waiting. She colored a orange cow, a rainbow poodle, and green rocket and a man on the moon. They played tic tac and hop scotch, when her father arrived with a quick apology to Kagome and a hug & kiss to his daughter. Kagome sighed as they left and cleaned up the crayons and papers taking their drawings and put them in her bag and returned the unused material to the counter behind the desk. Exiting the building and locking the door she turned down the street. Deciding that tonight was the perfect night to enjoy a nice glass of wine to relax and unwind. After that annoying man not caring to pick up his daughter on time she felt flustered at the situation.

She was halfway down the street trying to deciding where to go, she was heading to a local middle class lounge. 'The nerve of him forgetting his daughter and cheating on his wife like that. Hes so low! How she puts up with him I'll never know.' she mused slightly distracted. Just as she was crossing the street to make it to the lounge a car came whipping out of nowhere nearly clipping her. Luckily for her she was pulled back to safety by a strong arm of a tall handsome man. Looking up at him she was taken aback by how handsome he was. What was most alluring and familiar of all, were his luminescent red eyes.

He was walking just behind her heading to the lounge after a long day of meetings, and dealing with corporate double talk, and brown nosing. He smelt her scent as she turned on to the street in front of him. He was barely paying attention to what was in front of him think of all the contracts and proposals he had to look over that night to be read for the morning. He took a deep breath almost as if to sigh but that is when his beast decided to perk up and purred to him from his cage.

'It is her! She's here right in front of us!'

He was brought out of further musing, when he heard his beast speak after such a prolonged absence. He took another deep breath to confirm what he had already known. Her delicious scent of honey, lavender, and roses was mixed with the smell of peet moss and leather signaling her frustration and slight tiredness. Following behind her at a pace of several feet, amazed by her presence.

'How is it that she is still alive? The Miko that was alive 500 hundred years ago could not possibly be living still. Yet here she is walking among the modern era as if she has not aged a day.'murmured Sesshomaru.

'She is Miko it matters not as long as she is here. Mate needs us! TAKE HER!' roared the beast.

'She is not our mate, she is the half-demons human. This Sesshomaru will not lower myself to the standard of that Mutt.'

'We have wanted her since she proved herself a worth fighter and intelligent woman. Her fire and power is worthy of us.'defended the beast.

' She is no more worthy then a Demoness to mate with this Sesshomaru' he hissed at his beast.

Kagome was not watching closely to her surrounding and a car was driving straight for her, he memorized the plate to hunt down later . His beast roared and took over. 'MATES IN DANGER!' as the car drove closer he speed to her side throwing out his arms and pulling her away from danger. Looking at her deeply taking a deep breath to ascertain whether she had been injured or not the smell of Juniper berries and sandalwood add to her scent as shock and surprised surface along with a hint of spiced vanilla.

He was so enraptured with the heady scents all mixed together coupled with the possessive protective drive to ensure this 'Mates' safety, he kissed her beautiful full pink lips. Delving further his tongue sought to claim her mouth pushing forth, she hesitated a moment before opening her mouth to his. 'His tongue is as smooth as velvet, I wonder what it would feel like a licking across her nipples.'she thought slightly blushing. A sense of familiarity settled upon her comforting her and stealing away the sense of danger she should have had in is mere presence. A low rumble was emitted from his chest one part sigh of contentment one part purr at the contact from her body pressed against his as well as the sweetness of her mouth. He moved one of his hands from around her waist to cupping her cheek and creasing the pulse point right beneath her ear. Barely breathing except the slight breaths caught while tilting her head this way or his that way to deepen their kiss. He devoured her mouth like a man that had been starved for far too long, finally been given the sweetest berry. He was breathless which at the moment he didn't seem to need cause she was all that filled his sense and being.

"MATE" the beast purred.

Sesshomaru was far away and locked in the chains that bond the beast to his cage, a distant memory at the current moment. The beast looked around at the surrounding area for a place to take and protect her away from the dangers of the world, while he resisted the urge to go after the person that almost taken his mate from him. He realized that they were a block over from his apartment that he used when there was an early morning at work and didn't desire to commute to his home far to the west on the outskirts of the city.

She was swooned by the possessiveness that he exuded, it comforted her on a subconscious level, she wanted this and with this man she didn't know but felt they have known each other for ages. As if moving of their own will her hands moved up his shoulders and into his long silken hair, letting out a sigh in appreciation of the soft texture. His firm grasp roamed over her body touching her almost in awe of her slender curves. She felt his tone muscular body beneath his clothes, gently pressed herself against the wall of man before her arousal sparked further 'I wonder what it would be like to feel his skin? I bet he has a large shaft hidden under all these clothes. I want to feel it!' she lewdly thought.

At the rise in the scent of her arousal he growled low in appreciation, his blood flow rushed downward to engorge his member further. It had started when he had first touched her now it was rock solid staining to get to his mate. Purring in delight that she found him to be pleasing to her, he couldn't wait to touch her with out the barrier of clothing separating his hands from her flesh.

"Come." Came a soothing command from him, as he lead her to his home.

Breathless she nodded and a shy smile slowly spread across her face, a blush from the heavy make out session dusted her pale cheeks. 'If he can do this I wonder how he'll be in bed will he be gentle or you he be rough. I hope hell be a mix of both It's exciting to think he'll be my first.' He had wrapped an arm around her waist tucking her under it in a show of pride and protection that she was his and he kill anything that looked at her let alone touch her. Quickly walking to a 15 story building with a glass and concert facade, with gardens at the corners if the building. This balance of nature and construction was modern and had a sleek design oozing wealth and security in this part of the city. The neighborhood was where white collar met blue. Slowly the sky scrapers met law offices and dry cleaners, bring your focus from the sky to the trees and earth with most building ranging from 10 to 6 stories mixing old with new. Small gardens sprung up here and there with the bright colors and sweet scent it was almost like a movie they were the leading couple.

They enter through the large glass double doors, she was mesmerized by the luxury of it all from the black marble floors and soft gold of the high polished granite of the walls that reached to the ceiling, the front desk was a rich honey colored maple desk and the same granite as the walls. The were several plush chairs and couches in the lobby in a lush crimson velvet and was accented with lavender pillows, there were coffee and end tables made of glass and brass. They proceeded to the bank of elevators and boarded when the door slid open, pressing the button to the penthouse and as soon as the closed he captures her lips again pinning her to the wall of the elevator. His hand roamed over her voluptuous curves, his thumbs find her perky nipple and roll them through her shirt Kagome let out a soft moan into his mouth. Growling he kisses down her jaw to her neck his tongue snaked out to taste her creamy flesh, while hes pressed his bulging member against her pelvis. Sniffing her scent, it was in full bloom she was ready to be pleasured and taken by him as he was about to slip his hand into her pants the elevator jostled to a stop and he reluctantly pulled away not to step away from her but to mold her to his side again and lead her into his apartment. 'Kami! That was very exciting. I want him so bad my folds ache for his touch.' She sinful thought. The doors opened right into his penthouse.

She walked with him into his home admiring he vast space and the clean lines of the modern kitchens open floor plan, that flowed right to a living room and stairs that lead to what she presumed to be the bedroom. All around her there where floor to ceiling windows, on the left there was a long sturdy oak table long enough to seat 20 people comfortably. Passing through the kitchen directly in front of the window where two long forest green couches in over sized style. Set between the table there was a large drift wood table inlaid with several intricate designs of the moon. She don't get the chance to look around much longer for he tilled her head up to gaze into her beautiful hazel eyes, they were a beautiful caramel brown and a ring of Jade green around the pupil.

"Does this please you my beautiful mate" a question whisper against her lips before he pressed his to hers.

'There's that word again, hmmm I know it but can't place it. Why does it make me so EXCITED to hear it?' her inner voice wondered but was cut short as he pulled her closer and grabbed her firm behind. She let out a small squeal of excitement he took advantage of her surprise and dipped his tongue into her mouth exploring her wet flesh. They swirled their tongues around one another fighting for dominance which he won after a small terse with hers.

He picked her up and wrapped her legs around his waist she instinctively wrapped her arms around his neck, carrying her to the dinning room table never breaking the kiss. Setting her bottom on the table he ran his hands up her sides just resting under her breast the warmth of the seeping into her stroked the fire deep within. tangling her hands in his hair pulling closer while arching her back push her breast out in a silent beg for him to touch her there, he didn't disappoint. Raising his hands cupping both breast taking the full weight of her supple breast gave them a firm squeeze enticing a moan from those precious lips, he could listen the song all day and night and he planned to. Unbuttoning her lavender blouse revealing a lacy bra of the same color, growling in reverence of the sigh the was bestowed upon him in that moment his composer almost snapped he was desperate to bury him self between her legs. He began kissing her lips then began trailing them down he neck at the juncture of her neck and shoulder he nibble with rather sharp teeth, send a shiver right down her spine and into apex between her thighs.

"Oh, Yes! Right there!" she exclaimed biting down on her lower lip grinding her hips into his to try to calm the frustration building betwixt her legs.

He moved lower with hot heavy kisses to her bountiful mounds, he shrugged out of his suit jacket then pushed her blouse down her shoulders and off her body. She started to unbutton his shirt with fervent determination to witness the strong tone body she was teased with in their earlier embrace. He pulled his shirt from the waist of his pants and loosened his tie unbuttoned the last few buttons, removing the shirt and tossing it to the side along with the tie, returning to his meal set out a fore him like a feast for a starving man. She was devouring the sight of his large tone chest in avaricious need, she reached out tracing the well defined pads of his pecs followed the path down the center of his chest to the well sculpted abs. Each stroke of her finger sent an electric tingling through the both of them searing their skin in the most delicious ways, bending forward she kissed and flicked her tongue across his left nipple and gently grazed it with her teeth.

In that moment he was lost to his minx, watching her was making the strain in his pants even more uncomfortable. Running his hands along her waist he unbutton her jeans, slowly unzipping them gently brushing his fingers against her core. 'He has an amazing body. I wounder what he would do if I bite him harder' She moved to the other nipple biting a bit harder, smiling at the reaction he gave her. Another rumbling growl was released from his chest, he enjoyed the feel of her mouth on his flesh. He lifted her chin to kiss her while he removed her jeans, stepping back to make room for her to stretch her legs out to the side so he could pull them off and toss them on the floor behind him. The sight of nearly naked flesh was driving him crazy he had to taste her like NOW! Kissing down her body nuzzling her breast sucking one nipple into his mouth, he grasped the other with his left hand massaging the plum flesh as it perked nipple under his touch. With his right hand he dipped between them and gently rubbed her nub in circle motion with his thumb while stroking his impressive member against her hidden folds.

Kagome placed one hand out behind her on the table for balance with the other she held on to his shoulder, holding him to her bunched up nipple. She bent her head and nibbled his ear, it was pointed and slightly ridged. 'This is a little unexpected' she mused. He tasted of chocolates and smoke along with something she could not place but it melted on her tongue like a sweet treat.

He bit the flesh of her breast in both pleasure and pain, "MMM, AH!"she moaned out. He inserted a finger slowly in to her dripping womanhood a starved moan tore from her throat, "MMMMMMM"

Sliding the finer in and out several time teasing her as much as himself, pulled it out to lick her warmed honey from is fingers. She whimpered in protest of his fingers absence. He crouched, no longer able to hold himself at bay once he had that first sample, he had to taste the sweet nectar from the delicate flower itself. Pushing aside the lavender panties, breathing in the succulent scent of her arousal. The smell of spiced vanilla was calling to him as he gazed upon her intimate folds, dipping his head between her thighs lapping at her closed folds.

He lick again, further this time penetrating them to claim her juices for his own "MY MATE" growled deep and low.

Before she could question anything he ravished her delectable flower. Flicking his tongue relentlessly on the tight bundle of nerves at the front of the hood of her folds. Snaking into her with long wide strokes before flicking at the bean and repeating this slow torture til her breathing became shallow and she began rocking her hips to meet each thrust of his tongue. Rapidly climbing to her first climax he inserted two finger in as he focused his mouth on the bundle of nerves, twisting them inside preparing her for his girth and length.

Flicking faster he gently scraped a fang over her bean and she exploded in a scream of "OH KAMI, YESSSSSSS!" Bucking her hips frantically and she rode out a multiple orgasm while he continued pushing into her. He licked up all of her gushing juices not wanting let a single drop go to waste.

As she was floating down from her amazing climax she felt her self be lifted off the table and carried up the stairs tucked into a set of strong manly arms. Snuggling into to his naked chest, inhaling his dark cologne 'something close to Armani Code or Acqua Di Gio either way he smells sexy.' He carried her into his room the curtains were drawn the pale glow of the evening thunderstorm raging outside mirror the intensity of the two inhabitants of the large room. A king sized bed lay in the canter of the right hand wall, with a heavy red comforter with black vines curling their way up over the fabric. Fluffy pillows that looked as soft as clouds stood at the head of the bed laying against a high backed suede padded head board. Across from the bed was a black dresser long enough for 12 draws on either side there was a door.

"It's gorgeous in here." she said softly.

Waiting for her focus to return to him, taking her lips aggressively when she did. Setting her on the bed half hovered over her still standing he nuzzled her neck and nibbled again. She reached out and grabbed the waist band of his pants, stroking the engorged rod through them with the other hand. Turning to her side she began to undo his belt and unbutton his pants, letting them fall from his hips so the only barrier barring her from his flesh was a pair of boxer briefs. Nibbling his lip gaining a little bit of encouragement from him as he returned the favor, she hooked her fingers under the elastic of the boxers and pulled them down. His long thick member jump out to greet her at her bold quick action, he stepped out of his clothes ad shoes all together. He smiled at her as she gasped at the immense size of it, pride swelled it his chest hearing the surprise and awe in that one gasp from his mate. He watched her transfixed as she quickly recovered from her shock and she reached out and wrapped her hand around his manhood. Groaning as she began moving her hand up and down the smooth shaft slowly increasing the speed and adding a twist of her wrist. Grunting at the pleasure she was bestowing upon him, she was focused on pleasing him she failed to noticed his appearance starting to change. She lapped at the bead of arousal seeping for the head of his member purring in delight she plunged his head into her wet, warm mouth greedily take him rapidly as far as she could without choking. That is what cause him to snap he could not wait any longer he pulled out of her mouth and tossed her onto her stomach he leaned over her pressing his hard member against her butt as he nuzzled her neck.

"Will you be my mate?" he purred into her ear rubbing the head of his member against her sopping wet core.

Gasping at the sensation her heart pound in her chest she was nervous but knew she was already lost to him, such a short time with him and she had fallen completely, comforted, wanted, and needed. He was familiar and she trusted him, biting her lip.

" Do you promise to love me and me alone? To never leave me?"

He growled "You will never be alone and you will be my only mate! I would lay my life down before harm would ever come to you. My heart! My Mate!"

He posed himself at her entrance he quickly entered her to get the pain of her first time out of the way. Stilling he was nuzzling her neck to comfort her from the pain. Licking and nibbling her neck to easy the tension in her, as she grew accustomed to the invasion of his thick shaft. her back relaxed after a few moments, She started wiggle her hips pushing back into him relaxing and growing wetter with each sway of her hips.

He held off and asked the same question, "Will you be my mate?" moving to pull out, she push back onto him the both moaned at the sensation of joining again.

"I will be yours as you will be mine." with that said he grasps her hips he pulled out slowly and entered again just as slowly.

He pulled out again slowly but hastens his entry causing a gasp to come out of his mate lips. He quickened his pace pounding into her wrapping his arms around her to grab her breasts, pinching the puckered nipples her moans at hes working over her nipple. Each pounding thrust in to her calls forth another louder moan which cause him to pound faster and harder, her hungry for her release was what egged her on to greedily push back to meet every slap of his hips forward. Her gall to to meet and match his force had him thickening and lengthening within her tight sheath, her moans grew louder and she began to really leak her juices. 'I want to hear my name as she comes undone. I want to have her scream it to the kami that intervene and have her say their praise while she should only speak my in the throws of passion.'

Growling he slowed and hissed into her ear "Say my name mate. Scream it to the kami who you belong to!" while speaking he punctuate each word with a rough thrust into her.

She gasps not only from the powerful thrust shaking her body, and her ever impending climax. She was at a loss for the name of her mate, searching her mind for his name which was not an easy task given the pleasure he was providing her. When he reached around to cup her chin pulling into a kiss she saw the magenta markings, the long claws and she remembered the moon on the table from earlier that it all clicked.

He pumped into her accentuating each word with a thrust "What is my name mate" His growl rumbled threw his chest and into hers. That was all it took for her to come undone she arched her back as she came shouting out his name "SSEEESSSSSSHHOOMMMAARRRUUUU!" tilting her head back and to the side in delight, ecstasy, and submission.

He bit her neck and spurts his load deep into her womb knotting to keep them joined that sets her off again. He removes his teeth and as they collapsed in a sticky, sweaty mess but completely sated. He pulls her into his arms her back to him, tucking her head under his chin inhaling her scent deeply.

He purrs softly "Good night my mate." they drift off to sleep joined at the hips feeling complete.


Hey there my lovelys I hope you enjoyed this story I will continue based on interest. This is my first try at writing a fanfic please be kind. I do plan on continuing this story but only if there is interest. Thanks for reading I hope to see you in the next chapter til then *SMOOCHES*