Mid-day on the pitch found Jessica surrounded with a multitude of color. She couldn't stop twirling in circles and gazing up in wonder at the incredibly tall towers looming above her. She had been told that the towers usually had colored flags that normally depicted the different houses, but for just today, in her honor, they had been changed for the ceremony. Now as she looked up, all she could see were buildings covered with a magnitude of flower petals. The ground was blanketed with a thick overlay of the flowers forming a stunning, multicolored carpeting beneath her bare feet. They felt silky to her skin and everywhere she stepped, the petals swirled around her, making her feel like she was walking on a cloud. A rainbow colored cloud. All around her and up in the towers, she could hear and feel the excitement.

"Minerva does a wonderful job, doesn't she?" A voice to her right caught her off guard and she nearly tripped over her own feet. A hand shot out and supported her. She laughed lightly and turned her face to her fiancé. She smiled as she watched his own gaze grace the playing field before bringing his eyes back to her.

"She did an amazing job. I have never seen anything so beautiful. I can't imagine it ever looking different than this. It's hard to believe that this is in actuality a game field. It looks...ethereal." She sighed slightly in thought. "I wish my parents could be here for this."

Severus laced his fingers with hers and pulled her into his embrace. "It's not to late to bring them if you truly wish it."

She cast another glance around taking in the floral carpet and the sight of the castle behind the pitch before shaking her head sadly. She would have loved them to be here, but she doubted they would approve of the situation. She clutched his hand tighter in hers and moved into his embrace. "I don't think so, Severus. My family are very traditional and very closed minded. They wouldn't understand your world. I barely do myself. This world is so far removed from mine. I don't think they would enjoy it and would more than likely make fools out of themselves with their ignorance of your culture, which wouldn't bode well for our future. They are my parents and I love them dearly, but they can be very...petty."

"I see." Severus leaned his head onto the top of hers, holding her close. "I know it will take some time for you to adjust as well."

"I have all the time in the world, as long as you are with me." She smiled up into his vivid black eyes. Her free hand reached up and gently caressed the faint crow's feet at the narrow of his eyes. His gaze caused her heart to flutter madly in her chest.

"We shall never be parted ever again, my love. As sure as the sun rises, you will forever be by my side." He leaned forward to capture her lips when a voice spoke from behind.

"Well said, Severus, but save it for the wedding."

Both turned at the voice and nodded with a faint blush on both their faces. Jessica, first to recover, smiled and swept her hand towards the field. "The pitch looks absolutely stunning. I am completely overwhelmed by the beauty of it. It's amazing. " Jessica's voice wavered with uncertainty. She was still unsure of how to act around such a powerful man. From what Severus said, Albus Dumbledore was one of the most powerful and influential men in the magical world.

The elder man simply smiled and patted her shoulder in a fatherly way. His eyes danced happily, setting her more at ease. "I will pass your delight on to Minerva. I'm sure she would be most appreciative to your approval. Now, I have been told to inform you that your gown is ready and you are needed back at the castle for your final fitting.

"So soon?"

"The ladies from the shops do magnificent and expedient work. If you will follow me, I will take you to them." He took her arm and tucked it within the crook of his. A few steps away, he paused and glanced over his shoulder to the darker man. "Oh, and Severus...Do try to look happy."

Severus gave an undignified snort before looking at his fiancé. "I assure you, sir. I have never been more happy."

"I know, my dear boy, I was merely teasing." Albus chuckled and turned to lead Jessica back towards the castle. "In an hour my boy, you will be wed. Do not be late."

"Only death will keep me away, Albus... Only death."

Two hours later, Jessica stood before the pitch archway once more. The creation the witches made for her was a floor length, powder blue dream. It felt as soft as rose petals against her skin and it draped her in a way that made her think of fairies. Layers upon layers that felt no heavier than spider silk made up the stunning gown she wore. The bodice had baby's breath woven into the fabric and the skirt was entwined with a combination of blue pansies and a particular ice blue flower that they told her were called Icebuds found late last night deep in the forest. The dress was the most interesting and beautiful garment she had ever worn. Even the best fashion designer in Paris would be hard pressed to ever come up with a dress of this design. Her mother would be knee deep in jealousy if she ever saw it.

As she made her way, alone, up through the arch of the entrance, she felt an energy wave wash over her. The warmth permeated her skin and she felt utter happiness fill her inside. Up in the towers, she could feel more than see the spectators. Albus had told her that all of the students, faculty, Ministry of Magic and most of Hogmeade's town folk had shown up for this wedding. It seemed that no one believed that Severus was getting married. It boggled the mind that a whole world would be so curious and intrigued about one man's wedding. From the stories she had been told, her Severus was one of the main people in a long and bloody revolutionary war. She had discovered so much about her fiancé in the last few hours than she had in the few months she had known him prior. Come to find out, it was her own Severus that was the key figure in helping to bring down one of the most feared men in the wizarding world.

Her heart swelled with pride as she passed the floral covered arch. She could see him standing on a raised platform surrounded by a multitude of hovering ivy in perpetual motion, circling above him and Albus. His long dark hair was swaying in the gentle breeze. If what everyone told her were true, then she was marrying a hero. No wonder the towers were filled to maximum with spectators. Everyone that was anyone was present and now she understood why. It was a marriage of a hero, a savior.

As she stepped closer to the platform, the carpet of flower petals circled her ankles, creating a trail of rainbow swirling behind. Severus held out a hand and she smiled up at him. Taking his hand, he gently helped her onto the platform that held the three of them, she, Severus and Albus Dumbledore.

"You look enchanting, my Love." Severus spoke softly as he gently grazed her cheek with the back of his palm.

"I feel like I'm in an enchanted wedding. A fairy tale come true."

"It is real, my love. Soon we will be husband and wife. Soon we will be one."

Albus raised his hands and the voices of the spectators around them died down. His brilliant eyes took in the many observers as he addressed them all. Jessica was somehow surprised to hear his strong but wispy voice ejecting loud and clear for all to hear easily.

"All are here to bless this union between this man and this woman. All are to be witnesses to and be holders of memories of this blessed event." Cheers could be heard throughout the towers. Albus raised his hand again and, once the din died down, he then turned his attention to the couple before him. "Under the watchful eyes of the Goddess and Gods, I ask that you state your intentions to each other."

Severus turned to Jessica and took her hand in his.

"I, Severus Snape, ask you, Jessica Wheeler, to join with me as my wife. I give you my pledge of truthfulness, commitment, and the freedom to soar as high as your soul may take you. May we learn to love each other as we do our Mother, the Earth." He reached into his robes, removed a ring, and held it up for the spectators to see clearly. "With this ring, I offer you a reminder of our strength together, and the vision we share, for a life that begins and ends with love and understanding. I open my loving heart to you without reservation, and I give freely the sense of joy and wonder, that I feel as we join as one. May our love shine as it grows, and may all that we do bring honor to our families, friends, and the circle of faith that we walk in. Blessed be my wife."

Tears glistened in her eyes as she gazed up into his dark glittering eyes. The ring he slipped onto her finger felt right. Swallowing her emotions, she spoke the words she was taught.

"And I, Jessica Wheeler, ask you, Severus Snape, to be my husband in life and in love. I pledge to you my faithfulness, loyalty and undeniable devotion. I give you my hand in freedom of choice and willingly join my soul with yours to soar." Here she paused and withdrew her own ring from the many folds of her gown and held it aloft as he did. "With this ring, I offer you a reminder of our love and the vision of a future we share, for a life that begins and ends with love and understanding."

She slipped the ring onto his finger and smiled up at him.

"I open my heart to you without reservation, and I give freely the sense of joy that I feel as we join together as one. May our love shine as it grows, and may all that we do bring honor to our families, friends, and the circle of faith that we walk in. Blessed be my husband."

Albus raised a silver chalice and passed it to Severus. "Drink in honor of the Mother." Severus raised the chalice to his lips and drank deeply then passed the drink to Jessica. She turned the chalice about until she could place her lips in the same spot as he had placed his, then she also drank. Once the chalice was passed aside, Albus handed them two slivers of cake. "Dine in honor of the Father." The couple fed the other with such joy until Albus cleared his throat and turned to the spectators. "This couple had made clear of their intentions to become one. May this union be blessed from this moment on by all the Gods and Goddess that have deemed to join us on this happy day. So mote it be, and be it done. Blessed be." Albus's grin widened as he leaned forward slightly and whispered to the couple. "You may now kiss your bride, my son."

Cheering rose from the towers and chants of 'Blessed be' rang in the couples ears as they finally leaned forward and kissed to seal the ceremony.

"May I now present to you...Mr. and Mrs. Severus Snape."

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