Chapter one

Hannibal was on the jazz again for sure. He briefed the team about his plans and although it had to be altered – as usual-they had once again succeeded in taking out the enemy. The fight hadn't been an easy one. The thugs had put up one helluva fight. Several blows had been delivered to Face, Murdock and Hannibal as well. Even B.A. had a hard time dealing with them, but finally they had managed to get the upper hand.

"I love it when a plan comes together," said Hannibal sounding slightly out of breath.

Murdock held his painful jaw.

"Oh man," he started to complain. "I'm sure I just lost a cap. Now I'll need to go to the dentists and I so don't trust them. Scared poor Billy too last time when he stepped on his tail on purpose."

"Shut up, fool. Billy ain't there so he can feel no pain."

"What do you know about how Billy feels? You're just one mean, angry mud sucker. How would you feel if anyone stepped on your tail, huh?"

"I ain't got no tail, fool."

"Okay cut if of you two, will ya! Face, are you okay?"

"Me? I'm just peachy, Colonel. This is only the third time in a row that I got hit in the eye. I'm kinda getting tired of this. You know THIS doesn't exactly match well with my wardrobe."

"I'm sure we can find you a cute nurse or something somewhere to patch you back up, kid. Now quit complaining and hand me a cigar."

Face merely rolled his eyes, but did as he was told. Hannibal smirked and eagerly grabbed the cigar. He was about to light it, when he suddenly felt lightheaded and some pain in his chest which instantly made him drop the cigar he was holding.

"Colonel? You alright?"

No response came.

"Hannibal, are you okay? Colonel? Come on, Hannibal. This isn't funny, you know."


Hannibal's words were barely audible and he also sounded somewhat out of breathe. Face was seriously worried by now.

"Colonel, what's wrong with you?"

He watched his commanding officer like a hawk when he couldn't get a response out of him. Hannibal was pale looking and sweating profusely, but what worried him even more was the painful look on his face.

"Colonel, can you hear me?"

Face was dead serious now. He grew ever more worried when Hannibal still didn't answer his question.

"B.A. pull over."


"I said pull over. That's an order."

"Face, what is it? What's going on?"