Hermione's Diary:

Dear Diary,

I saw Draco today he looked very hot! Hermione no. What are you saying right now. I can't be falling for Draco Malfoy, I just can't. I heard something, BRB.

Outside the window Draco is riding his broom.

Draco: Hey Hermione

Thoughts of Hermione: Did he just call me Hermione? I love it when he says my name.

Hermione: Hey. Did you just call me Hermione?

Draco: I think I did.

Thoughts of Draco: She is so pretty! What am I thinking it's Granger we are talking about.

Hermione: I loveit when you say my name.

Thoughts of Hermione: Did I just say that out loud?

Draco: Hermione? If you wanted would you like to come out and ride my broom with me?

Thoughts of Hermione: I have to say yes. We would be so close to each other.

Thoughts of Draco: Please say yes we would be so close to each other.

Hermione: I would love to.

Thoughts of Draco: YES!

Draco: Ok. Come on then.

Hermione: Ok then.

Hermione walks out to where Draco is. While Draco is still in the air.