Damia - "Well, I'm back, and with another story,"

Solatina - "Stupid wench just hooked the DSL back in,"

Damia - "My mother is not a wench,"

Wren - "Hi everyone,"

Solatina - "Don't squeal, you sound like a pig,"

Damia - "Oh no, they've been doing this for the past month,"

Wren - "I'M NOT A PIG,"

Solatina - "If that's what you want to believe,"

Damia - "I will tie you both to chairs and let Relena give you makeovers if you do not shut up,"

Wren - "AAHHH,"

Solatina - "AAHHH,"

Damia - "I don't own anything . . . Yet,"

Man Slayers

We are Girls

We are girls.

We take what we want

We leave questions behind

We are who we are
you cant change our minds

We fill you with fear

of your own being

we give our love freely

so we can start being

-- Sporadic


Chapter 1


The beautiful girl gave a deep throated laugh. She smiled at the boy sitting in front of her. He was tall and had deep brown eyes and hair. She stretched with cat-like grace and bent over to grab the silvery-green thong from the ground and the matching bra. She slipped them on. She walked over and picked up the low riding black leather pants and the sheer black tanktop. She smiled at the boy again and grabbed her black leather coat. The boy stood.

"Please, don't leave," He asked her. She raised an eyebrow.

"There's no reason for me to stay," She told him with a shrug.

"You could stay because I love you," He told her.

"Scratch that, give me one good reason why I should stay," She asked him.

"We've been dating for two months, I would like you to spend the night with me for once," He told her.

"Mike, I realize that this is going to come as a slight shock to you, but I don't like you enough to spend the night with you," She told him.

"But," He started in confusion, "We've been dating for two months," He told the girl.

"I've been dating you and about eight other men as well," She told him with a grin.

"What?" He asked in shock.

"I know you heard me," She told him in an annoyed voice.

"You lying hor," He yelled.

"Yes, that's a very true observation," She said with a cynical grin.

"Do you know who I am?" He yelled he ran to his dresser and pulled out a gun, pointing it at her. She just sighed and shook her head.

"I know exactly who you are. You are Michael Samosan, one of the leaders of Neo Oz. I also know that you used to be the keeper of certain 'secret' documents," She told him.

"Who are you?" He asked. She shrugged.

"Does it really matter?"

"No, I'll send your body to the preventors," He told her, pulling the trigger. She grinned as he continued to squeeze the trigger.

"I'm afraid that the only bullets in this apartment are in here," She pulled a gun from her purse and shot him in the forehead. She put the gun back into her purse and pulled out a cell phone. She dialed a number and let out a yawn as it was answered.

"Une here," A woman answered.

"I'm afraid that we wont be able to use Mr. Samosan anymore," The woman told her.

"Damnit Hera," Une growled.

"What? He was asking questions, there are about eight others that I'm using as well. We'll get the rest of the information out of them," Hera told her.

"Why the hell didn't you clear it with me?"

"Listen Une, you're the one that asked for the dear dr.'s help," Hera told her in a bored tone.

"Fine, where are you. I'll have someone pick up the plans," Une told her with a sigh.

"Sorry, I don't play with in-betweens. I'll be at your office tomorrow," She told her.

"Hera," Une said warningly.

"Tomorrow dear," There was a click and all Une heard was empty air. The woman growled and slammed her phone down angrily as five boys walked into her office.

"What is the matter?" asked one of them. He had light blonde hair and deep blue eyes.

"You know that I signed on the M.S.'s a few months ago, right?" Une asked them. They all nodded.

"So the three of them are going to make me gray in less than a week, I swear. They act like this entire thing is a game, and yet they don't trust anyone or anything," She growled.

"Let me guess, that was who you hung up on?" Asked a boy with a long braid hanging down his back and light violet eyes.

"She hung up on me," Une yelled angrily.

"What do you need us to do?" The blonde asked.

"Well Quatre, I need you five to stay here until tomorrow for one thing. Hera will be coming and you five need to meet those three anyway," She told them with a sigh. Her secretary knocked on her door and opened it, gulping as he did so.

"What is it?" Une snapped.

"T-there are two g-girls o vid f-for you," He stuttered.

"Fine," She snarled.

"Une, please don't take your anger out on your secretary, he is in obvious fear of you," Quatre told her with a frown.

"No, he only stutters when it's those three," Une growled. She flipped on her vid and looked at two girls standing side by side. Both were incredibly beautiful and sexy. They had a sex kitten look to them. One of them had beautiful blonde hair so light that it looked like silver. Her eyes were a deep dark blue and her skin was extremely pale. She was wearing a skintight silver body-suit and her hair was in two odangos. The other girl had long, dark hair with dark violet streaks, violet eyes, and lightly tanned skin. She was wearing the same as the silver haired girl, but hers was red.

"Hera called us and told us that she was going to go in tomorrow. We decided that we were going to join her. Just thought you might be interested," The silver haired girl said with a shrug.

"Nice of you to call first Artemis," Une said with a nod. The dark haired beauty raised a slim eyebrow.

"I believe that I have just been ignored Artemis," The dark haired girl said in false surprise.

"Une would never look over any of us, Athena," Artemis answered sarcastically.

"Of course not, what was I thinking," Athena said with a smile.

"Shut up, both of you," Une shouted.

"I don't think she's very happy," Artemis said with a nod.

"That time of month?" Athena asked in sympathy. Une started to turn red from anger at the two. Those three just rubbed her the wrong way.

"Is that all?" Une asked.

"No, we found out quite a bit of interesting gossip. It turns out that the high placed officials from Neo Oz like to brag after they've let loose a bit," Athena said with a devilish grin. Quatre's face turned red at the implication and Duo smiled widely.

"Yes, I really expected to have to use some of our other weapons, but we really don't have to work that hard at all," Artemis said in disappointment.

"And hello pilots," Athena said with a smile.

"Hello to you as well," Duo said with a grin.

"We will meet you all tomorrow. Good day Une," Artemis cut the connection and laughed with her one of her best friends.

"Man, I love screwing with Une," Artemis grinned. They both pulled guns and aimed them at the door as they heard the door open.

"Put them down guys, its only me," Hera told them. They put the guns away and smiled at their roommate.

"We just got off the phone with Une," Athena said with a grin. Hera's emerald green eyes lit up in humor.

"Let me guess, You drove her up the wall," She asked. The grinned in response. Hera laughed and pulled off her leather coat and took out the band holding her wavy auburn hair up out of her face. She let it fall to her mid-back and smiled at her two best friends. They had gone through everything together.

Their training had been worse then the infamous 01's. They had four doctors in all. Three males, Dr. C, Dr. M, Dr. P and one female, Dr. S. The male doctors had each been youngish, late twenties, early thirties. The female, and lead, doctor was about forty. Dr. S had been the one to come up with the experiment. She had stolen three young girls, all the age of seven. They were taught about the ways of men and war. They were taught how to deal with men in the best way that a female has; through feelings and sex. The girls excelled in it.

At the age of eleven they were introduced to the male doctors and they were taught all about sex. At the age of thirteen, after they had all quickly discovered the power in using their bodies for the better good, they were taught about torture. They were tortured in every way that the doctors could think of so as to harden the girls to it. They were going to be the best agents that could be. At 14 they got their first mission. They had to go to colony M4592L and find a man called firebird and get all of the information they could about his link with a terrorist organization. He was fond of young girls and so they pretended to be part of an underage whore house. They finished exceptionally well and killed him in the end.

Some people in the Dr.'s fields thought nothing of the girls and put them down, but the girls showed them what would happen if you fucked with them. The three girls were now seventeen, only a year younger than the other pilots.

Artemis, Athena, and Hera went into their rooms and packed a bag each to take with them to the sanq kingdom and talk with Une and the rest of the preventors. They smiled wickedly and left to take themselves and their motorcycles to a transport.