Chapter 4

End of the World

Save yourself, serve yourself.

World serves its own needs, listen to your heart bleed dummy with the rapture and the revered and the right, right.

You vitriolic, patriotic, slam, fight, bright light, feeling pretty psyched.

It's the end of the world as we know it.

It's the end of the world as we know it.

It's the end of the world as we know it and I feel fine.

-- REM


Ami bit her lip lightly as she looked up at the building. She was to start school that day. Corey and Fern were at a nearby day care that the teachers used. Ami walked up the stairs and into the bustle of Peacecraft Academy. She glanced at the schedule in her hand and looked both ways. She had completely forgotten everything due to exhaustion. She had been up half the night with Corey and Fern. They two just wouldn't go to sleep, and when they did, it wasn't for very long. She leaned against a wall and looked at everything around her in confusion.

"Hey, isn't that Ami?" Duo asked. The other five boys looked down the hall to the girl leaning against a wall with a look of chagrin on her face.

"How many other onna's that you know have blue hair?" Wufei asked with a snort.

"Noin," The braided pilot answered with a grin.

"She looks distressed," Quatre commented, walking down the hall to the girl. The bell sounded as they came up to her. She bit her lip, not noticing them.

"Miss Mizuno?" Quatre asked. Ami spun around quickly, a smile appearing on her face.

"Hello Quatre, just call me Ami," She told him.

"We couldn't help but notice that you looked a bit overwhelmed," The blonde told her. She blushed lightly, making the shadows under her eyes more noticeable.

"Yes, I seem to have forgotten where my classes were," She told him.

"May I see it?" He asked politely. She handed him the schedule.

1 - Advanced Honors Calculus (Mr. John Green)

2 - Advanced Honors Physics (Mrs. Dawn Violet)

3 - History (Ms. Jenny McCarthy)

'A' Lunch

4 - PE (Mr. Dan Violet)

5 - Honors English (Mr. Greg Thomas)

6 - Photography (Ms. Joan French)

"You have the same schedule as we do," He told her with a smile.

"Come on, we're late," Duo said, springing over to the stairs. She followed him up, not noticing that the boys had flanked her almost as they did Relena. They all walked into the classroom together. People stopped what they were doing to look at the late arrivals.

"Hello Mr. Green," Quatre greeted their teacher.

"Hello Mr. Winner, please take a seat, you and your friends are already five minutes late," A tall skinny man with light gray hair and blue eyes told him.

"That is because we were bringing the new student," Duo told the teacher with a smile. Mr. Green seemed to notice her for the first time.

"Miss Mizuno?" He asked, motioning for the boys to go take their seats.

"Yes Mr. Green, I am Ami Mizuno," She answered with a nod. He smiled.

"Class, This is Ami Mizuno, here with us from L4. She was the top student on her colony and has decided to come here," He turned to the blue haired genius beside him, "Please take a seat next to Mr. Chang," He told her. She walked to the desk beside Wufei and sat down. She pulled her lap top out of her bag and set it on her desk. She listened to everything that He said and took notes. He gave them an assignment and passed it out, expecting it to take at least the rest of the class to finish it. He sat at his desk and pulled out a romance novel. Heero was usually done within half the time that Mr. Green expected, but kept quiet. He was the smartest in the class. Ami was done in ten minutes. She put her pencils in her bag, set aside her paper, and logged on to her email. All of the girls had left her notes and such things. She smiled as she replied back to all of them. She yawned as she finished up the last of them, noting that there were twenty minutes left in the class. She closed her laptop and rested her head on her arms, hoping to rest her eyes for a few moments.

"Miss Mizuno," called an irate voice moments later. Ami snapped up quickly, blinking her eyes and glancing at the clock. There were three more minutes left in class.

"Yes?" She asked, blushing to the roots of her hair as people in the classroom tittered and giggled.

"I asked for everyone to bring me their papers," He told her. She picked up her paper and brought it foreword.

"I apologize for falling asleep, I didn't mean to. I just shut my eyes for a moment," She told him, handing him her paper. He glanced over it quickly.

"At least you finished it," He told her with a shrug. She walked back to her desk, still blushing. She sat down.

"Long night onna?" Wufei asked.

"My name isn't onna. And yes, Corey and Fern wouldn't fall asleep," Ami groaned, burying her face in her hands. The bell rang a moment later and Ami followed the boys out of the room, still blushing lightly.

"Next we have Mrs. Violet," Quatre said with a smile.

"Dawn's a good kid," Duo said with a grin.

"Dawn?" Ami asked.

"That it what the woman prefers," Wufei said with a shrug.

"We all have study buddies in there, you'll be with Trowa, 'cause he's the only one that doesn't have one," Duo said with a grin.

"Alright," Ami replied slowly. They arrived at a bright classroom with lots of open windows and a young-ish woman at the front. She was wearing a long black skirt and a red tee-shirt. She had long blonde hair and twinkling green eyes.

"You must be Ami Mizuno," The teacher said, immediately noticing the new arrival with the boys.

"That is correct Mrs. Violet," Ami said with a nod.

"My names Dawn, so that's what you will call me," Dawn told her with a smile. Ami smiled back.

"So I hear that you have twins," Dawn said with a mischievous grin.

"That is correct, Corey and Fern," ami said with a wide smile.

"I have twin boys, Trent and Troy," She told the other girl.

"How old are they?" Ami asked.

"Eight months," Dawn answered with a smile.

"You're so thin," Ami said in surprise.

"I know, My husband's the PE teacher. He makes me run with him every morning," Dawn said with a grin.

"I have him after lunch," The blue haired girl commented.

"What am I doing? Class has started and I'm sitting here talking about children. You go to the back of the classroom. You'll be sitting between Heero and Trowa. Don't let them get to you, they may be slightly anti-social, but they aren't bad kids," She told her. Ami smiled, thinking of what Duo had said. She walked to the back and sat down between the two boys.

"Alright, we have a new student, her name is Ami Mizuno. Ami, raise your hand and give a wave," Ami did as she was bid. "Alright, everyone make her feel welcome. Today is a review day, Ami look over everything with Trowa and ask for help if needed," She said, turning around and walking to her desk.

"What are we reviewing?" Ami asked. Trowa glanced at her before opening his laptop and pulling up documents.

"Planetary movements," He said quietly. Ami got a bemused smile on her face. She new most of it thanks to her Mercury computer. Dawn started to make the rounds and she seemed slightly surprised to see Ami explaining everything to Duo and Quatre, who were partners. The bell rang while they were still talking, and they quickly packed everything and walked out.

"Ms. McCarthy is bit of a stiff, but she's not so bad," Duo said. Ami nodded and tried not to feel nervous. She was still expecting someone to turn and point at her any moment now and call her a slut or something.

"She's a wonderful teacher," Quatre said with a smile. Ami nodded again. They were on time to this class, but they were the last ones in the room anyway. The teacher glared at them.

"Mizuno I presume?" The woman asked coldly. She was extremely old and had white hair and countless wrinkles.

"Y-yes, that's me," Ami said with a nod.

"I expect you to be on time everyday. If you're late, you get detention. Don't expect me to be nice just because you have kids," She sneered. Ami's jaw locked and her back stiffened as she stood up as tall as she could, which was still shorter than just about everyone else in the room. People started whispering behind their hands, and writing notes. She hadn't thought it was anyone else's business whether she had children or not, so not a lot of people knew. Her teachers did as a matter of principle. She was the only student mother there after all.

"I don't expect to be coddled because of Corey and Fern. Where do I sit?" She asked in a clipped tone.

"Go sit by Chang and Yui," The old woman snapped at her. No one liked to sit by those two except the other pilots. Heero scared them, and Wufei pissed them off as well as scaring them. Ami walked to the back, head held high, and took her seat gracefully as Duo shot the teacher dirty looks and Quatre looked dismayed.

"Today we are starting a new unit. It is on Early Terran Mythology. We start with the Silver Alliance. Does anyone know of it?" She asked, looking like she didn't expect anyone to have heard of it. Ami raised her hand with a blank look on her face.

"What is it Mizuno?" Ms. McCarthy snapped.

"You asked who knew of the Silver Alliance," Ami answered calmly.

"Fine," McCarthy said. "The Silver Alliance took place in what they called the Silver millennium. It is said that there was a Goddess that ruled each planet. All except for Earth, because Earth was inhabited by humans at that time. The Queen Goddess as it were, was Serendipity of the Moon," Ami frowned softly at that. The rest of the information was amusing because it was so false, getting the name of the Moon Queen wrong was disrespectful. McCarthy droned on for a while more, and Ami got bored. They were supposed to be taking notes on their lap tops, but Ami opened the chat room she knew most kids used, her friends were usually on it.

Ice_Queen : Yawn

Love_Goddess : Ami!!

Lunar_Bunny : OMG!!! Hey! I thought you were at that place in the Sanq?

Ice_Queen : I am, I'm taking notes. Can't you tell?

Love_Goddess : Straight laced Ami not doing as she is supposed to? I never thought I'd see the day

Lunar_Bunny : Go Ami!!

Shinamegami : Well, I think I'm impressed.

Shinigami : Ami?

Ice_Queen : Do I know you?

Shinigami : Duo here, at your service

Lunar_Bunny : A friend of yours?

Shinigami : I would lay my heart at her feet, but I'm afraid she'd kick it aside

Shinamegami : With good reason I would assume

Ice_Queen : Duo, you are strange

Shinigami : I try

Love_Goddess : Are you not good looking enough Duo?

Shinigami : I take exception to that! Look at my pic!

Shinamegami : Than it must be what little brains you have that are such a turn off

Shinigami : Hey, it's not my fault you want my job

Shinamegami : Whatever you say little man

Love_Goddess : Dude, you're hot!

Shinigami : I know

Ice_Queen : So much modesty, Duo

Shinigami : Of course

SandRock_04 : Duo, McCarthy has been trying to get your attention for two minutes now.

Shinigami : ACK!

Ice_Queen : Gotta go girls, call me tonight

Love_Goddess : Will do!

Shinamegami : Tonight it is

Lunar_Bunny : Make sure the babies are there!!

Ami turned her attention back to Duo, who was now looking at the teacher blankly.

"I ask you again, what planet did the Goddess of Ice and Wisdom live on?" McCarthy demanded.

Ice_Queen : Mercury

Shinigami : Thanks

"Mercury," He said with a smile.

"Hm, Mizuno, the Goddess of Fire and War?"

"Mars," Ami answered immediately.

"Hm, I expect you all to do research on this myth. I want a three page essay tomorrow," She announced. Kids started to complain loudly and she pinned them with a glare.

"You are supposed to be the best and the brightest. Do not question me, do the work. You are in pairs of three, the list is outside the door," She told them. The bell rang and everyone piled out of the room to see who they were with.

"Dude, I'm working with Quatre and Trowa," Duo said happily.

"I'm with Heero and some girl named Sarah Smith, do you know her?" Ami asked.

"Yup, can't say that you're lucky there. Sarah's a bit of a bitch," Duo said with a laugh.

"Oh well, at least I'm an expert at the legend," Ami said with a smile.

"I don't suppose you could help us, we know nothing about it," Quatre asked.

"Sure, come on by my dorm while we do it tonight," Ami said with a smile.

"Ok girly, I'm Sarah. Tonight, you're dorm, 7. I'll be there, don't make me wait," A tall brunette girl told Ami, without a by your leave. She turned and walked away before Ami could say anything.

"Ah, the lovely Sarah Smith, can't say her personality is anywhere near her looks," Quatre commented with a small frown.

"Lunch time. Wanna eat with us?" Duo invited her. Wufei glared at the braided boy for inviting the girl.

"I have to go check on Corey and Fern," She said with a shrug.

"Oh, well in that case, see you next class," Duo said. Ami nodded and turned and walked across the campus to the nursery. She walked in and smiled at the attendant.

"oh. Miss Mizuno, come with me," The older woman turned and walked into one of the rooms. Ami followed her. A woman sat between the two kids, rocking their baskets back and forth.

"They've been fussy all day. I don't know what's wrong with them," She told the young mother.

"Well now, what's wrong with you two?" Ami asked calmly walking over to the two. They stopped fussing and looked up at her. Corey smiled, showing The dimple in his right cheek.

"It's as I told you, they just aren't used to mommy not being there," A man said from behind her. She turned and looked at him in slight surprise. He wasn't every old, not more than twenty two or so. He had white hair that fell straight to mid back and light blue eyes.

"Do you work here?" She asked politely. He laughed.

"Heavens no, I'm Milliardo Peacecraft," He said with a smile.

"We didn't know if we should interrupt class time to tell you that your kids were upset, so we called the office and Mr. Peacecraft came down to see them," The woman taking care of her kids said.

"And they stopped fussing. They seem to like my hair, eh Molly?" Milliardo asked. Molly smiled.

"Yes they do Mr. Peacecraft,"

"Well you two attention hounds, I'm here now. All yours for," Ami glanced at her watch, "Another twenty minutes," She Picked up Fern as the other two walked out to go play with the other kids. Ami lay Fern on the ground and then put Corey next to her. She sat down and spread her legs to either side of the twins an started to tickle them. She played games with them and smiled and laughed. Playing with her kids made her entire day seem perfect. Too soon though, her time was up and it was back to school. As she kissed her kids and headed off to PE she realized she hadn't eaten.

"Oh well, I'll eat later," She shrugged to herself. She went into the girls dressing room and changed into the black shorts and white tee shirt that was their uniform.

"Ami, right?" Asked a man with a whistle. He was tall and muscular with chiseled features that were accentuated with dark brown hair and eyes. Ami smiled nervously and nodded.

"My wife said you were a good girl, I'm Dan, Mr. Violet just seems to strange for a PE teacher," He told her with a smile. She shook the hand he had held out and then he told her to line up with the other kids against the wall. She walked over and stood between two girls, who automatically scooted a little farther away from her. Ami felt hurt, but she ignored the feeling to pay attention to the teacher instead.

Dan was explaining the rules for flag football. She figured that everyone their age should know how to play that game, but apparently they didn't. She sighed and tuned him out until he made the teams. Duo was captain of one team, Heero of the other. Ami ended up on Duo's team with Trowa and Quatre. In the end Heero's team won. Not that Ami cared very much. She had been pummeled all over the field for god knew what reasons. She knew what she was going to look like, she had always bruised easily. They ended the class with laps and then were sent to change. Once she was done changing her clothes, a few of the girls nearest her started to ask questions.

"Do you really have kids?" Asked a brunette.

"Yes I do," Ami said with a nod.

"How many do you have?" That seemed to break the dam, they all converged with questions.

"I heard you had five," and "Aren't you a little young for kids?" or "How old are you?"

"I have two kids, not five. I am definitely to young for kids, and their father is dead," Ami answered.

"What are their names?" Asked someone. Ami looked warily at all the girls. She had never enjoyed being the center of attention, and at least half these girls had been the ones attacking her on the field.

"Corey and Fern," She answered with a loving look on her face. She was the center of at least twenty girls.

"Whatever, we have class and we don't all want to be late out of morbid curiosity, do we?" asked another. The girls broke up and Ami frowned. Morbid curiosity? What did that mean? That if girls talked to her they'd know how it was to be a social pariah? Ami shoved it from her mind. She didn't need that kind of drama. It was only her first day and she already felt half dead.


Damia - "And that is that. Again it took me forever to write this. I'm tempted to just take it down,"

Solatina - "That means review to all you people that want it to stay or want her to write more often,"

Wren - "Don't be mean,"

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