Everyone knew about Jeff's wondering hands. He had felt up practically every girl in the school and because of his position in authority, no one complained to the teachers or the Headmaster. The hypnosis kept their mouths shut and they accepted it. Mandy had received a fair share of groping, but unlike the others, she did speak up. Numerous times, Jeff had been punched in the mouth by either Ian or Lloyd, the latter utterly furious at the other boy's despicable behaviour. Both boys had complained to the Headmaster, whilst Harvey and Ingrid comforted their crying friend, Mandy shaking in hysteria.

Recently, the Headmaster had cracked down on Jeff's antics, but from time to time he indulged in pinching and touching, laughing gleefully at the lack of consequences.

He set his eye on Dinah Glass when she arrived, and as he escorted her to the canteen after her meeting with the Headmaster, he touched her backside. She pushed his hand away and gave him a cold glare, but he simply smiled at her.

"You'll like it, I promise."

Jeff slipped a hand up her skirt and tried to pull down her tights, but Dinah pushed him away and ran off to the canteen, vowing to stay away from Jeff. The Deputy Head Prefect merely watched the new girl run off and mentally ticked her name off in his head.

All of the girls at St Champions he had touched up… bar one.

Ingrid Smith.

She was a real firecracker that one.

"She's so aggressive all the time. If I tried to touch her, I think she'd kick me in the balls."

"J… do you really want to touch her though? I mean, there's the rumours about her and Wheezy."

Jeff sneered. "True. I don't want to touch someone who has been with Harvey Hunter, but Smith is a challenge. And you know how I feel about challenges, Peter."

The younger boy grinned. "She'll probably hit you, but if you can feel up Rose and Sue, then I guess she'll be putty in your hands soon enough."

"Well, Rose didn't take too kindly to me touching her," Jeff winced as he recalled the slap to his face. "And Sue's a total whore, she'll fuck anything with a pulse."

He had made out with her in one of the storage cupboards, but the things she had suggested even creeped him out.

"Plus, Sarah screamed her head off." The mention of her name pulled the reaction he expected out of Peter, who narrowed his eyes at his best friend.

Jeff chuckled. "You know I won't go there again, Pete. Your princess Sarah is all yours."

"Yeah! Well, I have to get her to like me first… Anyway, you going after Smith or not?"

"Mmh," He frowned. "Maybe I should. Complete the list. Fletcher is too boring, she just begs and cries all of the time. Glass… not really much reaction, but Smith," His eyes glinted as his frown upturned into a grin. "Smith is the prize, and I am going to get my prize."


He tracked her down later in the day, and as he expected, she was not happy to see him.

"Why are you stalking me?"

"Not stalking. Merely observing."

Ingrid gagged. "You're so sickening, you know that? I don't care that you're a Prefect and I'm a 'troublemaker'"- She gestured quotation marks with her fingers for the word – "how you treat Mandy and all the other girls here is disgusting! Someone better glue your balls together with superglue before you start whipping them out!"

He blinked at such a graphic description, before reaching out to touch her arm. "Smith, you know you'd have fun if you got with me."

"Your chat-up lines suck, and the only reason why you want to get with me is so you can tick me off your list. Yeah?"

Jeff knew he was giving his true reasoning away by not being able to hide his grimace, but he wanted to complete his challenge!

"Look, we don't like each other-"

"Hate." She smiled sweetly. "We hate each other."

"Okay, yes." He snarled, his feelings regarding the girl in front of her surfacing. "I hate you, you little bitch. So let me touch you, then you can fuck off back to your little group of peasants."

"Language, Jeff." Ingrid snorted. "Wonder how the Headmaster would feel if you repeated what you just said to him? And don't you dare even think about reporting me for 'back-chatting' because I'll tell him what you've been up too."

Satisfied at his defeated expression, Ingrid stepped away from him and purred:

"By the way, I already have a real man waiting for me. Oh yes, in fact, he's waiting right now. I think you know him."

Her face dropped into an impassive mask. "You bully him every day."


"So, J, how was she?"

Jeff turned to glare at Peter. "Nothing happened. She didn't beat me down verbally per say… she just told me that she would open her big mouth and tattle, and I can't have the Headmaster finding out anything about what I've been up too."

Peter sat down in one of the chairs. "Doesn't he already know?"

Wincing at the remembrance of several shouting lectures in the Headmaster's office, Jeff nodded. "Yes, but he can't know of any further activities."

"Oh, mate…" Peter paled as his tone of voice became shaky, eyes drawn to the open doorway. "I think he might already know."

Raising an eyebrow, Jeff looked round to the doorway, only to come face to face with the imposing figure of the Headmaster. Both boys gulped as the man started speaking coldly.

"Jeff, Miss Smith has approached me with allegations of harassment. Although she is a troublemaker and I am not inclined to believe her, I understand that this is not the first time that we have had this conversation."

Jeff wanted to melt into the floor, whilst Peter itched to race out of the room. The Headmaster stepped forwards, mouth curling at the sight of both Prefects jumping to their feet, but all three stopped moving at the sound of a loud voice in the corridor.

"See, Harv-Harv! I told you the Headmaster would sort out that prick for me! Maybe we shouldn't be such 'troublemakers' in the future!"

"I'd think we'd h-have to stop b-breathing in o-order for that to h-happen…"

High pitched shrieks of laughter filled the corridor and all three authoritative figures stared as Harvey and Ingrid walked past the Prefect's room, arms linked. Ingrid was howling with laughter, Harvey blushing bright in not embarrassment but for once, happiness.