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Summary: When Issei was about to leave his workplace, Azazel, his boss at work decided to send him an anonymous date over to his house, before Issei had a chance to get there first. And once he arrived to his apartment, he didn't expect to be greeted by a beautiful long blue-haired girl, reading his porn magazines at his bedroom. Wait, she's a what?!

Pairing: Issei x Tiamat

Non-canon, single-pairing, a chill slice of life

[Flashbacks] - Texting

"Flashbacks" - Phone call

"Flashbacks" - Thinking

Writer: Revan's Wraith

Beta'd by: Rihavein-Zero

Life 1-1: Nonsensical Beauty


The brown-haired bartender remained silent as he wiped down the counter with a piece of cloth, cleaning all of the spilled alcohol in the process as he moved down to the other side of the counter.

Issei Hyoudou, a 22-year-old male, once a member of the infamous group 'Perverted Trio' was currently working at the Red-light District as a bartender for a strip club. His normal attire for work was a black tuxedo.

He hadn't really gotten over his perverted tendencies since Kuoh Academy, but they had been turned down significantly due to him seeing all the ass and titties a man could dream of.

Although he wasn't able to touch the girls when they are working, he did have a good relationship with them. And if he was being honest with himself, he considered himself to be a mentor to these hot beauties.

He had helped explain to these women what most guys wanted in the past year, and since then the strip club 'Fallen Angelas' has thrived and flourished into something more than just a simple strip club.

His boss Azazel was astonished by his accomplishments, that he gave Issei a discount which allowed him to have fun with the top paid strippers and not pay a dime for a lap dance. Needless to say, Issei chose the woman with the biggest rack, the one who goes by Kala. And boy did she take him to the exotic pleasure town called Heaven.

"Goodnight Issei! I will see you tomorrow!" a certain charming girl cried out, who Issei was very familiar with. Her name was Yuuma, a girl in good terms with Issei. The brown-haired boy could see her walk out of the changing room, waving at Issei.

Yuuma was a beautiful raven haired girl, with her hair stopping just at her back. She was short, one of the shortest girls out of all of the workers, but that seemed to amplify her curves. She was the same age as Issei but still looked like a high school student, which was surrounded with controversy.

"Goodnight Yuuma, oh and goodnight Raynare!" Issei joyfully waved as he looked up from the counter to see Yuuma, at the door and Raynare making her way to the said door.

Raynare was Yuuma's older sister by two years, but unlike Yuuma she was taller and larger in her feminine areas. Raynare had a more mature aspect look to her while Yuuma had a more childish look, a typical sibling relationship.

The Older sister, however, didn't say anything back to Issei and continued walking. She took her sister's free hand in the process and left Issei alone in the club, with everyone else already departed.

He let loose a sigh, realizing that she was still mad at him. It had been months since their official break up, yet she didn't treat him like she did throughout the years of dating. She was the one to break up with him as well! Saying that she couldn't be in a serious relationship with Issei, Raynare was the one to trigger the break up.

It hurt him and tore his heart apart, but he got over the feeling in just a few months. The girls had comforted the brown-haired boy and cheered him up since he was in a way apart of the Fallen Angelas family.

"I see you're having trouble with your ex-girlfriend," A voice came from behind, startling Issei which made him turn around and kick Azazel.

"Hey hey! Easy there it's just me!" Said Azazel as he ducked underneath the kick. The man had trained Issei in martial arts when he first started in the strip club Fallen Angelas, in case of any troubling people. But he didn't expect Issei to try using it on him every time he snuck up on the boy.

The infuriated boy glared at Azazel, "Azazel! Don't do that to me, one of these days I might die from a heart attack because of you!" he barked, only for Azazel to smile in return.

Issei's boss, Azazel is a tall businessman, although Issei had grown to the height of 5'11 inches Azazel would beat him by four additional inches. He had an average frame similar to Issei but what set them apart is his black hair and his stylized golden bangs. He has a black goatee as well, and a pair of purple orbs for an eye which seemed to be the repeated theme with most of the girls, for the majority of them had violet or purple eyes.

When Issei first applied to work at Fallen Angelas, he was dressed up in a black tuxedo with a white long-sleeved shirt underneath, and a bonus of a single red necktie. That perfect gentleman look had told Raynare that Issei was more of a serious man than what his face carved, which she fairly adored.

Oddly enough, Azazel didn't wear any of the same attiring in the interview. Instead, he wore a white T-shirt and some loose basketball shorts.

And now, Azazel was wearing grey sweatpants and a plain blue shirt with white bold words knotted 'How to keep an idiot busy (see back of the shirt)'. On the back was the exact same words, but the word 'back' was replaced with the word 'front'.

"Sorry Issei, but you should know by now that I like to sneak up on my employees. It keeps them on their toes," The man spoke cheerfully, ignoring the death stare Issei was sending him.

"Yeah, and one of these days I am going to beat your ass for it," Issei replied harshly, to make sure Azazel won't pull the same move.

The black-haired man grinned and took a seat on a nearby stool. "And when that dream of yours turns into a reality, I will gift you with my sweet collection of video games and porn." Azazel mocked his employee with a grin.

"Whatever. What the hell do you want now?" Issei asked, continuing to clean the counter while Azazel glared at him. He was sure that it was going to be something smart and witty since the guy he was dealing with was indeed Azazel.

"Oh don't be like that," Azazel said with a mischievous smile on his face. "We are friends, aren't we? That means we help each other out,"

"Cut the crap, will you? Just tell me what you want and go away." Curtly spoke Issei, he wasn't a fool and knew that Azazel had done something that he was pretty sure he would be against.

Azazel in response laughed at his abrupt behavior, "But Issei, don't you want to feel the soft mounds of a woman's breasts?" Azazel teased as he leaned forward with a devilish smile. "Boobs that surpass Raynare's jumbos. Can you even imagine it?"

The boy didn't answer at first, mainly because of the obstacle that was thrown at him. Sure he had experienced the company of some of the girls, but he did miss dearly on what he and Raynare had in the past.

He missed riding home on his motorcycle with Raynare's breasts pushed up against his back, as well as seeing Raynare wearing the famous naked apron, hell he even missed the times when Raynare insisted on cuddling while watching television.

He missed the warmth of a woman's touch, that's what it was.

However, this was his boss Azazel, who was 'helping him out'. Which meant that there was something obviously missing, something Azazel wasn't telling him in advance.

The conceding Issei sighed, "Yes," he meekly admitted the truth in a whisper, embarrassed by the soon to be laughter that was going to come crashing down on him, because deep down Azazel was his friend and friends are dicks like AzoDeathwing.

"Well, then you are in luck Issei!"

With that said, Azazel took out his phone and dialed a number he seemed to know.

"He agreed to meet! Yeah, the place I showed you before. I will send him on his way then."

Issei, listening to the swift phone call raised an eyebrow as he glared at Azazel with a perplexed look. He didn't hear what the other person was saying, but judging by that smug look on his face, he could tell that it wasn't anything holy.

"What, why are you giving me that look? I just got you a date for the night!" He quipped, standing up from his stool stretching his arms as he did so. "You better hurry or else you will be late!"

"It is..." Issei paused as he checked the watch on his right wrist. "4:30 in the morning on a Sunday... I don't think there is any place open to take this 'date' you have gotten me." Issei deadpanned as he began to clean the shot glasses.

However, to Issei's surprise, he was being ushered out of the bar by Azazel who had somehow managed to get behind him before he knew what happened. "Mcdonald's is open 24 hours a day, you can take her there,"

"Oh, because that is every girl's dream." Came Issei's snarky reply as he was rushed out of the building named Fallen Angelas. "Every girl wants to go a super fancy fast food restaurant on their first date with a guy,"

"Yep, now hurry along now!" Azazel cheerfully shoved Issei out of the club, followed by tossing him his black leather jacket. "And try not to piss her off. Okay? See you later Issei!"

The brown-haired boy removed the jacket that covered his face, revealing an annoyed boy with a frown. He knew how to handle women, and knew how to please them. After all, he was the one that taught Azazel of the new freaky deaky stuff that even the black-haired fool didn't know about.

If it wasn't for him, Azazel wouldn't have been able to get in a relationship with that Gabriel girl he heard so much about. But he never got the chance to actually meet the person, or at least that is what he thought.

Putting on his jacket, Issei made his way to his motorcycle that was painted midnight black with purple custom enraging flames. His helmet matched the theme with his motorcycle, also having the same custom flames.

His father had helped him pay for his motorcycle when he turned 18, but nevertheless, it was his and he had grown attached to this motorcycle. It was his way of coping with stress.

Actually, his way of coping with stress had become fixing things. After his break up with Raynare, he had put most of his money he saved into this motorcycle as well as his apartment. In short, he was pimping out his crib and ride because it took his mind off of his only ex-girlfriend.

After putting on his helmet because of safety reasons, he warmed up his motorcycle and backed out of his parking spot, only for his phone to start buzzing in response to a text.

Pulling it out he got a message from Azazel saying:

[Btw in case I forgot to mention this, she is waiting inside your home! XD Lol srry #notsrry]

These words were then followed by more emoticons that were made up of words.

"He does realize that there is an emoji section, right?" Was Issei's first thought before realizing what the man also told him.

"Wait, she is in my home! What the hell Azazel?!"

Revving up the engine, he kicked it into full throttle not caring in the slightest if he ran a red light or not. He had some stranger, not just a stranger a female in his home where his porn and video games were out for the entire world to see!

If she entered his bedroom and saw all that then it would be over before it even started! She would think he was some kind of nerd who plays video games and masturbates to porn! He couldn't allow that, no matter what! Especially since he didn't know who this girl was, she had a rack that surpassed Raynare's so he needed to find out no matter the consequences.

Not noticing the police car parked at the four-way intersection, he continued to rush home as the police sirens began to track behind him.

"Attention! Pullover to the side of the road before you become one of the world's dumbest criminals!" Came one of the cops' voice's through the PA system as it pursued Issei, following him as he turned a ridiculous amount of times.

"Shit, I can't lead them to my home, and I don't feel like dealing with some police...sorry my mysterious date, but you aren't worth getting arrested for!" The boy muttered before slowing down, a lone tear went down the left side of his cheek. His chance for a new girlfriend had gone with that tear.

Eventually, he came to a full stop at the side of the road just a mile away from his apartment. He could picture the hot beauty rummaging through his porn and becoming disgusted with her prepared date.

"Well well well, there can only be one man who has that motorcycle and that is Issei Hyoudou. He got it for his 18th birthday if I recall," A male voice very familiar to Issei rung, getting closer to the motorcycle.

Issei whirled around to see Matsuda in a police officer's blue uniform, something he didn't expect to see at all. He hadn't seen Matsuda since he turned 19 and from what he knew Matsuda went to attend college. So why was he here?

"Matsuda is that you...?" He asked incredulously to the point of nearly shouting. Matsuda as a police officer was the last thing he expected to see.

"Not so fast," Matsuda denied as he wagged his finger back and forth before pointing his index finger at his badge. "It is officer Matsuda to you,"

The brown-haired boy deadpanned, "...Isn't it Officer Orasi, you dimwit?"

Matsuda's mask of confidence washed away like a sand castle after getting hit by a wave. "Nevertheless, Issei, you were breaking the law and me and Motohama-"

"Motohama is an officer too?!" Shouted the shocked Issei, no longer caring for waking the people up in the neighborhood.

"Yo Issei, it's good to see ya!" Came a happy Motohama's voice through the PA system not noticing the tic mark on Matsuda, growing from the annoyance of being rudely interrupted.

The biker waved at the police car, before replying to Matsuda in a pleading voice. "Before you give me a ticket or anything of sorts, I have a damn good reason on why I am breaking a law,"

"Oh? Do you now?" Matsuda's voice was laced with sarcasm as he crossed his arms, "And what reason would that be? Was your mother dying, or did your father throw his back out?"

The boy didn't laugh at his obvious jokes. "No, but I am guessing that is what you get as excuses from people like me?" Issei mumbled, who was met by a firm nod from the police officer. "You have no idea, my man."

Issei cleared his throat and told Matsuda everything. "First of all thing, some random girl was sent to my home, and I additionally I have no idea who this girl is, and I need to keep her out of my bedroom."

At first, Matsuda didn't take his word. However, Issei had a deal he could make to satisfy the friend police in front of him.

"...If you let me go, I will give you guys V.I.P. passes for the strip club I work at, maybe free drinks too?"

There was no way Matsuda, one of Issei's best friends from the past, could nullify this effect called perverted dealing. "... VIP passes for a month and you got a deal." Matsuda whispered near Issei's ears, who caved into the bribe.

The brown-haired biker cheered on the inside, "Thank god, I knew that guy still had his perverted nature!"

"Deal," Matsuda gave him a smug grin and declares in a loud voice. "That is all, sorry for pulling you over. Have a good night, perfectly innocent fine young man."

Issei waved goodbye before speeding off almost immediately. One thought was on his mind,

"I wonder how many girls he had sex with when pulling them over? If he took my bribe then girls must get off pretty easy then...maybe I should become a cop too, seems quite beneficial."

Issei eventually made it to his apartment complex after the mundane matter and quickly parked his bike in the garage for all of the residents that lived there.

He had no time to waste, he needed to get to his room quickly. He ignored the elevator and went straight to the stairs, sighing before sprinting up the stairs with rush. His apartment room was located on floor 8, so his athletic skills was all he could depend on.

Going over two steps per step, he rapidly ran up the stairs. Issei was halfway there until his phone began to ring, caused by a phone call from his dear friend he could give a lesser crap about.

"You got mud on your face you, big disgrace, kicking your cans all over the place," It was Vali, his dear old friend.

"What is it Vali?! I don't have time for your shit!" Issei angrily responded as he continued to run up the stairs. His stride didn't break which was surprising, but when you are a bartender like him then you can do the impossible, sometimes.

"Hey Issei, I was just wondering if you're down for some Star Wars Battlefront IV?"

"Sorry but I can't, there's a girl I don't know dwelling in my apartment!" Issei rambled, despite the fact that he had been waiting for Vali to get the video game. He was waiting almost two months, and it seemed like Vali finally got the digital version.

If it wasn't for him, the grey-haired boy named Vali wouldn't even have a social life. Vali was probably the most awkward bartender he had met during his lifetime, after becoming a bartender at Fallen Angelas.

The guy had the charming looks that could steal any girl, for sure prettier than the other pretty boy Issei knew in the past. Which was shocking, because if Vali was truly Azazel's son, there was no way that Vali could ever shut up.

Issei couldn't allow Vali's dullness to continue and taught the man how to actually function like an active human being, which was great because the two became best friends during the process. Vali would always have his back in fights and the two had something similar: They loved video games.

He was, however, slightly jealous at Vali for his breathtaking girlfriend. Although at the time Issei was in a relationship with Raynare, so Issei couldn't exactly show it in public.

"Vali fucking Lucifer, get your ass in this bed right now! I am in the mood to fuck, and you will be doing just that!"

A most definitely familiar voice, Issei heard it countless times whenever he engaged in a phone call with Vali. Issei didn't even have to think about who it was, there could only be one woman in this world with such passionate but feminine voice.

"...I gotta go Issei. Maybe some other time, sorry for interrupting."

Issei didn't even get a chance to utter a goodbye before the call ended, although he wasn't going to say he was going to laugh as Vali for being so whipped to his girlfriend.

However, these snarky comments that flooded the young man's mind were short lived for the memory of a girl in his apartment came back to his mind.

Not wasting any more time he opens the door that leads to his floor, and rushes towards his apartment door as quickly, and quietly as possible in an attempt to not awaken his neighbors.

Most of his neighbors he was in a good relationship with, but there was this one that was a complete bitch to him, and he didn't know why. He didn't do anything wrong, at least that he was aware of, but this girl treated him like the true scum of the earth.

So for the safety of maintaining this relationship and not dealing with the identified person, he moved quietly to his apartment door.

He pulled out his key and unlocked the apartment door, which led him to pause outside of his door after pushing it open.

"Wait, how did she get into my apartment if the door is locked? I know Raynare had an identical key, but didn't she return it to me?" His thoughts then drifted to Azazel and he began to fume.

"That fuckin' bastard! He was probably the one that stole my key to play my video games! I should have known those wins were obvious and too easy!"

As he walked into his apartment he closed the door behind him and called out in a loud voice. "If there is anyone in here, specifically a hot gorgeous babe then please reveal yourself now! Otherwise, I will not be held responsible for giving you a beat down for trying to creep up on me!"

Issei's apartment wasn't the biggest apartment ever, it had in total 5 rooms if you considered the bathroom as a room, but besides that, it was the usual apartment style, a living room, kitchen, bedroom which was connected to the bathroom and a laundry room.

Seeing that he got no response, he took off his jacket and slipped off his formal shoes, now had these been some sneakers he probably would have kicked them off in an attempt to see how far they could go flying.

He then pondered on calling Azazel and asking him if that lady he sent over to Issei's home had left, but the odds of Azazel actually picking up was slim. Hell, Issei would have better luck quitting video games.

He quickly undressed himself to his boxers taking his phone out of his pants as well as his wallet and put his tuxedo into the washing machine and set it to cold/rinse and made sure it was on delicate wool cycle before starting it.

Luckily for Issei, his washing machine was somewhat brand new and was in a high quality condition. Because with how many times he washed his clothes, he needed a strong and firm one that would take beatings time to time.

After putting on some black sweatpants and a grey tank top he loved so much, he closed the drier door and left the clean clothes in there after debating to fold them later. For now, since he had no girl in his home, he was going to text Vali and ask if he had time to play some video games.

[Do you want to play some Star Wars Battlefront IV after you are done with you know...]

Issei muttered as he quickly typed out his text to Vali, before sending it and placing his phone back in his pockets.

"Angel, play some music." He said with an in-door voice, not particularly talking to anyone in the house.

Now no one was in his room, but he got a response from the black little cylinder that was resting on one of his shelves. "Starting: Musical playlist 3." Issei didn't know if this was a sign, because the song that first played was Worst Mistake, by Fivefold.

Not really bothering about it he began his scavenging in an attempt to find some leftovers from yesterday but ended up coming empty-handed.

"Tch, looks like it is macaroni and cheese." Issei clicked his tongue, closing the fridge he had opened. He moved to a shelf to get a small box of store macaronis, and a medium size pot from the bottom shelf.

Seeing that he had some time before he could put the small noodles in the boiling pot, he went to his bedroom to turn on his gaming device and get a game running. Issei believed that if you can't eat and game, you are not a true gamer, so he stuck true to his ideals.

Opening the door to his bedroom, he was met by the sight of a barely lit room, but that didn't stop him from seeing what he saw, which made him stop dead in his tracks with his both his blood and skin freezing in spot.

Sitting comfortably on his customized purple and black gaming chair, was a busty, awe-inspiring woman...no, a reputable goddess to be more descriptive.

The specified individual had long pale blue hair that he just wanted to twirl his fingers in for some odd reason, a dark-blue reptilian-like eyes that could ensnare any man with a look, and this purifying smell that was causing him to feel like he was diving into his teenage years again. Her porcelain-like skin was covered by a blue dress that reached her knees, and her curves were great. No, by Issei Hyoudou's standards, great couldn't even describe it, more like heavenly perfect.

Her breasts weren't as big as Kala's, but boy was they bigger then Raynare's, and that ass he could tell was amazing from his time of being a pervert, he wasn't a Motohama copy who could calculate it with his scouting glasses, but he knew just how sweet they were from that angle.

In her hands, however, were stuff he didn't want a woman to find out. Especially a stranger like her, because they were porn magazines that Issei kept over the years. And to add to that, she was so interested in them that she didn't even look up to face the house owner.

"Uh...excuse me, but can you put that down?" Issei properly requested before a proper greeting, hiding his urges to just jump at the girl. So many wrong thoughts crossed over Issei's mind, which was troubling for his black sweat pants.

She finally looked afterwards, "Oh? You must be... Dessei? No Akissei?"

Oh how dead wrong she was. Her voice was soft yet firm, that made him weak in his knees. Though, he grew slightly annoyed with the fact that she didn't even properly know his name, despite barging into his house without permission.

"Issei, it's Issei Hyoudou." He grumbled as he looks off to the side.

The blue haired woman didn't reply with anything at first, instead just studied him for a moment before addressing him. "Issei, huh? So I assume that Azazel had told you about me, and that I have the permission to live here with you?"

This brought his gaze back to her, "Um, no? I wasn't told anything about the fact that you were living here! Not that I am completely against that," Issei trailed off, repeating the statement in his thoughts.

The unidentified woman hummed as she got up from the chair, setting down his magazine to his desk to examine later in the process. "What did the Fallen Angel leader tell you, then?"

"You mean Azazel..?" Issei's voice was laced with confusion which caused her to sigh in annoyance. He assumed that she meant 'Fallen Angelas', instead of Fallen Angel.

"Yes, Governor Azazel of the Grigori, your faction leader?" There was a long silence after that, ignoring the music that was being played from the living room.

"What the hell is a Grigori, and what are you even talking about?" Issei asked, breaking the silence as he stepped away from the girl as if she was insane. "He is my boss,"

The blue-haired lady didn't say anything at first. Her thoughts were running wild as she considered what to say.

"He has a sacred gear, but they haven't even bothered unlocking it? does he even know about the Supernatural world or have they kept him in the dark?"

She then spoke, "Tell me, Issei. Do you believe in the supernatural? Do you think Angels, Demons, Dragons, and Gods exist?"

Issei's face became unreadable for a second, but when it did it was a face full of disappointment. "God damn it! You are one of those kinds of chicks, all about that spiritual nonsense thinking ghosts and yōkais exist!"

"It isn't nonsense, boy." She stated strongly after Issei labeled her as a crazy chick.

"Uh huh, look I get it, you love supernatural stuff. And because of that, you wear those draconic eye contacts, but news flash, stuff like that has no chance in hell in actually existing," Issei curtly assumed, not noticing the radiating heat around her.

She stomped her feet, "My eyes are like this because they are real, call them fake again and I will put you on the ground!"

"Yeah sure if you are a dragon then I am actually a T-5000 from Terminator 7." Issei joked with a smile. But after his joke has been said, he had no idea on what was going on, except for that he was feeling some unusual pain.

Issei had moved from a standing position, to where he was on the floor with the woman's hand on his throat, her eyes appeared to be glowing with anger and annoyance. Issei for once felt a little fearful of what was going on, with her hands on her throat.

But he couldn't complain, her breasts were more visible than before, and they were seriously something else.

"Say something that annoys me again, and I will snap your neck in half right now. I didn't leave my comforting home to be ridiculed by some ignorant child who has been oblivious to the real world, I came here to learn more about this human society!"

Issei's throat felt drier than the Sahara desert, he didn't know what to say in response. He doubted his own words and was afraid that they would get him killed, however, he needed to say something.

Closing his eyes in preparation for his neck to be broken, he apologized. "My..my bad. I didn't mean to cause any offense, whatever your name is..."

"Tiamat, I am the Chaos Karma Dragon Tiamat, a Dragon King." The blue-haired woman introduced herself, letting go of the boy after his short apology. Had it been a snarky devil, Tiamat would've somewhat been suspicious.

"Right..." Issei picked himself back up, considering if what she said was true. He was almost definitely sure that the supernatural wasn't real, but at the same time, she was ridiculously strong.

Once Issei got back up to his feet, Tiamat questioned him, "You still have doubt that I am an actual Dragon?"

Her annoyance had shifted to the promised Fallen Angel, the man that said that he would have his best human teach her about the human society. It was time for her to fill her boredom with interest knowledge, which Azazel promised to do for the past several hundred years.

Yet he wasn't even informed about the supernatural side of the world, he was just some clueless human living a blind life. But was that why he was the best? Was it because of him not knowing about the supernatural that made him the best to teach her?

"So if you're a Dragon does that mean you have, you know, a real Dragon-like form? " Issei was on a thin ice, not knowing what to exactly say. After all, this was still a bit nonsense to him.

With a sigh, she answers, "Yes, why do you ask?"

Issei then looked at the floor as he scratched the back of his head with weird embarrassment. "Do you think you could show it to me? I mean, maybe it could help me come to terms with the stuff you just said, you know, about the supernatural actually existing. Some words just aren't going to cut it,"

Tiamat didn't say anything at first, she couldn't turn into her actual form otherwise this building would be leveled into disaster. "Why should I though? What will I be gaining from you?"

She may not be as violent as she used to be in the past, but she was a Dragon and like all Dragons, she wanted something in return.

"Well, I was going to make dinner- Oh shit the pot!" Realizing that the water was probably boiling like crazy, he rushed out while nearly shouting. "Angel stop playing music!" The black cylinder complied with him and stopped playing the audio.

Tiamat felt a little insulted by what she just witnessed. He was in the middle of striking a deal with her and he straight up left for some boiling water? Curiosity getting the better of her she decided to see what was more important than a deal with the strongest Dragon King.

End of Life 1-1: Nonsensical Beauty

(Revan's AN): So there we have the first chapter, not going to lie I never done this, originally this story started out as an idea, but after talking with Rihavein-Zero it became more of a collaboration. Without him, this story would have been cringey, or cringier then it is now. I truly am grateful for his help in writing this and look forward to working on this story with him. He helped me break out of my AgK shell and supported my idea for DxD. Besides that expect some cuteness and smut...

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