For an old warehouse, Ayato had a pretty nice hideout. The place had a line of body bags on a long rack for food, some areas sectioned off by tape and handmade walls for makeshift rooms, a collection of masks on the wall at the far end of the place.

And a large mass of ghouls staring right at Touka.

The moment she walked in the door it was dead quiet. What chatter she heard cut off the second they saw her. Several hooded Aogiri members look at her like a wolf had entered the rabbit hole. Several backed away as a surge of whispers echoed throughout the building.

"Is that the Avenger?" One said.

"Shit, she actually came here?" Other added. "Is she here for Ayato now?"

"I heard she took out Yomihime. Twice."

"That's nothing, man, I heard she took out 3 Doves at once. Three of them!"

"I heard Eto one of the execs tried to recruit,"

"Wait, think she's here to…?"

"I mean, she's wearing a rabbit mask. Maybe she's copying Ayato?"

Touka scowled at that last comment, walking toward the group. They parted to make way for her. No, more like they were backing away from her as she approached. She stopped, looking over the group. Apparently taking out so many Aogiri punks and a few lieutenants gave her a bit of infamy.

That makes this easy then.

"Alright," She started, cracking her knuckles. "I'm gonna' make this quick. Where's Ayato?"


"Are you all deaf?" She said, her tone growing sharper. "I said where's your boss?"

Still silent. Were they all scared into silence of were the ones that actually had enough brains to not blab about their leader's location? Either way…

"Okay then…" Touka rolled her shoulders. The people here didn't seem like they'd be much trouble to take out, but there were at least ten of them. Handling that many would be rough, at least if they all jumped her at once. Thankfully, they were a little too busy gossiping to bother. "Guess I'll have to beat it out of you all then." She cracked her knuckles again, ready to summon her kagune out pick them off.

At least that was plan.

"I won't let you."

A ghoul stepped forward. A girl in a kitsune mask and hoodie with light-colored hair and pigtails, about Touka's size. Okay… so one of them has stones at least. She thought. "What? You gonna' be my first victim?"

The girl was silent, looking over Touka for a moment, then she pointed at her. "Are you a fangirl?"

… … …

"What?" Touka nearly staggered back. What the hell kind of question was that?

"Your mask. It's a rabbit, like the boss." She explained. "A girly rabbit, but a rabbit nonetheless. You're talking a lot like him too. And you've been attacking a lot of our members for the past while trying to learn where he is. So, you must be an Ayato-fangirl. Or a stalker."

"Wh- Hell no!" She said. "I'm here to kick his ass and beat some answers out of him,"

Kitsune Girl shrugged. "Sounds like a fangirl crushing on him to me," She said, crossing her arms. At this point, several of other members were giggling.

"Wait… so you think Avenger was doing all that stuff just to get Ayato's attention?"

"Ayato's got a pretty badass rep on him too. Maybe she…"

"Ayato and Avenger… yeah, she might have a thing for him."

The hell I do!

"Either way," Kitsune Girl said, turning her head to the gossipers to shush them. "He's not here right now, so scram. We get it, you want to show him how strong you are so he'll date. You're tough, Avenger, I'll give you that. But you're barking up the wrong tree if you just want a strong boyfriend."

"… … …"

Touka. Was. Livid.

She was thankful she was wearing her mask, because her face was red with rage and embarrassment. A fangirl? Seriously? And crushing on him? Touka didn't know what was worse, the fact that she was confused for a fangirl, the fact that Ayato even had fangirls, or the fact that apparently potential lovers broke through the gates on a frequent basis to date the jackass.

Ayato the playboy, now that was a scary thought.

"You think beating up a bunch of weaklings makes you cool enough to join us. Well you're wrong." Kitsune Girl said, playing with her pigtail. "Now get lost, before I make you. And trust me, I'm not going to be gentle about it."

Touka's eye twitched. No way in hell she was leaving, especially after all that fangirl crap. No, she was pissed off now, and this mouthy brat was losing limps for starting that damn rumor now. "Oh yeah?" Touka summoned her kagune, narrowing her eyes at the girl. "Let's see you say that after I kick your ass!"

Kitsune Girl summoned her own kagune, a three red rinkaku tendrils. "Everyone, stay out of my way. She's mine." All the other ghouls backed away, giving them space.

Touka smirked behind her mask. "Oh? You want a piece of me that badly?" She asked.

Kitsune Girl let out a low growl, walking over to Touka. "Maybe if I throw you out with a half-eaten arm the others will stay away."

Touka inched closer to the girl's face, their masks almost touching. "Try it."

Kitsune Girl lunged at Touka, but she easily dodged it, moving behind Kitsune Girl. Though Kitsune Girl snapped her foot back, nailing Touka right in the stomach and sending Touka to her knees. She bit her lip, trying not to vomit from it. Holy shit- That wasn't just a decent hit, that kick felt like a hammer. "What? Did that hurt?" Kitsune Girl sneered, gripping Touka's shoulder, digging her nails into it and piercing skin. "Come on, I thought you were going to kick my ass."

"Piss off," Touka's comeback was met with a punch to the side of the head, then Kitsune Girl digging her nails digger, raking them down across Touka's arm. She gritted her teeth hard, letting out a stifled screamed, only hearing Kitsune Girl's laugh as a result.

"That's right, you little brat! I'll make this nice and slow for you," Kitsune Girl moved behind Touka, wrapping her arm around Touka's neck to choke her.

Gotcha' now. Touka gritted her teeth, shooting her kagune out from her back, piercing through Kitsune Girl.


Touka could feel blood flowing down her back as Kitsune Girl squirmed and struggled to free herself, but Touka's wing had hardened. She wasn't letting her go that easily. "What? Does that hurt?" Touka shot back, her tone cold as she shot a few shards out of her wing. Usually it'd be pointless in close-quarters, but with Kitsune Girl stuck inside Touka's wing every shot practically turned the girl into a pincushion. A few seconds of firing off and Kitsune Girl's stomach had red shards poking out like a voodoo doll. Touka shook her off, letting her drop in a bloody heap, a wide hole in her gut full of red shards that was slowly healing, half her mask covered in blood, and her kagune faded. Several Aogiri members backed away further, fearful as their apparently champion fell. "Now then," Touka said, turning to the group. "Do I need to do that to the rest of you or-"

"Shut up,"

Touka turned, letting out a small gasp as Kitsune Girl stood back up, stomach mostly healed. "I'm not through with you yet, bitch…" She hissed out.

Touka clicked her tongue. "Back at you," She shot back. Jeez, she got back up. A surprise given how bad Touka damaged her. Rinkaku's really were stupid durable. "Just stay down would ya'!" Touka socked Kitsune Girl right in the jaw, making her mask fly off to the side as she staggered back. Kitsune Girl swung right back, sending blood right from Touka's mouth and her own mask flying off. Still standing and could throw a punch. Now this chick was just scary. The two looked at each other, now seeing their faces.

"The hell?" Kitsune Girl said. "Why do you look like Boss's sister?"

Kitsune Girl was around Touka's age now that she had a look at her, a scar over her cheek and slightly longer hair than Touka though now that she punched one of Kitsune Girl's ribbons off. And Kitsune Girl looked just as shocked to see Touka's face.

"Shut it," Touka said, kicking at Kitsune Girl's ribs, hearing a few cracks.

"Aaaaagh…" Kitsune Girl clutched her chest, glaring daggers at Touka.

"Y'know, I was gonna stop after I turned you into a pincushion." Touka said, staggering over to Kitsune Girl. "But now I'm pissed and I need to send that jackass a message." She grabbed Kitsune Girl by the collar of her hoodie. "Grit your teeth, Kitsune," She snarled at her before punching her face, making her spit out blood and a tooth.

Then again.

And again.

And again.

And then Touka saw a few more teeth fly from Kitsune Girl's mouth and stopped there, looking over the girl's bruised face.

"I'll kill you," She garbled out.

"Good." She said, giving another punch. "I'll kick your ass a few more ti-"

Before she could finish, two tendrils pierced Touka's side. She screamed, dropping Kitsune Girl and falling to her back. The tendrils didn't leave, they kept drilling into her side, pushing her back. "Shit! Shit!" Touka clutched her bleeding side as the tendrils violently pulled out. Kitsune Girl got back up, staggering over to Touka.

"Don't underestimate me, brat…" For all the vemon she spat out, her voice was garbled from all the punches, and it looked like she could barely keep standing. "Next time I'll kill you for real." She kicked Touka's bleeding side, hobbling away. Touka couldn't get up. She could see blood flowing onto the warehouse floor, her consciousness fading. "Hey, someone get this brat out of my sight! Throw her somewhere I won't see her for awhile."

That was all Touka heard before she lost consciousness.