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Summary: The aftermath of Shiloh's reign as Messiah.


Over the next month, the eight diplomats, including Admiral Forrest, Ambassador T'Rith, Ambassador White, Shiloh's grandparents, T'Pela and Sevel, along with Ambassador Soval and the other three Human Ambassador were put in a penal colony for four years after what they did. The sentencing would have been more but Shiloh wouldn't see to that.
T'Pol, Archer, Malcolm, Hoshi, and Travis were all put up for court marshals but received only a stern warning. The fact that they retrieved Shiloh and brought eight people to justice was enough to earn a lesser penalty.
The crew of the California was not court marshaled because they did not know what was going on and only following orders.
Shiloh took the tests during the summer and passed with flying colors. They allowed him in and, because of his excellent reports, grades, and conduct, he managed to get onto a Starship once he graduated.
Shiloh quickly excelled through the ranks and achieved the rank of Lieutenant Commander in fourteen years. With his new promotion to that, he became the Chief Tactical Officer aboard the Mississippi.

**The Mississippi, Bridge**

Lieutenant Commander Shiloh stood at his position at tactical. He was supposed to be taking scans and preparing to write his report, but his eyes and mind were too busy and occupied by the site on the view screen.
A golden brown planet with crystal blue oceans and pure green land along with multicolored rings was just a few hundred kilometers away from him. He could still remember the people, the places, the sites, the sounds and smells, but most of all he remembered the events.
He never forgot the words that he and Deacon shared. He never forgot the lessons he learned or the things he saw. Nor would he forget the things that he did. He had even had Mandals made and constantly practiced with them in order not to forget Ubi Yiga that he learned there.
He had worked to make the Vulcan and Human relationship better and had done a lot of good. His diplomatic and leadership abilities had helped immensely with that. His status and reputation as a Starfleet officer also did a lot of good.
They were not allowed to go down to the planet, it being against the Prime Directive. But they were there to take scans and chart what remains pretty unknown to Starfleet.
The matter of what happened on the planet and Shiloh had remained mostly secret from many others. Which is why no one knew that it had ever been a technologically advanced race not that long ago.
He had wanted to go down to the planet but their orders were clear. He knew that there was really no changing their minds.
He also knew that the only reason he wanted to go was to see the person who had become his best friend, Deacon. He also knew that they had said their final good-bye over a decade before on the planet. Some other time, perhaps. Maybe in the future, when everyone was ready. But not now. Now was not the time.


A young man of twenty sat under a fruit tree and looked up at the skies. He thought of a boy that was forced to come to them. Who taught them as much as they taught him.
He thought of everything the boy put up with. Of everything he could have lots or gained. Everything that the boy did for the people of that world.
Then he wondered of what had become of the boy. The boy that was now a young man like himself. He began to wonder if his dreams had been fulfilled and if he was fulfilling them now. But most of all, he just thought of the boy he thought of as a friend, a good friend.
The star he had been looking at began to move a glow brighter than any other star. He knew that it was never a star. It was a ship and that made him smile. They had not seen a ship around for a very long time. Not since his friend had been there and left. Not since they were all destroyed.
He let himself just stare at his surroundings and admired the view. The view of a lovely planet. One with trees and mountains. One that he called home. And that others refer to as the home to the conquerors, A'j'ay.

~The End~
That's the end. :( Hey, it's not bad for being twenty-two chapters long. I would have settled for like ten.

Ok, I feel like telling you the life of this story. It started out as...really nothing. Then it turned into an idea to get T/T together by having them go through a hard situation. Then the people that took them (Taso), needed a reason and that was going to be just medical information. Which then turned into needing to discover how to cure to an illness in their reproductive system or something.
When T/T were getting married and White and T'Rith came I decided that I needed to keep it connected to the Taso somehow so I decide that the Humans and Vulcans were going to be working with the Taso, secretly. Nice conspiracy going.
Then, somehow, the Taso were working for someone and those were the people that needed the medical help. Sense the conspiracy between the three of them was left in a position where it didn't appear to have ended, I thought of the idea of needing T/T's kid. That became the reasoning for their 'observation' by both the Taso and their people.
Then in Messiah, I couldn't have it a medical medical reason, so it became kind of psychological. Then, I really don't know how or when, Deacon became the prophet just reincarnated in the child's body. I guess that was my bright idea for the reason he knew so much. *shrugs*
Well, anyway, there's the shortened version of this very long story. See, if I had gone with the original idea, this story would have sucked. But it's much better and it actually works so I'm not complaining. How bout you?

Oh, yea, there's also the story behind Shiloh's dream and the plan. When I wrote the dream I had no idea what the plan was going to be about or even that it would exist.
When they came down in the shuttle and landed in the forest and then the whole thing about only allowing Trip and Archer go look, that was not something I didn't even realized connected until I was checking over some stuff.
So, this story's plot has had a completely unexpected and different twist from what I originally had planned. And to think, it all started out that I wanted to enter a contest for no good reason while I was away, on vacation, in a hotel room, in Canada just because I had nothing better to do.

And then here's a little joke behind the names:
The name Shiloh (which is a real name, I didn't know that) means Messiah.
The A'j'ay, which was taken from Ajay, means God.
The name Saadya mean's god's helper.
The name Piran stands for St. Piran who is the Cornish patron saint of miners.

Isn't that funny? I'm sure you're all thrilled to death by that. But that was a long process trying to find actual names that mean those things.
Anyway, after all that, anyone who read enough to get to here, I applaud you. Please R/R and tell me what you think of the story as a whole. But other than that, I have nothing else to say but thank-you for reading my story and reviewing if you did.