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The beautiful petals of cherry flutters down, coloring the mountain ridge brightly.

Us two inside a run-down house in a desolate village huddle together in the breezy spring night.

"It'd also been raining cherry blossoms the day we'd met,"

Kazehaya murmured with a smile.

Sawako hid her face flushed from the hearth within the shadow of his large sleeve.

With a breath of joy,

Sawako sang of spring's arrival along with the chirping birds.

"Your voice is beautiful," Kazehaya told her,

and that alone, just those words, made her so happy.

"If someday... I no longer had this beautiful voice...

would you still...even then... love me?"

"Of course!," Kazehaya said, smiling gently as his large hand softly stroked Sawako's cheek.

They smiled at each other, satisfied with their happy and peaceful life.

One leaf-lit summer afternoon, Kazehaya collapsed from illness.

Their poor married life..

couldn't afford the medicine to cure it...

The next day, along with the following,

Sawako did nothing but intently weave.

"I wouldn't let his life fall like the short-lived autumn leaves",

She had thought to herself with determination.

The seasons flow by,

the bell crickets mark the end of the summer with their cries.

"Your fingers are beautiful," Kazehaya told Sawako,

gripping her wound-covered hands, but his were much too cold…

"If someday... I no longer had these beautiful fingers...

would you still... even then... love me?" Sawako said with a faint voice, seeing his terrible condition.

"Of course..." Kazehaya said weakly.

Coughing as Kazehaya's hands caressed her hurting fingers,

Sawako was determined to work harder.

Day and night, Sawako didn't stop weaving...

"Hurry... hurry... I need to buy the medicine…

A little more, just a bit longer, before the maple leaves shed,

Until these fingers can't move… Until all my strength is used up…"




The sunset's breeze...

Cruelly blows out..

The dying fruit's flame...



Days and days come by..

Until Sawako had saved enough..

Sawako goes to town and comes back to buy medicine.

She slowly walked over to her beloved, kneeling down and giving him the medicine.

"If someday... I were no longer here...

would you... still love me?" She whisper to him as she starts to cry.

The truth Sawako feared.. was left unable to be told.

Kazehaya softly caress her face...

of which was flooding with tears..

"Of course," He says, smiling.

"I promised I'd embrace you... until the last moment...",

Kazehaya says as he hugged her tightly to him... for it was the last.

And that girl... which had beautifully taken flight that day...

"I've never forgotten... and still remember... even now and.. just like always..

I love you."