A/N: This story was written for The Houses Competition! Man, it's hard to write less than 500 words!

House: Slytherinm Year 2 Fill-in

Type of Prompt: Drabble

Prompt Chosen: (Speech)—"No, but really, what is an mmmbop?"

Word Count: 445, 446 if you include the title.


Draco Malfoy was clutching the middle console and door handle of the car his bride of only hours was currently driving. They were winding along the Cliffside, set to spend the first night of their honeymoon in a quaint little cottage along the beach. If they ever made it. "Hermione, can you please slow down?" he asked, his knuckles turning white with the effort of gripping the faux leather car interior.

Hermione was enjoying the warm feel of the sunshine on her bare shoulders, the wind in her hair as the little convertible wound its way down the back roads. "Stifle yourself, Draco. I'm only going fifty kilometers per hour! I could ride a bicycle faster than this!"

She fumbled with the knobs on the radio as her husband watched her with wary eyes. "Please put both hands on the wheel! You're going to kill us both before we can even consummate this infernal marriage!"

Hermione laughed heartily and flipped through a few more stations, ignoring the slow, crooning ballads. She wanted something that got into her shoulders, made her dance, something that properly expressed how giddy she was to finally be wed to the cowering man beside her. And finally, she heard it—the song she'd listened to on repeat the entirety of the summer before she'd left to hunt Horcruxes with Ron and Harry.

"Mmmbop, ba duba dop! Ba du bop, ba duba dop!" Hermione was belting at the top of her lungs, though her voice resembled something akin to a dying cat.

Draco was looking at her with a mix of curiosity, irritation and the unrelenting fear of her driving skills. "The lyrics to that song make absolutely no sense!" he huffed though slight amusement danced across his face at the sight of her sun-kissed shoulders bobbing.

"It makes perfect sense, Draco, dear," she retorted, her grin widening and her dancing becoming more comical.

"No, but really, what is an mmmbop?" he asked skeptically.

Hermione rolled her eyes as they went around a bend and Draco thrust his feet against the floor, as though that would stop him in the event they crashed. "It's…like a fleeting moment in time…a little mmmbop…here and then gone…Now hush, and stop being so overly analytical!" she admonished.

Draco trained his gaze to the road before them, his first ride in an automobile more frightening than any broom ride he'd ever been on. "I swear…if I make it out of this Muggle death contraption, I am going to mmmbop you into next week! Right after I kiss the ground!"

Hermione laughed once more and reached over to take his hand. "I do hope that's a promise, love."