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One week earlier

"Pleaseeeee Ana!" Mia begs me from the couch

"Mia, I can't get that much time off from work"

"Ana, you work practically every day of your life. I know for a fact that they owe you time off. You deserve it"

"I know Mimi but-….Wait, how do you know for a fact?" I ask confused

"I spoke to Hannah-" she replies sheepishly.

"WHAT! You called my assistant!" I'm shocked that she has gone to this extent.

"What choice did I have! I really want you to come with us. Kate's coming so you have to come"

I don't reply as I weigh up the pros and cons in my head. Mia walks over to me and stands next to me

"Picture this" she lifts her hands up and waves her arms like I can see the future in front of us. I giggle

"Me, you and Kate all lay on a sunny, hot, gorgeous beach in Bora Bora for a week while we sip on cocktails all day and party all night. You can bring your beloved books and read all day. Listening to the lapping of waves, feel the sand between your toes. How much fun does that sound!"

"Fine! I'll come" She had me the moment she mentioned books. Mia squeals and jumps up and down.

"Oh my god! I'm so happy right now!" She wraps her arms around me "We are going to have the best time ever banana"

"I can't believe you tricked me into this Mimi" I laugh at how persuasive she can be.

"That's because I always win! Okay, so the plan is that my family will fly out the day before because there's more of them and we won't fit in the plane. Then we will fly there the day after, okay?"

"Yep sounds like a plan. Are you sure I can't pay for anything?" I feel so guilty that I haven't paid for anything to go on vacation for a week. A place that I know for a fact isn't cheap.

"Nope! You're not paying for anything, I've got it covered. Also, you're like family. It's Christian's plane anyway so think of it as your just hitching a ride with me" we both laugh at her justification of the situation.

"Your brother that I haven't met yet!" I have met Mia's parents and oldest brother Elliot, but I have yet to meet Christian. Any time I would go over he would always be at work or was unable to attend dinners that I was invited to.

"Don't worry a pretty little hair on your head. All you need to think about is packing a ton of bikinis to wear. Right, I have to go, I have a hair appointment. We can go shopping tomorrow to get anything we need for the trip and you need to call work and tell them you're not going to be in for a week" she kisses both my cheek and she is out the door.

I decide to do exactly what she said and I call my boss Jerry Roach. He was surprising thrilled that I asked for time off. He told me I work too much and deserve this time off. He offered for me to have this week off too but I told him I had things to take care of before I left.

After I end the call, I go into my bedroom and see what clothes I will need for the trip. I think I have most of the things I need but I'll grab a few things when we go shopping tomorrow. I need nicer outfits that will be suitable in front of her family. There's no denying they are rich and dress very immaculately; I don't feel pressured to change who I am to fit in with them because they are very down to earth people and lovely both inside and out. I just don't think my Forever 21 clothes will cover fancy dinners.

As I finish making a list of what I need, the excitement begins to set it. I'M GOING TO BORA BORA! I never thought I would ever go to such a stunning place in my entire life. It's been on my bucket list since I was little and I saw pictures in a travel book from the library. I'm so excited to feel the sun on my skin instead of the dreary rain of Seattle which seeps through my clothes.

Bora Bora here we come!

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