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"WE'RE HERE!" Mia exclaims as the sign alerts us to put our seat belts on as we descend into Bora Bora.

I am exhausted from traveling for 16 hours from Seattle to Papeete then to Bora Bora. However, as the plane descends and I gaze out the window at the beautiful island my exhaustion quickly evaporates and excitement sets in. I'm speechless at the view before me, this is the most beautiful place I have ever seen in my entire life. It looks exactly like it does in the pictures, it doesn't feel real, it feels like I have been looking at a travel booklet and I will soon break my day dream trance. But I don't. The plane touches down on the runway and slides into the empty space near the airport. We climb off the plane and instantly feel the heat, we all changed earlier into shorts and t shirts so the heat isn't uncomfortable at all, it's perfect.

It's late afternoon so we are just in time to freshen up then go have dinner with everyone. I'm so excited to have a shower and sleep tonight, flying is exhausting. I've never flown for that long before, I have never left the country so this is a whole new experience for me.

We make a quick exit through the airport where we're greeted by people who work at the resort who hand us a cocktail and place leis around are neck, they show us to the golf cart which will be driving us the short distance to the resort. They inform us that the resort is practically all ours, there is one other family staying here but they are on the opposite end so we probably won't see them. I have barely said anything since we left the plane, I am stunned. The water is crystal clear, I can see exotic fish swimming around with perfect coral underneath. The people we have met are so incredibly kind and look so happy. There's palm trees and other magnificent plants lining the side of the road/large path the golf cart is driving us down.

"Kate, have you spoken to Elliot?" I ask Kate. Elliot and Kate have been dating for 6 months, they met through Mia when we all went out one night and Elliot joined us. Again, I would have met Christian then but he had work, well that's what Mia told us anyway.

"Yeah, I texted him when we landed, he told me he watched our plane land! They're going to meet us at the hut"

"They?" I ask curiously

"Yeah, him and Christian"

"So, banana, what do you think?" Mia asks from up front.

"I'm speechless Mia, this is incredible. Thank you so much Mimi!"

"Your welcome! You deserve it"

After another 10 minutes, we reach our hut and I am stunned once again. I don't think I will never not be stunned.

When Mia said we were staying in a hut I picture a regular sized hut, like one a normal person would have. I was so wrong. It looks like a freaking house on water! All of the huts are above the water on platforms, so there is a wooden pier they are built upon. We drive down the wooden walk way to our hut. There is a circular shape at end with three humongous huts. One of them is for Elliot and Kate, the other for Grace and Carrick, then the last one if for myself, Mimi and Christian. I'm surprised when we drive to the biggest hut of them all and they tell us this is ours, I'm sure Mia requested the biggest one for all the clothes she brought. We are only here a week but we had two extra golf carts with all of our suitcases on them.

All three of us scramble off the cart and run to the door of the house. We enter and it's just as beautiful as the outside. The hut is made of wood so there is a lot of wood and earthy tones to the place. There is a main living area with a lot of windows and a door that leads to the back. There's a kitchen and dining room, two-bedroom downstairs, one for both me and Mia. We go upstairs where the master bedroom is, the room is almost as big as the whole bottom floor, it has its own private deck with a shaded bar and deck chairs. Through all the bedrooms there is a lot of windows which is nerving in case someone sees us but as I look out we look alone and nobody would be able to see us. I also love that there is glass on the floor so we can see below to the ocean. This place is insane! I go back down to my room which has a comfortable white bed with an en suit attached; I look around and see there is a double door with a balcony with deckchairs. I can already tell I'm going to spend a lot of time there reading. Heaven.

I go back through the main area to check out the outside deck. Mia is of in her room unpacking some of her stuff while Kate is over in her hut with Elliot. I push the sliding doors and step outside. There is a huge platform deck with a little swimming pool for us all, there is a large lounge space with couches and single chairs, I look to the right and see that this part is connected to my deck. Right at the edge of the deck there is steps to get into the water and there are no glass barriers for this part so people can jump in.

I look around again and out to the water, I can't believe I'm really here in this magical place. I'm so blessed and lucky to be here. I want to frame this view forever, its mesmerizing.

"Wow" I breath out unconsciously

"Beautiful isn't it"

I scream and jump at the foreign voice behind me. With my hand gripping my chest I turn around to see who it is. I grip my chest tighter as my heart beats faster when I see Adonis in front of me.

I see a tall muscular man wearing a white t-shirt with blue swimming shorts. His muscles look like they could rip his shirt open any second. I can see a faint outline of his chiselled chest and I can tell he works out. I look up to his perfect face and my mouth becomes dry. He has a strong jaw line that would cut me if I touched it. He has piercing grey eyes that hypnotise me even from the distance between us. His hair is copper and is perfectly wild and flops down over his forehead slightly. Sweet Jesus…..

"I'm sorry I didn't mean to make you jump. I thought I would come and introduce myself. I'm Christian"Adonis has a new name

I lick my lips to wet my mouth to speak. I could be imagining it but I'm sure his eyes just went a shade darker but it could just be the sun light.

"Don't worry it's alright. I'm Anastasia Steel. It's nice to finally meet you"

We walk over to each other and we shake hands. The second our hands come into contact electricity ignites my body. I draw my hand back and frown. That's never happened before.

"It's nice to finally meet you too Anastasia"


"I'm sorry?" he cocks his head to one side. So cute.

"You can call me Ana, everyone else does"

"I think I'll call you Anastasia, it's a beautiful name" he smirks and I blush

"I also came to tell you that we will all be leaving for dinner in an hour. So, if you take as long as Mia to get ready then we are already 5 hours late" we both laugh at his comment. Mia takes the longest time to get ready, combined with Kate it's a nightmare.

"Don't worry I don't take as long as Mia, I'll go take a shower now"

We head back inside and part ways, he goes up stairs, I walk down my corridor. As we walk away I turn around to look at him again. There's something different about him, I feel like a moth drawn to a flame. I want to carry on talking to him. I turn back forward but then I feel eyes on me so I turn again but nobody is looking at me and Christian is still walking upstairs. I ignore it and go to my room and take a shower.


Oh my god she's incredible! When I stepped out onto the deck I thought I saw an angel as she stood looking at the water with the sun directly in front of her creating a glow around her perfect body.

Her hair looked like silk, I crave to run my hands through it. She has a perfect, petite, hour glass figure. She has long legs running from her shorts right to her brown sandals. When she jumped around she knocked me back with her eyes. They are the clearest and most beautiful blue I have ever seen. They are as clear as the ocean below us. Her clear complexion with a hint of a few freckles on her nose warmed me inside. I could look at her all day. My breathing accelerated even more and my eyes turned darker when I saw her lick her lips as he slick tongue swept across her plump lips. Fuck.

I wanted to talk to her forever outside but I knew my mother would kill me if we were late to dinner. As we went our separate was I looked behind as she walked to her room. Her perfect ass swayed from side to side matching her hair. Not wanting to get caught I turned around and went upstairs to my room. I shut the door and leaned with my back against it.

"What is happening to you Grey" I say to myself

This girl has made me feel completely different in the few short minutes we have spent together. I am like a moth and she is the flame I am drawn too. All I can think about is her, downstairs, naked, wet, in the shower. Fuck now I'm hard. I need a cold shower if I'm going to survive this dinner.


I finish the last coat of mascara and I think I'm done. Tonight, I'm wearing a short pink wrap dress with my blush lace up heals. I lightly curled my hair and put on light makeup like usual. I grab my purse and head out. I walk into the kitchen to grab a drink before me leave. I walk into see Christian looking gorgeous holding a glass of wine. He is wearing jeans with a white button up shirt with the sleeves rolled up to his elbows. Hot. I bite my lip. He looks so good I just want to go over to him and rip his shirt off so I can really see his perfect body. What? Anastasia, you need to calm down, he is your best friends brother... and just a man. I have never thought that way about a man before so quickly, I've never even been with a man before so I'm shocked at my thoughts.

"Hey" I say after I gain my senses back

He turns around from where he was stood looking out the window. Even hotter from the front.

"Anastasia, you look beautiful" he says as he looks me up and down. I blush again

"Thank you. So do you" I say and if I'm not mistaken I see a light blush appear but it's very faint.

"Would you like a drink while we wait for Mia?"

"Yes please"

He pours me a glass of wine and we sit down in the living room to drink our drinks

"So, tell me about you" he says

"Emm there isn't much to know about me. I'm 21 years old. I'm from Montesano, I now live in downtown Seattle where I work as the fiction editor at SIP, I… was-s recently…. promoted. I love book ever since I was little, they made me want to pursue a career in literature. I went to the University of Washington to major in English lit"

Hopefully Christian didn't pick up on my stutter about SIP…. I feel comfortable but also nervous around him, I almost told him but I can't. I saw a frown appear but he doesn't press the issue.

"Tell me, was it Charlotte Brontë, Jane Austen or Tom Hardy who first made you fall in love with literature?"

"Hardy" I look down to my lap quickly. Why am I so nervous around him?

"I would have guessed Jane Austen" My lip turns up into a little smirk and I straighten up with confidence.

We continue to stare into each other's eyes, the air quickly becoming thicker and thicker. I feel like I can't breathe from the intense and captivating stare he is showing. He is about to say something but the tension drops like a ton of bricks when Mia walks in.

"You both ready? Let's go!"

We finish the last of our drinks and walk out to our own waiting golf cart, Christian sit in the driver's side with me up front with him as we drive to the restaurant.


It's now 2am and I am lying in bed staring at the celling like I have done for the past 45 minutes. I can't keep my mind off her. We got back from dinner at 9, I wanted to carry on our conversation from earlier but Mia quickly swept her away to do girl shit. I kept my eyes on her all through dinner, it was really nice to see her relaxed around my family. She seems like she's apart of it. I've been cursing myself that I never attended family dinners when she was there, I could have met her a lot earlier. The way she giggles and smiles lights me inside, it makes my heart flutter. It's nice. More than nice.

Now, here I lay, and all I can think about is every inch of her. It's torturing me to have her close yet so far.

I toss and turn for another half an hour then I decide I'll go and get a drink and hopefully that'll help. I walk through the living area and see the kitchen light is on. I walk in to see the fridge door open with Ana stood with one hand on her hip and the other on the door as she looks for something in the fridge. HOT.


She gasps and jumps then turns around.

"Christian! You've got to stop doing that!" She scolds but I can hear the amusement in her voice

"Nope. I think I'll keep you on your toes. What are you doing? Why aren't you asleep?"

"emm I couldn't sleep so I decided to get a drink. Why are you awake?"

"The same as you"

"I was just going to have some orange juice. Do you want some?" she asks me


She grabs us both a glass and pours us a drink before she joins me at the breakfast bar.

"So, you wanted to know about me. Now Iwant to know about you" She asks me

"Also like you, there isn't much to know. I'm 25 years old. I was adopted at age 4, I grew up in Seattle. I am the CEO of Greys Enterprise Holdings which I built up myself. I too live in Downtown Seattle"

"Small world! You seem really proud of your company, tell me more" She ask clearly interested by what I have to say. It's nice to know she cares

I tell her about GEH and what the company does. I discuss how I built it up and other business nonsense. I'm pretty sure she got confused by some business terminology because her face presented a frown but she quickly recovered so she didn't seem confused or offend me. It's cute that she is trying. I tell her more about myself but not the one key part of me that I know will scare her. We soon finish our drinks. I want to carry on more but I can see Ana's eyes becoming heavy and she can't stop yawning.

"Come on, lets get you to bed. We have a lot going on tomorrow" I say

"Yeah, we do, I'm really excited! It's going to be so much fun!"

I walk Ana all the way to her bedroom door, I open it and stand a side to let her in.

"Such a gentleman" she giggles "Good night Christian"

"Good night Anastasia"

She shuts the door and I hear the sound of sheets so I know she is back in bed. It took everything in me to not follow her into that room and sleep next to her. I want nothing more.I drag my feet and head of too bed and pull one of the pillows close wishing it was sweet Anastasia's body.

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