Written for the Pop Music Chart Day (50s: Why Do Fools Fall in Love) as well as the Insane House Challenge (character: Rodolphus) and Fanfiction Resolutions (character we don't see in the movies and pairing you've never written before)

Also, many thanks to Alana (Divergent4Everdeen)

Bellatrix hid the picture of her wedding day in a drawer. Slamming it shut, she fought the tears that had threatened to fall for days. No matter what happened, Bellatrix did not cry. She never cried. Not even over something like this.

Bellatrix had barely spared her husband a second thought all through their marriage. She had devoted all of her time and energy to another man before she had ever taken Rodolphus's name. It had never occurred to her that she might view his death as anything more than the tragic spilling of pure blood.

It had been two days since an owl had come bearing the news that Rodolphus was gone. Killed by some Auror he'd been sent to take down. After reading the message, Bellatrix had immediately cast it aside, insisting to her doubting self that it meant nothing.

It still lay facedown where Bellatrix had carelessly tossed it. She bent down and picked it up, but took nothing in, just staring at the paper until it blurred from a mixture of tears and looking at it for too long.

Bellatrix glanced from the paper in her hands to the empty place where Rodolphus had placed the photograph of their marriage. She was vaguely aware of a tear taking advantage of her distraction and trickling down her cheek.

Composing herself, Bellatrix stood up and retrieved her wand from the dresser. She was going to do everything in her power to avenge her husband's death.

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