"Welp, here we go again. The wonderful Neptune falling through the air. You know what, when I get back home I think I might make business cards. Neptune's professional skydiving, rates vary, lack of parachute does not." A girl with light purple hair comments as she falls through the air. She lifts her arm up and looks at it. She then shrugs.

"Right, I don't wear a watch. You know I'm kinda sad Noire just sent me flying off a floating island. Not at the fact that she, Vert, and Blanc just sent me flying, more at the fact that she is up there and as such I can't land on her. It's somewhat of a tradition." Neptune comments as she falls. She passes through a cloud before seeing the ground.

"Oh what a surprise I'm falling upside down. Hey look, there is Compa. HI THERE!" Neptune says before she crashes into the ground. The girl in front of her jumps somewhat at the crash.

"Oh my goddess, what was that!" The girl says as she runs up to the crater and looks down into it. Neptune pulls her head out of the dirt before hopping out of the crater.

"Hey there Compa!" Neptune says as she smiles at her friend.

"Uhm, Nep-Nep, you are supposed to have amnesia." Compa says as she looks at the perky goddess.

"Neppy is always silly like this." A dark bluish purple haired girls says. She carefully looks over the plushy she was holding.

"Come on Compa! It's not like I can fake amnesia. What do you want me to do, stop talking and go Nyu all the time?" Neptune comments. A flash of black light heralds the arrival of a very destructive force. A force that was currently holding a rubber mallet.

"Okay this has gotten stupid. Hold still Neptune, this is going to hurt." Iris Heart comments with a laugh before beating Neptune senseless. She then turns back into Plutia and goes back to hugging her doll.

"Oh she passed out! She's also injured! I need to get her back to my place and treat her injuries!" Compa exclaims as she hosts the knocked out Neptune onto her shoulder and begins walking away. Plutia calmly follows after her.