Neptune pauses slightly as a dogoo bounces up to her. She casually spins her sword before stepping forward.

"So we beat this guys up, get rewards, buy new and better items, and repeat?" Neptune asks as she looks down at the slime.

"Yep. This little guys are bad guys so beat them up to your hearts content." Compa comments as the fight begins proper. Neptune looks up at the turn order and pauses.

"Compa? Did you remember to reset your level cause I kinda forgot." Neptune comments as she calmly walks towards the vastly outmatched dogoo.

"Nope." Compa states as Neptune calmly pokes the dogoos causing them to splat everywhere. After about thirty minutes of senseless destruction the group finally arrived at Neptune's impact crater.

"I know I'm supposed to be faking amnesia for this story but is there even a reason to go down there? I know for a fact I didn't drop anything and I get the feeling making wisecracks will get me hurt." Neptune comments. Plutia calmly looks up before going back to spit roasting one of the tulips she caught earlier.

"You sure you didn't lose anything?" Compa asks as she looks down the hole.

"Only my memories. Or something like that. This is so stupid!" Neptune comments before she jumps down the hole stabbing her sword into the ground. She calmly stands up and transforms into Purple Heart.

"Come on out you filthy vermin. I've already killed you half a dozen times, let's add another to the tally." Purple Heart comments as she casually floats towards the giant ant like creature. She slashes it legs off before cutting the creature in half. She calmly picks up what was likely considered a plot coupon before transforming back to Neptune.

"High level Nep wins again! Now for the big question." Neptune says as she turns towards the guard vermin. She laughs as it gets back up before she runs away.

"So are we slipping back into awareness towards the plot?" Compa asks as she follows after Neptune.

"I guess so. Gather four of these things, get our fairy nag, beat up an old hag. Just a normally sane day around here. Also no matter how much damage you do that thing gets back up after the first round." Neptune comments as she and Compa take off running. The guard vermin comes stomping out of the cave and shakes its fist at the duo before being offered roasted tulip by Plutia. Plutia then calmly folds up the spit roast and stool she had before dousing the fire with a water spell and following after the fleeing duo. The guard vermin shrugs before biting into the food as it walks back into the cave.

Author corner

Random and off the wall but what does one expect when retelling hyperdimension after the fact. Neptune doesn't have amnesia, dlc level cap is well in the thousands do to all the game dlcs stacking, Plutia is around doing her own thing and a few random things since she can.