Title: To Catch A Thief

Author: Aino Yuy aka Usagi-Hater

Disclaimer: I, Aino Yuy aka Usagi-Hater, hereby swear I do not own anything. Not the shows, Gundam Wing and Sailor Moon, or the characters, Minako, Ami, Makoto, Rei, Heero, Duo, Trowa, Wufei, Quatre, Relena, and other people. But you must remember the title and the plot of this story is my idea! I haven't encountered any GW/SM fics that has to do with the scouts as thieves and the pilots as the catchers. If there are, well what can I say? It's not like authors don't use plots that have been used already. And I made sure the title of this fic was not used in the GW/SM crossover section. So don't flame me about that!

Author Notes: Yes, I am going to re-editing the prologue. At first when I wrote it, I had a cold. Of course my head wasn't really thinking into the future. So I got stuck in what I was going to write next. Now, that I thought it over, I'm going to change some stuff.



~Someone's P.O.V.~

You could say my friends and I are the bad guys, being one of the top thieves ever around in the Sanq Kingdom. But to tell the truth we're just normal poor teenaged girls...

Neither I nor my friends, Makoto, Rei, and Ami, were born in the Sanq Kingdom. When we were young, looking for a place to stay, we happen to past by the kingdom. Lucky, we followed my friend Ami's advice and found a small abandoned area near the market place.

Seeing that it had been empty for a long time, we decided to call the Sanq Kingdom our home. But of course we were only thirteen at the time and we didn't have any money.

Makoto and Rei did try to get jobs, but faith wasn't with us that Fall... Winter began to snow in and we were all very hungry. We managed to survive by picking food out of the garbage cans. But of course that never was able to fill our stomachs.

And then, that day happened... Ami and I were watching from affair, on a tree branch, the winter festival held by the palace. My stomach was growling so much, it made me feel so sick. I could also hear Ami's but she did not complain at all.

Looking around, I saw a girl with dirty blonde hair sitting on a throne with two adults. Ami had explained to me that they were the king and queen and the girl was the princess of the Sanq Kingdom.

She was waving to everyone as the crowed gasped at her beauty. But I was admiring the small white pouch dangling at her side. I could tell right from where I was that it was filled with gold.

I told my blue haired friend that I would be back and quickly jumped off the tree branch. Squeezing my way around the crowd until I was close to the girl, I began to crawl underneath the stand where the thrones were seated, which the bottom was hidden with a red drape.

Slowly letting my head sneak out and grip the small bag softly; I begin to have my other hand pull the slipknot. It was a good thing that the princess's chair was very close to the edge. Everyone was too busy watching the circus to notice my doings. I was finally able to get the bag and crawl out again when I accidentally bumped into a boy.

He was dressed in what looked like an army uniform. He looked at me as I tried to keep my balance. The boy then noticed the bag in my hand and his face seemed to darken.

Even if he had caught me in the act, I was already loosing my balance and began to fall when I felt arms from behind grab me. Looking up, I was contented to see Ami's face.

She said nothing but took my hand and ran. We ran away from the crowd but I noticed the boy following us. Was he some kind of soldier or something? He did have the clothes but how could he be one? He was far too young... probably the same age as me.

While we were on the run, the crowd started to cheer. I looked at the performers briefly to spot a small clown boy standing on a ball with one leg. He was carrying a small girl in his arms at the process.

Luckily that performance happened because I noticed that the boy who was chasing us was pulled away by another boy who was also dressed in a soldier uniform. He had his hair tied into a long braid as his arms wrapped around the other boy.

I remembered the daggered look he gave his friend for the interference and the look he gave me and Ami as we disappeared from the crowd.

Yes, that was the beginning of our profession. When we got back to our hideout, we were able to count the money and realized it would last us at least a week and half. We all had a debate and chose that it was time to take matters in our own hand. We decided to become thieves.

Now, I have been a thief for three years. It's not that bad though. You get to have anything you want; if you can rob it, and you can also get your name posted everywhere. Well... except for the fact that the word, "WANTED," in big red letters is engraved on top. Oh well, I guess you can't have everything.

Anyways, remember that boy I met in the winter festival three years ago? I found out that he was a new recruit for the army, being drafter and trained at the age of five from another country. I have heard his friends call him Heero.

Ami has told me once that he had once served in the army for the Sanq Kingdom, protecting the princess and the royal family. He became a hero in everyone's eyes, especially to the princess.

Oh, and get this, that spoiled princess sent him and four other soldiers to capture me and my friends. I know, as if! Just because the Sanq Kingdom calls them the best doesn't mean that they'll be able to. After all, they have been trying to arrest us for a month. Yup, a month. How pathetic.

... Alright, alright. I was bluffing. They are good. 'Very' good. They even almost caught Ami once!

Hopefully, they won't catch me... hopefully. Because that Heero guy sure is determined to catch me for some reason. I wonder why?

And damn, today seems to be his lucky day! They're gaining on me!

~End of P.O.V~


Author's Notes: So, how's that for long? Ok, maybe it's not that long, but it's definitely much longer than the past prologue. Oh yes, and this will not always be in the person's point of view.