Title: To Catch A Thief

Authors: Aino Yuy aka Usagi-Hater

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Chapter 2: An Escape Plan

Rei and Makoto let out a curse word as the three bandits turned to look at the five captors. Heero held a gun aiming at them, his eyes cold. He scanned the place noticing one of them missing.

"Where's your other friend?" He asked.

Rei folded her arms as she looked mockingly at the soldier. "And we'd tell you of all people?"

Makoto and Rei smirked, noticing Wufei and Heero's glowers darken. Ami, trying hard not to show any fear, kept a normal face. Makoto had always told her never to let them know that she in truth was frightened out of her wits because of them.

She recalled the time when these boys had cornered her and almost caught her. She was still a bit shaky after it. They almost even got a hold of her if she hadn't thought of an escape plan.


"Don't let her get away!" Heero ordered as the five separated to cut Ami off.

She had been caught trying to snatch a bag of silver from a civilian when the jet-black haired soldier saw her from a distance.

Running as fast as her legs could take her, Ami quickly ran around the market stands to keep out of reach. Trowa almost caught hold of her hood but she ducked quickly.

While she ran, she could see up a head a long slow moving line of carriages, blocking her way of escape. 'Oh no!' she screamed in her head.

But instantly, her mind went to work, thinking up a plan while her eyes darted around to see if any item would be of use. And there she saw it. The perfect item to match with a perfect escape plan.

Still running with the five soldier right behind, Ami stopped and grabbed a very long wooden staff from a stand that was sealing poles and clay pots. Taking it in her hands she placed it in front of her, making the boys stop.

'Is she going to fight us?' Quatre asked as he watched the smaller girl hold the stick up defensively.

Ami kept her eyes on them. Makoto had taught her some good tricks with a mere stick and she knew it would be useful at this very dangerous attempt. "Come closer and you'll get the worst beating of your life," she warned dangerously.

She felt foolish when she saw the smirk appear on Wufei's face. She of course could never fight off these guys alone and they knew it. It was five against one. And Duo was sure confident. He took a step closer to Ami.

With this, Ami said, "Bad move," and swung the tip of her stick to pick up a pot by its handle. She threw it with great force towards Duo, making it crash into his stomach. She repeated this movie swiftly, throwing as many pots that were close enough with the wooden stick. While the boys dodged them, the blue haired thief took this as a signal and ran off towards the still blocked pathway of carriages, her "weapon" still in hand.

"What's she doing?" Wufei asked.

In the soldiers' eyes, it looked like she was going to run into a huge wagon up ahead. But Ami had other plans. Her grip tightened close to the end of her stick before she leaped up as high as she could, flung the stick hard on the ground, and boosted herself higher up in the air. Pole-vault

"Oh my god, she's crazy!" Quatre gasped.

Duo shared the same expression as the blonde, shocked. Trowa and Wufei couldn't believe their eyes as well. What was she thinking? She was so high in the air she wouldn't be able to land properly on her feet. She would definitely break her neck.

Heero, on the other hand, just watched. This girl wasn't a member of the best thieves in the Sang Kingdome for nothing. Unlike his other comrades, he did not underestimate her.

And he was right. Ami, in the air, did a front flip and landed on a carriage that was behind the wagon. In a blink of an eye she jumped on the nearest roof when the carriage passed it, soon going out of sight.

"She made it," Trowa whispered, completely stunned.

~*End of Flashback*~

Indeed it shocked Ami as well when she performed that perilous getaway a week ago. And it also hurt her feet for she had not landed well. But now was a good time to think of another plan to get away.

"Babes, this chase has been going on long enough. Can't we just end it here and you guys give up?" Duo asked.

Rei and Makoto exchanged 'YEAH-RIGH' looks. Even though each boy was pointing a gun at them, they still wouldn't give up without a fight. "In your dreams only," Makoto retorted.

While this was going on, everyone was giving Makoto and Rei all the attention. Ami, on the other hand, was looking around for an escape route. And when her eyes fell on something, her brain thought up of an idea.

The boy with blonde hair had a smoke grenade tied around his belt. He, out of all of them, seemed to be the gentle one. His eyes gave it away. Out of all of them, he was not glaring, smirking, or not showing any emotions at all. He held pity in his blue eyes.

This would certainly make Makoto and Rei annoyed for they did not like being showed sympathy on. But Ami took this as an advantage. He did not seem the type to shoot at them.

From the corner of her eyes, Makoto was the nearest. Close enough for her to fill in on the plan. Darting her eyes back at the five boys, she tried to get Makoto's attention and at the same time, trying not to be obvious. But of course, she did catch the eye of the leader of the group.

"Listen weak onna's. We don't have all year going after little mice. And unlike you, I'm getting very exasperated with this assignment. Now just give up, we have you cornered." Wufei scoffed.

Ami's was able to get closer to Makoto, their shoulders touching. Makoto and Rei already knew that Ami was thinking up a plan. This was how it always went. They got cornered, and it's Ami's brain to the rescue. And it was Rei's and Makoto's job to keep the boys occupied.

"We are not weak! If we were we'd already be hanged. But it seemed we've been able to outsmart you for a month and calling us weak isn't the right thing to say!" Rei snapped back at the Chinese soldier.

Rei and Makoto would always take it the hardest when Wufei called them "weak onnas." They were certainly far from weak.

Through the corner of Makoto's eyes, she could see Ami. She could see Ami eyeing the smoke grenade around Quatre's waist. Understanding what to do, Makoto slightly nodded before giving her full attention to the five boys.

As Heero pretended to keep his eyes on Rei, he could tell that Makoto and Ami were up to something. Trowa noticed this too when his eyes fell on Makoto to notice her quickly glancing at Quatre's grenade.

"Oh come on, don't you know how much damaged you've caused during the years? It's only right to stop you." Duo pointed out.

"We haven't killed anyone at all during our stealing! No one at all! And if your stupid spoiled princess can't accept the fact that we're poor people who need to steal if we're going to survive, while she's up there in that very palace probably sleeping in her king size bed, than I call that unreasonable!" Makoto yelled.

"And you can all go to hell!" she added, before kicking a large wooden box nearby as hard as she could towards them. The container opened, letting out fruits while it zoomed over the boys, making them trying to get out of the way.

At this, Ami ran towards Quatre, who was loosing his balance after trying to dodge the box, and pulled the grenade off his belt. Heero quickly aimed his gun at Ami and fired, shooting her in the arm.

"Heero stop! We had orders not to kill them!" Duo yelled, grabbing Heero's arm to prevent him from trying to shoot again.

The sting was agonizing on Ami's arm but Rei was already by her side. She tripped Quatre, took the grenade from Ami's hand and threw it. Smoke from the small bomb filled the air, stinging any eyes that were left open.

Ami and Rei had their eyes closed while they got on their feet and ran as far away from the guards, the smoke hiding them from view, as possible. Makoto was already out of the huge thick smoke.

"Come on, let's get out of here!" Makoto called from a distance as Rei and Ami ran towards her. But they skidded to a stop when a bullet shot in front of them. Another one shot near Makoto's left, making her jump from shock.

Turning around, they saw Heero and Trowa running their direction. Trowa already knew what was going on and so he had his eyes closed before the grenade exploded. Heero was always prepared and had already tried to get as far away before it could sting his eyes. The other three, Quatre, Duo, and Wufei were taken by surprised and were blinded at the moment.

Grabbing Ami's undamaged arm, Rei pushed her to keep running. "They have guns Ami, don't stop now!" She ordered.

"Split up!" Makoto yelled to them before she ran a different direction, taking the south side of an alleyway. Rei and Ami took the east side, headed for the end of the marketplace.

Heero and Trowa, without saying a word, did the same, with Heero going after Ami and Rei, and Trowa headed towards the south alley following Makoto.

'Maybe now I'll be able to find out this feeling I have for this girl,' Trowa thought to himself as he ran faster. He knew he had to capture this particular thief if he ever wanted his questions answered.


Author Notes: What Ami did in her flashback was called a Pole-vault. I just took out the landing part of the game. I have never tried it before but it seems fun. Although it can also be dangerous if not done correctly.

If people are thinking I am portraying Ami out of character, may I ask why do you say that? Ami is NOT weak and fragile. In many fics authors seems to have her that way but she is not. Yes, she the polite, shy one of the Inners but it does not mean that she can't kick butt. She has helped in battles many times with her powers. So please don't think Ami is being too... physically powerful for your liking.

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