One Shot—A Little Luck

'Goddamn…!' I thought to myself, 'How did it come to this?'

I walked limply through Jump City, hoping for a moment of peace after the events that just took place. The wind blew lightly in my face, a slight—but evident—sting came from it that caused me to squint my eyes a bit. As I walked, I thought back to all that happened today. While I did, even I found it a little hard to believe that so much happened all in just one day. Thinking on it didn't make me feel any better, though—just worse.

I should've kept my mouth shut…I should've let it go. But, I know that it was better I be honest. Even if it hurt me; even if it hurt us.

My pace quickened beyond my control as I thought harder, recalling every detail—or, as much as I could, at least—of what went down. It happened at a restaurant local to the town. One I happened to go fairly often—what an idiot, that boy…

'"Oh my god! You're Kid Flash!" Yelled a particularly happy girl. She was short, but busty, and had bright green eyes with bleach-blonde hair (obviously dyed). She was a little chunky, only a little, but it made her look even more adorable and, frankly, attractive.

"That's right, I am!" Kid Flash replied. He had a smug look on his face when he did so.

The girl 'squeed' a bit more before asked for an autograph. That's when more came over. One, a tall brunette with an even bigger chest. Another was also blonde, though her hair was shorter, darker, and she had wide—and I mean wide—brown eyes and long eyelashes that just wouldn't stop fluttering.

I happened to pass by just as the girls began oh-so-obviously flirting with him. And Kid Flash loved it. The attention, the girls. He's so full of himself, it's ridiculous.

I squinted my eyes as I thought, 'Am I seeing this right?' Kid Flash, my boyfriend, was flirting with three other girls right in front of me. My face felt warmer—probably red by now—and I imagined smoke bursting out of my ears and nose. 'What the hell?!'

I crossed my arms and tapped my foot, just waiting for him to notice my presence. 'You're kidding, right?!' I thought. This guy…! He makes me so mad sometimes! Those around me could see the pink glow my eyes let off, but I decided to control that part of me.

Then, I helped him out a little by clearing my throat and tapping his shoulder. Still, with a grin on his face, he turned around as quick as he could run, looking me right in the eye.

My gaze didn't falter, not once, but his did. That's when he knew.

"Oh! Jinxy, hey! What's up?" He smiled at me innocently, turning around completely to face me properly—though, there was nothing 'proper' about him.

"'What's up'?' That's all you have to say?" I spoke with extra emphasis in the word 'all', causing a raised eyebrow from Kid Flash in return. (Wish I could do that…)

"What do you mean?" He said, that stupid grin never leaving his stupid face—stupid-cute.

I rolled my eyes. 'You're kidding?!' I thought once more. This. Guy.

I sighed, trying not to sound too rude as I spoke.

"Isn't there anywhere we could talk in private?" I said in a lower tone than my usual girl-ish voice.

Both of his eyebrows raised at that—I guess he wasn't expecting that—before his face went back to its usual look.

"Oh! Sure thing, Slow-Poke!" He said as he grabbed my wrist and used his super speed to take me to his home, all the way in Keystone-fricken-City.

Trying to regain my composure, I placed my hand on my head, breathing a bit quicker than just a second ago—and my heart beating quicker, too.

"Warn me next time, damn it!" I said to him, for a split second forgetting I was even angry.

"Whoops, sorry 'bout that!" He replied.

"Uh-huh…" I mumbled, keeping me gaze on the floor for a moment longer. Once I had completely regained my composure, and stood up straight, I looked my boyfriend right in his captivating, light blue eyes.

"So, what'd you want to talk about, Slow-Poke?" He asked me. (I'm not all that fond of the nickname, but, it's better than 'Lucky' I guess…)

"I don't know, maybe all that flirting you've been doing!" I replied, my voice growing a little bit louder as I spoke each word.

"Flirting?" He asked, as if he had no clue what I was even talking about.

"Just now? Yesterday? Last week?" I spoke, "It feels like, the second I turn my back from you, you're already eyeing some other girl!" I began to feel a bit upset, but tried my best to hide it.

"I wasn't flirting, Jinx. I was just chatting with them!" He tried to defend himself.

"Seriously, you were just 'chatting'? That's the best you could come up with?" I placed my left hand on my hip as I finished my sentence.

"Yes! Just chatting! Like I said, no flirting happening! Okay?" He smiled sincerely at me, trying to guilt-trip me again, but, this time, I wouldn't budge.

"You don't get it, Kid Flash. A handsome guy can't just chat with girls. Especially girls like that!" The hurt I began to feel grew.

"Handsome?" He smirked down at me—I hate it when he does that (I feel short…).

"You're missing the point!" I tried as long as I could to hide the fact that I was upset, but now, you could hear it in my voice.

"They just wanted autographs, Jinx…!" He kept on a reassuring smile as he spoke.

"It's not just autographs they want, Kid Flash…" I didn't want to say that rest, I really didn't, but, I couldn't help myself, "They want…you…" Damn it, now I sound like a stupid jealous girlfriend. My nose and cheeks were pink now, and I had averted my gaze away from Kid Flash.

He didn't reply for a second, a little shocked by my sudden change in tone—and attitude—but, he soon spoke again. (Like he always does.)

"But, I don't want them," He smiled down at me, his eyebrows furrowing upward, "I want you…" He put his hand on my shoulder, nudging me to look him in the eye.

I wanted to believe him, I really did, but…I couldn't. I couldn't trust that, after today, he would stop trying to lead on random girls. I couldn't make eye contact with him as I spoke, I couldn't bear it.

"…" I was silent at first, reluctant to say what I wanted to. I wanted to say 'Really?' or, 'Okay' and smile, see his smile. I wanted to hug it off, be happy for a while. With him, with us, together, but…

"Sure…" I said, closing my eyes for a little bit to keep myself from showing the emotion I was feeling completely. The butterflies flying as fast as Kid Flash could run inside me. I focused entirely on keeping that 'forget it' feeling from letting loose.

"What?" He said, his smile slowly fading. I brushed his hand off of my shoulder, gripping my arm.

I didn't reiterate. I didn't want to. I looked up at him, trying to focus on his whole face, rather than just his eyes, but failed miserably at doing so.

"See you later, Kid Flash." I said, turning my body around, my back facing toward him. I left without another word from either of us. I thought about looking back, running into his arms, or even going back in time change my answer, but it was too late. And I couldn't bear to see his face now…'

"Jesus, what is wrong with me…?" I asked myself, stopping short on the sidewalk in front of an old, run-down building no one cared for. I rested my face in my palm, my neck bent downward as I stood in place.

"Don't know..." I heard an overly-familiar voice come from behind, one that always made my heart skip a beat.

I whipped around, my short dress flying a little bit with the movement.

"What…?" I scanned his features, taking note of every little detail. From his unmasked face, to his saturated-as-hell blue eyes. I knew it was him, even without the mask. His hair was a bit messy, and looked like it almost defied gravity the way it stood in the position it was always styled with the way his mask formed around his head. He wore a plain yellow shirt and dark blue jeans and tennis shoes. His face was covered in freckles—I never knew he had any; it was the first time I'd seen him without his mask.

He smiled at me, obviously hoping I wanted to see him. For once, I was absolutely thrilled that this boy never gave up.

"Slow-Poke?" He asked, looking me right in my unnaturally pink eyes.

A small smile crept onto my features. When I was a villainess, I never let a genuine, relieved, and over-all humane smile show. But, I've changed since then.

"Hey…!" My smile grew, as did his, as I hugged him.

"Hey" He said back, hugging me tightly, then, shocking me in the process, he pulled me into a kiss.

"Eh…?" I 'asked' when he pulled back. We'd been dating for a while, but he'd never kissed me before.

Maybe I'm not as unlucky as I'd originally thought…