The babe was sleeping, Robert stood over his crib, watching in amazement. He was so small, but he already had a huge tuft of black hair, and when he was awake he was always moving. Be it through the kicking of his legs, or the persistent requests to be carried. He was always on the move. Robert was glad, it was a sign his son was strong and that he would not be pushed over by anything. As they were a new dynasty that was very important. They could not afford to show weakness. He turned to look at his wife, with her hair down, her eyes on him, and he smiled. Despite what he'd thought about her initially, Cersei wasn't so bad. True she was a bit haughty, but then what else would one expect from a Lannister?

He walked over to her and sat down at her side. "You know, I think perhaps when he is able to walk, we should give him his own nursery. Keeping him here is okay for now, but later, he shall need his independence."

"I agree. It's just that, we are so new to this, I did not want him too gone from our side." Cersei responded.

"I understand." Robert replied. There was a constant worry that some fool Targaryen supporter would try something that might potentially damage their son. That was something that Robert would not allow, could not allow. He'd just executed a man of his household when he'd learned that the man had been plotting something.

"Do you think Beesbury will part with a few coins to enable the construction of the nursery?" Cersei asked.

Robert laughed, Beesbury was a good master of coin, but he was notoriously tight fisted and asked for a full account of everything when it came to expenditure. "He will if I demand it of him. The man never knows how to refuse a command."

Cersei laughed as well. "That is true." There was a brief pause then as they both considered the oddity that was Lord Beesbury, unlike the times he'd spent with Lyanna before the rebellion, there were no awkward silences, instead these silences were often filled with contemplative thought. Truth be told, Robert thought Cersei was by far the more intriguing woman, Lyanna had been wild, and yes that had held its appeal, but now he was King he wanted someone to work with. Not some woman who'd constantly pretend she was a boy.

Robert picked up a piece of paper he'd been reading and groaned. "Stannis continues to object to being given Dragonstone. I do not think my brother has the brain cells to figure out that I've honoured him by giving him the seat of the former Prince of Dragonstone, and the base where the Targaryens launched their invasion of Westeros. Furthermore, he is the one person I trust to actually stand against those dragon idiots and their followers."

Cersei stuck her hand out and he passed her the letter, she read through it and sighed. "I think he is still quite angry that you gave Renly Storm's End. Truth be told, do you truly think your youngest brother will make a good lord? He already seems more concerned with the finer things than with actually paying attention to his studies."

Robert sighed. He received regular reports on his brother's progress from Maester Waldon, and the images weren't good. "I suppose it is too much to hope that the man teaches my brother the basics of being a lord. After all, Renly does seem to have inherited my trait of wanting to do everything and nothing at once. A most unfortunate thing when one considers just where he will be."

Cersei nodded. "I suppose he could always come to King's Landing to be taught here. Under your direct supervision."

"I suppose so." Robert said. Then he broached a topic he had been dreading. "Your father wrote to me again. He wants to talk about Jaime being released from the Kingsguard."

Cersei tensed then, Robert knew she was close to her brother, and that was one of the few reasons he'd not had the Kingslayer executed for being the Kingslayer. That and well, Robert wanted to mine the bastard for information. "What did you say?" his wife asked.

"I told him the truth. That no member of the Kingsguard has ever left the Kingsguard whilst being alive. They either die a traitor or in the service of the royal family, and that was how it would remain. He didn't seem too happy about that, but considering the trading tariffs have been lowered in his favour I think he will keep quiet for now." Robert replied. He felt some satisfaction at seeing the smile on his wife's face.

"I think he will try and remarry though, he will not want Tyrion to be Lord of the Rock after him. Either that, or he will name one of Kevan's children as his heir." Cersei said.

Robert nodded. "Indeed, that seems the most likely course he will take. Of course, I do not think allowing Kevan or his children to inherit the Rock would be in our interests. After all, it denies the fundamental tenant of the succession. If Tyrion is disqualified because of his disabilities, then you are the heir to the Rock and its domains. Consequently, our children are also in line. And I do not want some lackey of your father's sitting there."

"I agree." Cersei said. "So, what do you propose?"

Robert thought for a moment and then said. "I propose we keep an eye on the situation and ensure that your father does not forget that the only reason his head does not rest atop a spike on the traitor's gate is because of you, and the fact that your leniency is what saved him."

"He will not like that."

"He doesn't have to like it. He is a lord, not a child."