Disclaimer: Everyone but Sarah belongs to Mr. Kempner and the people at Sci-Fi who really ruined the whole Farscape thing
by ending it.

Notes: Don't ask where Sarah came from. I couldn't tell you. And this is definitely a PWP. And my first 'Scape fic, so
be nice, please?

Just Call Him Buckwheat

She's never liked boats. Or water, for that matter. When she was smaller, it was almost impossible to get her to
take a bath. Chiana would struggle for at least an arn before I came in and threw her into the water, clothing and all.

I didn't want to, but there was no choice. She's seven cycles old now, and it's not so hard anymore. She understand
better, but I see the discomfort in her eyes as she closes the door to bath.

She doesn't know why she has this fear.

I do. All too well, I know.

"Uncle D'Argo?"

I look up to see her standing in the doorway. She's just had a bath, her light brown hair wet, her crystal-blue
eyes staring at me.

"Yes, Sarah?"

She stands there fidgeting, and I sigh. "Come here."

She walks in and sits next to me, playing with a braid in my hair. She tried to swing from it, once when she was
three. That wasn't pleasant.

"What's wrong?" I ask.

She sighs an looks up at me, concern in her blue eyes. "Rygel said Mommy and Daddy died so they wouldn't have to
put up with me."

I feel rage well up inside of me, but hold it in for later. "That's not true," I tell her. "Your parents loved you."

"But they never met me," she replies.

I shake my head. "That doesn't matter. You're their daughter. I bet you they're looking down on you right now
smiling about how silly you're being." I smile. "In fact, I think I hear your father asking me to beat up Rygel for him."

She smiles brilliantly. "Really?"

I nod. "Really." My smile widens. "And he says he loves you, and the next time Rygel says something mean you
should call him Buckwheat."

She's confused now. "Buckwheat?"

I nod. "Buckwheat." I sigh. "It's late. You should get some sleep."

"Can I watch you beat up Rygel, first?" she asks, obviously excited.

I think a moment before saying "no."

She pouts, but I am a Luxian. Such tactics don't…

I hear myself sigh and say "Fine," and I kick myself for being weak. I get up, letting her take my hand and we go
on a slug hunt.