Shiho was staring at the ceiling. She couldn't sleep. She was exhausted. Exhausted by everything in her life. She wanted to escape somewhere, to a place where she could live in peace. Run away from responsibilities. Shiho always dreamed of this special place before going to sleep. A place where she didn't have to feel lonely and useless. In there she wouldn't have to go to school, practice volleyball and see...him.

Shiho flinched and wrapped her arms around her body. Thinking of that man made her skin crawl. She moved her hand against her neck and touched the marks. They were still sore. Her whole body was sore from today. It was unbelievable how fast everything had happened. Just about seven hours ago, Shiho had been in school. Mishima had told her to go meet Kamoshida at his office. She had gone, like always. Shiho wanted to cry. If only she had known what was the case, she wouldn't have opened the door...

"You called me here, sir... What is it?"

"About your position in the team... I'm afraid you can't be our starter, Suzui. You're not that good and I wonder if you ever be, if you won't do your best."

"I'm-...I'm doing my best! I have practice lessons the most on our team... I never skip them..," Shiho bit her lip.

"Hmm... Then it's not enough. You need to do more. But there is a solution..."

"And...What is that?"

Kamoshida smirked at her.

"Shiho-chan~... if you do as I say, I'll make you the starter. How that sounds?"

"I-I'll do anything..."

"In that case," Kamoshida's face turned wicked," Undress for me."

Shiho had been groped by the teacher before but never had he ordered her to undress, until then. Shiho had obeyed. She had a bad feeling why she was told to do so and she had been correct. And she had just let it happen. She hadn't fought back because she was weak. Powerless to defend herself.
Kamoshida had taken his time with her. Perhaps he had felt pity for her and wanted to lessen her pain. Either way, the man had enjoyed watching her struggle inside, incapable to do anything.

"How cute, you can't even scream... I bet you secretly love this, you pathetic slut."

Shiho closed her eyes tight. She could hear his mocking voice in her ears.

"Look at me."

No, she couldn't.

"Spread your legs."

She didn't want to.

"Moan my name."

Shiho covered her face and wept. She was ashamed of herself. Tomorrow was a school day and she had to see Kamoshida there. How could she after what happened? What would the man do to her for now on? Shiho panicked and hugged herself. She needed an escape route. She couldn't keep on living like this... She was ready to leave this world and find her special place. Ann would understand in the end. Shiho closed her eyes.

Tomorrow will be my last day...