Unfortunately, this is the last chapter.

Here I tie the ends together, and try to give it an epic epilogue.

Epic epilogue?


For those interested, I guess I could share a little 'the making off' with you.

For those not, the chapter title is between two lines, as usual, and thus it's easy to spot the beginning of the actual chapter.

Anyways, the idea of this fanfic is actually older than Someone like Me. The very first idea I wrote down, actually.

But I thought I lost it, until I took a look at that old USB that had been sitting on my desk for a long time. And there it was. A couple of old DBZ fanfic ideas.

This was by far the most worked out one, being 10k words long, and having details for at least just as much more.

So I decided to rewrite it. In between I lost my drive to write for some time, but that was something personal.

In about October of 2017, or November perhaps, I don't remember, I picked it up again, and rewrote the entire thing.

I originally intended this to be a one-shot. But the first half of the 10k grew into a 20k piece, with the second half being about 10k already as well.

I realised that a one-shot wasn't going to cut it, and changed things again, into what it is now.

Originally, I had the time machine be developed by Capsule Corp, which was mistakenly believed to be founded by Son Gohan. But unlike the Satanists, that just didn't really fit in. Mostly because I believed Gohan was perfectly capable of starting an actual company.

Then I thought 'Sure, why not?' and came up with Son Laboratories, just before uploading the first chapter.

At this point, I had three more chapters 'ready', but not actually finished.

All of this is the result of how I actually write my chapters.

I don't. Not individually. Every chapter is cut out of a text at least three times as long as the actual chapters. It's how I keep the story straight and flowing. In fact, most of the last three chapters were written as a single piece.

On the other hand, it does cutting the story into chapters a bit of a hassle, but since I mostly cut on pre-existing breaks already, it worked out pretty well.

It also means I'm a few chapters ahead, and have a general idea of where to go after that.

And that gives me the advantage of being able to make it flow seamlessly. Most of the chapters of this story can be put together to form a single long story, and you'd probably never notice it had been divided into chapters.

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It also allows me to alter chapters to fit the ones coming after them better.

For example, Ch 10 was mostly done already, and if I wanted to, I could have finished and uploaded without delaying. But the scene where Videl forgets her hairclips is something I added pretty much at the last moment, so it would flow into the scene in Ch 11, and not have it come out of nowhere. Among other things I added after the supposed upload date.

It ended up getting a thousand words longer.

Same story for Ch 11 and this one.

As for the story itself, it had a massive change. At first, it was pretty much Videl and Gohan being kidnapped by an unnamed Super Saiyan, who screwed up and dropped them of four hundred years into the future by accident.

By the way, this person was totally-not-Brolly, who wanted to conquer the world.

Videl was revered as the hero who beat Cell and Majin Buu, but wasn't yet the ancestor of the Satanists.

Gohan was legendary as the founder of Capsule Corp and the first Super Saiyan.

The entire thing with the counsel happened, save for totally-not-Brolly being a counsel member.

The war happened in earnest. Gohan ended it by Kikoho-ing totally-not-Brolly through the planet.

And then the fake ending happened.

Pretty different from what is it now, isn't it?

Floating cities, the new Kami, Son Laboratories and even the new Capsule Corp are things I tacked on later. Though there were also a few things I had to drop. I regret that a little, but in the end, those things just didn't fit in.

And here we are now. The last chapter of the story.

Well, then, let's start, shall we?

Chapter 12, and Into the Unknown.

"She dropped her stuff off in her room, and we came here." Gohan finished.

"That was so cool." Goten claimed. He had sat through the entire thing, listening closely and eagerly.

Chichi had been sceptical at first, but all of that was washed away when the part of Gohan becoming a world renowned scientist came up.

She believed everything from that point on.

Of course, the two knew better than to tell her everything. They left out how the time machine didn't actually have enough room for them both, and they had to squeeze together. Or how Videl burned her bed, and they ended up sharing one.

Yeah, the more personal parts were left out, for the sake of peace and quiet.

But that did leave one little plot-hole.

"So at what point did you decide to have a relationship?" Chichi asked them, not having missed them glossing over that part.

"Err…" Gohan blushed a little. "Just after we dropped off Videl's stuff, actually. We kind of confessed, and she asked me to become her boyfriend."

"Did you kiss?" Goten asked the important question.

"Yes, we kissed." Videl smiled at him. Such a cute innocent boy.

"Ew." He reacted, completely how everyone thought he would. "Does Gohan have cooties now?"

"You better believe he does." Videl nodded.

"Please don't tease him like that." Chichi said to Videl, though she herself was also smiling at the adorable kid.

While telling the story, the two women had grown on each other. Which was good news for Gohan, since he no longer had to keep the peace between the two sniping at each other.

"He's really gullible, you know?" Chichi continued.

"Oh, I know all about that." Videl looked sideways at her man, who just grinned shyly.

"By the way." Chichi started. "Did you really have to tell your father you're pregnant?"

"No." Videl replied. "But I had to get at him somehow."

"But why would you do that?" Chichi continued.

"Have you ever met him?" Videl returned.

"Thank Kami, no." Chichi replied.

"Well there you go." Videl made her point. "He's so self absorbed and obnoxious, I had to give him something really shocking, or he'd never listen."

"I think you just wanted revenge." Chichi stated.

"That too." Videl admitted. "Anyways, it is getting late, and I think it is past time I went home. Kami knows I've been gone for too long already."

And it was at this precise moment that Videl's wristband started going off.

"Ah, speak of the devil." She commented.

"You mean the Satan." Gohan added, leaning over.

"Oh, shush you." She laughed as she pushed him away with her knuckles. "Videl here."

"VIDEL!" A familiar voice screamed. "You're ok! Where have you been? What happened to you? Where are you? Do you need help?" The chief of police started firing questions faster than the girl could answer them.

"Where is she?" Another, deeper, also familiar voice. "Is she ok?" Her father asked loudly.

"I'm fine." Videl answered, a little annoyed. "I'm over at Gohan's. I was just about to leave, actually. I'll be home in…" She looked up at Gohan. "Could you give me a lift? If I go myself, it'll take forever."

"Sure." Gohan nodded.

"I'll be home in a few minutes." She said, and closed the line. "I guess we better get going." She said to Gohan. And continued to Chichi. "It's been nice meeting you ma'am, I'm sure we'll meet again soon."

"Just call me Chichi, dear." The older woman stated kindly.

"Now I've got to break the news to my father. Hopefully he won't take it too bad." Videl started rambling. "Then again, at least I'm not pregnant."

"You better not be." Chichi stated with an icy undertone.

Gohan could see where this was going, and stood up. "Let's go." He stated. "Or we'll be late. I'll be back in a few, mom."

"Be safe." She waved as the two walked out.

Outside Videl latched on to Gohan again, and they went on their way.

"So." Videl started. "What day is it anyway?"

"I'm not sure." Gohan admitted.

"Think there's school tomorrow? You think our parents will make us go?"

"My mother? Definitely."

"Ok, fine, I'll be there." Videl promised. "I don't think we should tell Erasa and Sharpner. About us, I mean. The whole future and energy thing too, actually."

"Why not?" Gohan questioned. "You took it in stride, didn't you?"

"That was different." Videl stated. "And I had an entire week to ease into it, and I'm still not really getting it. Besides, I'm fine with your mother and my father knowing about us, but if anyone else knows, it's going to be world wide news."

"And what is wrong with that?" He questioned.

"Didn't you see that newspaper?" She returned. "They think you kidnapped me. If we reveal we're in a relationship now, the media's going to explode."

"And why would that be a bad thing?" He questioned.

"Because… because…" She had to think for a second. "You'll have your face plastered everywhere." She then stated.

"Well, that's going to happen anyhow." Gohan pointed out.

"Oh, nice one." She grinned. "Fine, have it your way. But remember, we can't take back what has been said. Besides, we still have the whole 'kidnapped' issue to deal with."

"I'm sure you and your father can smooth the whole thing over." Gohan voiced his confidence.

"Yeah, I think we can." She agreed. "I guess we're just gifted that way."

"Gifted?" Gohan raised his eyebrows. "You overthrew a world government."

"I did that, didn't I?" She grinned. "By the way, do you think I could, you know, theoretically, convince people to crown me Queen of the World, or something?"

"Really?" Gohan asked in disbelief.

"Theoretically." She repeated.

"What are you planning?" He got just a teensy weensy little bit suspicious.

"Nothing, I'm just curious." She replied.

"Sure." He said. "To be honest, I think you could pull that off. Maybe not as fast, since you were banking on your four century old legend, but you do have a way."

"World conquest." She stated. "Now there's an idea. Too bad you and your friends probably won't let me."

"No, we won't." He stated.

"I guess for all my talents I'm still no match for your power."

"Actually, you've become pretty powerful yourself."

"I don't feel pretty powerful."

"That's because I'm the one who set the bar ridiculously high." Gohan admitted. "Let's see, to give you some perspective. Ah. Once upon a time." He suddenly thought of something.

"You're not going to tell a fairy tale, are you?"

"Demon King Piccolo tried to take over the world."

"Ok, I did not see that coming."

"He knew how to use his energy back then, and he used his power to take over the world. No one could stop him, even the united front of an entire school of energy users were no match."

"But he was defeated by a master with a special technique." Videl finished. "We all know the story."

"Master Mutaito, and the Evil Containment Wave." Gohan informed her. "And it is the truth. Now, if it hadn't been for Master Mutaito, Piccolo would have ruled the world.

And, as you are now, you are at least twice as powerful."

"What?" She was dumbfounded. "No way!"

"It's true." Gohan continued. "Most Satanists were more powerful than King Piccolo was."

"Am I really that strong?" Videl just couldn't believe it. Piccolo single handedly conquered the world. And she was supposed to be twice as powerful?

Yeah, no. No way!

'Yes way!' A different part of her mind argued. 'You had your power unlocked by Kami Himself. And you had training from Son Gohan, the Super Saiyan, the True Defeater of Cell. Just because you're not up to their level doesn't mean you're not strong.'

'Up to their level?' She asked herself. And gained a confident little smile. 'Yet.'

"By the way, I still don't recommend you trying to take over the world." Looked like Gohan was taking that one seriously.

Then again, she didn't actually expect him to believe she could.

"And why not?" She asked.

"My friends and I aside, that would bring a whole load of trouble to everyone. And we are not going to let you use the Dragon Balls to fix your mess."

"Aw." She pouted. "Will you at least let me have my own country?"

"No." He denied without a second's thought.

"My own city?" She tried.

"You already have one." He pointed out.

"That's my father's. I want my own." She bullshitted on the spot.

"I'm going to have to go with no." He denied her again.

"My own town then?" She went down even more.

"I'll let you rule over your own house." He compromised.

"Cheapskate." She laughed.

He just hugged her a little tighter, and she snuggled herself in his neck.

Ah, this was the good life. No worries, no cameras, no reputation to keep, no image to uphold. She didn't have to come across as strong. She could just be Videl, a love struck maiden in the arms of her boyfriend.

And now, that was all she wanted to be.

To bad it didn't last al that long.

All too soon, the mansion came into view. And with it, plenty of red and blue flashing lights. A whole herd of police cars had taken up residence at the gates of her home.

"What the?" She asked out loud, detaching herself from Gohan. "What's going on here?"

"I think your father called all the police."

"Yeah, no kidding." She sighed. "Ah well, roof looks unguarded."

Indeed it was.

So the two of them landed there. It was awfully dark, especially compared to the bright red and blue just past the edge.

"If you really want to prevent me from taking over the world, you better watch me closely." Videl playfully jested as she went towards the door.

"You know, I think I will." He stated. 'Watch her closely.' His mind echoed. And his eyes went over her back. Her slender yet powerful back. She was still wearing that vest of his. Looked like he wasn't going to get that back anytime soon.

They went inside, and the light allowed him to see her better.

The vest didn't go all the way, and a slip of white came from underneath. But thanks to the vest, the white cloth was forced to hang around her more tightly.

He could make out the shapes of her hips. He watched her walk in front of him. And he noticed a certain movement, one he definitely didn't notice before.

Her hips were swaying ever so slightly. It wasn't much, and wouldn't even be visible at all if it wasn't for his vest.

Her thighs underneath were plainly visible. In fact, it was like she was showing them off. And they were something to show off too. Soft, yet developed, yet not overly thick.

Just like the part just above those. Indeed, thanks to her regular training, those were quite tight. He could even see her buttocks flexing and relaxing as she walked.

He watched as she stopped, opened a door to a room, and kept walking again.

He reflected to himself how remarkably soft she was. How much he could squeeze her without hurting her. And she even seemed to like it.

A little lost in thought, he really hoped she didn't say anything, because he would not have heard it.

Luckily, she didn't.

Then she stopped again, opened another door, and closed it again.

This time she didn't walk.

She just put her hand over her behind.


His eyes went up, and met her own blue ones.

"Not that closely." She said, scowling at him a little.


He felt a serious blush tainting his cheeks, and once again he brought up his hand to his neck.

She just giggled at him. Though she was feeling a little creeped out, she did enjoy that guilty look on his face. And, well, he was her boyfriend now. She decided to take it as a complement.

"Come on!" She stated. "I think dad is here somewhere. By the way, can you sense his energy?"

"Yes." He nodded. And decided to take a sense.

Wow, there were a lot of people here. Must explain the herd outside. But even if he didn't know how to use his energy, Hercule Satan still stuck out like a sore thumb.

"He is about two floors below us." Gohan informed the girl.

"Two floors?" She repeated. "That's the main living room, I think. What's he doing all the way over there?"

"I don't know." Gohan stated, looking at the roof.

Since Videl didn't know either, they went down. Now, Gohan was making a point of looking everywhere except Videl's behind, something she didn't miss, and made her grin silently. It was so obvious where his mind was right now, and if she was honest, it was rather cute how he thought he could hide it from her.

They found Mr. Satan in the main living room, accompanied by half a hundred reporters, plus police, servants, and other people.

The room went dead silent when Videl came walking in. Only the flashes of pictures and the shutter sounds were proof that they didn't walk into a painting.

"Excuse me." Videl made her way forward. "There seems to be a misunderstanding. I was never kidnapped, just on an expected little trip, and ended up coming back later than I expected."

She paused for a moment, to give people time to write down, record, set up or whatever else they were doing.

"I left of my own free will." She continued. "And Gohan here." She pointed to the guy, who was still standing at the door. "He accompanied me of his own free will. He did not kidnap me! And neither did I kidnap him!

And that is all I will say this time. I need to have a word with my father. In private."

"Miss Videl, would you mind answering some questions?"

Judging by the look she gave the reporter, she did mind, and he took the hint and ran off.

"Out, all of you!" Videl pointed to the door.

"You could just take your father to a different room, you know?" Gohan suggested.

"That is an excellent idea." Videl admitted.

But a little late for that one, as a flood of people was already making its way out of the room.

In only a few moments it was just her, Gohan and her father. And one more. The chief of police.

"I am not going." The man stated, looking at Videl with a dark look. "You have a lot to answer for, young lady."

"As does my father, as a matter of fact." Videl returned. "But this is a private matter."

"Then I will have my matters be dealt with first." The chief decided. "You are suspended for abandoning your duty."

"What?" Videl asked in surprise.

"You have left without notice, without saying a word. You have violated the contract we signed." The chief started. "How do you explain yourself?"

"I left on a little trip." She stated. "I was supposed to come back that same day, but things got a little chaotic." Of course, she wasn't about to tell him the whole thing.

"Where did you go?" He asked the dreaded question.

"That is a private matter." She tried to deny him.

"You are underage, and you are under my charge." The chief pointed out. "You will tell me what is going on!"

She sighed. This was not good. She couldn't tell him the truth. He'd never believe her. Hell, if she hadn't lived through the entire thing, she would have believed her.

Her father was a different matter. He knew the truth of the Cell Games. Of those tricks. He'd be a little more open minded about time travel.

But the chief of police?

Flat chance!

"I see." The man said, since Videl wasn't answering. "In that case, I will have to arrest this young man." He suddenly turned to Gohan.

"What for?" She was taken by surprise.

"For suspected abduction and illegal detention." He stated. "I am taking you into custody."

"What, no!" Gohan protested. "I can't get arrested, I promised my mom I'd get home soon."

"Pffht." Videl barely contained her laughter. "Gohan, I have heard terrible excuses, but that one takes the cake."

"I have heard worse." The chief stated seriously. "But you did make it to the top ten."

"I really do have to go back though." Gohan continued, though he did scratch his neck again, self aware. "I've already been gone for a few days, I don't want to make her worry even more."

"You can't arrest him." Videl came to his aid. "I can vouch for him."

"You are under suspension." The chief stated. Wow, someone clearly was an ancestor to some people on the Satanist Counsel.

"About that, maybe you should not do that." Videl addressed a different topic.

"And why not?" He turned to her, looking angry. "Do you really think you can get off spot free?"

"No, I…" She hesitated for a moment. "I'm sorry." She bowed her head. "I didn't mean to be gone for this long. I know I broke the rules, but you can't suspend me. You need me."


"Videl, you don't have to go that far for me." Gohan stated.

"I'm not." She replied. "They worshipped me, Gohan. The least I can do is become worthy of it."

"Ok, what are you two talking about?" Mr. Satan decided to get involved. "And what are you to her?"

"He's my boyfriend."


"I think he took it rather well." Videl commented, looking down at the limp body on the floor.

"Videl, falling damage aside, that is bad for his health." Gohan sounded concerned.

"Yeah, yeah, I know." She sighed. And sat down by him, to make an effort to wake him up.

She was successful, and he sat up again, looking at her with teary eyes.

"Please tell me that's not true." He said sadly. "Not my little sweetpea."

"Not so little anymore." Videl returned. "But yes, we are together. Since we got back, right after we had our little talk."

"Wait, you're not really pregnant, are you?" He then asked.

"Of course I'm not pregnant." She sighed. "Didn't you read the letter?"

"Videl!" The chief called her. "The entire city has been freaking out for days. You left without a word, without a trace. Where! Have! You! Been?!"

"You'd never believe me." She said.

"I'm feeling very reasonable right now."

"Ok, fine, here it goes." She finally gave in. "First, let's start at the beginning." Videl stated. And held out her hand. "Chief, what do you know about those light tricks?"

"They are just that, tricks." The man replied.

As an answer, Videl gathered her energy. The man nearly jumped out of his skin when the ball formed in her palm.

"It is real." She stated. "Very real."

"But how is that possible?" The man looked from Mr. Satan to his daughter. "You said it was a mere trick!" He accused him.

"Yes, he did." Videl agreed. "For seven years, he has been lying to us. To the world. Even to me."

All Hercule could do was bow his head in shame.

Videl had to take a deep breath. How she would love to take this time to tear into him, to make him sorry for what he did to the world. What he did to her. To Gohan.

And yet she didn't. She asked herself a single question. 'What would Gohan do?'

"But." She started. "I guess it was for the best."

This made the three males look at her in surprise.

"I guess, by dismissing energy as trickery, people lost interest in it, and there'd be less people to abuse it." She continued.

Gohan smiled, and stepped forward, putting his arm around her, and cherished her against his chest.

"This is hard." She admitted.

"I know." He replied. "I'm proud of you."

"Hey?" Hercule wanted to shout, but it ended up sounding more like a question.

"Dad, he's my boyfriend, he's allowed to do that." Videl decided to set his straight early on. "And don't think I have forgiven you yet!"

"What happened to you?" The chief sounded a little more composed. "You are much more, I don't know, you've grown, I guess."

"I had an enlightening trip." Videl replied.

"So where did you go?" Her father asked.

"Four hundred years into the future." She dropped her bombshell. "Sit down, and I'll tell you all about it."

"And then I realised I had grown to like him, and asked him to be my boyfriend." Videl concluded.

"Unbelievable." The chief stated. He and Hercule had been listening breathlessly.

"Satanists." Hercule repeated. "Super Satans. How in the world did that happen?"

"I don't know." Videl sighed. "Like I said, something got really weird."

The chief shook his head again. The man was going to need some time to take this all in. He didn't believe them when he was told about the Satanists, so Gohan decided to show him his own transformation. It swept away all doubts.

And then they asked what he was. To be fair, that was a reasonable question.

Gohan revealed he was half Human, and half Saiyan, an alien warrior race, with inborn talent for energy usage, and the ability to transform into the Super Saiyan.

No more than that. That was all they needed to know. This was the story of their adventures in the future, not his life's story.

Besides, he wasn't even finished telling Videl that one.

"I guess I better get going." The chief announced. "I'm going to have to go home and lay down for a bit. Oh, and Videl?"


"You're not suspended. But I'm still going to have to pass a punishment, or there'll be riots in the streets." He stated.

"I understand." Videl nodded. She had agreed to face the music, so she would.

It made the chief smile. "You really have grown." He stated once more. And left.

"I better get going too." Gohan declared. "Will there be school tomorrow?"

"I think so." Mr. Satan answered.

"Alright, see you tomorrow." And Gohan left too.

"I'm going to bed." Videl announced. "It's been a long day, and it's getting late."

"Good night." Her father said, and watched her go.

"Super Satan." He mumbled to himself, as if tasting the word. Of all things, that was the one that had struck him the most.

Videl was speeding through the sky. Oh, she loved this. Flying was not going to get old anytime soon.

And this morning, she had gotten a wonderful surprise. In her left hand she held the evidence of it. She also brought her copter along, if only to keep up appearances. And in it, she had Gohan's manuscript as well. He left that behind last night.

All too soon, the school came into view. No crowd. That a bit of a relief. And suspicious. She had expected there to be a bit of a commotion.

Then again, the chief didn't know she was coming today, and her father wasn't likely to have told the media already.

So she landed on the roof, and checked her watch.


She had time.

But not for long. From the air, she spotted two people standing on the roof. Two blondes. They were probably waiting for her.

She contemplated for a moment. Was she going to keep quiet?

'No!' She told herself. 'They are my best friends! I will not lie to them!' She pressed her lips together. 'Not like dad did.'

She still wasn't sure where she stood on that whole thing. But that was not important now.

Having made up her mind, she flew over them, until straight above. They were looking at the horizon, probably spotting for her copter or something.

She lowered herself, until right behind them.

"I'm telling you, she's not going to show up." Erasa told Sharpner. "She just got back."

"Maybe." The guy replied. "I still don't believe it."

And they fell silent again. And Videl was floating silently behind them. Should she speak up? Would that give them a scare?


Ok, let's go with that.

But what to say?

"Hey Videl."

"KYAAAAAAA!" Screaming at the top of her lungs, Videl fell down. The two in front of her launched away from each other as if the other was in fire.

Erasa made three steps, turned and stood on one leg, with the other raised, while grasping her face. She let out a pitch even higher than Videl's, though not as long.

Sharpner made a beautiful jump, grasped for the fence, missed and fell backwards after two steps. His howl was long and loud, and continued when he himself had come to a rest.

Videl was the fist to recover. She looked up, and saw Gohan floating just behind where she just was, one hand pressed over his mouth, and the movements of his chest betraying his laughter.

She flew up herself again, and started drumming him in the chest. "You jerk!" She called in full hypocrisy. "What you go and do that for?!"

"I'm sorry." He squeezed out. "I didn't do that on purpose."

"Then stop laughing!"

He didn't, and she became even more pissed.

Right until she turned around, to call help from the two blondes, only to see hem still in the exact same positions, with wide eyes and mouths agape.

Sharpner pointed at the two of them. "You're flying."

Whelp, that cat's out of the bag.

"Yeah, I am." Videl said, and landed back on her two feet. "And do I have a story to tell you."

"You're not going to tell it a third time already, are you?" Gohan questioned.

"Sure, I am." She replied. "I could tell it a thousand times and still not get tired of it. By the way, I also got most of it written down."

Gohan just made a facepalm. "My writings." He realised.

"Yeah, I brought them in my jet copter." She told him.

"Thank you." Gohan took her by the neck, and planted a little kiss on her forehead.

She flushed, though she wasn't sure if it was from embarrassment or excitement.

"So it's true!" Erasa yelled.

Gohan and Videl exchanged a glance.

"Is what true?" Videl asked.

"What's in the newspapers this morning?" Erasa continued.

"Did you read the news?" Videl asked Gohan.

"No, you?"

"Nope." Videl denied as well. "Ok, what does the news say about me?'

"Hang on." Erasa reached into her bag, and pulled out a newspaper.

Sharpner got over his literal jump-scare and stood up again. He was still looking at the previously floating duo. One could see the gears turning in his head.

"Here." Erasa handed it over.

On the front was yet another picture of Videl.


"Oh, that is just great." Videl grumbled. She knew this would happen, just not this soon. Or this bad, for that matter.

One article lower was a small picture of Gohan. And under no pretence declared him to be her husband.

"We are not married." She stated. "We just got together yesterday. Well, this night, actually, right after we got back."

"But if you didn't elope, then where did you go?" Erasa asked.

Videl grinned at Gohan. "That is a pretty long story. I'll tell in the breaks."

"So you two aren't married?" Sharpner asked them.

"Nope." Videl told him.

"Then I still have a chance?" He asked hopefully.

"You never did." She stated with a little glee.

"Ow." He pouted. Of course, he knew he never had an actual chance. She told him, often and loudly.

They laughed. The two ravens found themselves at home again, and the two blondes were happy to have their dear friend back.

School started. Erasa and Sharpner left for classes, but Videl called Gohan aside for a moment.

"No fooling around at school grounds." Erasa threw playfully as she left.

"What's this about?" Gohan wondered.

Videl just grinned at him. "You see, when I flew this way this morning, I came across a few robbers. They had guns. I decided to step in, and they started firing.

I could see them." She stated, excitedly. "I could actually see the bullets. And look!" Finally she revealed what she had been holding on to all this time. A single bullet.

"I even caught one. I actually caught a bullet!" Videl was almost tiptoeing from excitement.

"I told you you've grown stronger." Gohan nodded in acknowledgment, drinking in her joy and excitement and savouring it like expensive wine.

"I didn't think it'd be this…" She couldn't find the right words to express herself. But Gohan understood. He knew that feeling all to well.

And the dangers that came with it.

"You're going to have to be careful." He said, sounding serious. "Now that you've grown powerful, you're going to have to mind your surroundings at all times, or people could get injured."

"Oh, I'll be careful." She waved it away.

"Videl!" He said sharply. Much sharper than he intended. But this was a matter close to his heart.

"You're going to need to learn how to control that power, or you will hurt the very people you're trying to save." He continued.

This turned down the excitement in her eyes, to his regret. But there was also an understanding in them.

"I know that." She stated. "When I woke up this morning, I knew I was going to have to hold back. First thing I did when I woke was nearly tear a cupboard off of the wall."

He grinned, knowing that feeling.

"Tell me, is not hurting people something you have to consciously think about?" She then asked him.

"At times." He replied. "Sometimes it's harder than others."

"So." She moved closer, until her body nearly touched his. "If I do this, are you specifically thinking on how to avoid hurting me?"

"I was." He replied. "But now that you've grown stronger, you've made it a lot easier on me."

"Glad I could help." She chuckled, and distanced herself again. "I guess you're really good at holding back then?"

"I've had a lot of practice." He downplayed it. "It's a lot harder when I'm transformed though."

"I guess that explains my bed." She stated.

"How did you sleep this night anyway?" He suddenly wondered.

"On the floor, like a poor little girl." She replied. "You should feel really bad about that."

"At least you had those mattresses." He pointed out.

"I stacked them, actually. It was wonderful, but a little lonely." She looked suggestively at him.

"I don't think it is a good idea for me to sleep over all of a sudden." He stated.

"Yeah, my dad would kill you. Or at least, he'd try." She nodded. "But silver lining, I get to keep both all to myself."


"Too bad for you, mister." She pinched his cheek. "But let's get to classes. We've been gone for this long already, we don't need to give them more fuel against us."

True enough. So they left.

Gohan couldn't repress a happy smile as he looked at the girl at his side.

Truly, she was one of a kind.

After school, they convinced Erasa and Sharpner to stick around, Videl did some explaining, and told them about the existence of energy.

After that, the story of the future was told. Gohan revealed himself as Saiyaman, the Golden Fighter, and half alien, which made them a few tads more open minded to time travel.

Erasa had been laughing tears at the part where she was credited as the father of Videl's children. She said she was going to get a sex-change operation, just to make that happen.

Of course, Sharpner wouldn't have that.

You'll never guess why. :)

Of course, there were still the rumours of Videl and Gohan being married flying around. Well, Videl didn't mind all that much. That was pretty much her reason she asked Gohan in the first place.

Gohan on the other hand had a hard time. Girls hated him for 'tricking' Videl, and boys hated him for 'doing' Videl.

But, as with all unfounded rumours, without further fuel it died down.

If only.

No, this one persisted, and then someone went and claimed Videl was pregnant. Looked like her little revenge plan backfired on her. It also mentioned Gohan being forced to marry her, even though he wasn't the father.

Who keeps coming up with this?

After a while, Gohan got used to it, and slowly stopped caring.

Videl finished her little book under an anonymous pen name. Of course, it first had to be given a coherent story line, and a few filler bits, but soon enough, it was published.

It was a disaster. Critics called it 'a horrible and uncreative self-insert fan-fiction' which, all things considered, was technically true, since Videl did stray from the real story quite a bit.

However, the book was preserved, and over time gained more popularity, somehow.

Gohan also had a book. More of a report, actually. But this was kept private, and thus lost to time.

Then the Super Saiyan Civil War happened. The Satanists, or Saiyanists, since they actually got the name right this time, rediscovered the book, and found out it was written by their arch matron herself, Videl Saiyan.

And thus she was given the power of clairvoyance as well.

Her book became a holy script, somehow, and was used to predict future events.

Which was actually a good thing. The Rogue Super Saiyan was nipped in the bud, and the Counsel of Saiyanists was regulated so they could never become too powerful.

This time, the future did not need heroes of the past to fix its problems.

Well, not directly, at least.

Since Gohan had been to the future, and had seen the fruit of his works, he altered his theories slightly, to be more comprehensive, and to be more applicable to practical energy usage.

As such, the Saiyanists became a truly formidable force, which would one day set out and conquer the galaxy.

At least, if you believed their propaganda.

Gohan had also focused just a tad more on space travel. And thus, rather than time travel, Humanity gained more development in that area. They actually re-established a connection with the Namekians.

As for the legendary duo themselves, they lived their lives, happy in finding new joys in their relationship, and lived their lives in peace and happiness, just the way they wanted too.

All was well.

For a month.

And then Majin Buu came along

But that is a different story all together.

The End.

Videl: "You better watch me closely."

Gohan: Checks out her ass.

In the end, Gohan is still a teenage guy.

I'm sorry if that was a little corny, and/or out of character, but I just found it hilarious.

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