Omi ignored the remark made by the fellow Weiss member. After about 5 minutes of searching he found a pair of white, green, and black swim trunks. He crossed the room to the adjoining bathroom that he and Ken shared. Opening the small closet door he grabbed a folded, orange towel. Then, he ran out of the room and downstairs.

He was not surprised when he reached the bottom to not find Yoji waiting for him. If he could of Yoji would of ran all the way to the pool. He loved girls, especial half naked, no, completely naked girls..

"Aya, Ken, I'm leaving. I'll be back in a couple of hours," Omi called towards the front of the flower shop.

Sneaking out the back door he avoided the giggling school girls out front. He took a short cut through the alley and was at the park in about 10 minutes. The first thing he saw was Yoji sitting in a lawn chair surrounded by girls.

'Oh God....' Omi thought

"Hey, Omi! Over here!" Yoji called.

Omi slowly walked over. All the girls' eyes turned to him. Most were older then him. Some of those girls could have been nearly 30!

"Ladies," Yoji said gesturing to the nervous Omi. "This is my friend Omi."

"Hi Omi..." the girls said.

"Hey, Yoj.. I'm gonna go jump in the pool. Catch ya later." Omi got away from there as fast as he could .Older women! Yoji was crazy if he thought that Omi was gonna date older women. Omi liked to date girls his own age and only 1 at a time. Omi was no player and he wouldn't cheat on a girl if his life depended on it.

He went into the changing room and quickly undressed and put on his swim trunks. Putting his clothes away in a locker he took his towel and headed back out towards the pool. He spent a couple of hours in there, floating around, jumping off the diving board, doing small tricks. After about 3 hours of listening to Yoji brag to the girls about himself Omi was ready to head home.

"Yoji, I'm going home." Omi called as he walked into the dressing room. Taking his clothes out of the locker and getting dressed he listened to Yoji still flirting with those girls. After he got on his shoes he was ready to leave. Picking up the damp towel he made his way home. Since the shop would be closed by now the girls would have gone home and Omi could walk down the front street without being swarmed.

On his way walking home there was a loud CRASH! 'What's that?' he thought.

end of chapter.....

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