Author's notes: A huge thanks to Stonedtoad who not only betad as always but did so with absolutely no knowledge of Forever Knight

This is also my first go at Forever Knight so I don't know how well I did. Hope you enjoy

Someone banging on the door forced Nick from his deep dreamless sleep. He pressed his hand to his forehead wiping away the blood that had accumulated during his slumber.

"Alright," he muttered as the banging continued.

Nick pulled himself up off the couch where he'd fallen asleep glancing at the clock, 2 p.m.

"If this isn't a life or death emergency," he groaned, "I am not going to be happy."

Yanking open the door he stared in amazement at the man standing there a baby held to him.

"Daniel?" he asked in astonishment.

"Hi Nick," Daniel Jackson looked at him pleadingly, "I need your help."


After a few seconds Nick moved out of the way letting Daniel into the apartment.

"Sit down," he said, "Daniel…first of all how did you find me?"

"I was here a few months ago with a friend and I saw you," Daniel explained quickly, "Someone mentioned you were a cop and the name you were using so I managed to find out where you lived."

Nick frowned, "Okay, what's wrong?"

Daniel swallowed, "I need to disappear."


"I can't actually explain everything," Daniel sighed, "You'd probably think I'm nuts if I did but I need to go somewhere nobody will know me. Somewhere she'll be safe."

Nick looked at the baby Daniel was carrying for the first time; the angelic little face hidden under thick black hair was peaceful as she slept resting against his shoulder.

"Daniel, I need a little more than that," Nick sighed, "She is yours, isn't she?"

"Yeah," Daniel nodded, "Her mother is dead and…well…she's kinda unusual. I need to hide her from people who want to take her from me."

"Why do you think I can…"

"Nick I know what you are," Daniel cut him off, "And you told me yourself you can make a new life for yourself, a new identity. Please Nick. I've no one else to turn to."

Nick stared at him for a few seconds, "Look you need to get some sleep. We'll talk some more after you've rested."

"Thank you," Daniel sighed.

"I need to know more though," Nick told him before clapping him on the shoulder. "Come on."

Nick led him up to the bedroom and set up a small bed for the baby. After she was settled he gave Daniel a quick smile before leaving the young man to get some sleep.


"Schanke," Nick rolled his eyes as his partner continued to talk over him, "This wasn't planned."

"Yeah right Knight," Schanke retorted, "You know the Captain wants all these reports done by tomorrow."

"This is an emergency," Nick said, "I promise I will do your reports for a week."

"A month," his partner countered.

"Sure," Nick laughed, "I'll see you soon."

As he hung up the phone the sounds of the baby becoming restless entered the range of his sensitive hearing, he walked softly up to the room. Daniel was fast asleep on the bed while his daughter was staring wide-eyed at the ceiling. Nick smiled; she was an absolutely beautiful child with gentle blue eyes, golden skin and a little rosebud mouth.

He reached down to pick her up not wanting to disturb Daniel's sleep when he suddenly went flying into the wall. Looking up he saw Daniel awake sitting up on the bed staring at him shocked.

"I…I'm sorry," he apologised quickly, "I felt you near her…I'm so sorry."

Nick stood up rubbing his shoulder while Daniel scooped up the baby holding her close.

"Daniel, you have to tell me what's going on."

Daniel nodded resting his daughter on his shoulder, "Okay."


"You don't believe me," Daniel sighed, after he'd explained everything to Nick; "Do you?"

"My aching shoulder is proof," Nick replied, "What about your friends?"

"I can't put them in the position where they have to choose," Daniel told him, "It's safer for all of us if I disappear."

Nick frowned deep in thought; he couldn't leave Daniel alone.

"People would believe we're brothers, wouldn't they?" Nick asked.


"They'd believe we were brothers," Nick said again.

"Nick, I can't ask you to give up the life you have here," Daniel said, "That's not fair. I don't want that."

"That's my condition on helping you," Nick told him, "I come with you."

Daniel finally nodded.

"Anything?" Sam asked as Jack dropped to a seat in the briefing room.

"He's gone," Jack said, "We managed to follow him to Toronto then he just vanished."

"How?" Teal'c asked.

"He paid for a plane ticket there," Jack explained, "But since then he's not used his credit card at all. For a hotel room, to buy stuff for the baby, nothing."

"Does Dr Jackson know anyone in Toronto?" Hammond asked.

Sam shrugged before turning to Jack, "You guys went there a few months ago. Did he meet anyone he knew or might go and see?"

Jack shook his head, "He barely spoke to me, Carter. It was just after Sha're died he wasn't exactly in a talkative mood."

"Did he give any indication he would do this?" Hammond asked.

"He was extremely worried about someone trying to take his daughter from him," Teal'c told them, "However, he did not appear to be leaving."

Hammond frowned, "We'll keep looking people but you have to remember he doesn't want to be found."

They drifted out of the room each lost in their own thoughts, Jack returned to his office and picked up the letter again. A letter he had read almost fifty times in the past two days.


Dear Jack,

I wish things were different, I really do but they aren't. I'm leaving and I'm asking that you don't try to look for me. You won't be able to find me anyway.

I'm taking Ari somewhere she'll be able to grow up normally away from people who would take her from me, and away from the things that took her mother. Thank you for everything you have done for me over the past few years, I know I wouldn't have survived losing Sha're if it wasn't for you. Tell Sam, Teal'c, Janet and Cassie I love them all but Ari is the most important person in my life now.

I will let you know how we both are but you won't be able to find me.

Thank you again,



Jack sighed as he reread the letter again, "I wouldn't have let anyone take her from you."

Annoyed Jack slammed his hand on the desk, who the hell could Daniel know that could help him just disappear?

Melissa stopped jogging as she saw the van in front of the mansion at the end of her block. It was an incredible house that no one in this town would ever be able to afford so this meant newcomers.

Pulling out her bottle of water she was able to observe without being too obvious in her curiosity. With the van came a car with darkened windows that stopped in the driveway under the shadow of the awning.

A man got out of the drivers side and looked in at his passenger saying something with an amused smile. The other door opened and another man exited, similar looks and build to the first one.

"Nick, could you get Ari's bag?" the first, younger one asked his companion as he opened the back door.

Melissa watched as he brought a baby out smiling adoringly at the child. The movers starting to take the furniture inside obscured her view.

"Damn," she muttered to herself, "Have to wait to find out more."

With one more look at them she continued to jog home.


Daniel stared in amazement at the house Nick had found for them.

"This place is incredible," Daniel breathed, "It's huge."

"It needs to be," Nick laughed, "I can't get out much during the day, remember."

Daniel smiled before frowning as Ari started to get upset, "I think she needs changed."

Nick handed him the bag watching his friend change his daughter, Daniel was a wonderful father, his daughter the most important person in his life. In the few days since they'd entered Nick's life he'd become very protective towards both of them. The house was mostly furnished anyway so all that was needed was the rest of Nick's belongings he wanted.

When the movers had left Nick found Daniel sitting in the living room with Ari asleep in his arms, the absolute adoration he had for the child shining in his eyes.

"Well, that's everything," Nick dropped into a seat across from him, "We should go over our story."

Daniel nodded, "Sure."

"You'll be teaching languages at the High School," Nick told him, "Using the name Daniel Jansson, it's close enough to your real name."

"What about Ari?" Daniel asked.

"I'll watch her during the day until we can get a nanny," Nick promised, "I won't let anything happen to her."

"I know," Daniel sighed, "It's just…I don't want to leave her at all."

Nick smiled, "I know but you will have to if we're to seem normal in this town."

"You can't go out in the daytime," Daniel reminded him, "How normal is that?"

"If anyone asks," Nick gave an amused smile, "I'm writing a book."

Daniel laughed, "No problem."

"Sha're, you have to push," Daniel told her trying to remain calm.

"No," she cried.

"The baby is here," Daniel said, "Beloved you have to."

Sha're cried out in pain as she pushed for a final time her hand gripping the furs she was lying on.

A cry came from the child Daniel was suddenly holding, "It's a girl."

"She kept her promise," Sha're whispered stunned.

"What promise?" Daniel asked staring in amazement at the child he was holding.

"Ammonet told me if I did nothing to stop the birth of the child of Apophis she would allow our daughter to live," Sha're explained touching her daughter's cheek.

"She's mine?" Daniel asked in astonishment, "She's ours?"

"I became pregnant the morning I was taken," Sha're whispered, "I never believed Ammonet would keep her promise but…"

"You couldn't take the chance," Daniel smiled, "What do we call her?"

"What we were always going to call our daughter," Sha're smiled.

"Arianna," Daniel looked down at the baby sleeping in his arms.

Sha're smiled before crying out as a fresh contraction hit her, "The boy is coming."

Daniel gently placed his daughter down making sure she was warm enough before moving back to Sha're, this time Ammonet would re-emerge.


Ari screaming for her breakfast woke Daniel.

Pulling himself out of bed he lifted her and carried her while he fixed her breakfast, he started his new job today. He knew he'd have to write to Jack to assure him he was alive and well. Daniel sighed as he thought of his friends, his family at Cheyenne Mountain. He missed them, especially Jack but Ari was too important to him. She looked exactly like her mother with the exception of her eyes. Ari's eyes were light blue like his filled with curiosity and wonder.

The kitchen had two fridges. One held all their food while the other held Nick's blood something Daniel was very glad about.

"Morning," Nick said avoiding the bright patch of sunlight in the middle of the kitchen.

"Hey," Daniel nodded as he fed Ari her bottle.

"Are you okay about today?"

"Honestly, I'm scared to death," Daniel grimaced, "Nick, I don't want to leave Ari. Not to mention I don't know if I'll be able to be a high school teacher."

"You'll be fine," Nick smiled taking Ari from him, "Go get ready."


Melissa sat trying to sort through the papers filling the desk she was using.

"Excuse me," a man said his shadow covering her work.

Looking up she saw the youngest of the men from the mansion, "Hi, can I help you?"

"I'm Daniel Jansson," he introduced himself, "I'm the new languages teacher."

"Oh," she said, "Mr Forest is running slightly late this morning but he should be here soon. If you want to take a seat."

He sat across from her his fingers interlaced tightly.

"We're not that bad a place," Melissa told him.

"It's just been a while since I've taught," Daniel told her, "I'm sorry I didn't catch your name."

"Melissa Sumner," she introduced herself, "I'm filling in for my mother while she's ill."

Daniel laughed, "So what do you do when you're not filling in?"

"I'm going to be a lawyer," she shrugged, "I'm just taking a year out."

"Good plan."

"What about you?" Melissa asked, "What brings you to our charming small town?"

Daniel's face paled slightly, "I wanted somewhere I can raise my daughter that's safe."

"You picked a good town," she laughed.

"I guess," Daniel gave a sad half-smile, "The only reason I really went for this job was my brother made me."

"Is that who that was," she said without thinking before shrugging, "I was jogging past when you guys moved in."

Daniel nodded, "He's looking after Ari while I work, supposedly writing a book."

"Mr Jansson I'm Principal Forest," a man walked in, "Sorry to have kept you waiting. Thanks Melissa."

"Good luck," she smiled at Daniel.

Talking a deep breath Daniel joined the Principal.


"You have come highly recommended," Forest told him, "What languages do you speak?"

"French, German, Italian, Spanish, Russian, Latin," Daniel shrugged, "I have a few others I can ask directions in."

Forest looked at him quite amazed, "That's very impressive."

Daniel shrugged, Nick was right that revealing he could speak another twenty might be overkill for the job, "I travelled a lot as a child."

Forest nodded as he glanced over the file in front of him, "I see you're recently widowed, my sincerest sympathies on that. Do you have any children?"

"My daughter," Daniel said very softly, "My brother is caring for her while I'm at work."

"Well, the pupils are a good lot," Forest told him, "If you have any problems or questions speak to Melissa, while she's here. She'll give you your schedule and show you around. I unfortunately have another meeting with the board of directors."

"Thank you," Daniel smiled, feeling more detached from his old life than ever.

Dear Jack,

You don't have to worry both me and Ari are perfectly fine. She got another tooth today, which drew blood when I found it. She's getting bigger and more beautiful each day; I'll send a picture with my next letter.

Don't try to find where the letter has come from because as you'll be able to see there is no postmark. Say hi to everyone from me and tell them I miss them.

I miss all of you but I can't come back.

If you see Kasuf tell him I'm taking care of his granddaughter and one day maybe we'll see him again.

Take care out there.



Jack sighed as he refolded Daniel's letter. It had been over a month since Daniel had taken off with Ari and after they'd followed him to Toronto they'd not found him again. In fact there was absolutely no trace whatsoever of Dr Daniel Jackson after he'd bought a plane ticket and made a substantial withdrawal from his bank account.

"There was no postmark?" Sam asked.

"Like he said," Jack sighed, "It was pushed under my door at one this morning."

"At least we know he is well," Teal'c said.

"I suppose so," Jack sighed, "I just wish I knew where the hell he was."

"How did Kasuf take it when you told him Daniel had disappeared?" Sam asked.

"He gave me this knowing look and nodded," Jack frowned, "Then said something about Daniel knowing what was best for Ari."

"There has to be some clue somewhere," Sam smacked her hand on the table, "He didn't even take his journals. Only Ari's stuff, some clothes and a few pictures. The local police took our missing persons report but the chances of them finding him are remote."

"Police," Jack murmured.

"What?" Sam asked.

"You have an idea O'Neill?" Teal'c asked.

"When we were in Toronto we came across a crime scene as we were walking back to the hotel one night," Jack said, "There was a cop there and Daniel stared at him for a while. I remember hearing the guy's name."

"What was it?" Sam demanded.

"I'm trying to think of it Carter," Jack grimaced before snapping his fingers, "Knight. Nick Knight."

"Let's check him out then," Sam said.


Natalie Lambert finished her report and looked up jumping seeing a man standing watching her.

"My apologies," the dark skinned man nodded, "Are you Dr Lambert?"

"Yes," she answered, "Can I help you?"

"I am trying to locate Detective Knight," he said.

"I'm afraid I have no idea," Natalie replied, "I haven't seen him in a while."

"Are you sure?" a woman asked as she walked in.

"Who are you?" Natalie asked.

"I'm Major Samantha Carter," the woman said, "This is Teal'c. We're looking for Detective Knight as we believe he may have seen a friend of ours."

"I'm sorry but I can't help you," Natalie told her, "Nick left a few weeks ago for some family thing."

"Damn," Sam sighed, "Thank you. Come on Teal'c, Jack's waiting for us."

With a nod to Natalie they left.

After she made sure they were gone Natalie picked up the phone and dialled.


"Nick, it's me," she said, "I need to talk to you."

"Meet me at the Raven in an hour," Nick told her.

"See you there."


Jack sat in the car watching Natalie leave the building.

"Here we go," he murmured.

"Why do you believe this woman knows where Nicholas Knight is?" Teal'c asked.

"Call it a hunch," Jack told him, starting the car to follow her.

They followed her to a club and sat outside.

"Nice place," Sam frowned, "I really can't see her going to this sort of club."

"There," Teal'c pointed to the man walking towards them, "That is Detective Knight."

"That's the same guy alright," Jack frowned, "Teal'c, let's see what he knows."


Nick rolled his shoulders to loosen them, flying in the cold had never been one of his favourite things but Natalie had sounded worried. Walking towards the Raven he frowned, someone was watching him. Looking around he spotted three people coming towards him.

"Damn," he muttered recognising them from Daniel's pictures.

Walking round to the back he slipped through the crowd managing to lose them.

"Janette," he said coming up behind her.

"Nicholas," Janette smiled in amusement as he kissed her cheek, "Where have you been?"

"Away," Nick told her, "Janette, I need some help."

"My help," Janette laughed.

"Find Natalie and bring her here," Nick slipped a note into her hand, "As fast as you can and watch out for three people who are looking for me."

"Nicholas, what is going on?" Janette demanded.

"I'll explain later," he kissed her quickly before disappearing into the crowd.


"Where'd he go?" Jack snapped looking around the club.

"I have no idea," Sam frowned.

"Damn, damn, damn," Jack cried.

"Dr Lambert has disappeared also," Teal'c informed them.

"Let's get back to the hotel," Jack sighed.

Daniel heard people talking downstairs as he fed Ari, "What's going on?" he wondered heading down, "Nick?"

Nick and two women looked round as Daniel appeared.

"Did we disturb you?" Nick asked.

"No," Daniel shook his head, "Ari had me up anyway. What's going on?"

"Daniel this is Natalie and Janette," Nick introduced them.

"Who is this?" Janette asked smiling at the baby.

"My daughter Ari," Daniel told her.

"May I hold her?" Janette asked smiling as the little girl gripped her fingers.

Daniel frowned, "You're…"

"She won't hurt Ari," Nick assured him.

Daniel nodded and gently handed Janette his daughter smiling as Ari giggled. Nick smiled at the female vampire's maternal instincts.

"Natalie," Nick returned to the original conversation, "What was so urgent?"

"I had some visitors looking for you," Natalie told him, "Saying you may have seen a friend of theirs."

Daniel turned to her, "Who were they?"

"A woman who called herself Major Carter and the other man she called Teal'c," Natalie told him.

"Damn," Daniel sighed, "Jack must have noticed I recognised you."

"Well they were waiting at the Raven," Nick told him, "Any ideas?"

"Did they see you?" Daniel asked.

Nick nodded, "That's why I got Janette to bring Natalie here."

Daniel sighed, "I don't want them involved or to know where I am. Can you just let them find you and lie?"

He turned as Ari started to cry, Janette came to him.

"I believe she wants her father," Janette smiled, "She is a beautiful child."

Daniel held Ari to his shoulder where she settled almost immediately, "I have to put her down and I have to get up for school tomorrow. It was nice to meet you both."

"You too," Natalie smiled, when Daniel left she turned to Nick, "Why are you doing this?"

"Because I am," Nick shrugged, "Janette will take you back and I'll be back in a few nights to try and throw Daniel's friends off his scent."

Natalie hugged him as Janette gave him a kiss before they left.

"Why did you fail him?" Nick demanded, dropping the folder on his desk, "I couldn't find anything wrong with the assignment."

"The arrogant brat needs to be taken down a peg or two," Professor Simons sneered.

"So basically you're being petty?" Nick despised people like this.

Simons laughed, "You could look at it like that."
"Look at me," Nick ordered, "Fix his grade to what it should be."

Simons mesmerised by Nick nodded slowly before leaving to do as ordered.

Nick sighed once he'd gotten rid of the conceited ass and glanced down into the quad. Sitting despondently on one of the benches was Daniel Jackson.

Poor kid, Nick thought, all you really have in the world are your studies and people like Simons seem determined to take even that from you. Nick liked Daniel, to have someone so young who was so smart was a rarity and Nick was pleased to be his advisor. Unfortunately that wasn't to be true for much longer.


"Professor Bain," Daniel knocked on the open office door.

"Daniel," Nick smiled, "Come in and take a seat."

Daniel tiredly sank into the offered seat, "Sorry I'm late."

"It's not a problem," Nick told him, "I talked with Professor Simons earlier."

A slight hope flared in Daniel's eyes. "And?"

"I also read your paper myself," Nick smiled, "It's received the grade it deserves."

"Then I passed?"

Nick nodded.

"Thank you," Daniel sighed.

"Daniel," Nick stopped him from leaving, "I'm afraid I won't be here to help after this week. I'm leaving."

"Oh," Daniel looked shocked, "Thank you for all your help. It's nice to have someone willing to have a conversation in another language with me. I have to get to work, good luck."

"You too," Nick smiled.


Daniel frowned checking his watch; it was almost four a.m. He sighed annoyed that the one person who seemed to be on his side at the University was leaving. Professor Bain had been really supportive, especially as an advocate against Simons who seemed determined to put him down.

Daniel hated working in the bar but it was the only job he could get that could fit around his studies. He worked late, rose early and in between felt exhausted during his lectures. A shiver slid along his spine as he came closer to his building, Daniel picked up his speed hoping to get inside quickly when a man stepped in front of him.

"I like the smart ones," he growled.

"Excuse me," Daniel said, trying to get past.

The man grabbed his arm and flung him against a nearby wall, "I'm hungry."

Daniel stared in amazement as the man's eyes glowed yellow and his incisors lengthened. As he made another grab for him Daniel ducked and rolled out of the way. Daniel kicked his attacker as he came closer before getting up and trying to get into his building. Suddenly his attacker appeared in front of him as though he'd flown. Daniel took a few steps back feeling someone else behind him.

"Leave him," a familiar voice snapped at Daniel's attacker.

Daniel spun, "Professor Bain?"

"This is none of your business," the other man growled.

Daniel watched as his Advisor of Studies stepped in front of him, "You are a young one. You don't want to go up against me."

Daniel's attacker growled before slinking off leaving Daniel staring after him.


"Look at me," Nick turned the young man to him, "This never happened, you will forget everything you just saw."

"I can't," Daniel told him, "What was he? What are you?"

Nick sighed, great Daniel had to be a resistor, "Let's get somewhere that's less exposed."

Daniel followed him inside and they made their way up to Daniel's apartment. Once inside Nick sat down while Daniel paced.

"What are you?" he asked again.

Nick sighed, "I'm a vampire."


"You don't believe me?" Nick smiled slightly.

"After what just happened, I do believe you," Daniel said, "Why did you stop him if you're…"

"I don't feed from humans," Nick told him, "I haven't for a long time."

"How old are you?"

"Almost eight hundred."

Daniel stared at him, "Wow. So you were…"

"I was alive during the crusades and a lot of other historical events. It makes teaching them easier," Nick smiled, as Daniel laughed slightly, "Daniel, you can't tell anyone what you saw tonight."

"Like anyone would believe me," Daniel sighed, "Why are you leaving?"

"I've been here too long," Nick explained, "I have to move on."

"How can you do that?" Daniel's natural curiosity had taken over eradicating any fear he had initially had.

Nick laughed, "We have a network and one of us who can change our identities inserting us into places."

"That must be nice," Daniel said thoughtfully, "To change your identity and not be the same person."

Nick sighed, "Daniel, you are a good man and I wish you all the luck in the world. You never know we might bump into each other again."

"I hope so, Professor Bain."

"My name is Nick," he told him.

"I hope so, Nick," Daniel smiled.

Nick rocked Ari to sleep after he'd fed her. There were times he wished to have been a father, a true father. He loved Ari; it was easy to adore her.

Someone rang the doorbell and Nick frowned wondering who that could be in the middle of the day.

"Hello?" the young woman standing there said, "I'm sorry to disturb you."

"It's not a problem," Nick replied, "How can I help you?"

"My name is Melissa I work at the school," she told him, "Daniel left some work there and I only live at the end of the street so I thought I'd bring it to him."

"That's very good of you," Nick said, "I'll take it for him he's looking around the town."

"That's great," Melissa smiled, "Is this his daughter?"

Nick nodded, "This is Ari."

"She's gorgeous," Melissa smiled shaking the little hand, "Hey, sweetie."

Ari giggled kicking her legs.

"Someone likes you," Daniel said as he walked in, "Hi, Melissa."

"Hey," she smiled back, "Principal Forest asked me to bring you some stuff you left."

"Thanks," Daniel sighed, "I was going to go pick it up this afternoon. This saves me a trip."

"I better get home," Melissa told them giving Ari's hand one last shake, "Bye, bye, gorgeous."

"I'll see you Monday," Daniel said.

"Actually you won't," Melissa told him, "My Mom returns to work so I don't have to. See you around though."

As she was leaving Daniel called her name.

Melissa turned back to him, "Yeah?"

"You wouldn't want to be Ari's nanny, would you?" Daniel asked, "I've been meaning to try and find one but I haven't had the time. I wouldn't exactly be paying brilliantly but since I know you and Ari obviously likes you…" he left it hanging hopefully.

"When do you need me?" Melissa asked.

"That's great," Daniel smiled, "Monday about ten till I get back from school."

"I'll see you than," Melissa gave them one more smile before she disappeared.


"Good choice," Nick told him as Daniel closed the door.

"Well I would like Ari to be able to go out for a while," Daniel told him, "Besides I know Melissa."

"What did you get her?" Nick asked, seeing the bags Daniel was carrying.

"Just some new clothes and toys," Daniel told him, "She's growing so quickly."

Nick laughed, "Well I'm going to head back tonight and see if I can throw your friends off your track."

Daniel sighed, "I suppose."

"Daniel, you were the one who didn't want them to know where you are," Nick reminded him, "If you want you can tell them but this was your choice."

Daniel took Ari from Nick and held her close, his eyes closed, "I know. I'm sorry, Nick I owe you everything. It's just that they've been a huge part of my life for so long and I do miss them."

"I know," Nick sympathised, "You know I will keep taking the letters to them."

"Thanks," Daniel sighed, "I'm going to take Ari out for a walk."

"Well I'm going to have something then get some sleep before I go," Nick yawned.

"See you later," Daniel said as he placed Ari in her pram and left.

Jack frowned, he'd been in Toronto for almost three days now and he'd had no luck finding any trace of either Daniel or the Detective that Jack was sure would know something.

He had sent Sam and Teal'c back to the base while he continued to look for their wayward archaeologist. Jack picked up the picture of his best friend's little girl and smiled. He could understand why Daniel had disappeared; Ari was all he had left. She was the only true symbol to show that his marriage and love for Sha're had existed. He had both of Daniel's letters with him and he had read them a few times but they wielded no clues.

He picked up the phone when it rang, "O'Neill."

"This is Detective Knight," the voice answered, "I believe you've been looking for me."

Jack jumped, "Yeah."

"I'm at the station if you wish to discuss whatever it is," Knight told him before hanging up.


Jack headed straight to the desk the moment he entered the police station.

"Detective Knight is just back there," the officer pointed out to him.

Jack walked back to the man sitting typing away on his computer.

"You Knight?" Jack asked sharply.

Nick turned to him, "You must be Colonel O'Neill. Please, follow me."

They headed into one of the interrogation rooms. Nick closed the door and turned to him.

"Now why have you been looking for me?" Nick asked.

"Do you recognise this man," Jack handed him a picture of Daniel.

Nick looked at it before shaking his head, "I'm afraid I don't. What is this about?"

"He disappeared a few weeks ago," Jack explained, "When we were here a few months ago he seemed to recognise you. I was hoping you'd know him."

"I'm sorry, Colonel," Nick said, "I don't."

"Damn," Jack muttered.

"Look at me," Nick ordered, "You will pursue this no more. You will return home and just let him go. Do you understand?"

"I understand," Jack replied.

"I'm really sorry," Nick said breaking the spell, "I wish I could have been more help."

"Thanks anyway," Jack sighed.

"Why are you looking for him?" Nick asked, "Some sort of trouble."

"Just wanted him home," Jack sighed, "Thanks again."

Nick watched as Jack left the station before sighing himself. Daniel obviously missed his friends but it wasn't till this moment he realised just how close they had been. They were a family.

"Knight," Schanke called, "Are we going?"

"Sure," Nick said absently, "Let's get out of here."

Daniel smiled seeing the two children lying side by side in their cradles. They were easy to distinguish, Shifu had dark brown eyes while Ari had blue eyes but both resembled their mother.

Daniel gently touched a finger to each of their hands, smiling as they both gripped onto him tightly.

"Thank you," he told Oma, "They'll be safe with me. I have to get one of the others to come so we can…" he trailed off suddenly in realisation of what the monk had told him earlier, "I can't take both them, can I? I have to leave him with you."

Oma nodded.

Daniel gently lifted the little boy from his cradle, "I will get to see him again someday, won't I?"

Oma nodded once more.

Daniel gently kissed the child's forehead and placed him back in his cradle before lifting his daughter into his arms. Oma reached out and gently touched him.

Daniel stared at her for a few seconds before smiling, "Thank you."

He heard the sounds of Jaffa coming close and he placed Ari back down, this had to be stopped first.


Jack watched Daniel disappear back inside after the Jaffa had been fried to have him reappear with a baby.

"Only one?" Jack asked.

"I can't take Shifu," Daniel explained sadly, "It's too dangerous, Oma will care for him."

"So this is Ari then?" Jack smiled down at the little girl.

"This is my daughter," Daniel told him, "Let's get her home."

"Good plan," Jack said, "Daniel."



"Oh," Daniel handed the baby to Jack before heading to retrieve his boots.

"That's it done?" Daniel asked when Nick returned the next morning.

"Yeah," he said, "They won't search for you anymore."

Daniel sighed closing his eyes grimacing as Ari started to cry.

"I think she can sense your moods," Nick told him, "Anytime you're down she gets upset."

"Her mother was the same," Daniel smiled softly, "She could read me easily. Maybe I should try and stay a little more upbeat."

"Look on this as a fresh start," Nick told him through a yawn, "You once told me it would be nice to be able to change who you are, well this is your chance."

Daniel nodded, "You're right. I'd better feed Ari and you look like you need some sleep."

"I'll see you tonight," Nick yawned again before kissing Ari's forehead and heading to his bed.

Daniel smiled before fixing Ari's bottle. As he fed her he walked out into the early morning sun and smiled.

"A fresh start," he whispered, "You, me and Nick. We're family now, one day I'll introduce you to your other family but until then it's just the three of us."

Daniel smiled down at his daughter, he missed his friends but he could let them know he was safe through the letters, "Come on, Ari, let's get you dressed."

Feeling relieved and more cheerful than he had in a long time Daniel took his daughter back into the house, their home.