'You should of let me sleep' while crushing his skull screaming in horror

Giving out a small scream while jolting up from her bed, hand on her chest trying to calm her breathing down as her heart felt like it was going to burst out from her chest any moment. Looking at her clock seeing that it is only 4:30 in the morning lying back down in her bed as she tried to get some more sleep her mind kept going over and over the images of her father's death how his head was crushed by Khan, her eyes filling up with tears she wanted to forget about it all about his death, want damaged he caused, everything what he had done wrong. Letting her tears fall in silence, closing her eyes and letting her slip into darkness.

Carol sat in her office looking out at the large panel window that over looked to city that had finally been rebuilt over the year, the amount of damage that was caused when the Vengeance ship crashed into the city destroying everything and killing whom in San Francisco. Hearing her communicator going off giving her a little jump she answered "Carol Marc… uh Wallace" rubbing her hand over her face "Miss Wallace Admiral Frank Abbott speaking please can you come to the Daystrom Conference Room" her heart had skipped a beat "yes yes I will come straight down now" hanging up her communicator she got up and walked out of her office.

Walking her way to the conference room she had all sorts going through her mind taking deep breaths, she knocked on the door "enter" she heard opening the door walking in seeing the Admiral and 2 of current heads of Starfleet. Worry had taken a hit to her "please take a seat" Carol made her way to the chair they offered her, an hour went by going over everything that happened what her farther caused, the works that were damaged at The Kelvin Memorial Archive, and to his death. Carol answered everything in honest truth that she only knew only few tears she let fall as she sat impatiently she just wanted to leave and forget it all.

"Miss Carol thank you for your honesty, I understand that you are still suffering from all of what has happened" Carol nodded tears welling in her eyes "yes but I've been thinking of seeing a professional practitioner but I have not got round to it" her head lowering in shame "After today what we told, what we heard and said whether are or not you are at this moment fit to continue working in Starfleet we wish to give you a month off to let you yourself to recover that means getting yourself seen to, do you understand?" Carol's eyes were lost for words 'a month off' "yes sir, I understand" "Now you are dismissed".

After leaving the conference room Carol walked back to her office grabbing all of her stuff that she would take home "stupid admiral 1 bloody month off work, are or not fit to work for Starfleet" growling and screwing while talking to herself. Hearing her door knocked "hey hey" Nyota poked her head though the door "oh hello" walking over to her giving her a big hug "fancying coming out tonight? All the rest are well except Spock you know how boring he is" giving a small laugh. Thinking about it probably a night out with friends would boost her mood up "yeah why not could do with a night along with a few drinks" giving a big smile Nyota gave a small squeak "okay see you later" hugging her and leaving her to finish packing the rest of her stuff.

Stepping outside into the dawn air streets of San Francisco pulling her jacket around her, and began to walk towards her apartment which was only a few blocks away. Clearing her mind of all what today hit her and just thinking of being with close ones tonight. Once she had arrived to her home she leaned against her door letting out a big sigh 'home sweet home' she said in her mind putting everything into place, looking at her clock seeing that it was only 6:30 she decided she have a quick hot shower. As she walked into her bathroom turning the shower on letting the water heat up, removing her uniform chucking it into her wash basket as she went into the shower letting her the hot water fall onto her body. After spending near half an hour in the shower she got out wrapping a towel around her slim frame gently drying herself while changing into a nice short dress with knee high boots, putting a small amount of make-up on as she rather look more natural when she was all done and ready she left meeting up with everyone.

Carol laughed as she sat on a table next to the bar while she watched Jim and Sulu danced in the middle of the dance floor. She knew Sulu could dance as he had the moves but Jim he was a different level he could dance but only if he had a few to drink but he normally danced like a muppet. Feeling someone nudge her she looked to see Nyota with 2 glasses of wine quickly taking 1 glass off while she tried to sit down "why don't you go and dance? Have a little fun" she smiled at her, Carol took a sip of her wine seeing Jim coming up to them "come on girls our favourite is coming on while dancing they both looked at each other knowing Jim is pissed but they took his hands that he offered out to them and led them both to the dance floor.

While all 4 of them on the dance floor dancing, singing and laughing away having the time of their lives Carol just turned around going to the table grabbing her drink while taking a sip she looked over to where the others are but when she turned her head to the bar fear took over her she saw him, the man who murdered her farther Khan dropping her glass shattering everywhere looking down then back up to see he was gone. She started to panic but she stayed calm not to draw attention to herself, quickly walking over to her friends "I'm heading off home now starting to get a headache" calmly she told them they all nodded and gave her a hug "I will give you a call in the morning to see if your feeling better" Nyota said to her she gave a sweet small smile then turned round heading for the exit.

Once she got out the doors she looked over to see if there was any cabs but none around so she decided to run, running as fast as she could home she could feel her leg which was broken last year starting to hurt along with her chest going tight, struggling to breathe a little. By the time she got outside her door quickly shutting it and locked it she collapsed trying to relax her breathing, as she relaxed she slowly got up to limping her way to the kitchen grabbing a glass filling it with water then slowly bringing up to her lips drinking till the glass was empty her mind now relaxing as she was safe in her own home.

When Carol was steady enough she went to go get changed she only changed into navy blue shorts and a long t-shirt, she looked at her leg seeing it was a little swollen she knew it was going to take a bit of time to heal up but for now all she wanted to do is relax. Making her way to the living room she went over to her settee getting comfortable while on her PADD going through files she managed to get off her farther's before removing everything of what he had in his office. After an hour reading and looking at designs of weapons, ships everything that was ready to start a war.

Putting down her PADD she rubbed her eyes seeing it was close to 1 in the morning she decided to go to bed as she walked to her room "hello Carol" she gasped in horror seeing him standing by her window "Khan?" panic hit her hard, her heart was thumping load to her ears while darkness took over her.