Loose Ends

By The Lauderdale

I. Birth

There was a new light in the heavens.

In the vacuum of space, a few belated broken asteroids swirled and merged with the great whole, smashing against each other in silent collision as the enormous birth entered its final stages. The titanic round mass was raw and seamed, crisscrossed with crimson lines like blood or lava, and continents were simultaneously born and died as massive tectonic plates shifted and broke. The surface of the young planet roiled and broiled with the turmoil, wracked with forces that would seem to destroy it in the very process of bringing it into being.

It was an impossible thing to hope for, what was happening.

But the work of a team of brilliant and dedicated minds held. The great engine of the Titan, running on an alien race's death energy in a manner fashioned by an alien race dead still longer, bore forth the new orb. Perhaps even this would not have been enough if it weren't for the watchers: the strength of their desire, the fervency of their hope, the anguish of their potential despair. Perhaps the power of their dreams was what finally brought closure. The young planet found stability, and the turbulent clouds boiled back, revealing the slow, beatifying calm of New Earth.

Of course it took far longer than might seem from a moment's description. And over time the number of watchers would grow, as human colonies the universe over drew nigh the new Mecca.

But it began with four.


Disclaimer: Titan A. E. and related concepts, characters and events are copyright 20th Century Fox, with special credit and respect to Don Bluth. The story Loose Ends and the initial installment "Birth" are copyright The Lauderdale (cartoon6@hotmail.com), as are all subsequent installments, concepts, characters and events save where otherwise indicated. "Birth" first published on fanfiction.net, March 25, 2003.

I know the prose in this first installment is somewhat florid, but promise that immediate subsequent installments will comprise actual plot, characterization and even (*gasp*) dialogue. Not to mention actual length and substance. This addendum is turning out almost as long as the story so far! Anyway. Please forgive the somewhat "arty" beginning. 8)

This fanfic represents a kind of exorcism for me more than anything else, but feedback would be much appreciated. As Loose Ends will come out in installments, I plan on responding to any reviews in each subsequent installment. Criticism welcome. Flames not. There will be warnings and shifts in content rating as I deem appropriate.