Intro (continues after the last actual episode of the show)

..."when the moon rises early just as the Santa Ana winds kick up out of nowhere and the sun is just dropping out of sight, whoever you meet at the far side of the pier is who you're destined to be with"...

What a lovely, romantic legend, isn't it?

Well, for some of the residents of this idyllic little town, things really turned out pretty great at first sight. Ben, Meg, Vanessa and Michael had finally made it to the aisle, swearing to love and honour each other 'til death do them part. Somehow making this legend come true, many years after it was born under the star of Armando Deschanel back the mid 20s...

It was the evening of the big wedding day, almost every citizen of Sunset Beach came to share their happy and loving feelings toward the newly wed couples.

The restaurant was filled with beautiful white and golden decorations and flowers, sparkling ornaments and really sincere laughter of joy.

It seemed as tough everybody had put their worries and pain at side for one evening just to celebrate with the newly weds.

Unfortunately for some, the pain was brought back - unintentionally - but still just as disturbing as ever.

Annie was sitting at a table with Olivia talking about the beauty of such a big event to take place.

"It was about time that Ben and Meg finally found peace and made it to the aisle." Olivia said in content.

"Well, not that I contributed much to this, but it's somehow a nice feeling to see how everything comes to place and everybody gets what they deserve" Annie replied with a certain insinuation.

Olivia grabbed a gasp, knowing exactly what Annie had meant, or at least assuming she meant Gregory being behind bars where Annke thought he belonged.

"Well, it's hard to believe you're - for once - so peaceful and ...I would almost say, bloody honest. You really mean that, don't you? Jude must have a very big influence on you." She said while she smiled.

"Yes, I guess so." Annie smiled "He is the first decent man I've met in the past few years and he makes me feel good and loved. It's like he's the first man to really be able to handle me." She continues.

"I know we had our differences Olivia, but I'm not interested in continuing this feud any longer, and after the events of the last days, I assume you aren't either...I mean, we're not going to best friends I guess, but I at least hope our paths can cross without trying to jump at each others throats like we used to." Annie pleads.

"Oh know when you were little, your father was so proud of you. He and your mother raised you to be a fighter. Del was a fighter and he thought you to be the same. He had a crazy way to show love but that was love to him..."

"What are you saying Olivia?" Annie asked.

"Well I know you since you were that little and it is quite funny that you, that little girl with an attitude, would manage to tear apart the last pieces of family I had already begun to destroy myself..." Olivia paused leaving Annie with a scent of regret.

"Well it all started with your affair with daddy..."Annie interrupted.

"Annie, I told you I..."

"No, Olivia really, let me finish. I thought you had forced him, or better yet, seduced him into leaving you all the jewels, the house and money and all I wanted was revenge. I wanted to take it all from you and leave you butt naked just as he had left me."

"And you reached your goal... almost."

But before the two of them could continue the conversation, Bette popped out of nowhere giggling.

"Well my my my, thunder please strike me for I thought I have seen it all - yet now, two enemies sit at one table and talk and smile….Wha-what is going on here?"

"Bette my dear, how nice to see you!"

"What on earth happened to you two?" Bette started.

"We're sort of.. talking things out." Annie replied smiling.

"You should be enjoying this wonderful wedding instead of riding old waves." Bette said putting her hand on both Olivia's and Annie's shoulder.

"Well, Bette, I think what ever time is just perfect to be honest and to stop the hurt and pain." Olivia answered. „Your niece is really offering me a very good company today."

"Are you both drunk or something? Hahaha I can't believe my ears" Bette laughs almost uncontrolled „I love you girls, really, I do!"

That moment, Jude walks in and after congratulating the newly weds, he surprises Annie with a cheek kiss from the side.

"Jude, hey, it's so nice that you've made it" Annie says.

"Hello ladies, glad I could make it," Jude replied "I came here as soon as I finished the statement at the police station about Gregory and the power plant incident."

"How is Greggy doing?" Bette asked concerned.

Olivia looked down trying not to show her concern about her ex husband but was dying to know about him.

"I think he is doing's a lot of action the first day, taking prints and mugshots and everything...I think he doesn't have the time to feel in a certain way right now." Jude said.

"Man I still can't believe what's happening..." Bette complained. "But hey, let's mingle with the guests and try to have a nice evening".

Annie and Bette stood up from the table, followed by Olivia. Jude pulled Olivia aside and gave her a serious look.

"Look, Olivia, I know this must be hard right now..."

"Jude, it's alright, I mean I knew this had to happen when we were all at the power plant. I think it's better to know he is in prison, than dead, even if I'm not sure of his feelings towards this situation he's in."

"Yes, you can be glad you managed to stop him from doing something even more stupid, they would have put him down, really. I guess he cared to much about you and his family to continue with this."

"Well, I don't know how, but in the end he managed to do what was right to do..." Olivia answered.

"I promise you, I made my statement as good as I could, trying not to compromise him even more. I didn't mention that he kicked me down or that he tried to escape. I'm sure it was in his favor."

"Thank you, Jude, I really appreciate it.„

"One more thing Olivia...he asked me to give you a message."

"Oh? Well?"

"He said he wasn't able to tell you everything he wanted to when you were there and that he would appreciate it if you could stop by."

Olivia had a flashback, remembering about how Gregory has told her he used to love her more than life itself. She thought about how much she would love to see him again, how his situation made her feel sad and in pain, but she was almost certain he would be better off without her.

"Hey, kiddo...are you ok?" Bette asked worried.

"Oh yes, yes thank you Bette" Olivia lied as she snapped out of her flashback. "I'm going to say goodbye to the newly weds and then go home. I don't feel quite well, I'm sorry." Olivia said and left the group.

"I'm so worried about her." Bette said. "I don't know how she is going to make it trough..."

„This is really getting at her, isn't it?" Jude asked worried.

„Well, Jude my dear, first you fight the love of your life for the custody of a child you thought was dead - thank you very much for that, poopsie - then you know and feel the hatred towards yourself coming from almost every person that means something to you, then you think that, said love of your life dies after killing a woman who presumingly came back from the dead to torture you - thanks again poopsie -„

„Aunt Bette please!" Annie mingled.

„YOU THEN" - Bette continued louder - „have to pull yourself together to fight for the well being of your son and his interests, also having to fight an addiction you thought you've overcome…to THEN find out that said love of your life is very well alive and tricked you the whole time into thinking he was dead….to then face the fact that you'll probably never see him walking around town as a free man - EVER AGAIN." Bette took a deep breath after her plead. „How on Earth would you feel, Jude? Annie? No one? Well I thought so." Bette said while Annie and Jude sank their heads in shame.

Jude felt sorry for Olivia and sorry that he too, played a part in the whole masquerade. But he had a job… How little was a job worth, when it had to be done playing with feelings and emotions?

Bette turned around and left Annie and Jude looking disturbed.

The way Aunt Bette puts it, Olivia's past two years would be too much to handle for anybody. And it's true…she really is stronger than most of us ever wanted to give her credit for. Annie thought.