A year ago, summer of 2011

Finally, I finished the high school, it was hard but it worth the job. Mia, Kate (my best friends) and I plan to enjoy this summer to the max since the next goal of our lifes is college.

I was able to be accepted at Washington State University Vancouver to make the course of my dreams - English Literature - if I were not in love with books and, secretly, they are my true friends. Be a book to read where I can lost myself indefinitely and travel through other minds and other worlds and dream of the most beautiful stories of love and imagine my own knight on a white horse to save me from the worst darkness or one police crime as trying to find out who killed the curator of a museum. Books that make me drunk and I can not quit until I eat the last page. Or simply a book with blank pages, where I can write anything I think or feel without the pages judging me for it.

Katherine Kavanagh comes with me to the WSUV too, she will follow in her father's footsteps and become the next journalist to win the Pulitzer Prize - her dream. Coming from a high-class, rather rigid family, Kate is a hurricane, full of self-will and rebellion, and is not afraid to tell the truth what they cost, no one can make her a shoe-cat. Walking always in fashion and with the latest trends is also important and she likes, but would say that is not the most important focuses of her life. Must be why she gets on so well with Mia, they complement each other.

However, we will also take as much time as we can to say goodbye to Mia.

I'll miss her.

Mia has a mind of her own, and she gets everything she wants, besides being always attentive to the latest fashion, do not be fooled by her outward appearance, for she is the most genuine, sincere, passionate and faithful friend someone may have. This is without anything, Mia Gray.

Her passion for fashion made her enroll in one of the most prestigious courses in Paris, and with her great ability, she was selected to take the course.

So for some time, possibly until the Christmas holidays, we will not be able to be with her, but neither will we lose contact. We swear to speak every day, even if it was a "hello, have a good day".

I was transferred from Savannah, Georgia, because my father, Ray, got a better opportunity and a better salary here in Seattle at the Northwest Hospital and Medical Center. At the beginning, it was difficult to leave my friends, the place where I grew up and where I have most of my memories, but as my mother, Carla, says: "No matter where we are, as long as we are with who we love the most, we will always be happy. " And here we are in Seattle, to a new phase of our life.

And entering a new school, like the new student, is not easy either, not to mention making new friends, everyone looks but nobody really wants to get close to me.

I even seem to have some contagious disease. Let it be, less people so you do not have to scratch yourself.

The second week of classes everything changed. It started early in the morning, when two girls, with the same physical structure, but one with luminous blond hair and the other with black hair shining on the shoulders, made wait in front of the school gates. As I went through the gates, the blonde spoke.

"Hey, good morning," she said in a cheerful voice.

"Hi" not wanting to be rude, I replied with the same sympathy.

"I'm Kate, and this is my best friend, Mia," she told me as she pointed to the girl next to her.

"Hi," Mia said, giving me a wave of her hand.

"I am Anastasia, but everyone treats me for Ana."

What gave to my father, to let my mother register me with the name of a Russian princess? Sometimes my mother is worse than me when it comes to fairy tales.

"We noticed that you've been alone and not wanting to be alone, so we came to invite you to join us for lunch today. What do you say, Ana?"

I was momentarily speechless, it's the first time since I've been here that someone is really nice to me to the point of inviting me to lunch. Mia must have noticed my hesitation as she begins to bend her head over her shoulder as if penetrating my thoughts and trying to figure out what I'm thinking.

A smile begins to appear on my face and I gladly accept their invitation.

"Yes, I'd like to, thank you so much for inviting me."

"You're welcome, Ana. We're going to like having you around too." Mia answers me with a contagious smile similar to Kate's.

It is from this moment, Bellevue High School has never been the same to me.


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