Written in the StarsSubject: Written in the Stars 1/2

Rating: R or NC-17 depends on the reader

Spoilers: none really.. just a mention of the "You're The Only One I Trust." conversation in the car during Tooms... This is set withing the 5th season.

Classification: MSR

DISCLAIMER: All X-Files Characters belong to Cris Carter, 1013, and Fox.

All other non-X-File affiliated characters are the product of my warped imagination. No infringment intended! *No Cheer leaders were harmed in the making of this story*

Comments *Summary* : This is a Mulder/Scully only story.. no other X-File members are in it.. no CSM.. No Skinner.. no X-File work just two people finding an emotional and physical bond between each other. Mulder is Scully's escort to her High School Reunion.

"Here I am.. enigmatic Dana Scully nervous once more about seeing the people that I used to see everyday for four years. Why am I sorry nervous?" Dana Scully grimaced at her reflection in the mirror. The dress look great on her but it was so much different that her usual no-nonsense attire. It was a beautiful royal blue velvet dress with a clinging bodice and a fairly accenting plunging neck. "I'm showing way to much skin." she thought as she twirled around in a circle in front of the mirror, the long slightly flowing skirt of the dress wrapping around her shapely legs. She placed her hand on her hips noticing how the dress clung to her tiny waist. She toyed with the cross on her necklace and thought about changing into a less revealing dress but a sudden knocking at the door pushed that thought away. "It has to be Mulder." she thought as she made her way out of her room to the door. "I wonder what he's wearing, probably a suit he wears to work and one of 'his ties'". Even thought she messed with him about his ties she found the cute, but she would never tell him that... no she'd never let Mulder know what she thought of his ties. She'd never hear the end of it.

As Dana opened the door her breath caught in her throat for there stood Mulder in a tuxedo. His hazel eyes sparkling and the usual Mulder grin plastered on his face. Composing her self Dana stepped aside and let him in. Trying not to seem shocked and somewhat aroused by his presence she smirked slightly, "What penguin did you wrestle that from Mulder." Mulder simply smiled and produced a corsage from behind his back. "For you Madame." Dana arched a shapely brow and took the flower from him. It was a beautiful orchid with an deep blue ribbon tied in a bow. The ribbon matched her dress exactly. "Why the corsage Mulder?" Dana asked, looking into the eyes of her partner. "Well Scully...." Mulder looked down at his shoe, looking every bit like the shy little boy that she had seen a few times, "I never went to the prom so I thought I would make up for it by buyin you a corsage, the ribbon matches your eyes." As he finished his sentence he didn't bring his eyes up to meet hers. He simply nodded to the door and said in a soft voice, "Shall we go?" Dana nodded and walked to the door, Mulder was acting strange tonight but she really didn't mind the attention he was giving her, or the weird way he was acting, she actually found it endearing.

The ride to Dana's old school was filled with the only noise of the radio. Neither one of the two FBI agents spoke to one another. Dana stole a glance at Mulder and noticed that he was unusually tense. She wanted to ask him what was wrong but thought that it was probably one of his many "shadows" chasing him tonight. She once again looked out of window, a soft sigh escaping her lips.

Fox looked at Scully out of the corner of his eye. 'God she looks great.' he thought to himself. 'Why did she have to buy that dress? It's bad enough to look at her in her usually suits thinking that she was the most sexiest women, no the sexiest woman I have ever seen.' Trying to concentrate on the rode he turned the radio up another notch. The song "Lady in Red." was playing on the radio. 'It should be called lady in blue instead.' Mulder thought with a grin. 'That dress is showing way to much skin.' he thought grimly. Fox wasn't looking forward to running into Scully's old classmates, and more importantly an old boyfriend or two. The thought of another man viewing that much of Scully's skin was maddening. He must have made a noise for Scully looked at him quickly, arching a curious brow.

Dana glanced at Mulder thinking that she had heard him growl. But her partner's eyes remained on the rode, his expression unreadable. Dana reached for her purse as they pulled into the parking lot of the high school. The two partners looked at one another in silence then the both of nodded and got out of the car. The clicking of their heels echoing behind them. Music could be heard playing in the Gymnasium. Entering the school Dana and Mulder were greeted by a woman with blonde hair and she was dressed in the most ugliest shade of pink. Her name tag read "Hello my name is SALLY." immediately Dana recognized her as the head of the cheer leading squad during her Junior and Senior year. Dana had never really liked the woman that much. She always smelled like the spearmint gum that even now as Sally gushed over Dana's appearance a wave of spearmint hit Dana like a slap in the face. She tried to cover up her grimace by smiling good naturally at Sally. "It's so good to see you Dana." "Dana you look fabulous." Sally said in an excited voice. 'Always the cheerleader.' Dana thought grimly. She stole a glance at Mulder and noticed that he was openly smirking. 'He's loving this!' Dana thought outraged, 'I'm in High school Reunion hell and he's laughing about it!' Dana longed to step forcefully on his foot and leave him behind, but instead she bit her lip and complimented Sally on her appearance. "I love that dress it's so.... pink!" Sally nodded over excitedly and thanked her. Handing her and Mulder their name tags. Dana looked at Mulder obviously as they entered the gym. "When did you tell her your name?" she asked, looking back at the walking talking cotton candy bag named 'Sally'.

Mulder grinned and placed his arm around her shoulders, squeezing gently. "When your were contemplating on whether or not to kick my ass." Dana's jaw dropped. "How did you....?" she stuttered slightly. Mulder shrugged and smiled slight. "Hey do you want some punch? I'm parched." He dropped his arm from around her shoulder and headed toward the refreshment table, leaving Dana alone to fend for herself.

Fox could only read Scully's look as hatred and disgust. Hatred for him enjoying in her discomfort and disgust from that blonde 'bomb shell' back at the entrance in the pink dress. He shuddered at the memory of Sally outwardly flirting with him. A look of disgust crossed his own face as he took two glasses of punch from the person who was passing out the drinks. Walking to Scully he smiled slightly. She was still standing alone, no old flame in sight yet, he guessed relaxing a bit.

Dana took the glass that Mulder was extending to her and glanced around the room at the faces of yesterday. Seemed as if yesterday had been cruel to some. Some had gained weight, some experiencing pre-mature hair loss. Dana glanced at Mulder as he took a sip of his punch and chuckled as he grimaced. "What's the matter Mulder, don't like the punch?" Mulder shook his head, looking down at his cup. "Couldn't they get something stronger like ice tea?" he said with a pained look as he set his cup down at a near by table. Dana shook her head grinning a little, "Bet they don't even have Sunflower seeds." she said softly. Mulder glanced at her curiously "Is that disappointment I hear in your voice Agent Scully? Have you fell prey to the Sunflower wave sweeping the nation?" his voice was teasing and fire flared in Dana's eyes. She longed to punch him, slap him, cause great bodily harm to him but creating a scene was not Dana Scully's style. Suddenly there was a excited shrill from behind the, and Dana turned around just in time to see Amber, Dana's best friend from high school, walking toward her. Amber was still very beautiful with her long black hair and blue eye and as Dana glanced at the rest of her she seemed to be very pregnant. "Dana, oh my god you look great!" Amber exclaimed. "Yeah Dana you do look great." came a deep voice from behind her. Dana turned around and looked up into Scott Warner chocolate brown eyes, Scott had to be the most sexiest man in Dana's graduating class. "Scott!" Dana exclaimed and suddenly she was enveloped by two strong arms. "Oh Dana it's been age." Scott said in a strained voice.

The minute Fox Mulder heard Scully's name spoken by a masculine voice he went cold and now as he stood beside his partner his blood began to boil. He didn't like this man named Scott, no he didn't like him at all. The woman named Amber glanced at Fox and lent over to whisper in his ear. "Dana and Scott were high school sweethearts. Pity Scott joined the Military and moved away. We all thought that they were going to get married." Smiling at Fox she waddled off to her awaiting husband. "Yeah... what a pity." Fox grumbled softly. The warm embrace of the ole high school chums was lasting longer than Fox could stand. As he cleared his throat Scully pushed out of Scott's arms, giving Fox a "I'm sorry I forgot you were there." smiles. "Um Scott Warner this is Fox Mulder my... partner." Fox glanced somewhat curiously at the hand in which Scott was extending toward him. Fox had an awful vision of him ripping off Scott's arm, beating him senseless with it and shoving it up his ass but instead with a resigned sigh he shook his hand. "Nice to meet you Mr. Mulder." Scott said with a smile. Fox forced himself to smile back good naturally, "You too Mr. Warner."

End of Part 1

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