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It was a fine sunny day at the annual Boulder Collage Science Fair, the students were all milling around examining the new high-tech equipment which were set up on the stands by their proud makers. In the midst of this crowd walked two teenagers named Paul and David. To the casual on looker these two teens didn't look any different to all the other teens around them. However, both Paul and David were very special individuals, they were the part of a foursome group of teenagers called the Secret Scouts, allies of their alien friends the Dinosaucers. The Dinosaucers were a race of intelligent anthropomorphic dinosaurs and other saurian species, which came from the planet Reptilon. A planet in the same solar system as Earth, but it was in a counter Earth orbit on the other side of the Sun.

Paul was a young bright African American teenager with brown eyes, glasses and short black hair. He was dressed in red and white sneakers along with blue jeans. Completing his appearance was a blue and white striped coat covering a long white sleeved shirt with red and blue stripes on the collar and shoulders.

David was a long black-haired teenager with matching black eyes. Like Paul he was dressed in sneakers and light blue jeans. He was also dressed in a long-sleeved shirt and coat like his friend Paul however his coat had red and white stripes and his shirt had blue and white stripes. Unlike his friend Paul, David was more of an 'act first and think second' person. He didn't have quite the sharp intellect of Paul but he was creative and a quick thinker when he needed to be.

On their right ring finger both David and Paul wore their Secret Scout Power Ring's. These rings were actually special devices which the Dinosaucers had given them and their other two friends, Ryan and his sister Sara, when they had first met. The rings had two special functions, the first function was a small radio communicator which allowed them to contact their friends the Dinosaucers in times of emergency or vice versa. The second function of the rings were that they could enhance a certain ability of the wearer. For instance, Paul's ring allowed him to run at enhanced speed over long distances, while David's ring could increase his strength allowing him to lift objects several hundred pounds.

Normally on days like this Paul spent his spare time with his Dinosaucer friend Dimetro in their base Lava-Dome II located near Boulder, just as David spent his time off there with his Dinosaucer friends Stego and Bonehead. However today they decided to spend time looking at the science fair, or rather Paul wanted to look and dragged David with him as he was the only one he could find with nothing to do for the day.

"Not a bad science fair this year huh?" Paul said cheerfully to David as the two of them casually strolled through the exhibitions.

"Yeah, they seem to be more advanced than ever this year," David said in agreement as they walked up to another bench. "Check this out will you?" On the bench was a chess board complete with pieces, at one end of the chess board was a computer screen with a human face displayed on it and completing this strange device was a pair of robotic arms. In front of this strange looking device was a sign which read: Robotic Chess Player. Designed to be the ultimate challenge for people who play chess, a machine that can think its OWN winning moves to defeat whoever challenges it.

"What do you think of that?" Paul asked David as they both read the sign. "Care to see if that thing really CAN out think a human player?"

"Nah…" David said carelessly. "I'm not much of a chess player besides…machines that can think for themselves make me nervous. They may think of OTHER things rather than chess."

"I think we have a long way to go before something like that ever happens," Paul chuckled as they continued on their way to the next bench. "The equipment here is advanced but not THAT advanced."

"Oh yeah?" David said as they arrived at the next stand. "This thing looks pretty fancy."

The exhibit he was talking about had a sign next to it which said: I.Q Rater and Enhancer. Before them was a machine made up of a control console, computer screen, a chair for a person to sit on, and a metal helmet suspended over the chair by a flexible arm.

"Ah!" said a young man dressed in a lab coat and glasses standing next to the machine. "I see you two have taken an interest in my device! Allow me to introduce myself," he went on offering them his hand. "I'm Martin Wilson inventor of this machine."

"Pleased to meet you Martin," Paul said shaking the inventor's hand. "What does this machine do exactly?"

"Well you read the sign," Martin said cheerfully. "It means exactly what it says. This machine can identify a user's Intelligence and rates it on the I.Q scale, from Extremely Low all the way to Very Superior."

"How does it work?" David asked curiously as he examined the machine.

"Glad you asked," Martin said eagerly taking a seat in front of the machine. "It's really simple and it works like this. First," he said taking the headset and putting it on his head. "You put the headset on like I have now…then switch the machine on like so," he flicked a power switch on causing the screen to light up as well as the console which lit up like a Christmas Tree. "Now that the machine is turned on," Martin went on with his explanation. "It starts by scanning my brain wave patterns, which takes a minute or two, then it'll display what my I.Q is on the screen."

They all looked at the computer screen which had the words 'scanning please wait' displayed on it. After a minute or two the screen went blank then it read: 'I.Q Rating-118, High Average.'

"Wow!" Paul cried out in amazement. "It really works!"

"But of course!" Martin said proudly taking the headset off as he turned his machine off. "I believe that my device can do away with the time it takes to do written exams to determine a person's I.Q."

"That's incredible!" David exclaimed. "But wouldn't a person with the right technical know-how be able to fix this machine so it gave a false I.Q rating?"

"They COULD," Martin said admittedly. "But this machine has an anti-tampering device which prevents people from messing with the circuits. Gives them a nasty electric shock which gets stronger each time they keep tampering."

"What if they turn the power off?" Paul suggested.

"There's a special battery in my machine that keeps the anti-tampering device working when the power is off," Martin replied smugly. "I'm not an idiot you know, and so long as the battery is in an operating you can't take it out because it would be tampering."

"Sounds like you thought of everything," David said approvingly of Martin's foresight. "Now could you please explain to us just HOW can your machine actually enhance a person's I.Q?"

"I was wondering when you'd get to that," Martin smiled. "That's also quite simple. When the machine scans a person with a Below Average I.Q of 69 and lower, it emits a special series of alpha waves through the helmet. These alpha waves help to heal the users mind and increase their I.Q to an Average of about 90-109."

"REALLY?" Paul said excitedly. "If you can do that it would a big help to struggling underprivileged people."

"Sounds a bit dangerous to me," David said worriedly. "Making people more intelligent than nature intended them to be."

"Relax," Martin said easily. "Like I said this machine just raises people's I.Q up to an average intelligence, if we had people with very superior intelligence guys like me wouldn't be needed for science fairs like this."

"Good point," Paul chuckled. "Well good luck with the fair," he said shaking Martin's hand along with David.

"Thanks very much," Martin said returning the handshake. "Thanks for letting me show you how my machine works."

"So, what do you think?" David asked Paul as the two of them walked away from the exhibit.

"I think Martin may be a sure-fire winner in this science fair," Paul said thoughtfully.

"No, I mean what do you think about Martin's MACHINE?" David corrected him. "If it CAN actually do what Martin claimed it can do, it could be a VERY dangerous thing if it fell into the hands of the Tyrannos."

"Yeah," Paul said worriedly. "Not a very happy thought is it? Perhaps we should let our friends the Dinosaucers know about it." He lifted his ring to his face and flipped back the top to reveal a small communicator. "Come in Lava-Dome II, anyone at home? This is Paul, come in Lava-Dome II."

As Paul was busy trying to contact the Dinosaucers he and David were blissfully unaware that their fears were absolutely justified. For hanging upside down in a large bushy tree, rubbing his chin in deep thought at what he had heard, was the Tyranno spy Terrible Dactyl. Terrible Dactyl was an evolved Pterodactyl, a flying reptile present on Earth during the late Cretaceous Period between 75 to 65 Million BC. The Tyranno had blue eyes, a long sharp beak with an equally long pointed crest sticking out of the back of his head. He also had long winged arms which ended in four clawed fingers and his legs ended in three toed feet. Most of the flying Tyranno's visible body was light orange along with his tail however his wings were a shade of crimson red. Dactyl's clothes consisted of a black leather flying helmet with flying goggles and a white scarf around his neck. The rest of his body was covered by a sleeveless and pantsless leather flying jacket; completing this outfit was a pair of black boots specially made for the flying Tyranno's feet.

"Hmmm," Dactyl said thoughtfully to himself in his usual English Accented voice. "A machine that can rate AND raise the I.Q of the user if necessary? Now THAT is something that should be reported!" He lifted his wrist, which had a communicator strapped onto it, to his mouth and spoke into it. "Terrible Dactyl to Tar-Pits II. This is Terrible Dactyl to Tar-Pits II are you receiving me?"


Back in the Tyranno's base (located under a tar pit like their original base on Reptilon, hence the name Tar-Pits II) Terrible Dactyl's voice crackled out of a radio speaker from a control panel. Sitting at the console on monitor duty were the two Tyranno's Quackpot and Brachio. Quackpot was an evolved Hadrosaurus, an herbivorous lineage commonly called 'duckbilled dinosaurs' that once lived throughout Earth during the Cretaceous Period, between 145 and 65 million years ago. Quackpot had a great sense of humour and a devious, though very creative mind, and often used his talents to get the Dinosaucers into a lot of trouble, perhaps more so than any other Tyranno. Sometimes, however, Quackpot did exhibit compassion and he was definitely not dumb or incredulous as he might first appear to the eyes of another.

Quackpot had large green eyes, a long pink duck billed beak with sharp teeth. The front of Quackpot's neck was pink, as was the underside of his tail and so presumably was his stomach. It was impossible to tell as he wore a large sleeveless and pantless space suit which covered most of his body. The spacesuit was a light blue in colour down the middle while the shoulder parts and sides of the space suit was dark blue. The rest of the Tyranno's body was red, including the top part of his tail along with his powerful arms, three clawed hands and feet. Completing Quackpot's appearance was a pair of light blue armoured wrist guards, and a pair of matching armoured ankle guards.

Brachio was an evolved Brachiosaurus, a large Sauropod Dinosaur which inhabited Earth 150 million years ago in the late Jurassic Period. He had red eyes, long neck and tail along with three toed feet and hands. Brachio's body was a light purple in colour with the exception of the yellow fin on his head. He wore a yellow pantless and sleeveless space suit with red borders around the legs arms and neck. The front of his suit had a large red zipper and a black belt tied around his waist. Completing this outfit was a pair of yellow boots on Brachio's feet.

"This is Tar-Pits II Terrible Dactyl," Brachio said flicking a switch on the console before him. "We're receiving you loud and clear."

'I have something EXTREMELY important to tell Genghis Rex,' Terrible Dactyl said urgently. 'I have to talk to him at once.'

"Uh…" Brachio said hesitantly looking at Quackpot in worry before replying. "His Scaliness is…busy at the moment Terrible Dactyl…can't WE tell him what's happening on your behalf?"

'No you can't,' Terrible Dactyl snapped back impatiently. 'I MUST talk to Genghis Rex right away! Normally when I have something to report he almost ALWAYS take's it! What could be more important than what I have to report?'

"His sister Princess Dei is here," Quackpot spoke up in his usual sounding nasial like voice. "She decided to 'drop in' from Reptilon and have a little 'chat' with our leader, know what I mean?"

'Well you'll have to interrupt them then,' Terrible Dactyl said bluntly. 'Tell Genghis Rex it will be WORTH the interruption.'

Quackpot and Brachio looked at each other and shrugged their shoulders. "Okay Terrible Dactyl," Quackpot said wearily. "We'll go get him for you…just hold on," he indicated to Brachio to get going.

"On my way," Brachio sighed getting up off his chair and heading off to his leader's quarters.


Genghis Rex the leader of the Tyranno's sat at a table in his personal quarters, with his chin in his hand as he listened to the endless ranting of his sister Princess Dei. Genghis Rex was an evolved Tyrannosaurs Rex, he had green eyes, sharp teeth, red skin, two three toed clawed feet and a long powerful tail. However, the main difference from his extinct Earth counterpart was that Genghis Rex had regular arms with four clawed hands instead of small stubby arms. The Tyranno leader was wearing his usual outfit of an orange sleeveless space suit with blue shoulder pads and two blue vertical stripes at the top and bottom. The bottom part of his suit was purple with torn blue pant legs, completing this outfit were a pair of spiky ankle bracelets.

Princess Dei, the only female on the Tyranno's team, was indeed Genghis Rex's older sister. She was the co-leader of the Tyranno clan, ranking as high as her brother in the hierarchy and leading their forces on Reptilon while Rex handled their forces on Earth. She was a very skilled fighter with greater speed, agility and physical strength than any of the other Tyranno's. Unlike Genghis Rex, Dei was a Deinonychus, a vicious dinosaur of the Dromaeosaur lineage with a razor-sharp toed claw that was used to cut, slash and eviscerate prey with the intent of killing it through either shock or blood loss. Her kind of dinosaur existed on Earth in the Late Cretaceous Period, about 90 million years ago.

Princess Dei was dressed in a black pointed helmet, a high collared black and grey sleeveless armour top with long fingerless gloves. The lower part of her body was also covered in a slip on black and grey armoured pants that lacked shoes so it allowed her clawed toes to stick out. Completing her appearance were a pair of black rings wrapped around the end and start of her tail. As it happened Dei was even more ruthless than her brother was, she was one of the few who actually DARED to scold Rex when his OR her schemes against the Dinosaucers went wrong. However, Dei spent more time on Reptilon than she did on Earth, but she only came when she felt her brother and his followers needed her 'influence' to try harder. Unfortunately, Dei tended to be more of an offence to the other Tyranno's than her brother was to them, as her talk with Rex was proving.

"I still can't believe that even after ALL this time dear brother," Dei said jeeringly to the annoyed Tyranno leader. "That you've STILL failed to eliminate those annoying pests the Dinosaucers, the ONLY thing between us and the domination of both Reptilon and Earth I might add! Once again it makes me wonder WHY those half-wit Tyrannos assisting you HAVE the ranks that were chosen for this mission!"

"At least I'm actually HERE on Earth TRYING to find a way to get rid of the Dinosaucers!" Rex snapped back furiously. "All you do is stay on Reptilon ordering around the rest of our 'half-wit' Tyranno followers, the same followers you criticise!"

"I'm talking about the ones who ARE with you on Earth," Dei said sarcastically. "When was the last time YOU or any of them came up with a plan to defeat our enemies? Let alone find a way to help conquer this planet!"

At that moment, there was a gentle tap on the door to Rex's Quarters and then Brachio's nervous voice called out. "Uh…excuse me your Scaliness may I come in?"

"If you must Brachio," Rex sighed irritably although he was secretly glad of the interruption to this argument with his sister.

"Well?" Dei said impatiently as Brachio entered the quarters. "What is so important that you dare enter here to interrupt us?"

"Uh…Terrible Dactyl is on the radio wanting to talk to you Bossasaur," Brachio said hesitantly. "He claims it's extremely important and worth the interruption."

"Does he now?" Rex said getting to his feet his interest suddenly peaked. "Well I'd better go and see what he wants then. Please excuse me dear sister," Rex said in mock apology to Dei. "But this COULD be the break we've been looking for against the Dinosaucers."

"Oh suuuure it will be Rex," Dei said dismissively as Rex followed Brachio out of his quarters. "But you go look…you never COULD finish an argument with me!"

"Oh I don't know WHO drives me crazy around here more," Rex fumed to himself as he and Brachio went to the control room. "The Dinosaucers or my sister!"

"Well hopefully Terrible Dactyl's report may cheer you up Chiefasaur," Brachio said reassuringly as they walked up to where Quackpot was waiting for them.

"For the twentieth time, I've told you idiots NOT to call me chief!" Rex roared furiously before flicking the radio switch in front of him. "Genghis Rex here Terrible Dactyl, what do you have to report?"

'I've been spying around the Boulder Collage Science Fair your Scaliness,' Terrible Dactyl reported. 'I wanted to let you know I found an exhibited device in which the maker claims can not only RATE a person's I.Q, but enhance it as well!'

"Really?" Rex said in sudden evil interest. 'A device that can increase a person's intelligence can be INVALUABLE to the Tyranno cause!' He thought eagerly to himself. 'We can use it to boost our own I.Q's and develop new ways to defeat our enemies and conquer this world as well as Reptlion!'

"Tell me EVERYTHING you've discovered Terrible Dactyl," Rex said into the radio snapping out of his thoughts. "Including WHERE this device is and HOW we can steal it for our purposes," he rubbed his clawed hands together in glee. "I feel that THIS is what we need to defeat the Dinosaucers once and for all!"


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