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"Alright now," Terrible Dactyl said flying down from the arena to where both Allo and Ankylo were waiting. The two duellists were standing back to back from each other with a fossilizer gun in their hands. "You heard what Ankylo said, I count out twenty paces for you two. At the end of that countdown you turn around and fire, first one to get hit and fossilized LOSES. Are we clear on that?"

"Crystal," Allo nodded.

"You may proceed now," Ankylo told him.

"As you wish," Terrible Dactyl said taking a deep breath before he started counting. "1, 2, 3…"


In the Lava-Dome the remaining Dinosaucers along with the Secret Scouts were watching Allo on the screen provided by Ankylo's Drone.

"I can't believe Uncle Allo is going THROUGH with this," Bonehead said anxiously.

"What I can't believe," said David without taking his eyes off the screen. "Is that Ankylo is going to FAIRLY duel like this. That doesn't sound like the usual Tryranno way, with Ankylo now SMART I feel he'd still cheat or something like that."

"I told Allo that too," Paul spoke up. "He and I both thought it might be a FIXED duel so he's got something up his sleeve to even the odds a little."

"What might that be?" Sara asked curiously.

"Wait and see," Paul replied with a confident wink. He then focused back on the duel which was just down to the last few steps.


"17…" Terrible Dactyl said finishing off his countdown. "18, 19, 20!"

At that number Ankylo spun around to shoot only to find Allo tossing his fossilizer gun away.

"What the hell's he DOING?!" Quackpot exclaimed in disbelief.

"Has he gone NUTS?!" Brachio cried out in astonishment.

"You must really think me an idiot Ankylo," Allo said calmly to his opponent. "I checked the power pack to that gun and it WASN'T charged, the duel was fixed from the start."

"Oh well done Allo," Ankylo said giving the Dinosaucer leader a slow mocking clap. "You worked out my little charade, so HOW do you propose to END this duel? I after all still have my fossilizer gun."

"Dinovolving," Allo said simply opening up his Dinosaucer emblem on his uniform revealing a small device with a yellow button.

This unexpected development caused all the watching Tyrannos, with the exception of Genghis Rex, to start yelling in protest.

"Hey that's not fair!" Styraco yelled angrily.

"Yeah!" Plesio added. "Just how issss Ankylo expected to BEAT you now?"

Dinovolving was a process that Allo and ALL his fellow Dinosaucers could do via the small device hidden behind the emblems on their uniforms. When activated the device allowed the user to devolve back into their primitive ancestor's dinosaur state for a little while, all while retaining their intelligence and speech capacity. Dinovolving was a great inconvenience for the Tyrannos as they themselves didn't have this ability that their enemies had, which was WHY the Tyrannos were protesting Allo's use of it.

Pressing the button Allo's device activated and he was covered in a light blue glow of energy. As the energy consumed his body Allo started growing his uniform slowly melting away until it merged with his skin. When the glow faded Allo had fully Dinovolved into a full grown Allosaurus.

"Well, well, well!" Rex chuckled quietly to himself. "Things are REALLY going to get interesting now!"


"HA!" Ryan cried out in triumph. "Allo's Dinovolved! This duel is as good as over now!"

"Perhaps," Dimetro said doubtfully. "Or perhaps not."

"What do you mean?" Teryx asked in puzzlement.

"Well just look at Ankylo," Dimetro said pointing to the screen. "Unlike the other Tyrannos he doesn't look too worried about Allo at all."

Sure enough Ankylo was standing calmly in his arena looking like he didn't have a care in the world.

"You're right," Paul said worriedly. "That means…Ankylo KNOWS something we DON'T."


"So, it's like THAT is it?" Ankylo said tossing aside his fossilizer gun. "I thought you'd spring something like Dinovolving into this duel, however," he said nodding to Dei up in the VIP Box. Receiving his signal Dei opened up the arm rest on her chair revealing a built-in control panel. Flicking a switch on her chair panel a wall behind Ankylo slid open to reveal a large laser like weapon. Pressing another button, the laser aimed itself at Ankylo and fired a ray of light red energy right at him.

"Well, who'd have thought it?" Rex chuckled. "The BRILLIANT Ankylo's weapon BACKFIRED and hit HIM not his opponent."

"It didn't backfire," Dei smirked to her brother. "It was intentional because I KNOW what that weapon does."

Ankylo smiled evilly as he was now covered in a light red glow of energy. As the energy consumed his body Ankylo started growing, his clothes slowly melting away until it merged with his skin. When the glow faded Ankylo, like Allo, had fully Dinovolved into a full-grown Ankylosaurs!


"No…" Teryx said stammering in horrified disbelief at the view on the drone's screen. "I don't believe it!"

"Ankylo DINOVOLVED himself!" Sara exclaimed.

"But that's IMPOSSIBLE!" Dimetro protested fiercely. "Only we Dinosaucers can Dinovolve!

"Apparently Ankylo has found a way to DO that with his new intelligence," Paul said grimly.


"How the hell did Ankylo find a way to DINOVOLVE himself?!" Rex said furiously to Dei. "And why didn't you tell me about it?"

"It was our triumph card," Dei said to her brother smugly. "If we had told you about it Ankylo was afraid you MIGHT let the information slip. You know… in your usual desire to gloat about what you have planned for the Dinosaucers, as to HOW and WHEN Ankylo worked this out that was two nights ago."

*Flashback: Two nights ago*

Ankylo was busy in his laboratory putting the finishing touches to his laser weapon when Dei entered.

"Not disturbing you, am I?"

"Not at all Princess," Ankylo smiled charmingly to Dei. "In fact, you're just in time to see my greatest invention completed. Behold…the one device that will give the Tyrannos an edge on the battle field, or may even LEVEL it! My DINOVOLVING device!"

"You've actually invented a device that can Dinovolve us Tyrannos?!" Dei cried out in amazement. "But that's impossible! How do you even KNOW it will work?"

"Because I did over a 1000 tests and simulations before I tested it on myself," Ankylo said confidently. He produced a remote from his pocket and used it to activate a monitor which showed a recording of the experiment he had done on himself.

"As you can see," Ankylo said deactivating his monitor. "My experiment worked! Now I just have to install this weapon into my 'duelling arena,' and SHOULD Allo try Dinovolving against me…I shall EVEN the odds against us."

*End Flashback*

"So there you have it dear brother," Dei said finishing her explanation to Rex, Allo, the assembled Tryannos and captive Dinosaucers. "Thanks to THIS ultimate weapon along with Ankylo AND his superior brainpower we shall soon rule over ALL!"

"YAY!" All the assembled Tryannos cried out in excited joy at this news.

"Let's hear it for the Brilliant Ankylo!" Terrible Dactyl shouted out loud to his fellow Tyrannos before adding his own voice to their cheers.

"Yay Ankylo! Yay Ankylo! Yay Ankylo!"

"As you can now see," Ankylo said turning his attention back to the horrified Allo. "You really had no chance against me. You Dinosaucers are DOOMED!"

"Maybe we are…" Allo said keeping his rising horror under control so nobody would see it. "But that doesn't mean I won't go down TRYING!"

As the two fully evolved Dinos faced each other for battle, Genghis Rex decided it was time to ACT. Ankylo's new intelligence was stealing not only his sister and his followers but it was stealing HIS victory and triumph over Allo and the Dinosaucers! If ANYONE was going to get the praise and cheers it was going to be HIM and NOT Ankylo! He was going to make that Dinovolving ray HIS and add it to the Tyranno weapons arsenal, but to do that he had to get RID of the Brilliant Ankylo. However, there was an easy way to actually DO that, it pained Rex to do it but it was the only option he had. He produced a remote control, pointed it at the restrained Bronto Thunder, Ichy and Tricero then pressed a button on it which RELEASED the three captured Dinosaucers.

For a moment, the trio didn't say anything at all as they were completely STUNNED that Genghis Rex, the ruthless leader of the Tyrannos, had just RELASED them when they were absolutely in his power. However this silence didn't last long as it was broken by Dei's shocked voice. "Rex what the hell are you DOING? Are you INSANE?!"

Ignoring his sister Rex spoke to his freed prisoners. "If you want to save Allo's life come with me!" He then started making his way down to the arena where Allo and Ankylo were still facing off against each other.

For a few seconds Bronto Thunder and Tricero both looked at Ichy and he back at them unsure at WHAT they should do, then Ichy came to his senses. "We've been given a chance you two, let's not waste it!"


"I don't understand," Bonehead said in puzzlement to his friends as they continued to watch the series of events unfold on Ankylo's flying drone. "Why is Genghis Rex HELPING his prisoners escape and HELP uncle Allo?"

"I think these last few events have made him lose his mind," Dimetro said with a sad shake of his head.

"Oh I don't think so," David said cheerfully. "In fact, I think Rex is saner than he's been in ages."

"What do you mean?" Teryx asked in puzzlement.

"Rex is helping our friends escape and help Allo because he doesn't want Ankylo to win," Sara explained excitedly. "If Ankylo WINS then Rex won't have the pleasure of finishing off his enemy himself. That's WHY he's helping, to make things difficult for Ankylo."

"In this case," Paul added. "It's a clear indication of an old Earth saying: 'The enemy of MY enemy, is my FRIEND.' Just you keep watching."


By now Rex, Bronto Thunder, Tricero and Ichy had made it down to the arena floor to join Allo. As all the watching Tyrannos had been shocked and stunned by their leader's actions they had just sat in the seats seemingly unable to move. But the MOST shocked of them all was Allo himself who was trying to accept the fact that his enemy was actually HELPING him.

"I know what you are thinking Allo," Rex snarled to the stunned Dinosaucer Leader. "I'm your enemy and I'm helping you, so we're ALLIES for the time being because I need all of your help to defeat Ankylo."

"Rex, you fool don't do this!" Ankylo said with restrained fury. "You'll spoil EVERYTHING!"

"You keep him busy," Rex said to Allo and the others. "I'm going to get that dinovolving laser!"

"NO!" Anklyo yelled in alarm as Rex rushed past him to the laser. He tried to stop the Tyranno leader with his tail but he just jumped over it like a sprinter running Olympic hurdles. "You don't know what you're doing!" he said in desperation as Rex started operating the laser's controls. "You don't know how to operate that device properly, if you tamper with it incorrectly you'll destroy it!"

"He's forgotten all about us," Ichy said in disbelief.

"With the possibility of losing that impressive device for the Tyrannos," Bronto Thunder said to him. "I can understand why."

"Guess we don't have to distract him after all," Tricero said thoughtfully as he continued to watch the confrontation between Ankylo and his leader.

"A little nobody like YOU doesn't tell Genghis Rex what to do!" Rex snapped furiously to Ankylo as he continued to stab furiously at the laser's controls. "I will MAKE this weapon work for me! And if I can't, then NO-ONE can use it!" As Rex spoke the laser started to smoke and give off a series of small explosions before firing off random energy shots all over the arena.

"You fool!" Ankylo cried out in dismay as he returned to his original form. "It's overloading!"

"Oh, THAT'S not good!" Brachio yelled as he and his fellow Tyrannos all got to their feet in alarm.

"Quick!" Allo ordered Bronto Thunder, Tricero and Ichy taking advantage of the fact they'd been forgotten by the Tyrannos. "Let's get out of here and take cover before that laser blows up."

As the Dinosaucers ran off the Tyrannos were all hopping around like fleas on a hot plate as the laser continued to fire random energy shots while glowing a cherry red and emitting a thick smoke.

"The laser is going to explode!" Dei cried out in dismay. "Get Ankylo out of the Arena and away from that thing!"

"No!" Ankylo snapped before the Tyrannos could even start moving. "There's no time for me! Get yourselves and Dei to safety at once!"

"LISTEN," Rex roared furiously as his fellow Tyrannos dragged his sister away to safety while protesting and struggling all the way. "FOR ONCE AND FOR ALL WHO'S GIVING THE ORDERS HERE?!" Another miniature explosion from the laser made Rex forget his anger and leap for safety.

By now the arena was totally deserted with Ankylo standing where he was, not moving at all watching in annoyance as his laser continued to overheat and fire off random shots. "Oh well," he sighed with casual shrug of his shoulders. "This little plan failed, but I'm REALLY looking forward to Plan B."

"What the hell is Ankylo doing just STANDING there?" Bronto Thunder said in amazement to Allo and the others. "He's going to get blown up!"

As the long necked Dinosaucer spoke the laser fired off one more energy shot, but THIS one was aimed right AT Ankylo. The laser hit the Tyranno head on engulfing him in its energy and then it exploded into flaming fragments. All Dinosaucers and Tyrannos ducked for cover as the explosion caused most of the roof of the Arena to cave in. It was an impressive spectacle, accompanied by an ear-splitting clang of metal and clouds of dust. When the last piece of metal clattered to the ground there was a deafening silence.

Coughing and spluttering from the dust Allo emerged from hiding place. "Everyone ok?"

"Yeah…" Tricero coughed as he dusted himself down.

"What happened to Ankylo?" Ichy asked also dusting himself down.

"Take a look," Bronto Thunder said pointing the pile of rubble where the laser had exploded.

Emerging from the rubble coughing like mad was Ankylo…his smart outfit all tattered and torn, his top hat crushed and his cane snapped clean in two. As Ankylo clutched his aching head he looked up as Genghis Rex towered over him his shadow enveloping him like an eclipse of the sun. Behind him Dei and the other Tyrannos silently gathered around waiting to see what would happen now.

"Well," the Tyranno Leader said in triumph at his defeated rival. "It appears your plan has caved in around you!"

"What plan Bossasaur?" Anklyo snorted in his old voice causing everyone to look at him is shock. "What on Reptilon happened to me?" he went on looking around the wrecked Arena. "And why am I dressed up in the stuff?"

"You mean you don't remember anything that you've done these last few days?" Dei said in mounting disappointment.

"What are you talking about?" Ankylo said in puzzlement.

"Hmm…" Terrible Dactyl said thoughtfully to himself. "Ankylo…what's the last thing you DO remember?"

"I remember…grabbing the I.Q Enhancer and heading towards the ship with it…then there was a blow on the back of my head…and I passed out. When I woke up…I found myself here…what's been going on? What happened to me?"

"Ankylo's lost his memory!" Brachio said in amazement.

"So he has," Rex said with a huge grin that was threatening to split his face in two in at happiness.


In the Lava-Dome the other Dinosaucers along with the Secret Scouts were watching the scene on the drone's screen with an air of happy relief.

"Ankylo lost all his smarts!" Bonehead clapped happily.

"I'll say," Ryan smiled. "That last shot from the laser must have changed him back. I wonder if Rex is going to punish Ankylo for his actions?"

"If he lost his memory," Dimetro chuckled. "I think Rex might just let Ankylo go this once, but he'll come down on him REALLY hard in the future."

"Oh yeah," Teryx smiled in agreement. "Of that we can be totally sure."


"Well," Allo said in satisfaction to Bronto Thunder, Tricero and Ichy. "I think we're all safe now, especially that Genghis Rex 'helped' us to defeat Ankylo. We'd better go before they see we're still here."

"Good idea," Tricero said in agreement. "Better not press our luck."

"You know we've VERY lucky today," Bronto Thunder said thoughtfully as they headed for the exit. "That brilliant Ankylo was REALLY dangerous."

"He certainly was," Allo said grimly. "If Genghis Rex had actually decided to WORK with that new Ankylo we'd have been in REAL trouble."

"Well I'm thankful that things are getting back to normal now," Tricero said in relief.

"I don't know…" Ichy said thoughtfully looking back at the wrecked arena with the Tyrannos still there. "Why didn't Ankylo get out of the way of that laser before it exploded? Someone THAT smart would have had a backup plan in case of failure, I know I would've…"


Several hours later Princess Dei was sitting alone in the privacy of her spaceship, since she had now lost 'her' brilliant Ankylo she couldn't stay in the Tar Pits. It was painful for Dei to see the Tyranno who had captured her heart reduced back to a snorting idiot, and it was all her brother's fault just because HE didn't want to accept the fact another Tyranno was BETTER than him!

Dei was suddenly brought out of her sad bitter thoughts by the arrival of Quackpot, Brachio and Terrible Dactyl.

"Is this a bad time?" Terrible Dactyl asked Dei timidly.

"Looks to me as if Dei is in mourning," Quackpot said jokingly before Brachio hit him over the head for his disrespectfulness.

"I am mourning in my own quiet way," Dei said admittedly to Quackpot's joke without any real anger. "Now that Ankylo is back to his old self again," she said starting to cry. "I'm always going to be reminded of the only saurian I've ever truly loved."

Trying to control her crying, Dei put her hand on the jewelled necklace with the huge purple gem in the centre that was around her neck still. Since Ankylo had given it to her when he had started his plan to capture and destroy the Dinosaucers, Dei had constantly worn it out of happy pride for her love. Now that her tear stained hand touched the centre gem of the necklace it started GLOWING with an internal purple light. Dropping the gem in alarm Dei and her fellow Tyrannos looked on in astonishment as the gem started projecting ANOTHER hologram of the Brilliant Ankylo!

"Greetings my friends," the Ankylo hologram smiled to his audience. "If this hologram has been activated due to Dei's sorrow over my apparent 'loss,' then it's clear I've LOST my intelligence and been reduced to my original 'dumb' state. Said 'loss' was probably due to that idiot of a brother who we all call 'leader' Genghis Rex!"

"He's got that right," Quackpot said with a laugh. "Looks like Ankylo was covering all the bases on this."

"Be quiet!" the Ankylo Hologram snapped to Quackpot in an angry yet calm voice almost as if he had expected this terrible joke. "Now then," he went on once Quackpot had quickly shut his mouth. "I have a plan to RESTORE my intelligence. Contained in this necklace's central gem, APART from this hologram of course, is a copy of my enhanced I.Q brain-print along with a procedure on HOW to upload it back into my mind."

"Hey that's great!" Brachio said in excitement. "We can get Ankylo's smarts back right now and BEAT the Dinosaucers!"

"NO!" Dei said suddenly covering up the gem and causing the Ankylo hologram to vanish. "We don't do ANYTHING with Ankylo's plan yet."

"Huh?" Quackpot said in astonishment. "Why not?"

"Yeah," Terrible Dactyl spoke up. "A minute ago, you were in tears at the loss of your Brilliant Ankylo, and now with a chance to get him back you don't want to?

"I said we don't do anything with Ankylo's plan YET," Dei explained to her audience patiently. "We are going to wait for the excitement of these last few days to die down for Tyrannos and Dinosaucers alike. If we try the plan now, there's a good chance SOMEONE might find out about it and ruin it. We shall wait…it may take weeks, months perhaps even a YEAR but eventually everyone's minds will FORGET about all this. Then we shall ACT…remember what Ankylo told us about timing?" Dei smiled evilly rubbing her hands together in glee. "Oh yes…when the time is indeed RIGHT…we shall bring about the RETURN of the Brilliant Ankylo!"


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