RavineDate: Tue, 30 Dec 1997 00:06:37 -0500 From: Agent DM Subject: EP Ravine 1/3 NC-17 Title: Ravine 1/3 Author: Julia C. Richards (celestial_way@yahoo.com)

Rating: NC-17 due to sexual content and some "bad words" ;OP

Subject: Mulder Scully Romance

Spoilers: None except maybe a few mentions of past episodes.

Disclaimer: The X-Files crew doesn't belong to me they belong to Cris Carter, Fox, and 10:13. Marisa and Alan are mine.... No infringement meant.. just some harmless fan fiction.

Summery: Based on a Ace of Bace song on the, "The Bridge" album. Basically from Scully's point of view of her relationship with Mulder and some parts of the song deals with her abduction. This tale is basically set after Redux so THE CANCER IS IN REMISSION! *ahem* Sorry about that.. just wanted you to know that she is top shape condition. Non-shippers beware... this is strictly shipper territory so if you decide to read on I give you fair warning nothing but mind candy ahead.. lot of kissing and moaning of the sort. Please excuse typos.

Dana Scully sat at her desk looking blankly at her computer. She had been sitting there for at least an hour and she still didn't know what she wanted to write in her journal. Her mind was blank. She had thought about putting down all the things she was thankful for but then she would tend to ramble on and it was already ten past midnight. With a resigned sigh she turned the computer off and headed for bed, she'd write in her journal tomorrow after work. Falling wearily down on her bed she smiled... "much more comfortable than the hospital bed"... she thought with a giggle and closed her eyes.

The annoying shrill of the phone jarred her awake. She glanced at her alarm clock, 6:30 a.m., she groaned and picked up the phone. "Yeah?" she said in a sleepy voice. "Hey Scully it's me." At the sound of Murder's voice Scully rolled her eyes heaven ward. "What is it Mulder?" her voice showing that she was now awake and not really pleased at being wakened by the phone. "I was just, uh, well I was just reminding you to be at work early today since we've got to get ready to leave for North Carolina today." Scully sat up and looked once again at the clock, 6:32 a.m.. "How early Mulder?" There was a pause and she heard him laugh softly. "7:00 a.m." Scully bolted to her feet and turned on her bedroom light. "Why didn't you call earlier and remind me?" "Well Scully I just woke up myself.. I didn't get to sleep till about 3:30 a.m." Scully nodded and looked though her closet, she was well aware of Mulder's sleeping habits. "So how long is this trip going to be?" she asked picking out various suits.

"Three days. You might want to pack a swim suit." Scully stopped right in her tracks. "Why a swim suit?" Once again he cleared his throat. "Well we might have to go swimming." Scully shook her head, "This isn't another sea monster is it Mulder?" "No, No sea monster. I just thought that the Crystal Coast is beautiful this time of year and thought maybe we could go for a swim after we wrap the case up and maybe have lunch on the beach." Scully raised a curious brow, "I don't know Mulder....." "But Scully you never take me out anymore." she could hear the fake pout in his voice and tried to keep herself from laughing. "Well okay I'll bring a suit. But I've got to get packed.. I'll see you at the office to pick up the paper work." When she hung up she was still smiling. She didn't know why but she felt that this was going to be one helluva trip.

The plane ride wasn't too bad this time, no unexpected turbulence and it helped that Scully had brought her disc man with her. Now as they loaded their luggage into the rented blue Sedan she looked up to the sky. It was a bright, sunny day and the weather was excellent for this time of year. She always loved the end of Summer. The weather wasn't hot but it wasn't cold either... it was perfect. Closing the trunk of the car she walked over to the passenger side, why not let Mulder drive this time... she wanted to look about. They had arrived at the New River Airport and New Bern was about two hours away. She decided to dose for a while and slumped down comfortably in her seat, closing her eyes.

As she drifted into sleep she could hear Mulder singing "Joy to the World" by Three Dogg Night. Remembrance of another "fun" trip to the woods came to her mind. She smiled softly at the conversation she and Mulder had, had in the woods that night. If only it had rained sleeping bags. That thought jerked her into wakefulness. What was she thinking.. Mulder was her friend not her lover. Shaking her head slowly she sat up in her seat and looked out the window. "Wall to wall corn." commented Mulder as he caught her looking out the window at the fields of corn. "I would have thought corn would have been harvested earlier this year." Scully said staring at the fields. Mulder shrugged and stole a quick glance at her. "Where are we?" Scully looked at the map in her hands. "I think it's called James City.... it's about 15 minutes from New Bern. We should be there shortly, you can get back to your beauty rest if you want to, not that you need it." he said with a soft smile. His last comment startled her, she wasn't used to him commenting her on her looks but instead of saying something she looked out the window, trying to hide the sudden redness in her cheeks.

Scully had asked Mulder earlier what was the name of the cheap motel they were going to stay at but he had surprised her by smiling and saying in a childish voice, "You'll see." Now as he took a right at a small intersection she was shocked to find that he was giving the signal to turn into a quant little bed and breakfast. "Mulder this is a bed and breakfast!" she exclaimed in a soft voice her eyes wide with disbelief. "I kinda figured that when I saw the sign Scully." he said with a grin. "But what about the motel?" she was afraid to blink, thinking she might be hallucinating. "Do you want to stay at a motel instead Scully?" he asked opening his door. Scully shook her head, "No-no this is fine." she quickly , grabbing her bags from the open trunk. She closed the trunk of the car and walked inside, into the lobby where a older woman with a nice smile was giving Mulder a key to his room. "Where's my key Mulder?" she asked looking at the single key in her partner's hand. The older woman widened her eyes, "I-I'm sorry I thought you two were together." she was about to reach for another key but Mulders rich chuckle stopped her in her tracks. "Yes Ma'am we are together." he smiled slyly and took a wide eyed Scully's hand. Once in 'their' room Mulder dropped his bags on the floor and laid down on the only bed in the room. Scully sat her bags down and looked at her partner. "Um Mulder... why are we staying in the same room?" she walked over to the side of the bed and looked down at him, one shapely brow arched.

Mulder smiled and opened his eyes.. "Well Scully I wanted to stay somewhere nice this time but I could only afford one room. You don't mind sharing a room do you?" he curved his bottom lip in a fake pout. 'God he looks so adorable.' she thought suddenly. "Well.. I guess it's not that bad. It is a nice place." she said with a small smile. Mulder grinned and patted the bed, signaling her to sit beside him which she did. "Mulder, you'll do anything to save a buck." she said with a small laugh. "You make me sound so cheap Scully." he said with a grin. Sighing softly she stood up and moved to the window. "So who's going to sleep on the couch?" she said touching the window pane, watching his reflection in the glass. Mulder shrugged and stood up, unzipping his suitcase. "It's a big bed, why don't we share?" Scully turned toward him, her lips parted slightly. "Mulder..." Mulder grinned and shook his head. "Don't you trust me Scully?" Scully nodded, rolling her blue eyes to the ceiling, "Ofcourse I do Mulder." she replied walking to her suitcase. "After we unpack, how about we grab some lunch?" Mulder asked, looking over his shoulder at his partner.

Thirty minutes later they were walking along a side walk lined by historical homes and gardens, the smell of cinnamon wafted through the air and into the two agents noses. "It smells heavenly here Mulder." Scully said breathlessly looking about her, "It's a pity we're here on assignment and not for pleasure." she added looking up at him quickly. Mulder grinned slyly, "Well funny you should mentioned that Scully." his voice was soft and he looked down at her as they stopped walking. "What do you mean "Funny you should mention that Scully"?" she arched a shapely brow. "Well what I mean is that we really aren't working on a case... Skinner sent us here for a vacation. Since you got out of the hospital Skinner, I and well.. your mother too thought that you should get away from it all and I thought.. "hell nothing "spooky" ever happens in New Bern NC why not take her there?" Scully nodded, a smile spreading broadly on her face, "So you took it upon yourselves to abduct, er I mean save me from work over load?" Mulder nodded and took her hand, gently dragging her unto one of the side roads. "So where do you want to eat at? Or should I ask what do you want to eat..." Scully shrugged and looked about, spotting a restaurant across the street. "How about we eat there... I'm in the mood for a grilled ham & cheese sandwich and a glass of ice tea how about you?" Mulder nodded, grinning widely, "Music to my ears."

They sat in the in front of the window in the small restaurant, which was a short distance from the bed and breakfast, chatting over sandwiches and tea when Mulder suddenly got a childish gleam in his eye. "Hey Scully they have this Karokki bar just a little ways from here, I saw it when we came into town... how about you give it a try, I'm in the mood to here "Joy to the World" again." he grinned wickedly and his grin became wider when Scully threw her napkin at him. "Well.. how about it Scully... c'mon It'll be fun." The look in his eyes was so hopeful that Dana Scully couldn't resist.. with a shrug she replied, "What the hell.." Smiling Mulder placed his hand over hers and smiled softly.

End of Part One ;OP

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