Part 3 Disclaimer in 1

Breakfast had been sent to their rooms and neither had awoke when the waiter brought it in until the closing of the door alarmed them. Sitting up straight Mulder looked around then looked down at his partner, his love, as she stared up at him with wide eyes. "So it wasn't a dream!." he said with a smile. Scully shook her head... "Nope." she said softly and reached for his shirt, putting it on. "Hey that's my shirt!" he said with a laugh. "I know.. it looks better on me though." she said in a snotty tone, stuck her nose up in the air and began to prance around the room but stopped when Mulder hit her with a pillow. "Hey I bruise easily!" she exclaimed, ducking for cover. Suddenly she caught a wift of eggs and breakfast. "Hey Fox.. you hungry?" she asked looking at him, slightly afraid of his reaction to her using his first name. Standing up he stretched slowly, not caring about his nakedness. "Yes Dana.. I'm famished." he slowly walked over to the break fast cart and opened the lid. "Hmmmmmm Eggs, bacon, toast, cantaloupe, orange juice and coffee. I'd put up a permanent residence here if I could." he chuckled and picked up a piece of bacon, holding it up to Scully's mouth. She looked at him and took the piece of bacon in her mouth. Mulder smiled and reached for a napkin to wipe his finger but Scully caught his wrist swiftly. Raising his fingers to her mouth she licked them clean slowly. Mulder growled and stepped forward but Scully pushed him away. "Scully eat now.. boom boom later." she said in broken English. Mulder laughed and pulled up to chairs to the breakfast cart. They took their time eating breakfast and all the while they were playing footsee under the cart.

Thirty minutes later after a shower they dressed and headed down stairs to the lobby. Scully smiled at the old woman who was looking at her with a knowing look... Had she heard them last nigh?! Scully blushed slightly.. who cares.. no one knew them there. Scully asked the older woman where were the best places to look at in this historical town and the woman gave her a brochure that contained a list of various places to visit. Mulder and Scully spent the whole day looking at the sites and acting like a couple of teenagers. Holding his hand had never felt so right and it was kind of romantic when he had ordered the chocolate shake with two straws at the old timey malt shop. Scully was positively glowing and she didn't ever want the day to close but the sun would set soon and they still had the old library to look at. Scully always loved librarys, the smell of old books always brought her back to school.

The library was over one hundred years old and still in perfect condition giving the recent storms the coast of NC had encountered the past few years. For some odd reason Scully wanted to see old newspaper clippings of the town, she guessed that it was because the town was so enchanting that she wanted to find out more about the history. The lady at the desk had directed her to a back room that was full of cabinets and she also mentioned another room to the right that contained antiquities of such. Looking through the A-Ch cabinets she didn't find anything of interesting until she hit the Co. The file seemed to fall into her lap. The head line read "Young woman drowns in boating accident." It had be front page news. There was even a picture of the young woman before her death. Scully looked at the picture and her knees grew weak. The picture it was of the woman in the night club... the one that had sang the song that had touched Scully's heart and helped her arrange her confused feelings. "Mulder." she called over her shoulder. When he entered the room he crinkled up his nose.. "Smells funny in here.. Scully did you.." Scully growled at him and he laughed softly and mouth word "Joke", "Mulder look at this." she handed the paper to him and he looked at the picture. "Hey isn't that the girl from the club.. the one that sang that really cool song." Scully nodded but pointed to the date. "Mulder this paper was dated August 14 1857, and that girl in the picture drowned." Mulder shrugged... "Maybe it's her ancestor then." Scully shook her head.. "No Mulder the article says that the girl, Marisa Conaway, was an only child so there was no way that she could have any family living today... it was only her and her father left. He ran the light house on the coast." Mulder smiled slyly.. "Don't tell me your beginning to believe in ghost Agent Scully." Scully punched him in the arm. "Don't be silly there has to be a logical explanation for it." Mulder shrugged once again. "I don't know Scully, the East Coast is rumored to be chalked full of ghost." Scully raised a shapely brow, "And I thought you said that nothing "spooky" ever happens in New Bern NC." Mulder grinned and replied, laughter showing in his voice, "Sometimes people are wrong Scully." Just as Scully looked around for something to throw at him he ducked out the door.

Reading the paper article saddened her but something moved in the other room and she caught a glimpse of white out of the corner of her eye. Standing up she slowly walked into the antiquities room. All around her were glass cases containing rare items dating back to colonial days. In the back of the room she caught a glitter of gold and moved toward the last glass case. The sign said do not touch but she couldn't resist. Opening the case she took out the gold box and opened it. Inside there was a few black and white snap shots, one was of and old gentle man dressed in a fisherman's out fit, pipe in hand, another was of Marisa in a long flowing white gown much to modern for that time but non the less beautiful, Scully recognized it from the night club. The last picture was of a young man, possibly a few years older than Marisa. He was tall and lanky and he reminded her of Mulder, the way he held himself. "Wonder if he liked Sunflower seeds." Scully said softly and looked into the box. Next thing she found way a letter addressed to an Alan Morton. On a hunch looked at the back of the younger mans picture and there scribbled in feminine handwriting, the same as on the letter, was the name Alan. "Must have been her sweetheart." She knew that reading someone else's letter was an invasion of privacy but something in her egged her on. Opening it slowly she heard the yellowish paper crackled.

My dearest Alan,

I know you are on board your fathers ship this moment that I write this letter but for some strange reason I feel that I must write you. Father says a storm is coming soon and I fear that many will lose their lives in this one. As I sit out on the walk way around the light itself I hear the wind picking up. I look out over the ocean on my high perch and picture you out there, fighting the waves. I know you'll probably never get this letter, I'll probably never find the courage to give it to you. But it comes down to this my dear Alan, I love you. I know that we have been friends since childhood and even though I am only twenty-one and still new to this world I know how strongly I feel for you. You treated me like your little sister in the past and even though I loved the attention there has always been something missing from your embrace, as if you are holding back something, I see it in your eyes. I feel I could love no other as I love you right this moment. I had written a poem for you but father found it a threw it away. He knows the feelings I have for you and I feel as if you feel the same way. The way that you have been looking at me recently up until the other day when you left with your father on your trip, gave me chills and the was your hand lingered on my as she left me on the docks that day, oh how I longed for your kiss. Father claims that you'll never amount to anything and that you are a waste of my time but he doesn't know dear Alan. Ever since mother died he's been void of love, he doesn't even call me Mari anymore. I miss the old days Alan... when we were kids and didn't have any worries... I wish we could go back. I'm afraid that the sun is setting and I must soon end this letter. As I write this I feel as if you are standing here right beside me, I can even feel you hand on mine. I better stop now... I'm getting misty eyed. Hurry home soon Alan... I miss you.


Scully wiped away the tears that I had been slipping carelessly down her cheek. "Such a young girl.. to young to die so soon." The letter had been dated the same day that she had died. There was a noise behind her and she whipped around, instinctively reaching for her gun. A gasp escaped her parted lips as she looked at the white clad figure of Marisa Conaway. "I see you've found the letter Dana." Marisa stepped forward, a soft smiletouching her face. Scully tensed and left her hand at her gun, eyeing the ghost of Marisa Conaway nervously. "Don't be scared Dana.. I'm not going to hurt you. I see that the song worked... you've gotten what you've longed for so long, you just needed a little push." Scully licked her dry lips and looked around quickly, searching for Mulder. "Your friend is looking at books on the other side of the library... believe it or not he's looking at the romance novels. Probably trying to figure out what makes us females "tick" You can relax now Ms. Scully. If I was going to harm you in anyway I whould have done so already."

Scully allowed the tension to drain from her body but she still eyed Marisa wearily. "I know, I know.. you don't believe in ghost and there has to be a logical explaination for this... maybe bad shell fish yes? I"m a ghost Dana.. but not for long." Scully suddenly found her voice, "Why not?" the question was spoken in a whisper. "Well Dana.. you see when I wrote that letter I was madly in love with my best friend, which I still am... I'll love him for eternity but as I was saying... I ended that letter as the sun was setting so to hide it from my father I placed it in my mothers old Jewelry box." she gestured to the gold box in Scully's hands. "Well the storm came quickly and as fierce as the town had feared.. possibly worse that we expected." "Well my father was busy tending the light when there was a knock on the door.. I was down stairs any how so I answered it. It was a messenger bringing news that Alan's boat had went down, debree from the wreckage had washed ashore a couple of miles down from the light house. My father was part of the group that would go out and try to find survivors of ship wrecks but he was busy maintaining the light that I didn't think to bother him. Instead I dressed for the elements and headed after Alan myself. The small boat my father owned wasn't made for the abuse that the storm did to it so it soon capsized taking me into the murky deep. Last I remember I was calling for Alan and everything went dark. Then there was this light and I saw Alan, he had gone down with the ship. Finally I thought... I'm going to be alright.. I'm going to be with Alan but God wouldn't let me.. he said that my work wasn't finished, that some day a couple just like me and Alan were going to arrive and they we're going to need my help less they travel into the murky depth themselves without know of their love. Mind you I was never really a religious person but I had to heed this... I couldn't stand imagining another girl going through what I did.... and that is what brought me to you."

She smiled softly and touched Scully's hand. "Dana.. you have allowed me to fulfill my destiny.. now I can rest in peace and finally be with my love." Suddenly there was a light and portal seemed to open in the wall to their right. A figured clad in fisherman's cloths stepped through the portal. It was Alan, his smile was kind as he extended her hand toward Marisa. "Mari." he said in a deep velvet voice, his blue eyes twinkling. "Alan... I've been waiting for you." Marisa smiled and started to walk toward Alan. "Wait! Your mothers box." Scully said extending it toward her. Marisa smiled.. "Let them keep it... let them remember the bond of love can not be broken... what ever trial or tribulation it should encounter... love is eternal." Scully smiled and placed the box back in the case. "How can I ever repay you?" she asked softly looking at the couple. Marisa grinned slyly.. "Well you can name her after your sister." Scully's eyes widened... "You mean?" she touched her stomach. Marisa nodded.. "Yes.. she's very proud of you Dana and her spirit lives in you.. and Fox. Like I said love is eternal.. may it be sibling love or much much more. Take care Dana." with that the bright light faded and they were gone.

"What are you doing in her Scully?" Mulder said popping his head in the door way.. Scully shook her head and glanced down at the gold box. "Nothing Mulder.. Nothing." Walking out into the fresh air Scully looked up at the clear sky. Taking Mulder's hand in hers she squeezed gently. "I love you Fox." she whispered softly. Mulder kissed the top of her head and smiled down at her.. "I love you too." Scully caressed her stomach and looked up at him.. "Melissa loves you too." Mulder looked down at her curiously.. "What do you mean Melissa love mmmmm.... Oh my god Scully you're??? But how do you know.. it's to soon to know." Scully shook her head and smiled.. "Just know Mulder I just know."

The End... tell me what you think PLEASE! I know it might seem a little, I don't know, silly at some parts in the story but hey it was written by a 17 year old MS relationshipper, moi.