Chapter Twenty-Five

"Finally you acknowledge it. How does it feel?'


Damon wasn't kidding. Once they'd started, it had been hard to stop. With years of pent up attraction, they'd gone at it for most of the night and Bonnie had lost track of how many times she'd came. As expected, he was masterful at this, able to make her forget anything but the two of them moving in just the right rhythm. And the mere thought of the last time, right before exhaustion took her, had her biting her lip and pressing her legs together.

They'd been winding down. Laying on her side, he'd been doing all the work, slowly rocking into her from behind, and when she finally orgasmed, it was like a slow overflow into bliss, especially when his fangs sank into her shoulder and his tongue brushed over her skin, lapping up her blood. It felt so good when he drank from her. And it felt even better to drink from him. She hadn't expected to like the blood sharing so much during, but the constant exchange created a connection that filled her with so much emotion, sex with him was like having an out of body experience.

Describing the feeling of it was nearly impossible, and she found herself throwing her head back, his name tumbling from her lips as he filled her again and released his fangs from her throat. The puncture wounds healed almost immediately after, and he kissed her there, murmuring about how much he loved the taste of her. She had turned around in his arms to face him as he brought his mouth to hers, and Bonnie couldn't remember the last time she'd felt so sated.

Both spent, they'd fallen asleep like that, Bonnie pressed up against Damon with his arm wrapped around her back, but at some point she must've turned around because she'd woken up facing away from him with his arm hanging over her stomach and his legs pressed against the back hers. Warmth spread throughout her body wherever he touched her and Bonnie was in no hurry to move at first, but then she shifted her arm underneath her head and he woke up with a low hum in the back of his throat. His hand pressed against her stomach and pulled her back against him.

"Good morning," Her skin tingled where his fingers dragged across her side. They settled on her back, and he began to trace the lines of her tattoo with the hand that had been wrapped around her. The skin there was sensitive, something he'd discovered the day before, and she bit her lip as her back arched, pressing her ass into his crotch. He let out another low noise as his morning wood slid against her skin. This was dangerous. It would be so easy for him to slide back inside her and her imagination was running wild with ways they could spend the morning. But sensibility won out, and before she could get caught up in the moment, she moved away. Taking a deep breath, she turned around to face him.

"Morning." The sunlight from her bedroom window framed his face almost perfectly and his blue eyes were mesmerizing with the way the light hit them. She was unsure of how to deal with him or how she should even act around him at the moment, so Bonnie just stared.

Slowly, a self-satisfied smirk spread across his face. "Still think this was a bad idea."

She shook her head against her pillow. "It was a terrible idea." A good terrible idea, but still a terrible idea nonetheless.

He shifted, the light making his eyes shine. "Didn't sound like one when you were moaning my name."


"Admit it, you enjoyed this." his hand, which had been resting on her waist, slid down to her ass, pulling her back against him. He leaned in and kissed her and she arched against him, letting her nipples brush against his chest and feeling his hardness between them. She considered giving into temptation for the second time, but ultimately, she didn't. She couldn't afford to be sucked back into him. Bonnie eased away and sat up instead, and when she looked back at him, he only looked slightly disappointed.

"We are not having a repeat of last night."

He raised his eyebrows. "Would that be so bad?"

She hesitated in answering, and it was all Damon needed for the smirk to return to his face. "Yes, it would."

Bonnie stood up, very aware of Damon's eyes traveling along her naked body as she stretched her arms over her head and proceeded to make her way into the bathroom. She paused when she saw herself in the mirror, looking well fucked with her hair a tangled mess behind her. A good terrible idea indeed. The ghost of a smile appeared on her face as she turned around and walked over to the shower. Hopping in, she turned on the water and started cleaning herself. She half expected Damon to try and join her, but he didn't, and when she came out of the bathroom, he was still lying in her bed, seemingly lost in thought as he stared up at the ceiling.

His eyes went to her once he noticed she was back in the room, following her as she walked over to her dresser drawers, dropped her towel, and proceeded to get dressed. She put on a cropped tank top first, and then slipped into a pair of underwear and fitted jeans. She heard Damon start to move from the bed. "I'm gonna take a quick shower."

"Go ahead." She looked over her shoulder at his naked back and her eyes immediately dropped to his perfectly sculpted ass. Glancing back up at his face, he had caught her, and on reflex, she turned around, pretending she didn't do it out of embarrassment and started pushing the open drawers back in her dresser. Damon's chuckle echoed in her ears right before the water started to run.

Going into her kitchen, she opened the refrigerator and pulled out a blood bag before reaching into a nearby cabinet and pulling out a mug. She poured the blood in and then paused before she went back to the refrigerator to get a second one for Damon.

After warming them up, she sat down at her kitchen table, looking out the window between the blue orchids sitting on the sill in front of it.

A minute later, Damon came out dressed in the clothes he wore yesterday, and Bonnie watched as he grabbed the cup of blood she left on the counter and sat across from her. She was reminded of 1994, of when they would eat breakfast together every morning sitting across from each other in the boarding house, but instead of being absorbed in crosswords and pancakes, their attention was entirely focused on one another. She wasn't sure if it was because of the sex or drinking so much of his blood, but she felt more aware of him, of the distance between them, and how much her body hummed with a craving to close it.

His bright gaze was trained on her, making her warm. She ignored the feeling, tapping the mug in her hand in thought. "Last night…"

He waited for her to continue, but her silence dragged. Bonnie wanted to say that it couldn't happen again, but it wouldn't come out. It seemed she was at a loss for words when it came to talking about her emotions with him.

When she took too long to speak, Damon released a dramatic sigh and leaned back in the chair. "Why do I feel like you're still going to say it changes nothing between us?"

Bonnie tilted her head to the side. "Has it changed anything?" Damon basically said he was in love with her. They had sex. It was more than good. Bonnie wasn't sure where to go from here, or even if she was ready to go somewhere. Her feelings were as much of a mess as they'd always been, even more so now that she understood Damon was serious about how he felt. Her own feelings for him had always been deep and complicated, but she didn't want to delve into it, not with everything that was going on.

"I don't know, but I do know I don't want to just be something you need to get out of your system." It was obvious her words had bothered him right after she said it. But she had been trying to keep things as impersonal as possible. It was a defense mechanism so she would be able to push him away afterwards, so she could say this can never happen again, and yet that was the last thing she wanted to say. What she wanted was to be selfish.

"What do you want to be?"

There was no trace of a smirk in his expression anymore. He stared at her intently. "Maybe we should table this conversation."

"Okay then." There were other things she needed to be focused on anyway.

Damon's phone buzzed and he picked it up to check his messages. "They want me to help with patrolling around the barrier this morning." Damon finished off his blood and put the mug down in the sink. As he grabbed his jacket, Bonnie walked into the living room. Knowing he was leaving, she was thankful to have some space away from him, even though at the same time, she wanted him to stay.

"I'm going to set up the trap later today," she said as he walked towards the door. There was no real reason to invite him. She didn't exactly need him there, but...

He heard the invitation in her words. "I can come meet you."

She nodded. "I'll send you the location."

Hesitating in front of the door with a hand on the knob, he turned back around to look at her. "Just tell me one thing before I go," he said. "Was it enough? Did you get me out of your system?"

She bit her lip, her voice coming out softer than usual. "Not entirely." Honestly, she wasn't sure she'd ever be able to get him out.

"Same here," he admitted.

"Well," she started, "You know what they say," she raised her eyebrows, allowing her lips to turn up at the corners ever so slightly as she shrugged, " once you go Bonnie…"

Damon grinned at her easily and her own smile widened on reflex.

Pausing, he stared at her from the foyer and then closed the distance between them. Gently, he cupped her face with a hand and her head tilted towards his. Bonnie's stomach twisted as she kissed him, one of her hands moving to rest on his shoulder. His tongue teasingly flicked against her lips and she automatically opened for him. His lips were soft against hers, promising of something more, evidence that things had changed. When they broke it off, Bonnie's whole body was hot and she suddenly didn't want him to leave at all.

He stepped away from her, slow to turn around as he opened the door. "Later Bon-bon." He said.

Bonnie watched his figure disappear as he closed the door behind him.

Internally, Bonnie cursed herself. She had really let herself get carried away this time. Quickly, she grabbed a cardigan to throw over her top, and headed out to Freya's, taking a grimoire and the magical rope Alaric had given her.

When Bonnie arrived at Freya's townhouse, the witch in question was in the middle of teaching a bunch of other witches the dark magic purification spell. They were sitting in a circle in the middle of her sitting room and Freya was having them recite the incantation over and over again to commit it to memory.

The older witch saw Bonnie enter, and she told the others to take a break before she pulled her off to the side.

"Hey," Bonnie greeted. "How's it going?"

She sighed, folding her arms across her chest. "It's going. With how much power it took between you and me to reverse the poisoning, I think it's going to take about four witches for one person. It's a shame there weren't any survivors from the last attack to try it on, but next time, we should be ready." Freya's eyes lowered to the rope and grimoire Bonnie had underneath her arm. "Is that it?"

"Yeah," Bonnie pulled it out from underneath her arm, and handed it to Freya.

"I've only ever heard about something like this in Norse mythology, but of course some Scandanavian witch probably created a spell to make something close to the original gleipnir that was for restraining the wolf-god Fenrir, though for other witches instead." It had been wrapped in cloth when Bonnie gave it to her, and Freya unwrapped it, running her fingers along the rope. It was black, but only an inch thick, and heavier than it should be. Whenever she touched it without the cloth, Bonnie could feel the magic running through it, and she was sure Freya was noticing the same. "All my research says that you simply have to get it around the witch and it should activate all on its own." Freya handed the rope back to her. "Test it on me."

Bonnie hesitated. "Are you sure?"

"Yes, we need to find out if it works, don't we?"

It was hard to argue with that, but there were the effects to consider. They had no idea what the side-effects of using such a thing were, but when Bonnie questioned Freya again, the older witch reassured her and Bonnie stepped close to Freya, wrapping the rope around her twice before it glowed a faint orange and seemed to take a life of its own.

The moment it did, Freya grimaced as it secured into a knot around her. Her eyes closed as she winced uncomfortably. "Well?"

"It's working. I can literally feel the magic draining out of me. Please get it off."

Bonnie undid the knot, and the rope fell to the ground lifelessly.

"And now?"

"I feel a little weakened, but not much."

"Thanks Freya. Hopefully, I'll be able to use this."

As Bonnie gathered the rope, Freya leaned against the wall, watching her. The older witch would look fine to most other people, but Bonnie could see the lines of exhaustion in her face. "I hope you're taking some time for yourself."

She smiled at Bonnie's concern. "I am, Keelin's been on me about it as well. But how are things with your shadow?"


She quirked an eyebrow. "Just fine?"

"Why are you asking?"

"I don't know. You just seem more relaxed today."

Bonnie folded her arms across her chest, knowing what she was getting at. "I can't just look relaxed for no reason."

"Bonnie, recently you've been as uptight as Elijah."

She rolled her eyes. "No one is as uptight as Elijah."

Freya chuckled. "You're right, but still. You've been on edge."

"And I'm still on edge. I'm planning on facing Vanessa head on with just the magic that I have, and it wasn't enough the last time. I just have to hope the binding spells I'm planning on using work out."

"If they don't, you know we could be on standby. I could get Vincent to help me and we could cast the spells."

Bonnie shook her head slowly. "No. I'm not having either of you in harms way, especially when you almost died the last time. I deal with her myself."

"I wish you would stop punishing yourself."

"I'm not punishing myself."

"Yes you are. I know The only reason you ran for as long as you did after the first time you faced her was because you felt guilty for what you did. That was you trying to punish yourself even though you had to do it. And you're still punishing yourself by not letting us help you, by thinking this is a problem that you can only deal with by yourself because it's your responsibility. Let me remind you that by helping the hunters, she's become a problem for all of us."

"I will handle her alone," Bonnie insisted.

Freya sighed.

"Will you still help me with the binding spell?"

"Of course," she pointed a thumb back to where the other witches were still practicing. "Just let me finish up with them first."

After the others left, Bonnie spent a while with Freya working over the logistics of the binding spell and making sure she understood everything properly. As she was about to leave, however, her phone started to vibrate. When she saw that it was Elena calling her, she was tempted to just let it ring, but Bonnie ended up answering, curious to see what she had to say.

"I'm surprised you picked up, since you ignored my last two calls." Elena said. By her tone, Bonnie could already tell this conversation was about to go left. Her grip tightened on her phone.

"I've been busy." It was an age-old excuse for the fact that Bonnie just didn't want to bother speaking with Elena, especially after the last text she sent her, blaming her for she and Damon's relationship falling apart. She already had enough stress in her life, and she didn't want to add drama with Elena on top of it all. But now, for some reason, Bonnie was in the mood to let her say her piece.

"Of course you have. I heard what you did to Jeremy."

"I won't apologize for that."

"Jesus, who even are you anymore? I mean it's not as if I expected you to not change, but this isn't even you."

"It's been eight years Elena. You don't know me anymore."

"I see that now." There was a pregnant pause that passed before Elena spoke again. "You and Damon…"

"What about me and Damon?"

"How long has this really been going on? Because Damon told me one thing, but I'm not sure I believe him."

"Elena, it wasn't as if we were shacking up while you were under the spell."

"Well that's what it feels like, like everything in our relationship has been a farce since I came back, like you and him have secretly been together this whole time."

"We were only friends."

"But how long have you had feelings for him?"

Bonnie hesitated for a moment before she decided to be honest. "I don't know. I can't really pinpoint when it started."

Her laugh was sarcastic, and it tapered off into a voice filled with sadness. "How could you do this to me?"

"I didn't do anything to you Elena. I don't control how Damon feels, and I can't control how I feel. It's not like I've asked Damon to come here. He's chosen to do so, and so long as he does, I won't try to stop him anymore."

"In other words, you don't care about me, about how I feel, do you?"

"I don't care enough to give him up. Not when I...not when I feel the way I do about him."

Bonnie could hear the resignation in her voice when she next spoke. "If you're going to be with him, I'm not sure we can ever be friends again."

"I get that, and I don't blame you for feeling that way, but like I said, I'm not going to push him away for your sake."

"Then I guess we're done here."

"I guess we are." Her heart felt heavy after they both hung up. She and Elena had been friends since elementary school. Even if Bonnie wasn't really fond of her anymore, the acknowledgement that their friendship was practically over still hurt. But how many times had she given up something for Elena? Bonnie wanted Damon. She didn't want him to go back to Elena. She wanted him to stay with her. She liked how supportive he was being and how much he was trying to show that he cared.

Between the hurt from her conversation with Elena, it was liberating to admit how much she wanted him so clearly to herself, as liberating as it'd been when she decided she wanted to live after being turned. But did she want to give them a chance? That was something she was still on the fence about, and once again, she put it out of her mind to focus on the more important matters at hand.

After saying goodbye to Freya, Bonnie headed into the woods to an empty cabin far outside the city that Hayley had told her about. It was apparently owned by her family, but no one really used it. This cabin was where she was going to set-up the magic-blocking spell with the hope that it would work against Vanessa.

She had only been there for five minutes when footsteps sounded between the trees behind her. Bonnie's head snapped around. As quick as she tensed up, she relaxed when she saw it was Damon standing behind her.

"Hey." Leaves crunched underfoot as he walked up to her.

"Hi," Bonnie said, running a hand through her hair.

When he was close enough, Damon raised a hand to her neck and pulled her in for a kiss like it was the most natural thing in the world between them. And it felt that way, like this was how it was supposed to be.

She tried not to think about her conversation with Elena.

"Will you help me with this?" She handed him the bowl of blueberries and herbs she'd been crushing together and he took over for her. While he did that, Bonnie took off her cardigan and placed it on the banister of the staircase leading up to the cabin's porch. She bent over and grabbed another bag of herbs from the tote bag she brought with her, and heard Damon's mixing slow. She turned around to look at him and caught him staring at her ass. The corner of her mouth quirked up a minuscule amount when, even after she stood, his eyes were planted on her behind.

"Damon," his eyes snapped up to hers. "I'm going to need you to focus."

He shrugged. "You have the ass of an angel sent to tempt the devil, sue me"

She paused, raising an eyebrow at the compliment. "I think we can both agree that I'm no angel."

His gaze turned heated. "Oh after last night, I wholeheartedly agree."

Doing her best to ignore the look in his eyes, she picked up the dried basil and sage mixture she had grounded up, opened it, and sat it off to the another bowl. Then she walked over to Damon and he paused in grinding up the other herbs so she could see his work. Bonnie nodded. "That's good." She took the bowl from his hands and walked up the porch steps to stand in the area beside the door. "I'm going to cast the spell to render her powerless once she steps inside, and then layer it with the one to mask the magic so she won't be able to sense the spell before she sets inside."

Bonnie looked up at the sky. The sun was sitting westward, already tinting the sky pink. "I need to wait a while though." Since she was using the moon to enhance the spell, she was going to cast it through sunset, ensuring that it would activate come night time when the moon's light was strongest. It would be a short while until sunset. In the meantime, she brought the bowl inside the house and Damon followed her, bringing her other things when she motioned for him to grab them.

It was a homey looking cabin that was very open. When Bonnie walked in, she could see the living room, kitchen, and dining area right away. She walked over to the dining area in the back and placed the mixture on the table.

He sat her things on the table across from the mixture, and Bonnie moved beside him to pull a grimoire out from the bag. She opened it to the spot she had placed the pages she'd stolen from Josephine LaRue's grimoire, the pages with the spell to create a place that blocks magic. She spread them out on the table and looked over them, very aware of Damon beside her, his proximity drawing her thoughts to things she shouldn't be thinking about.

"You've gone over this spell a hundred times already and there's a while until sunset," he propositioned. It seemed his line of thought had gone down the same path.

"I don't want to get distracted." She turned towards him, her shoulder brushing against his. Once again she was aware of the distance between them, her body once again humming with the desire to close it.

The heat of his gaze dredged up memories of last night. "You sure?" His voice lowered. She wasn't sure who leaned in first, but their mouths locked in another kiss. She placed a hand on his waist, shifting closer to him until her chest was pressed against his. Kissing him slow like this was quickly becoming her favorite way of kissing him. Every time, a slow heat built inside her, sending tingles down her spine that only intensified whenever his tongue met hers. Unable to help herself, she let out a soft noise, feeling his arm wrap around her shoulder to pull her further into him.

Slowly, she slightly pulled away and lowered her head, resting her forehead against his chin. She had said she wasn't going to push him away anymore, but that didn't stop the doubts from swirling around in her head. "Damon," she sighed. "I can't keep doing this if you're going to run back to her."

"Do you think I just go around saying what I said to anyone?"

"How do I know that isn't going to change?"

"You're gonna have to trust me."

"And that's the issue Damon. Trust takes time, and it hasn't been long enough."

"I know." He backed away, his hands slipping from around her as he moved next to her. "But I'm here, aren't I?"

"You are," she agreed.

As if the moment never happened, he rested his palms on the wooden table's surface, leaning on them as he looked at the grimoire. "So... with this, do you think you'll be able to defeat her?"

"I'm hopeful, but I'm still worried about facing her with only the magic that I have. Considering she has the power of six witches, and I only have the power of three, it might not be enough, even with all the spells I'm planning to unleash upon her."

"The power of three?"

She hadn't told him the real reason why she had the triquetra tattoo on her back yet, and she figured she might as well. "When I lost my magic after being the huntress, I searched for a way to get it back, and I found one in a story I came across written in a grimoire. The story went that a long time ago, during the witch hunting times, there were three witches running from witch hunters. When they were about to get caught, they cast a spell together. Instead of being burned at the stake, to protect their power, they killed themselves and hid their spirits away in a stone, hoping that one of their children would find it and use their power to avenge them. None of them did though, and the stone sat undiscovered for years and years until I managed to uncover its location."

"And because I'm a descendant of one of the witches who happened to be a Bennett, I was able to use it." She reached behind herself with an arm over her shoulder and brushed the tip of the markings on her back. "We crushed the stone up and infused it into the ink, binding their power and spirits to me." Dropping her hand back to her side, she continued. "And the tattoo is also the reason I'm a vampire-witch," she added.

His brow furrowed. "Because the magic is bound to you?"

"That and because witches were a Bennett, a Clark, and a Lemaire. The Lemaire witch was a Gemini coven exile, a witch like Kai who could only absorb magic. So when I died, I was still able to absorb the magic in the tattoo as well as the magic that made me a vampire."

"Well that explains it. After seeing it glow that one time, I had a feeling it served some magical purpose. But before, you said your power works in the same way that this Vanessa witch's power works. Is she using the same spell?"

"No, her power is the result of something different, a darker spell. But her family was the last of the Lemaire coven. And it was one of their spells that I altered to bind the power of the three witches to me."

Her chest tightened, and she turned away from Damon, and looked out the window. The sun was finally setting, and she turned back to the table. "I'm going to start the spell. You should probably wait outside."

He walked out ahead of her into the grass while, she grabbed the mixture he had finished grinding up for her and went to the doorway. She stepped just outside the threshold and turned around to look at the door. The blueberries inside of the mixture made the consistency more like a paste with flakes of the other herbs mixed in, and she dug her index and middle finger inside of it before she placed it along the doorway. As she did, she recited the chant from Josephine's spellbook over and over again. And even after she finished lining the doorway with it, Bonnie continued to chant, placing the bowl down and held her hands up in front of the doorway. She could feel the magic activating, and the forest responded in kind, the wind swirling through the trees as the leaves rustled under the pressure of the magical energy she was releasing. She could feel the tattoo on her back begin to burn and closed her eyes, continuing to chant. Inch by inch, the spell wrapped around the house as she chanted until the sun had fully set and the sky was dark.

When she was done, the door to the house slammed shut. She was slightly dizzy with the amount of magic she had just used and turned around to see Damon leaning against a tree in the distance. She grabbed the second mix of basil and sage and cast a weak incendia, burning it slowly in order to mask the magic that was used on the house. When that spell was complete, Bonnie let out a sigh as exhaustion took hold of her. In two days, she would lure Vanessa to this spot and try to kill her.

To test it, she opened the door. Stepping inside, she felt nothing, but when she closed the door behind her, the effect was almost immediate. She could feel her magic, but she knew that if she called to it, she wouldn't be able to use it. When she opened the door again, the spell dissipated just as it was supposed to. All she would have to do was get her inside, and get the door closed, and the spell would activate. And if it was strong enough, it would give Bonnie the advantage since she would still have her vampire abilities. She looked back towards Damon where he waited patiently. "It's finished."

He came to her side in an instant. "Should we head back to yours?"

Bonnie nodded. She needed a break and she needed to get out of there, with all the magic that she'd just used, Bonnie wasn't sure whether it would be something Vanessa would notice or not. But as soon as they had gathered the things on the porch, Damon received a message.

Another attack was happening somewhere near the werewolves in the bayou, a good ten miles away from them. Bonnie got the same message on her phone only moments later. "We should go help." Bonnie said, and she threw the rest of her things inside the cabin, locking the door behind her.

With the use of their vampire speed, they arrived in the bayou twenty minutes later, following the sounds of fighting. When they found the place of the skirmish, there were dead bodies littered everywhere, but thankfully it seemed like it was mainly hunters. Off in the distance she could see a few witches trying to purify a werewolf who was shot with one of the poisonous bullets, and she went to help them while Damon rushed off to help the other werewolves and vampires finish off their attackers.

When Bonnie finished helping the witches, she ended up separated from Damon as she went to help other vampires, using her magic to block the bullets, allowing for the others to make quick work of their hunter enemies, occasionally having to use the brute force of her vampirism. But where one fell, it seemed another popped up almost immediately.

This attack was large, larger than Bonnie expected. She was sure at least half of the remaining New Orleans supernatural population was there and the hunters had to number near a hundred. This was close to half the amount that Jeremy said they had. And it was odd, considering their main attack was supposed to be a month away. Though of course with Jeremy out of the picture, it was possible they knew something was off and changed their plan.

Taking down another hunter with ease, Bonnie took a moment to look for where Damon ended up, but couldn't find him. She did, however, run into Marcel who was busy stabbing a hunter with his own stake. "We're pushing them back, but still suffering too many losses," he said looking at the dead body near his feet. On it, she could see the effects of the poisonous bullets, but he was already gone. She worried about Damon.

"We need to end this quickly," she agreed before darting off in a different direction, towards more sounds of fighting. Two seconds later, a bullet whizzed past her, the echo of a gunshot sounding off in her sensitive ears. Bonnie veered toward the noise, finding the hunter in question and slamming him back onto a low branch with a burst of telekinetic power. The branch pierced through his lower abdomen, but he wasn't dead yet. He tried to push off, desperate to get to the gun he had dropped on the ground as Bonnie approached him. He grit his teeth at the pain of the branch scraping against his insides, but it was too much, and he stopped. When his eyes met Bonnie's, there was nothing but hatred in his gaze.

"You abominations will get what's coming to you."

Not bothering to respond, she picked up his gun and aimed it at his head, shooting him clean between the eyes. Dropping the gun, she turned to move on to another part of the woods when she heard the crack of a branch behind her. She spun around on high alert, looking through the trees. Bonnie didn't have the luxury of dismissing it as paranoia because she had a good reason to be paranoid.

That paranoia only increased as she couldn't relax and her hairs began to stand on end. Seconds after, like a tidal wave, she felt the oppressive force of a familiar magic. Bonnie's first instinct was to run, but a circle of fire surrounded her and through the flames she caught a glimpse of long curly dark hair and light gray eyes that could only belong to one witch.

Panic sinking in, Bonnie lowered the flames in a spot opposite the other witch. She stepped through the circle to try and run, but the moment she did, the witch gave her a powerful, debilitating aneurysm, making her stumble to the ground. Bonnie turned, meeting the witch's cold eyes as she calmly walked towards her with a grimace on her face. From one hand, Bonnie shot off lightning in one direction to distract her and with the other she tried a newer spell, digging her hand into the ground and commanding the tree roots to attack and surround her. The ground rumbled as the roots shot forth, headed towards Vanessa's legs.

Bonnie's attack, however, was halted before it could reach her, and Vanessa seized control effortlessly, turning the roots towards her. The second before they began to move, Bonnie took the opportunity to run, but Vanessa had another trick up her sleeve. Bonnie heard the click of a gun safety a moment too late and darted to the left, the gun shot grazing her leg. And Vanessa used to invisible force of her magic to jerk Bonnie back and pull her towards her while she scratched at the ground, trying to find purchase.

At the last moment, Bonnie turned her head towards her and held out an arm. Solaris trabem. Energy gathered in her palm and converted into light.

Speculum. Vanessa uttered, and the spell reflected back at Bonnie, her vampire speed allowing her to dodge, the beam narrowly missing her face as she rolled her head to the side. With another bust of magic that left the tattoo on her back burning fiercely, Bonnie pushed Vanessa away from her, but she could feel herself weakening drastically from the poison in the bullet that had grazed her leg.

Falling back onto the ground, Bonnie ripped the onyx stone necklace from her neck. Without it using a portion of her magic to hide her location, Bonnie felt a burst of power inside her and she used it to quickly remove the poison with the spell she and Freya used before. When Bonnie had pushed Vanessa, she had used her vampire strength and the other witch ended up on the ground. After quickly healing herself, Bonnie stood up to run, but Vanessa was also quick to get back on her feet and unleash the full force of her power, her eyes glowing as she channeled the witches inside her. Motus sisti, she said, and Bonnie felt her entire body lock. It was a herculean effort to fight through Vanessa's magic, but Bonnie managed to move an inch. The moment she did, Vanessa magic clamped down harder. Movement became impossible.

Once she was sure Bonnie could no longer move, the younger witch approached her. Her steps were calm and measured as she eyed Bonnie up and down. "You illusive bitch." The airy quality of her voice was weighted with rage. "Imagine my surprise when I discovered you lived a state away in Louisiana." She leaned over Bonnie, her smile twisting grimly. "You won't be able to send us on another goose chase this time. How do you like the poison that I've created?"

"How did you find me?" Bonnie said, forcing her mouth to move.

"Oh it took some effort, but it all boils down to a stroke of luck. When I met the hunters, one of them knew about you, the witch with green eyes and the abilities of a vampire."

"Please, you know I'm sorry for what I did."

"Let's not do this song and dance again. I don't want your empty apology. I want you to suffer the way my brother and sister suffered when you killed them and the rest of my coven, the rest of my family. I can still feel their pain inside, the hurt and when I look at you it amplifies tenfold. I can practically hear all five of them whispering words of revenge, of ways to cut you open and make you bleed. Oh, we have plans to have fun with you," She grinned sickeningly wide, her pretty features twisting into an ugly satisfied expression before she flicked her wrist and sharp the crack of her own neck was the last thing Bonnie felt before everything went pitch black.

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