by Dizog

After walking through the door of my morning homeroom class, I did a double-take. As usual, Haruhi Suzumiya's shapely round bottom filled the seat behind mine. However, today her gorgeous face glowed red with bloodshot eyes.

"Have you been crying?" I asked as I took my seat in front of her. "What's wrong?"

"The Justin Bieber concert sold out before I could get tickets." She rubbed her eye. Tears streaked down her cheek.

"You've got to be kidding."

"Yes, I am." Haruhi crossed her long lovely legs and leaned toward me, displaying her cleavage. "Truth is, I got a new babysitting job that turned out to be more than I could handle."

I took a moment to process her reply. "Did the kids abuse you?"

"No, the kids were fine. The problem was the pet cats. Four of them to be exact."


"I'm allergic to cats."

"No, you're not. You've been at my house lots of times and Shamisan has never bothered you."

Haruhi rubbed her other eye. "I know, right? The parents told me about them and I didn't think it would be an issue, but it turns out there's something strange about the fur on this breed of cat."

"Or else there's something special about Shamisan," I said. "Your babysitting gig was last night, wasn't it?"

"Yes." Haruhi sneezed into her sleeve.

"You should be fine by now, should you?"

"The cat dander got into my eyes and respiratory system. It could take up to three days for me to get back to normal. This happened to me once before." She reached into her purse and pulled out a tiny brown bottle with a black rubber top. "The main thing keeping me from functioning is my itchy eyes. I'm so busy rubbing them, the world is a blur."

She handed me the bottle. It contained prescription eye drop fluid. "This hasn't been working for you?"

"This stuff works, but it takes five minutes to take effect. I don't have enough self-control to keep my hands away from eyes that long."

I looked at the clock. On the first Monday of each month, the administrators extended homeroom period twenty minutes so our teacher Mr. Otabe could attend a special faculty meeting. On these days he left us to fend for ourselves. And why not? We were model students after all.

I tilted the bottle back and forth and analyzed the liquid. "This stuff must be super strong."

"It hurts like hell. And my eyesight stays blurry for a while after I take it."

"Maybe I can help you." I scanned the classroom. My eyes stopped on a full roll of Scotch tape, a pair of scissors, and a package of cleaning rags resting on the back shelf. "Hang on. I'll be right back." I returned to my seat with the tape, rag, and scissors and plopped them on her desk.

"What are you going to do with this?" she asked.

"Here's my plan. You've got at least a minute of self-control in you before you rub your eyes, right?"

"Usually, but not always."

"You're going to put some eyedrops in your eye. Then I'm going to cover your eyes with this rag and put a few loops of tape around your head to cover it." I snipped the air with the scissors. "After five minutes, I'll cut the bandage off."

Haruhi frowned. "What makes you think I won't simply rip the tape and rag off with my hands? This stuff hurts like hell, remember?"

"I figured the rag bandage would help you with your self-control."

She crossed her arms under her impressive chest. "No, it won't. But I have to do something." Her breasts bounced when she dropped her arms to her sides. "Here's what you're going to do." She gripped the posts of her chairback. "You're going to tape my wrists to this chair. Then I'm going to tilt my head back and you're going to put in the eyedrops. Three drops in each eye, got it?"

My mouth dropped open. "You want me to tie you up?"


I wiped my brow. "Phew." The last thing I wanted to do was create a disturbance.

Haruhi snatched the tape roll and pressed it into my hand. "Tying implies knots and rope. I want you to fasten my wrists to this chair using tape."

"You want me to tape you up?"

"It's the only thing that's going to work. Hurry up and tape me before I change my mind."

I scanned the room again. My classmates were studying or quietly chatting. "You're kidding."

Haruhi's deadly serious face told me she wasn't. She tightened her grip on the bars and straightened her back. I knelt behind her chair and started wrapping loop after loop of transparent tape around her wrists and the backrest posts. After roughly ten loops around each wrist, I was satisfied she wouldn't get free.

"Do my ankles, too," she said. "Just to be safe."

"Just to be safe," I repeated as I wound ten more loops of tape around her ankles and the front chair legs. "How's that?"

Haruhi struggled a bit against her bonds. "That's good. I can't get out." She took a deep breath and tilted back her head. "Let's do this."

I stood and picked up the bottle. I unscrewed the eyedropper top and filled it with fluid. "Here goes nothing."

"Wait." Haruhi eyed her desktop. "Stuff that rag into my mouth and wrap some tape around my head to keep it in. Just to be safe."


"This stuff is going to sting like acid and I don't want to create a scene with my screaming, especially now that I can't cover my mouth. Don't worry. Otabe isn't here and the door is closed. Nobody is going to care."

By this time, I was beyond questioning the girl. I stuffed the rag into her mouth and wrapped a few loops of tape around her head. "How's that?"

She tried to spit it out but couldn't. "Gwuff," she grumbled, nodding. I translated her word as "Good."

I picked up the eyedropper. "Are you ready?"

Haruhi tilted back her head. I eased the tip of the thin glass tube over her face and placed three drops of medicine in each of her bloodshot eyes.

At first, Haruhi managed fine, as though I'd given her water. I checked my watch and waited.

At 54 seconds, the medicine dug in. Haruhi started moaning and struggling, blinking her eyes like a strobe light.

As the seconds passed, her moans and struggles intensified as did her blinking. At one minute and 21 seconds, her face turned a deep shade of red. We still had a long road ahead.

At one minute 45 seconds, Haruhi bucked in her seat. Tears streamed down her cheeks. She tried to touch her eyes to her shoulders, but they wouldn't reach. The tape loops dug into her wrists and ankles.

"Owwwfffff, owwwffff, owwfffff," she groaned, each utterance louder than the last. Veins popped on her neck and forehead. Her shoulders jerked from side to side.

She wasn't going to make it.

I reached for the scissors. "I'm going to cut you loose."

Haruhi shook her head wildly, screaming, "Noefffff, noeffff, noeffff." She wasn't having it. But her cries of extreme discomfort grieved my heart.

A crazy but wonderful idea shot into my head. One that might end me.

At this point, I had nothing to lose. If I snipped the tape, I reasoned, Haruhi's wrath would flare. In fact, she might never forgive me for doubting her ability to handle the pain. But an alternative existed. What this girl needed now was a distraction to take her mind off the medicine's nasty side-effects. A major distraction.

I turned her chair sideways, reached forward, and unbuttoned her blouse. Haruhi's eyes widened. She immediately stopped bucking. Rage and anger turned to fear. Not a life or death type of fear, mind you, but an amused kind of apprehension. What the hell are you doing?

I pushed the open blouse back over her shoulders, leaving her sailor uniform tie dangling and revealing a bra — the kind that opened in the front. Without a second thought, I unfastened the clasp. The stretchy fabric sprang back over her shoulders, joining her blouse, leaving her topless.

"How do your eyes feel now?" I asked. I squeezed the girl's perfect full breasts.

She offered no answer as her wide blinking eyes did their best to clear up vision still blurred from the medicine. I imagined the blurring helped make the whole getting-stripped-in-homeroom experience more surreal — which was a plus.

Distraction ruled. It was the key. Quoting Haruhi again, I said, "Just to be safe," and got down on my knees before her. I had to take my plan to the limit. In for a penny, in for a pound, right? Safety is king.

(Who was I kidding? When was I ever going to get another opportunity like this?)

I gripped her skirt's waistband and yanked it around her bottom and down her legs. The skirt's zipper popped open when it approached Haruhi's spread knees. Soon after, taut panties joined the skirt at her taped ankles.

I checked my watch. Two and a half minutes had elapsed. We were halfway home and my plan was working. I got up and took a step back. Damn. From her blue necktie down to her brown ankle socks, not a stitch of clothing obstructed my view of naked perfection. Haruhi looked incredible.

The bound and gagged beauty stared at me with glazed watery eyes that asked, What the hell have you done to me?

Babe, it's all part of the plan. Though her body mimicked her clenched fists, her struggles and groans had ceased.

But those eyes were still blinking.

Stop gawking, Kyon. You have a job to do. The girl needs more distraction! I shook my head clear and got back to work.

While my left hand focused on her breasts, my right hand explored the region between her legs. To my surprise, the girl was super wet. I mean dripping. I slid two fingers into her love canal to moisten them, then pulled them out to rub her clitoris. Haruhi moaned appreciatively into the rag as I pleasured her. I knew I'd hit paydirt when her eyes slid softly shut and she moved her hips against my digits.

We developed a comfortable rhythm. As my fingers worked their magic down below, my mouth teased her luscious breasts. The tenor of Haruhi's moans changed as did the tempo of our rhythm. My fingers kneaded her engorged nub with greater authority, plunging back into her from time to replenish lubricant.

She jerked and squealed when one of my thrusts hit her G-spot. I kept that place in mind.

Her body started trembling. She nodded, I'm close! I'm close! I'm close! I focused my attention on her clitoris as she tensed her muscles and arched her back. Her bottom lifted out of the seat. Her knuckles turned white from gripping the chair posts so tightly. I wrapped my left arm around her while my mouth remained attentive to her chest.

Haruhi's climax was a work of art. She screamed into the rag as her body convulsed, shifting the chair from side to side while bouncing it. I held her tight and maintained clitoral stimulation even as she twisted her hips in protest. In for a penny, in for a pound.

After several minutes of shaking and shuddering, Haruhi's body settled. She closed her eyes and inhaled deeply through her nose. Her head and shoulders dropped back. She stared at the ceiling with a content expression that didn't change when I snipped the head tape and removed the rag from her mouth. She took several more deep breaths.

By the ten minute mark, her breathing rate relaxed. The redness had cleared from her eyes.

"How was that?" I asked.

Haruhi lowered her chin. "Are you asking about my eyes or my orgasm."

I shrugged, put out my palms, and in a high-pitched voice asked, "Both?"

A small smile creased her lips. "I'd rate them both a ten." She glanced down at her magnificent body, now glistening with perspiration. "Are you going to let me out of this or are you going to stare at my boobs and pussy all day?"

"Is it okay if I do? I mean... you look phenomenal like that."

Haruhi gave me the evil eye.

I snipped the air with the scissors. "Promise you won't beat the crap out of me?"

"I promise I won't..." Her face softened. "...if you kiss me first."

She tilted her head back and I bent forward. Electricity charged the air when my lips met Haruhi's. I fondled her breasts and massaged her special place as our tongues wrestled for several minutes. When I straightened, a round of applause startled me. I turned to find our entire homeroom class standing in a semi-circle around us.

"Whoa, Kyon." Taniguchi stepped forward and patted me on the back. "You are the man. That's the kinkiest thing I've ever seen in homeroom." He took a step toward Haruhi. "Miss Suzumiya, can I play with your breasts, too?" He turned to me with a devious grin. His hands formed the shape of claws. "Why am I asking? It's not like she can stop me."

I considered intervening on behalf of the unclothed chair-taped damsel-in-distress but Haruhi had it covered. "Touch me and I'll break your face." Taniguchi hopped backward instantly.

With four snips of my scissors, I cut Haruhi loose. She quickly pulled on her clothes, buttoning the last blouse button the moment Mr. Otabe walked in.

"Did I miss anything?" he asked, no doubt feeling the buzz in the air.

We faced our homeroom teacher with sheepish grins. Nobody said a word.

The bell rang signaling the start of first period. Haruhi and I walked side-by-side on the way to our next class. She bumped my shoulder. "That was pretty bold of you to tie me up and strip me naked like that in front of everyone."

"Technically, I didn't tie you. I taped you, at your request, remember?"

With a playful expression, she replied, "Oh, right. Well, I guess that makes it okay."

"Hey." I pointed to her eyes. "It worked."

Before we split to go to our different classes, Haruhi stopped me, turned me to face her, and gave me a quick kiss. "See you later in the club room." She handed me her eyedropper bottle. "My eyes are fine now, but it might not last. Be prepared to give me another dose after classes."

I raised my brow. "Should I bring a rag and roll of tape?"

"Bring whatever you want. I'll be fine with it." She winked. "You're the doctor."