Inspiration came from a post I saw on tumblr, and my own inner imagination book, I have this sort of beef out at the moment on the shows way of shedding light on Lucifer when it's Jack whos asking about him, and though I know it probably has something to do with the plot and the way they want the characters to go, it still erks me. The first time Jack asks about his real father (because Cas is a nice guy but he's not the daddy) Dean tosses him a Bible and tells him to read it.

A book created by humans.

A species, that for the most part, see Lucifer as being the big bad antithesis of creation.

A book that basically only paints him to be this bad light, this bad guy, who wants nothing but the destruction of man kind. And I'm not saying that he doesn't have it out for the humans, but seriously, I feel as if that would be a bit biased.

History is written by the victor and Chuck 'won'.

And can we really expect Sam and Dean, and Castiel for that matter, to paint him in a light other then a dark one? I mean, they don't like him, they've made that very clear, and why would the make him seem like a good person?

Honestly, history is written by the victor.

So basically, they have an impressionable baby on their hands, who has all the natural curiosity from someone who has yet to actually meet their real parent and has all these questions, and it being fed a bunch of bull because they don't like who his parent just so happens to be. I mean seriously. And they made him feel so bad, feel like he had to prove himself to them to be accepted into their so called 'family' unit that he went off on this mission to get their mom back, force himself to learn control over the powers he doesn't even fully understand, and then feed him a bunch of horrible bull about what he is and who his parentage is and how evil he's going to become, and make it nearly impossible for Lucifer to get anywhere near his son, and vice versa.

And I hate it.

But thats just me and I am so sorry for rambling! I did not want to ramble your ear off, so thank you so much if you're still going! Still reading! You are amazing and awesome and I love each and everyone of you!

(ALSO I saw the most recent episode, and I about screamed like a banshee when Cas said that Jack would rather kill Luci then hug him, did you see Luci's face, he just wants to get to meet his son and hold him and love him, and I wanted to punch Cas in the face and tell him to stuff his cake hole. SOOO tempted to do a ficlet where Jack does show up, just out of the blue, and goes all like 'Father!' and Cas opens his arms all smug like and Luci averts his gaze cause he don't want to see that lest his heart break, as Jack runs to them and jumps at Luci, like, 'I know you. You are bright. You feel like me. You're pretty and don't look evil!' and like just hug him SO FREAKING TIGHTLY! And Luci not know what to do for a moment because he so surprised and Cas be so shocked and 'Whaaatttttt!', and Jack hug Luci for like ever and make Cas eat his words because no, no, that is not true and no one can convince me otherwise. Jacks gonna love you bby! I know it!)




For the last month (due Jack's begging) Castiel was teaching him all about their family. Most importantly, the archangels. Michael and Gabriel were his uncles after all.

Michael was the Viceroy, Heaven's Commander, who took over whenever God (Grandfather) stepped out. He was the sword and the wrath of the host. Following the command of God without question.

Gabriel was the Messenger, God's Herald, he was the one who told Mary she was pregnant and he did good.

Though, Jack could tell Cas was leaving some things out, probably for his 'benefit.' Which Jack couldn't stand. He wanted to know everything, good and bad. He could take it. It took one whole week for Castiel to tell him that Gabriel had died, though he had made it a point to say how he had died, and Michael was locked away in his fathers cage. His real father. Lucifer's cage.

They were his only real links to his father, the only ones who really knew him and could answer his questions the best, and they were gone. Of course his little family could fill him in on most things. But what was better than learning right from the source? Though, from what Castiel said, they probably would hate him anyway…The conversation had left Jack not wanting to ask anymore questions for awhile.

Castiel had shared with him the laws regarding nephilim, and if they were anything like they had once been, they would only want to meet him to kill him.

All Jack wanted was to be good, but it seemed like everyone was rooting against him. Except Sam and Castiel. Even Dean was convinced that he was going to turn on them, sure, he put on a nice front when Sam and Castiel were around, but Jack could tell that he didn't like him. He was waiting. Patiently awaiting the moment when he can say 'I told you so' to all those who stood against him on his stance regarding Lucifer's spawn and finally put them out of their misery.

Jack was so new to the interrogation process, that he wasn't surprised when Dean shooed him away, again. Apparently he asked 'inappropriate questions.' Whatever those could be.

So, Jack found himself wandering over to the music shop across the street. Music had became one of Jack's favorite human things. Not finding one song he didn't like. Sam even bought him a record player. In Jack's opinion, it just sounded better on vinyl. He wasn't sure what it was about it, the tone, the base, the rhythm. There was something about the sound, the beat, everything.

Not the new stuff today.

He preferred the classics.

ACDC. Metallica. Journey.

And the classic classics.

Bach. Beethoven. Mozart.

Jack casually looked through the records for nothing in particular, when it hit him again. For the last few weeks or so, Jack had been feeling a strange energy. One he could pin point and most certainly wouldn't tell the Winchesters about. Or Castiel. He was afraid they'd think it was demons or something and he'd never get the chance to see what it was. But, this energy didn't feel bad. But not entirely good either. Jack looked up, and saw only other patrons, nothing unusual.

Jack looked up abruptly when he felt the energy moving closer to him. Eyes darting quickly from side to side, he could have sworn whoever it was, was right there. Carefully, Jack tucked the record back into it's place. Castiel had given him some…money. But despite having been told how humans use it for purchasing. Jack was a bit nervous to actually try it. He hadn't been around a lot of humans, outside of Sam and Dean, he hadn't really been around any.

He'd hate seeming odd to the humans or doing something wrong. Jack also just liked having the money, purely because Castiel had given it to him, it made him feel special. He looked up to Cas like a father figure and having something given from him to him, was meaningful. Distracted by the ebb and flow of the energy, Jack slowly started to make his way out of the music store. It was warm…almost welcoming Jack to find it. The presence was so familiar and yet, so different from anything he ever felt before. Jack wanted to call it, what had Castiel called it?, grace but…it was unlike any he had ever felt. Once outside, Jack just started walking, the Winchesters and Cas completely forgotten.

"What is that?" Jack mumbled out loud to himself, standing in place, Jack looked all around him. It was right here. On this block. So close, it beckoned him, called to him. Pushing the door open to the nearest shop, Jack noticed the older looking items , not recognizing anything and yet still so intrigued by it, he wanted to look closer, his curiosity peaked, but he pushed it away. He didn't really care for the ancient looking knickknacks. This sensation had been maddening for the better part of a month. Like a humming in the back of his head. Constant and ever present. Ignoring it never worked. Even in the bunker, Jack had found himself sneaking out in the middle of the night to hunt down this phantom haunting him, only to come back later empty handed and even more curious.

He was afraid it might be…his father. His real one. It had the familiar traces of grace…and it seemed so pleasant. Jack was scared it was Lucifer calling out to him. But he had to know. Had to understand what was happening to him before he went to anyone for help. Still…nothing. Nothing seemed out of the ordinary. Jack looked around helplessly, probably radiating confusion, ever the appearance of a lost child. Since a worker walked over to ask him if he needed anything. Jack didn't like to be rude, but he brushed them off quickly, thinking he should just leave and try another place.

But then the grace flared, brighter and stronger then ever before, and he turned to look.

There was nothing.

He saw the shadow of a customer over in the section marked 'Vinyls', moving slowly, sifting through the disorderly boxes of old used records. Jack could hear them, it was a him, if he was going to assume from the deep slightly rough humming, it was catchy tune.

One he recognized.

'Johnny rosin up your bow and play your fiddle hard,'

Jack turned at the soft voice, under the man's breath, listening even though he couldn't actually see who it was.

'Cause hell's broke loose in Georgia and the Devil deals the cards.'

The store clerk regarded him, after having been dismissed as he was, and went back to stocking the shelf he'd left to try and be of help.

'And if you win you'll get this shiny fiddle made of gold, But if you lose, the Devil get's your soul.'

He moved closer, digging through the boxes on his other side, not really interested in what was there, sifting through the old records halfheartedly as he tried to figure out who this stranger was. The man came to the box next to his, a silver ring on his finger glistened in the light above, he smelled different then other humans he'd met, this man was clearly not a regular human, he smelled of fire and ice and of sky and a strange mix of ozone.

Jack pulled an old worn copy of We are the Champions by Queen and pretended to be interested, watching out of the corner of his eye as the man pulled his own used copy from the box to examine further, checking the track list on the back.

This was it, this was where the strange feeling was coming from, it had never felt so strong before.

It was right there.

"You know, you really shouldn't be out here at this time of night, and without anyone to watch over you."

Lucifer had been surprised when the shock of pure untainted grace had come into the town he had been residing in. He knew almost immediately who it was, there was nothing else in creation so pure and bright, not even God Himself.

Though that last part may be his opinion only.

His first instinct was to go after him, this was his child, his son, the son he never got to meet. But he'd held back. Watching them from afar. Not wanting to frighten him away anymore then his presence might already do.

And there was another part, that kept him from going out, a small part that perhaps thought it was best that Jack not know he was here. He seemed to be doing well enough under Castiel and the Winchester's watch, happy even, and that's what he wanted. Was for his son to be happy.

But his own curiosity won over this insecurity and he reached out, with his grace, unsure if the nephil had felt it or even wanted to.

So imagine his surprise when he stepped out from behind a shelf in this store, holding an old record, to see the boy looking as confused as a newly born pup, so unsure but curious.

The first words that he spoke to his newborn son, he didn't want them to have that scolding edge, but for some reason it fell in naturally. Seeing him out all by himself and at this time of night was enough to make any tone just a tad bit more scolding then usual.

"You're too young to be wandering at this time. What if something had happened? You are powerful, yes, but you're still so young."

He crossed his arms loosely and looked down at the smaller one, tapping his fingers against his arm. A moment passed and he smiled, hoping it wasn't a sharks smile, trying to remember how he used to smile at the fledglings in Heaven all those eons ago.

"I'm happy to have met you, finally, how are you? Are they treating you well? Taking care of you? They haven't hurt you have they? Threatened you?"

Lucifer smiled when the same worker came to his side and he handed over the record, "this one please." And watched as they quickly went off to ring it up. He turned back to the nephil, "Is there anything you wanted? Here I mean? I'll have them ring it up for you."

Jack was so surprised that this was actually happening that he wasn't sure what to say, his mouth hung up slightly, waiting for the words to take form and spill out but they never did. Lucifer raised an eyebrow at him, motioning toward the record he held, "That? You want that one?"

He looked down in a sort of daze, nodding silently, Lucifer nodded as well as he reached out for it. When Jack imagined feeling his fathers hands, he expected them to be scalding, hard and calloused from years and years of pain and torture he gave to people. But as his fingers brushed over his for that minute moment, they were warm, not too hot, just the right warmth. They were a bit rough, but not too much, they were soft. Lucifer smiled down at him as he took the record and passed it to the clerk at the counter.

"That one too."

She nodded, ringing it up and placing it in the bag, "That'll be 6.99, cash or credit?'

The archangel dug into his pocket for his wallet, fishing out a bill, "Cash.", the woman nodded and opened the drawer in the counter. Jack watched him closely, curious, he supposed that exchanging money for goods was a human thing and he never thought he would see him do something so human-like.

"What are you doing?"

Lucifer looked down at him, to the side, and gave a questioning look, "What?"

"Why are you giving her money?"

He took the change for his ten he'd handed her and stuffed it back in his wallet, "You have to pay for things or its stealing. Surely they taught you at least that."

Jack tilted his head, "No. I know that. But isn't that...human?"

Lucifer gave him an odd look, "Kid, you have to do certain things to get by, even I understand that.", he took the bag from the clerk and thanked her, motioning for Jack to follow. He waved quickly at the clerk, gave a quick smile, and huried after the archangel.

He had so many questions. So many things he had to know. Like why was he here? What was his purpose? What did his father want with him? Was he still hellbent on destroying the world? Did he want to turn him evil?


He was startled out of his thoughts, his internal interrogation, and looked up quickly. Lucifer raised another eyebrow and gave a short quick chuckle. The nephilim looked up at him.

"Do you have a place to go?"

Jack was at a cross road, here he was, his chance to finally get to know who his real father was, a chance to get all his questions answered and from the source itself. But on the other hand, he wasn't even sure where he stood in Lucifer's eyes, was he something good? Something bad? Undecided?

Sure, he had bought him that record, but was that only for show?

Lucifer waited patiently, not instigating an answer from him, not prompting one either.

"No. No I don't."

Soooo? Continue? What sort of questions does Jack have? What sort of questions do you want him to ask? Will Castiel notice he's gone? The Winchesters?

AN: also, as I am a firm believer that Lucifer would make a great father and all his intentions are pure when it comes to Jack, please keep that in mind. Personally I'd rather Luci get to be the dad then Cas, and I understand that some opinions may differ, but I ask that you at least respect mine.