Spiddler: LOL! Right! They are soooo cute together its hard not to love them! yes! Luci does have a garden, its stress relief, and keeps his hands busy. You know what they say about idle hands? It is a toned down version of the Garden Eden, have no fear, the garden plays some part! It has some importance! THANK YOUUUU!

164Elizabeth: Me too! Me too! But we all know that they're not gonna give him his happy ending, it just, it probs won't happen. But you never know! We can keep our fingers crossed! My heart broke at that scene too! He is soo excited and happy but he has so many insecurities about it, and everyone telling him how bad he's going to be certainly isn't helping! Honestly, I hope they don't make him have bad intentions, he certainly doesn't seem like it, even when he says things like 'when me and my son are together thats when the fun really begins', I don't think he really means it to be bad, he's just living to his expectation and image of being bad.

cutecookielove: Thank you so much! I know he's like way ooc so that means a lot that you still like how I write him! LOL! Never! Luci really cares about little Jack, and is real about it too, he just wants him to be safe and happy! Doesn't it! Not too fancy, but not not too fancy either, surprisingly when he's not in the sight of others I picture Luci not as someone who is so flashy and stuff, if that makes sense? LOL! It's super funny! He knows how to cook because he likes watching food network! Hells Kitchen is his fav! LOL!

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~I am not a stranger to the dark

'Hide away' they say

'Cause we don't want your broken parts'

~~This Is Me, Keala Settle

"Help me set the table?"

Jack looked up startled from his book, he had been so carried away with what each and every page said he hadn't even noticed the approach of the archangel until he had announced his presence with his request. As that's what it was, a request, in the form of a question. Lucifer was wiping his hands on a dish towel, he'd taken his shoes off somewhere between the kitchen and the living room, his socks had little penguins on them, and Jack resisted the urge to giggle at them.

Lucifer followed his gaze, draping the towel over his shoulder, looking down at his socks for a moment and he smirked slightly, "See something you like bucko?"

He shook his head quickly, shutting his book softly, setting it on the side table gently, as if it was some precious treasure that should he be too rough with it the thing would fall apart. And it was something given to him by Lucifer, it shouldn't mean as much as it did, but it meant a lot to him.

The older male pointed at his own feet, "Thanks for taking your shoes off before curling up on the couch like you did," he made a face, "that would be nasty."

Jack looked down at his socked feet, wiggling his toes slightly, his socks were white. Clearly used. And there was a small hole on his left heel.

"They're not as exciting as mine but they do the job", he looked back up at the other, Lucifer grinned at him, "We'll have to get you some fun socks while you're here."

He liked the sound of that, the fun socks looked exciting, and well, they looked funny too.

"But first, help me set the table."

Jack nodded, stepping away from his spot, his powers itching under his skin as he came so close to the archangel. But they didn't touch, and quickly parted ways, Lucifer to pull something from the oven, and Jack to find where the plates were.

"Plates are in the cabinet above the counter."

He nodded again, stepping forward softly, and reached for the cabinet for the plates. The cups were on the other side, and Lucifer showed him the drawer with the silverware and napkins. The timer went off, something he hadn't even noticed in his reverie of watching Lucifer move about the small kitchen, "Watch out, hot pan.", he ducked when told to as Lucifer swiftly lifted the pan he's pulled from the oven over his head, setting it on the counter to cool for a moment.

Jack examined all the food he'd made. Eyes widening at the variety there was around him, so far he's only eaten hamburgers and whatever they had in the freezer in the bunker. And beer. He loved beer. It was yummy.

"Grab the drinks kiddo?"

He nodded, ducking into the fridge, fingers curling around the necks of two beer bottles. Turning upwards, he bumped the fridge door with his hip, and it closed softly. Lucifer stopped mid-stride, coming back in from the little table they'd been setting the various foods on, and shook his head slowly.

"Nope, not for you," he snagged a beer by the top and it lifted cleanly from the nephilims grasp, "There's fresh apple juice in there. You can have that or water. No beer."

"But Dean-"

"This isn't Dean's house. And he shouldn't be giving you beer."

Jack pouted but made no protest when Lucifer deposited his beer back in the fridge and grabbed the jug of freshly squeezed apple juice. He'd get it later. Surely Lucifer wouldn't notice.

Beer forgotten the moment he took a sip of his juice, momentarily, Jack looked down at his golden filled glass.

"This is amazing!"

Lucifer chuckled, serving him a small bowl of salad, "I glad you like it.", the boy nodded vigorously and took another sip. He finished serving the rest of the food, taking his own seat across from him, and served his own plate. He watched the boy examine his piece of chicken, taking a bite of the fresh garden pasta salad.

Jack looked at all the colorful food he'd never seen before, not sure what to make of it, or how to even begin eating it.

He heard the archangel hum softly, and a soft clinging as the fork was set on the plate, a pale hand reaching over for his own. Jack watched him confused, eyes following his hands and his expression, but he didn't look so fearsome as he cut his chicken into smaller bite sized pieces.

"I thought that angels did not need to eat?"

Another hum, "And nephilim don't need eight hours of sleep a night, but you're still going to partake in that."

Jack tilted his head, he reminded the archangel vaguely of a certain little brother of his, but he wasn't going to say that particular name in his house. Lucifer looked up at him for a moment, finishing cutting the chicken, and passed the plate back to the young nephilim. Jack looked it over just as he did before it was cut for him.


"One of my more favorite creations of the human race", Lucifer took another bite and leaned back slightly, motioning for the young nephilim to take a bite as well, "Is the different foods that they have discovered and invented."

"And you...cook?"

"It's a passed time.", Lucifer quirked an amused smile, "Beats some of my old hobbies."

Jack took a bite, his eyes lightened up considerably, the taste in his mouth like an explosion of something new and wondrous. He vaguely heard him chuckle, his expression must have been something akin to amusing, or perhaps it was that same notion when an adult found something their child did amusing.

"But I don't think you followed me home, with the Winchesters keeping you safe, to ask me about my hobbies."

They had finished their meal in no time, retreating back to the living room, seated on the same little sofa. Lucifer was reclining back, arms spread along the back of the couch, but his attention was completely on the nephilim before him.

"Ask away kiddo."

Jack had never expected this and for a moment all those questions that had been rolling around in his head, just waiting for the chance to explode out, desiring to gain the answers they so wanted, but nothing was coming to the forefront.

He can only sit there, mouth slightly open, as he tries to get his head to calm down enough so he may ask the questions he'd been given clearance to ask. Lucifer watches him, a single eyebrow raised, and waits patiently for the little guy to get himself together enough to begin his interrogation.

It takes him another moment, "Why did you have me?"

"Starting right with the hard ones, aren't you?"

Lucifer looks down at that question, rubbing his chin with his hand, "Jack", his voice gets soft, gentle like, "All my life, my long eternal life, all I've been known for is destruction. Everything there is, everything, I have ruined. But you. Everything but you. You were the first thing I have ever created.", he looks up, meeting the nephilims gaze, "And you're perfect. Just the way you are. Perfect."

Jack stares at him for a good moment, surprise making his insides feel lighter then before, he had been sure that the reason for his being was something more sinister. That perhaps Lucifer had wanted him so he could have an heir for Hell, or to do something dastardly, to have someone who he could use for his own gain, that's what Dean and Castiel had eluded to.

He didn't like asking Sam about his true father, he knew it was a tough spot for him to have to talk about him, and he liked Sam too much to put him in that place and to cause him that pain.

"Honestly though?", he looks back up, silent as Lucifer continues, surprised that there is more to be said, "I had you because you give me hope. You give me purpose. Purpose and hope. I have been watching you, as soon as I was able to, always keeping you in my sights.", he swallowed rubbing at his chin again, itching at his cheek, "You give me a hope I never had before. After everything, all the pain and horror that I've had to go through, I will never be what I once was. Never will I be that angel again, the Morning Star, I was forever be tainted, lost of the glory I used to have, but you, seeing you, as bright and as innocent as you are, gives me hope that perhaps my sufferings don't have to be hereditary. You are going to be better then me Jack, you are better then me. You have the beauty and the brightness, you shine my little light bringer, brighter then anything I've ever seen, make the most of it."

"Why weren't you ever there then? If you care as much as you say?"

"Was it not you who said I meant nothing to you?", Lucifer's tone is light, but there is a hidden seriousness to it, "You did not want me there and I was not going to force my presence on you. You were being taken care of, cared for, and you seemed happy. That is all I wanted for you. To be happy. Happy and safe. If my not being there made you happiest then I wouldn't be there."

"What do you want from me?"

Lucifer tilted his head forward, had they not already been over this, "I want whatever you do kiddo. Whatever you want to be, you'll be, nothing more."

He turned to look out the window, watching the sky as it darkened, the sun disappearing under the horizon and heaved a sigh, "I think it's time for bed."

Jack felt the urge to pout but thought better of it, he still had more questions, but figured he could ask them at a better time. Besides, now that he said that, he noticed he was feeling a bit sleepy. It had been an exciting day for him, he's snuck off, met his father, followed him home, tried all sorts of new things, he was ready for at least a few hours shut eye.

Though Lucifer had said over dinner that he was going to get the required eight hours, he sure hoped he was bluffing, as he did not want to make the archangel angry at him for not being able to do as he was told.

The archangel pushed himself up from his spot on the couch, motioning for him to follow, "Oh you're going to sleep the entire night, that I will promise you, come on."

He stood by the counter as Lucifer made him a glass of warm milk, and eyed it suspiciously once it was handed to him, not sure how he felt about it. What if he didn't like it? Would he be mad if he didn't like it? Warm milk just sounded nasty. Milk was supposed to be cold, but he swallowed his worries, looking once at the archangel, and took a large sip from his cup.

The affect was immediate.

Jack had heard that warm milk, though it sounded gross, was a well known way to get young children to sleep. He had not expected it to work as fast as it did.

Lucifer was quick in snagging the empty glass from his hand, catching him up when his legs suddenly dropped from under him, lifting him up with a sort of ease.

"It sure does work that fast. Especially if one uses their grace as well.", Lucifer hummed softly, turning to walk them both down the hall towards the bedrooms, stopping into the spare one first to deposit him on the bed, "Don't think I can't tell when someone is exhausted."

He made quick work in tugging his shoes off, tucking the blankets up around him, and he ran a gentle hand through his hair, brushing his bangs back. Jack blinked up at him already half asleep.

"Sleep tight kiddo. You can ask me your other questions in the morning. I promise."

Lucifer smiled down at him one last time, his hand stilling in it's gentle petting, and he stood to make his leave.

Jack was asleep before he made it to the door.

~I am brave, I am bruised

I am who I'm meant to be, this is me

~~This Is Me , Keala Settle

Jacks asking the questions guys! Luci called him his little light bringer! EEEHHHHHH! Jack gives Luci hope! Okay, but, like, did he kind of give him grace infused milk to make him sleep? And who doesn't like seeing Luci all paternal? What are some other questions Jack might have for his father? Will the Winchesters and Castiel figure out where he is? Will Jack's opinion of his real father change?